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Harmonize Fitness

The truth about balance in life


For the past months I´ve heard so many people talking about trying to have some balance in their lives but the problem I see is that their priorities are not right, they want to spend more time on parties and having fun and less time working and even when that is great we need to have some time for us and prioritize our health.

Nowadays is very hard to find balance in life, most people that say they live a balanced life is not true, in some areas of life we live in the excess side while on other areas just the minimum.

Many of us live a life of excess and this excesses are the most dangerous we could choose, excess parties, excess alcohol, excess food, excess amount of time sitting on the couch watching TV and wasting time.

People give more importance and prioritize things that make them feel good, things and activities that give them instant pleasure, for me that´s not life balance that´s comfort, as long as you´re having fun, having a good time and enjoying yourself you´re fine but this is just momentarily so you live a life of excess to get as much of those good times as possible.

Most people nowadays live an average, normal or what I call mediocre life because they want to, they´re lazy, they want to stay in their comfort zone even when they hate their job and their income is just enough to pay bills. People do not want to work, they do not want to put the effort needed in all areas of life, if it gets them out of their comfort zone they get scared and paralyzed  and prefer to stay where they are, in a place that they do not need to work hard.

Life balance is about having fun and putting the effort when needed, enjoying time with family and friends when it´s time and working as hard as possible when you need to work, life is not going to be easy sometimes nor it is going to be fun, there are times when life hits you hard and you need to get through those moments.

Balance is not only about health and fitness, when talking about life balance there are many more things that come into play.  For me, balance is putting the same amount of effort, time and focus on everything you do, it´s knowing when you can have fun and when you need to work and be present in the moment, giving the best of me at everything I do always.

Balance is about choosing exercise over party, I´m not telling that you need to live in the gym and forget about social life but if you go to parties, family reunions or social meetings every week, if you watch 3 to 4 hours of TV a day, if you waste a lot of time watching news or on social media and you do not have time for 30 minutes of exercise you need to consider making some changes to your life.

Balance in life is knowing what you need to do and doing it when it needs to be done, putting the same amount of effort, time and focus on everything you do.

Life balance is making time to workout every day, focus on eating healthy meals with some meals out with friends and family, getting the job done when it needs to be done and reduce the amount of TV.

Having balance in life also means taking time to take care of yourself so that you can give the best in every other aspect of your life this include eating healthy most of the time and working out daily, if you feel great and you love the way you look this alone completely change your way of thinking and help you make better decisions.

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