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The struggles of being obese or overweight


You´ve tried to lose weight before, you´ve actually tried more than once, in some cases you didn´t get results, in other cases you got some results but that the ones you were expecting and in other cases you got some results but after a couple of months or years you gained all the weight back. You feel like a failure, frustrated and overwhelmed. If this is your case, you´re not alone.

There are so many weight loss programs, diets and fitness experts or gurus, there are so many nutritionists and dietitians but the problem with obesity and overweight just keep increasing. It´s clear for me that we´re doing something wrong, but sadly most people in this industry are more interested on selling stuff whether it´s weight loss programs or magic supplements that will only give results in the short terms (the ones that actually work) but they are not interested on making those results last, they´re not interested on your health and your future. They don´t even consider how you feel and what you´re going through.

If you are struggling with your weight, if you are obese or overweight there are so many things going on physically, emotionally and mentally. You´ve probably bee overeating and having a sedentary life for some years and every time it got worse to the point where you are now. Most people start overeating as a way to feel better, they feel happy when they eat, food has become the way to deal with all negativity going on around them and a way to deal with their emotions. Most people tend to overeat unhealthy highly processed foods loaded with unhealthy seed oils, unhealthy fats, added sugar and chemicals which make it harder to stop eating. This unhealthy relationship with foods also makes people feel tired which is why they become more sedentary and all this leads to weight gain and an unhealthy vicious cycle that is so hard to break.

You may be on a place where it´s so hard for you to stop eating because you feel hungry all the time, and it´s so hard for you to do some type of physical activity because you feel tired and your body hurts. You´re dealing with all kind of emotions from depression, anxiety, you feel angry, like a failure, like you don´t deserve a better life, you don´t feel worthy, you feel trapped and miserable, hopeless, you feel lonely. And everything gets worse when people make fun of you, if your classmates, teachers, coworkers your boss make fun of your weight or how you look, if they bully you things get worse and you go for food to cope with all those negative comments and moments. It´s a nightmare.

All the pain, emotionally, physically, mentally; everything you´re going through right now can get better or worse. It´s rude and disrespectful  from me to tell you that you just need to “eat less and move more”, the ones who give this advice have never deal with all the struggle and don´t understand what you´re going through. There are strategies that do work and will help you lose weight in a way that is more enjoyable, but you do need to be disciplined, to put the time and effort. The journey is not going to be easy, but you are able to do it, you got everything you need to change your life for the better. You got a whole life ahead of you so stop wasting more time, it only take a decision and commitment, know that you´re not alone and you can make it.

It all comes down to habits, developing healthy habits that lead to a healthy lifestyle. The hardest part is not the physical, it´s the mental and emotional; your body is strong enough and capable of achieving anything you want the hardest part is to ger your mind right. Once you are able to control your thoughts and emotions you are on the right track to achieving your goal and enjoy life as you are supposed to.

You need to start by accepting that not all this is your fault but it´s on your hands to take charge of your weight and your health by making better choices. Also accept that it´s going to be difficult, you´ll face some good days but other days you´ll make the wrong choices, in this case stop blaming yourself and just move on, do not let one wrong meal becomes a whole day or a whole week. Every time you want to give up think about why you decided to lose weight, to improve your life, to live the way you deserve.

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