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The power of fear


Fear is normal, we all feel fear on certain situations but how we respond to it and how we use it makes a huge difference, it can be the fuel to take action and keep moving forward or it can lead to failure.

We´ve all felt fear but how do you react to it? Do you try to avoid it every time or you get up and act even when that fear is so big?

Now, there´s something I want to make clear, not all fear is bad we need fear as a survival mechanism, there´ll be some situations where we need to think twice about taking action and it can even help us prevent accidents, it keeps us safe. The type of fear we´ll be talking about in this post is the one that prevents us from acting towards our goal. The one that keeps us stuck in our current job because we´re afraid of accepting other opportunities, the one that keeps us struggling with our finances and stops us from taking action to start a business.

Fear is the number one reason we don´t achieve our goals, the fear of being rejected, fear of failing, fear of winning and losing everything, fear of uncertainty, etc: If we can just get pass that fear, if we could only feel the fear and take that first step towards our goal things will be completely different.

Fear is not real, it´s created in our mind and it also creates negative emotions and those negative emotions combined with the thoughts of fear paralyze us, they are the reason why we don´t get up and work and they are also the reason why we´re stuck in the same place living the same way year after year. Fear comes from the unknown when we´re not sure about the outcome or result we start to worry, and those thoughts are the ones that create fear and those thoughts create negative emotions related to fear.

Everything we want, our ultimate goal is on the other side of fear this is why we need to face our fears otherwise we will never achieve our goal, every time we face a challenge it may be a new project, or a obstacle on our way to our goals we need to face that fear and instead of letting our mind come up with negative thoughts that result in fear lets think about it as excitement and our body getting ready to face the challenge.

How we see each situation and how we react makes the difference, fear is so powerful, if we let it, it will control us which is what happens to most of us so, instead we need to control it and make the most out of it, if we can take that power and transform it into excitement and motivation we´re able to do and achieve everything we want.

Most of us let fear control us, we accept all the excuses our mind send us and believe them and if we add to it that we´re lazy then we got the recipe to stay where we are, the recipe for failure.

Fear comes when we face a challenge, but our mind is amazing at creating the worst-case scenarios and it tend to make every situation worse than it is and our fear in any challenge increases thanks to our mid. Every time we face a challenge, we have 2 options we can avoid those challenges and stay where we are, or we can face them.

What we can do is take the time to go deep in our thoughts and find out where our fears come from, are we afraid of not being good enough?, are we afraid of failing?, are we afraid of succeeding and then losing everything? are we afraid of what others will say and think of us?, are we afraid that people make fun of us? All this are the result of insecurities, lack of confidence and lack of courage so we need to start small to increase confidence and courage in ourselves and for this we need to take action, there´s no other way, we need to do that what we fear, we need to face the challenges.

If we start with a big challenge when we don´t have enough confidence and courage we will fail but if we start with small challenges and we remind ourselves that we are good enough, that we are capable and we take action we will feel great right after and that increases our confidence and courage, then we can go for a bigger challenge until we feel comfortable enough to face even bigger challenges.

We all feel fear when we face a challenge the only difference is that successful people take action, they don´t let that fear holds them back, they take control of it and act and unsuccessful people let that fear take control of them, they avoid fear by not taking action and that´s where limiting beliefs also come from.

If we could only feel fear and act anyway our entire lives would look very different. The reason why we need to act is because if fear comes from the unknown, from insecurities and lack of confidence, the moment we act we start learning, experiencing and gaining knowledge and with that, our confidence increases.

What you can do every time you feel fear is stop for a moment and figure out what kind of fear is it, is it fear of failure?, fear of rejection? etc; try to find out where that fear comes from by analyzing your thoughts. Take small action as soon as possible.

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