Harmonize Fitness
Harmonize Fitness

The most important point to consider when exercising


How many people do you know spending hours at the gym? Some girls and guys spend two hours at the gym six days a week, some of them seven days a week exercising, but lets be honest, do they really look better every month? In most cases they look the same month after month.

You don´t need to spend hours exercising, with just 60 minutes a day is all you need, but for this 60 minutes to give you the results you´re looking for you need to consider 2 important points: work hard and avoid injuries.

There´s no other way to get the amazing results you want and deserve than working hard, how hard you exercise will determine your results, if you give half your energy you´ll get average and mediocre results and that´s not what you deserve so make sure every time you exercise you give your all. For some this may be a huge problem because when you´re exercising you´re going to feel that physical pain, here we´re talking about the burn you feel in the muscles you´re working out, that burn is what makes your body change but if you don´t like to feel that burn and you give up right when you starting feeling then you´re not working hard enough and you won´t get the best results possible.

When we talk about working hard you need to make sure that you leave your ego behind, if you´re exercising to impress someone then you´ll get injured and you need to avoid injuries. When you exercise you´re doing it for you, to get better than yesterday or the last time you did that exercise, to get faster, to perform better, to increase speed, power, strength, to get lean or whatever goal you´re working on, especially to maintain optimal health so you can´t let your ego get in the way.

You are the one who know your limits, how hard can you go? How much weight can you lift? Can you do another rep without getting hurt? You are the only one who knows if you gave your all, if you´re working hard enough or if you just showed up. Showing up is not enough, those days when you don´t feel like exercising getting up, and going to the gym and literally showing up is the first step but once you´re there make sure you give your all. You need to make every routine count, every set and every rep count if you want 100% results you need to give 100% of your effort always knowing your limit.

If you´re starting your fitness journey it is so hard to give your all and to know your limits, so finding the right balance is hard and it takes time but be patient. If you´ve been sedentary for some years once you start doing some exercise you´ll feel tired and your body starts to hurt in a couple of minutes this is why improving your diet it key especially if you are obese or overweight to help you lose fat faster but it´s hard to know if the pain you´re feeling is the right one, the type of pain and burn you need to give a stimuli to your body or ifs it´s bad pain. In this case. Also, if you are starting your fitness journey but you get obsessed and want fast results you may want to do more or you may push your body harder causing health problems and injuries.

As I´ve mentioned before you need to talk to your doctor or health care professional before starting any exercise or physical activity and before changing your diet.

Mind-muscle connection plays a big role and make it easier for you to know if you´re giving your all without letting your ego get in the way and knowing your limit. By focusing all your attention on the muscle you´re working and the exercise you´re doing is also really helpful to avoid injuries, always make sure that you´re really focused and concentrating on your routine, that you´re breathing correctly and that you have the right mindset.

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