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The relationship between food and mood

22 The relationship between food and mood

What we eat has a huge impact on how we feel and our mood, if we feel tired, lazy, sleepy, we lack energy the reason may be our food.

We may not have think about the huge relationship between food and our mood, it all starts with nutrition if our body doesn´t have the nutrients it needs it won´t function properly, this affects our mood and how we feel during the entire day. Our body needs certain amounts of nutrients from vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, amino acids each of them has a unique job and the lack of some of them can make us feel tired, stressed or unfocused.

Then we have blood sugar or glucose in the bloodstream which also affects our mood, if we eat a high carbohydrate meal or our meal was mostly unhealthy and our glucose goes up we may have brain fog, when it goes down we feel irritable, angry. If we are eating meals high in sugars or simple carbohydrates we spike blood sugar and then it goes down, this ups and downs are harmful, keeping our blood sugar stable improves our mood and emotions by making us feel better through the entire day and not having this constant change of emotions.

If we eat unhealthy foods high in sugars and trans fats that give us instant gratification we feel good the moment we eat them but slowly this feel good feeling starts to go down, with this ups and downs caused by glucose in the bloodstream your cravings get harder to control and here the problem is so big because we are not giving nutrients to our body, we get addicted to unhealthy foods that are so hard to give up and we are in a roller coaster of emotions feeling great after we ate those cookies and some minutes later we want more and we start feeling irritable, stressed and even frustrated.

Stress, tired and even depression and anxiety are related to the foods we eat, for the last two there are other things that come into play and that make the problems worst but the way food makes us feel has an impact on them making them better or worst.

After we´ve finished our meal sometimes we feel tired, lazy, sleepy; if we overeat or our meal was unhealthy it´s normal that we feel this way, our body can not handle all the excess food so all processes in the body stops to focus on digesting the food we ate, if it was unhealthy our body doesn´t know what to do with it and makes it inefficient.

If we want to feel great and have high levels of energy all day long we need to make some different choices, start by focusing on eating real, fresh foods we can eat meals prepared with real fresh ingredients, as we do this we´ll need to avoid sweets, junk, processed and fast food which are the ones that are causing all the negative emotions. The first days we´ll feel terrible and the cravings won´t seem to stop, this is normal we´ve been eating those unhealthy foods for a long time that we´ve become addicted to them and our mind will make us think that we need them, our body needs to get rid of all the toxins to start working efficiently, we need to be patient and give the time our body needs.

When we have cravings we can have some almonds, nuts and seeds which are going to keep us feel full longer, a piece of fruit is a great option if we want something sweet. Healthy foods high in fats have a lot of benefits not only to keep us full longer but they are great for our brain.

Why don´t you give healthy eating a try at least for 2 or 3 weeks, eliminate sweets, junk, processed and fast food from your diet and eat real fresh food, you can eat almost any dish you want as long as it is cooked with fresh ingredients and see how you feel, pay attention to your body. And don´t forget to give your body enough time, it´s been use to eating unhealthy foods so you may feel, tired, lazy and you will have cravings but don´t let all this thoughts and emotions control you, let your body get rid of the poison and you´ll start feeling the difference.

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