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The microbiome


If you´re really committed to improve your health, brain and look as best as possible then you need to focus on your gut.

Our digestive system impacts our overall health, there are millions and millions of bacteria living in our gut and they are the ones digesting food and controlling more processes so that everything in our body is functioning properly, when our gut, when the digestive system is not healthy this puts at risk our health physical and mental.

Do you know that all those microbes or bacteria living in our gut have a lot to do with your weight, with metabolism, with the functioning of your brain, with your immune system? Our lifestyle has an impact on these microbes and in this case the most important one is our diet. The standard American or western diet is based on unhealthy oils and fats, refined sugars, added chemicals to add texture, flavor and long lasting products which for our body are toxins, this damage the microbiome. You may have heard that taking antibiotics or acid blockers is bad for your stomach, well, eating all these processed foods is also bad for your stomach.

We can come up with 2 different scenarios here, some people have too few bacteria in the intestines and others have a lot of bad bacteria, this 2 causes a lot of problems and intestinal disorders like leaky gut or irritable bowel syndrome now this can get worse leading to inflammation and it can keep getting worse with health problems like depression and even cancer.

There are 2 steps you need to take to improve the health of your gut one of those steps is avoiding foods that cause damage and the second step is to add foods to your diet that keep your gut healthy.

The foods you need to avoid are:

1.- Unhealthy seed oils

2.- Flours (with the exception of nut flours like coconut and almond fluor)

3.- Sugar, refined carbs

4.- Antibiotics

5.- Acid blockers

The foods you need to include in your diet are fiber, fermented foods and probiotics, some examples are:

1.- Avocados

2.- Broccoli

3.- Berries

4.- Nuts and seeds

5.- Beans

6.- Lentils

7.- Oats

8.- Kefir

9.- Sauerkraut

10.- Probiotics

These are some examples of foods you need to avoid and the ones you need to add to your diet, there are more options as to what you can eat, remember to put especial emphasis on the ones you need to avoid, if you add healthy foods but keep eating the unhealthy ones those foods will keep damaging your gut.

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