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The role of genetics

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I´ve heard so many times that someone don´t have good genetics, they don´t have the genetics to get that type physique they want, they don´t have good genetics and that´s why they´re overweight, etc.

This is just an excuse.

Yes, genetics do are an important factor and play an important role on how easy it is for us to gain muscle, to lose weight, to stay lean and type of physique we achieve or how we look physically, if we compare athletes we´ll see that their bodies all look different and yes this is in part because they all train different according to the sport they practice but if we look at bodybuilders we´ll also see some difference and if we hear interviews they´ll talk about how they need to work a muscle group more than other to get an aesthetic physique. One of them may need to work more the shoulders while other may need to work more the arms specially biceps or triceps, other may need to focus more on one specific muscle of the legs.

Genetics can also have an impact on metabolism, hormones, body fat distribution but this is not the only aspect that comes into play when we talk about weight loss and body composition, other factors as our lifestyle and epigenetics (we´ll talk about this is a future post) play an important role too.

Even when genetics play an important role on how hard or easy it is for each of us to get the type of physique we want it doesn´t mean that we can take that as an excuse for not working out and getting in shape which is what happens to many of us. It´s so easy to say “I don´t have the genetics” this way we avoid all the pain and hard work.

It doesn´t matter if we have the genetics or not, if we´re willing to work as hard as possible and we are persistent we will get the results we want. It all depends of each of us, self-discipline and commitment are more important than having good genetics.

Genetics determine how we look physically without doing any physical activity and also how our body responds to exercise, this is the reason why if we follow the same workout program we won´t get the same results, if we follow the Ultimate Fat Loss Program or The Ultimate Muscle Growth program we will all get results but those results will vary, for some of is easier to lose fat than to others so even when we´re all going to lose fat some will lose more than others and some of us may even gain some muscle at the same time while others were just able to maintain muscle mass. With the muscle growth program is the same, we´ll all going to gain muscle but some of us we´ll gain more muscle than others, some of us could even stay leaner while other gain a little more fat.

What we need to do is know our body, this is why we need to try different tools and training techniques and strategies until we find out which ones work better for us and then we create a program based on those strategies that work for us.

Is more important what we do and don´t do every single day than our genetics, our lifestyle is what determines our results, how we feel and how we look, we can all follow a healthy nutrition program, we can all do 45 minutes of exercise each day but we prefer to go out with friends, to binge on Netflix, to stay on bed than to get up and do what we need to do.

We can make a lot of excuses but they will keep where we are right now and if we want other results we need to stop making excuses and get to work.

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