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The problem with instant gratification

30 The problem with instant gratification

In a world where we can have too many things instantly, we have light instantly just by turning the switch on, we can watch movies just going to Netflix or turning on the Tv, we can watch our favorite tv shows in our computers, if we´re looking for a specific product we can go to Amazon and buy it and we can have it on our door tomorrow.

In this same way we´re looking for instant results or instant gratification in whatever we do, we want to lose weight fast and we want results in one week, we want everything fast and we don´t even think on the future, what matters to us is this right moment, we change or give up some reward in the future for smaller pleasure we can have right now.

The fitness industry takes advantage of this, they sell fitness programs to help you lose as much weight as possible in a short period of time even when it´s not healthy and when you stop following the program you gain all the weight back and more, you do more harm to your body. They also sell so many different magic pills and powders which aren´t healthy either and most of them don´t work.

What you can when you have a goal is stop for a couple of minutes and think if the choice you´re going to make is going to get you closer to your goal or if it´s only going to give you instant pleasure, once you realize that ask yourself if you are willing to take a step backwards from your goal for just a couple of minutes from that instant reward.

In many cases we don´t think about the future so we make most of our decisions based on short term so what matters is that moment, and the next week, next month or a year from now or out of our thoughts.

If you have a goal you need to consider that there will be many choices every day that can keep you closer to your goal or can take you backwards and those choices are made based on your goal, a bigger reward in the future that will give you a lot more pleasure and fulfillment or an instant pleasure.

Many of us are so impatient that are not willing to wait enough time for a bigger reward and are not able to think ahead of time. Realizing that the best things in life take more time is a way to keep us focused, if we really want to achieve something big then we need enough time, we need to work hard and at the end will feel accomplished. If we let our thoughts and emotions trick us and we choose instant rewards instead of bigger rewards this will affects our journey and our results, those instant rewards are the ones taking us away from achieving our goal.

When you set a goal, or if you are working in one right now, are you willing to do whatever it takes and give it enough time until you achieve it? or do you let your mind trick you and you choose the instant rewards? this makes a huge difference, this may be the reason why you´re not seeing progress.  If you get some fat food or junk food just for the instant pleasure this may be the reason why you´re not losing any more weight. Do you have a winning mindset that will help you eliminate all junk, processed and fast food for as long as you need so that you get that superhero physique you are looking for in 12 weeks, 4 or 6 months for now or you going to let it get you back time and time again for the instant pleasure of some junk food?

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