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The roller coaster of life


I couldn´t find a better way to describe the amazing journey of life than to compare it with a roller coaster full of emotions.

Life is not easy, it´s not supposed to be easy you may have some times when everything is going the way you planned, you´re getting higher and it all is perfect until you reach a point where you get stuck, or you fail.

Life is full of ups, downs, turns, more downs, ups and some more turns, the ups are when you are climbing those big mountains of challenges and finally you make it to the top those small victories are necessary to give you confidence and keep you motivated, it´s a proof that all the hard work, effort and time are worth it. Be careful with the highs and the victories, celebrate them but don´t take too much time that you lose focus of your bigger goals.

You´ll get to some difficult times where you lose or you don´t get the results you were expecting, those times when you fail are your downs and you need to learn from them, how low you get depend of so many different factors, and it may be thanks to something out of your control, how you act or how you react to this moments will determine your success or failure, if you take it as a lesson and get up stronger finding ways to improve and get better you´ll eventually succeed but if you start blaming others and the circumstances chances are you won´t get up, this negative and failure mentality will lead you to failure, you´re not a failure you have everything you need to succeed so don´t let those downs keep you down, prove them you are stronger and that you´ll achieve your goal.

If you give up you´re thinking that there´s no way out, that thing will get as bad as they are, that you don´t have what you need to get up and continue fighting, this are all lies that your mind could tell you, get up, take charge of your thoughts and prove everyone specially yourself that you got what you need to get as high as you want.

Even when you have a plan of action you may get through certain points where you need to adjust your plan, it doesn´t matter what´s your goal you´ll always have to adjust your plan along the way, sometimes things won´t go as plan so instead of blaming someone else you act by adjusting everything that´s necessary to keep you moving closer to your goal. This are the turns you´ll never be on a straight line.

At the end when you achieve your goal you can turn back and see everything you´ve been through and feel nothing but proud of yourself, amazed of everything you are capable and ready to go through the next roller coaster that will get you higher, you become addicted, and every time you want bigger goals.

It may be hard to know how to keep your eyes on your goal, stay focused on that vision you want to achieve while keeping your feet on the ground and living in the present moment,  not letting anyone or anything distract you from your goal and working as hard as you need for as long as you need means making some sacrifices, what are you willing to give up to get what you want?

Don´t try to avoid any of this ups, downs or turns, most of the times you don´t know when they will come just be prepared by knowing that you´ll find a lot of them throughout your journey and those are the ones that will make you more confident, stronger and will make your life full of emotions and adventures.

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