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The unhealthy relationship with food.


If there´s one thing that has got us into a lot of trouble and has increased diseases is our relationship with food. Whether you want to accept it or not, we all know that the high amounts of highly processed foods we eat are the ones making us gain weight and even when we know they are unhealthy we can´t stop eating them.

Not so long ago it was really hard to find food, some people in certain regions didn´t have access to food so companies started to look for ways to make food accessible to everyone and now we´re surrounded by food, unfortunately the food we´re surrounded by is cheap which makes it accessible but it´s also full of unhealthy oils, sugar and added ingredients to make sure the products last on shelves and since companies need to keep selling those products are also full of extra ingredients that cause addiction to make sure you keep eating them.

Food has become our way to cope with stress, depression, anxiety, boredom, anger and I can´t deny that it makes us feel good instantly but we´re not thinking about the negative impact it has on our health in a short and long term. Some of us think about this negative consequence but we can´t stop eating it. Here are some points or questions you can ask yourself to know if you have an unhealthy relationship with food:

1.- Do you think about food all the time?

2.- Do you eat when you´re feeling sad, stressed, overwhelmed, depressed, bored?

3.- You want to lose weight and you try the latest fad diet? You go through this over and over so you´ve tried more than one of these diets

4.- You start your diet and commit to only eating healthy or clean foods and when you eat an unhealthy food or snack you feel guilty.

5.- You eat based on your emotions and based on hunger?

If you answered yes to this questions or most of them then you have an unhealthy relationship with food, don´t feel guilty or like a failure because you´re not alone and it´s not your fault. The era or times we´re living now are what lead you to that unhealthy relationship but it´s withing your hands to change it. To change your relationship with food there´s one step you can start taking today:

1.- Every time you want to eat something, when cravings come or catch yourself eating stop for a moment and think about why you want to eat or why are you eating. Is it because you´re really hungry? Is it because you´re following a diet where you need to eat every 2 or 3 hours and it´s time to eat regardless of whether you´re hungry or not? Is it because you´re bored or stressed? Is it because you had a fight with a friend or family member? Because you´re stressed? Write in a piece of paper the reason why you´re eating, write everything you´re feeling in that moment.

2.- When you find yourself looking for something to eat stop and wait some couple of minutes, drink water, go for a walk and see if the cravings disappear.

This 2 steps may seen so simple but they are hard to put into practice, some of us are not aware at how many times we eat during the day this includes meals, desserts, snacks and in some of them we´re not even hungry. Being aware of when you´re eating and why is the first step to change that unhealthy relationship, then when you find yourself eating or looking for something to eat is better to drink water or tea o go for a walk to give some time and see if it´s really hunger or not, if it disappears you´re not hungry.

You also need to realize that yes you do need to eat healthy food most of the time but this doesn´t mean that you need to follow strict diets 100% of the time, it´s about making healthy choices most of the time but having the freedom to eat your favorite meal, dessert or snack and really enjoy it without feeling guilty or ashamed, without blaming yourself for lacking will power or being so weak. Focus on healthy foods and know that you have the freedom to enjoy those foods you love when you´re with friends or family or even when you´re on you´re own every now and then.

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