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The truth about weight loss

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How many times have you set weight loss as a New Years Resolution? I know you´ve started and at some point you gave up, if this is your case there´s something you need to know.

If we set our goal as weight loss the end results won´t be the one we´re looking for and it´s not the best option. When we talk about weight lose it means that we´re losing body fat, water and muscle which creates more problems.

If we want to lose weight once and for all we need to do it right and that means that there´s no short cut and there´s no a quick fix, it took us time to get to where we are now and it will take time to get to our desired weight so we need to work hard and smart, develop discipline to be able to achieve our goal and sustain it. We also need to understand that there´s not one single way to achieve our goal, there are different diets and workout programs we can follow, there´s no a right or wrong answer so as we go through our journey we will fail but we need to learn from that failure by adjusting our diet or exercise program until we find what works best for us.

For the past years we´ve become lazy and we are addicted to instant gratification and fast results. We want to get amazing results in this case we want to lose weight as fast as possible, we want results in one week without thinking of the consequences. We think short term instead of thinking long term, we want things now and this is a huge problem.

Our weight is the results of an unhealthy lifestyle based on unhealthy habits for so many years so we need to set our goal the right way which is improving body composition and realize that it will take time.

This is the truth about weight loss, it´s about improving body composition meaning lose body fat and maintain or gain muscle mass, it´s about developing good healthy habits that lead to a healthy lifestyle. We need to realize and accept that it´s going to be hard, it will take time and there are no shortcuts.

There are some points that we need to make clear and the first one is that diets don´t work, we all may lose some weight in any diet and the reason why is because we are restricting some foods and following a calorie deficit but in the long run we won´t follow that diet for the rest of our lives and the moment we stop it we gain weight back. Lack of sleep is another point, it affects all hormones and systems in our body not only making it harder for us to lose weight but create health problems.

Fat loss is actually simple, we only need to make resistance training the core of our training program, add some cardio and eat whole, fresh foods and eat a little less. Even when it´s possible to lose weight eating unhealthy foods it is not the best way to do it. We´ve seen before that our body needs nutrients so we may eat unhealthy, processed foods and lose weight but our body won´t be working efficiently.

The industries had told us that to lose weight we just need to eat less and move more, if you´ve tried this, how did it work? This strategy applies for a fast weight loss when we´re not considering our health. It´s not about losing weight as fast as possible, it´s about developing good habits that make it easy and enjoyable for us to maintain our results and keep making progress. Finding a diet or nutrition program that we can follow for long periods of time, getting enough good quality sleep every night, doing some exercise every day specially resistance training this are small changes we can make in our life and develop them as habits that will help us maintain a healthy weight.

We need to think about it as improving body composition and developing good healthy habits that lead to a healthy lifestyle, the hardest part of all this is developing good habits, making new choices is hard but stick with it, it´s worthy. The secret lies in our lifestyle, if we´re willing to make some small changes we´ll get amazing benefits in all areas of our life.

If your goal is to lose weight or to say it right lose fat there are some simple steps you can take today to start your journey:

1.- Eat whole fresh foods that are high in healthy fats, proteins and fiber,

2.- Avoid highly processed and refined foods,

3.- Do 10 squats, 10 pushups, and 10 crunches

Do this for 7 days and let us know how you feel by leaving a comment on our Twitter and Facebook account, I want to hear from you and know how can I help you achieve your fitness goals and improve your life.

What you need to know about weight loss

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