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Harmonize Fitness

The importance of true meaningful relationships

09 How reducing social media can reduce stress

The people you surround yourself with will determine your success and how fast you achieve it.

A lot of guys and girls out there have a lot of friends they can go out with for a party or to have fun but many of them do not have true meaningful relationships, they feel like they don´t have a person to talk to when they´re down for any reason and when they don´t have someone to talk to they find instant pleasure with food and social media.

The excess processed sugar found on junk food along with chemicals are making people addicted to food, this is why you can´t eat only one cookie and every time you eat this foods your body releases a chemical call dopamine which makes you feel good, the same happens with social networks every time you share a picture and you get likes your body releases dopamine. We use social networks to share pictures with filters hiding our true lives.

Food and social media are not the answer, realizing that you have friends to have fun but you don´t have friends you can count on when you need them is the first step to make a change. Relationships are formed by talking with people, by being interested in them and by listening to them. When you go out with friends and family if you spend more time on your phone than talking with them you´re wasting time, make the most out of those parties and reunions by talking with people, be interested on them this is the only way to get to know each other and to make really meaningful relationships.

Having good relationships is necessary not only to have someone you can talk to but also to be successful. Success is based on relationships, it doesn´t matter what´s your industry you need to talk to people every day, it´s our way to communicate and to know more about each other.

Food and social media has become our way to deal with stress and though situations to get that dopamine release that makes us feel good giving us the instant gratification we´re looking for without considering the negative effects on overall health. It´s not a secret that people who spend more time on social media have more problems of depression, this maybe because they´re looking for attention and every time they share a picture and it don´t get a bunch of likes they feel like they´re not good enough, that something is wrong with them and this cause more problems.

A big reason why many guys and girls turn to food and social media is because most of us are not willing to take a time and listen to them, there are many excuses as I don´t have time, I´m late or not paying attention to what they are saying make them feel as if they´re not important and that no one cares.

The moments we enjoy the most are the ones when we are having a great time with friends or family and we´re really living that moment, we´re sharing stories, laughing, dancing, playing; it may seem so simple but this are the times we enjoy an value more. Spending time and sharing great moments with people you love is the best gift you can give and when someone  spend some time with you appreciate it and enjoy it as much as possible.

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