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The truth about muscle growth


Some of us love to lift weights and getting stronger in the gym while others hate it or are afraid that if they lift weights they will get big, this applies to guys and girls. The reason why we start our fitness journey varies, in some cases we are overweight and we want to lose weight and get in shape while others are skinny and want to gain some muscle, in both cases that core reason why we start exercising is because of insecurities. It doesn´t matter if we´re overweight or skinny people made fun of us so we want to change the way we look and improve our body physically which making this decision is one of the best decisions we can make in our entire life.

If you are one of those guys or girls who hate or are afraid of lifting weights because you think you will get big like a bodybuilder then there are some things you need to know.

The truth about muscle growth is that it takes time to build muscle and we need a really good program that gives us the results. Muscle growth is the result of consistent training, a workout program that consider all variables of training and some advanced training techniques, the nutrition program needs to be on point, enough recover, enough good quality sleep.

I want to be clear here, all those bodybuilders that are huge most of them use drugs and that´s the results of many , many years of consistent hard work and dedication in and outside the gym, they spend hours working out sometimes even twice a day, they are so strict with their nutrition, they prioritize sleep because they know it´s crucial for recovery and grow, their workout programs are designed to work each muscle group as hard as possible and then give it enough time to recover and the right amount of food so that their body is able to grow and they also use supplements and some of them use drugs.

For the rest of us, if we´re not into bodybuilding, we´re not competing and our goal is only to get the best physique possible we don´t need to put that dedication and focus on our fitness program and most of us won´t do it so we just need to use fitness as a tool to help us live our best life possible, a life that we are proud of and this means that we can get in amazing shape and have an amazing physique but we don´t need to spend so much time at the gym and we can have more freedom with our food choices.

We can gain muscle without spending too much time at the gym, without being too strict with our diet and without drugs but we still need to work hard and be consistent, it takes more time to gain lean muscle mass than to lose fat  so be patient.

The best part is that we will only gain as much muscle as we want, if we don´t want to get big we don´t get big we just improve body composition and maintain  a healthy weight with  a good balance between muscle mass and body fat to look lean and toned. If we want to gain more muscle and look as a superhero it´s also possible but it depends of us, of our goals, the type of physique we want.

What I recommend is that no matter how big or lean you want to be we make sure that we improve overall performance, the goal of being in amazing shape is also that we can perform every daily activity with ease. That we can go through our day with high energy  and that we also have some endurance, strength, agility, flexibility to go on vacations and be able to enjoy the trip. We want to build an amazing physique that is useful not only that looks great and we want to make sure that we maintain a healthy weight considering body composition. I don´t think being to big is healthy whether it´s fat or muscle with excess weight our body needs to work a lot harder to keep oxygen and blood circulating though the entire body and there are more negative consequences in the long term.

As for any fitness goal and actually anything in life muscle growth requires hard and smart work and discipline, if you are able to build discipline in the gym to achieve your fitness goal and get the physique you want and then you can take that discipline and apply it to all other areas of your life you will achieve anything you want and live the most incredible life.

Muscle growth.

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