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The importance of small achievements

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How many times have you think about setting small goals and then refuse to them because you think those small goals won´t get you anywhere?

Most of us don´t have the confidence and believe that we can achieve amazing things in life, for so many different reasons we´ve been losing self-confidence and we no longer believe in ourselves, we´re not accountable any more.

When we want to live a better life we know we need to change something but if we set big goals we won´t achieve them and we feel even worse, we can´t start with a big goal if we don´t have self-confidence and if we don´t believe in ourselves so what we need to do is start small.

When we set small goals like doing 20 minutes of exercise every day is a huge step that will give us amazing results, when we are able to stick with this goal we can add another one like giving up all junk food, now those 2 smaller goals will have a huge impact on all aspects of our life.

When we start seeing progress, when we see those results showing up and when we are able to accomplish those smaller goals or achievements we increase our confidence, we start believing in ourselves and that will give us everything we need to set bigger goals knowing that we can do it.

We need to start small and keep building slowly, this way we will achieve greater goals than if we try to start with something big when we´re not accountable, when we don´t believe in ourselves, when we don´t believe we can´t do it and we deserve it and when we´ve lost self-confidence.

We want to develop a mindset that can help us get through life and live to our full potential, we want to develop or replace old bad habits with good ones that make it easier for us to live an amazing life so we need to think in the future, in long term not short term.

We´re looking for results that last even if they take longer to achieve not for faster results that won´t last long enough. We need to think of the future, long term but work short term what I mean is that we need to keep our focus or keep remembering our finale goal but put the hard work, time, effort, dedication today to build the habits we need to sustain our results.

Building confidence and believe takes time and the way to do it is with small accomplishments, setting goals that give us results every week or two so that we can see progress.

If we have a big goal in mind chances are we can accomplish it if we believe in ourselves and that confidence has increased. What we need to do is set an ultimate date to achieve your finale goal and start working backwards dividing that big goal or finale goal into smaller goals we can achieve each month and week.

Once we have the smaller goals or weekly goals we need to focus on them, work as hard as we can always remembering of our finale goal.

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