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There´s not a quick fix for weight loss


Weight loss is a huge problem nowadays and it keeps increasing, there are so many weight loss programs, fitness experts and gurus and still we can´t win the battle so it´s clear we´re doing something wrong and wanting fast results, quick fixes and magic pills is one of the reasons why we´re not getting results.

We´re living in an era of instant gratification, we can get almost anything we want instantly or in just a couple of days and if we add to this that technology has made a lot more sedentary and processed foods made us addicted to it and since we don´t know how to cope with the stress of life we go for more unhealthy food we are in an unhealthy vicious cycle that is so hard to stop.

We want results now, we want to feel good now without considering the effects long term. Making choices based on instant gratification means that you want to feel good now and it doesn´t matter if that decision has a negative impact on the future. Processed food is one example, it makes you feel good now but the negative impact it has on your weight and health is worse than feeling good now just a couple of minutes.

We also need to accept that we are lazy, we don´t want to work hard neither put some time or effort to any activity if it makes us feel tired, or involves some kind of pain now that will lead to a better future. We avoid anything that involves hard work and effort and the fitness industry has takes advantage of this creating weight loss programs to help you lose as much weight as possible without considering your health and the negative impact those programs create long term and they´ve also designed a lot of different pills and powders claiming to be the best supplements for weight loss. Many of those weight loss supplements are sold by telling you that you just take those magic powders or pills once or twice a day and you can keep eating your favorite meals, snacks and desserts, you don´t need to do that much exercise and you´ll lose weight, maintain muscle and get that lean physique you´re looking for. Many people buy this supplements believing all those lies, yes, they may get some results for a period of time then they´ll get to a point where they stop losing weight and to make it worse if you´re not aware of the ingredients they can cause more harm and damage to your body.

Weight loss is simple, but not easy. Even when you can and will get results with any commercial weight loss program or supplement you´ll get to a point where you stop losing weight, you´ll get discourage and stop following the program and you´ll start gaining the weight back. This weight gain is in part because of the damage those weight loss programs and supplements did to your body and health.

The only way to lose weight and keep it off is by following a diet and exercise program that works for you, a diet and exercise program that you can stick to for the rest of your life, it´s about developing the right habits around the 5 principles of fitness and considering what you like, enjoy and love. You do need to be disciplined and take some time for yourself every day, you need to exercise, meditate, sleep and eat healthy foods.

It took time to get to where you are now and it will take some time to get to your desired weight, your weight is the result of your health if your hormones and metabolism are not working properly you start gaining weight this means that if you are obese or overweight your hormones and metabolism are not working as they´re supposed to you may have unhealthy habits that include being sedentary, eating unhealthy highly processed foods, not getting enough sleep and high levels of stress. All this created damage to your body including your hormones and metabolism, this is why you feel tired and hungry all the time too. This was not created in just one week or a couple of months, is the result of years of unhealthy habits so it will take some time to achieve your goal, do not try to make it faster by looking for quick fixes that will do more damage to your body. Be patient, follow the right strategies and remember that while you´re losing weight, the time it will take you to get to your desired weight is highly important because during that time you´re developing the right habits that will make your weight loss sustainable.

The best way to do it is by focusing on improving your health, following strategies that help you improve your hormones and metabolism so that they start to function properly so that you lose weight consistently and effortlessly giving you more freedom to enjoy life.

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