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The importance of having systems

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Most of us go through our day in a routine way, we wake up and do the same activities in the same way every day without thinking, this routines and activities are part of our subconscious that we can get them done even half asleep.

If we think about how our brain works, it´s job is to keep us safe we need to survive and it´s lazy if we take it out of the comfort zone this is why we create routines and habits so that our brain is able to store energy for important tasks.

If we want success we need to make sure that our routines and habits lead to success and creating systems that make it easier for our brain and for us to get things done on the best way possible is also a huge step for success.

A system is the way you do certain things, the way you do an activity, when you develop systems you make sure that you are doing each activity the best way possible, you are able to find mistakes and improve that system for better results but also when you apply it you stop thinking on what you need to do and how to do certain things, you already have a set of steps you have to follow and with time that system becomes part of your subconscious so you do it automatically which improves performance and productivity. You stop focusing on small details and you are able to think and focus on more important stuff.

Since you can have systems for everything you do in your day, the more systems you have the more energy your brain can store and the more energy you have available for important decisions or activities.

Having systems are also helpful to stay focused on your goal and get the best results and it also provides consistency. We know that for any goal or project we want to achieve we need to be consistent so when we have a system we can follow to get an activity done it´s easier for us to take action, to stick to the system and finish the activity.

Creating systems helps you get an activity done over and over and get the same exact results, this methodical approach can be stressful for people who are more creative or who hate doing the same thing exactly the same way over and over, if you are this type of people you need to realize that creating systems for some activities will actually realize stress and simplify your work. There are some activities you can systematize that will improve your day and life.

Some steps you can take to create systems are:

1.- Choose an activity you want to systematize. Make sure that the activity you choose is one you do every single day and that you can do exactly the same way.

2.- Write a list of all the steps you take today to get that activity done and prioritize them.

3.- Find out which steps do not help you in accomplishing the activity and are only a waste of time and cross them.

4.- Think about steps that you can take to help you get the activity done in a better way.

5.- Take the steps you don´t cross from point 3 and add to that list that once from point 4, put them in order.

6.- Start using your system and improve it as necessary.

There´s something I want to mention, it takes time and effort to create systems, you need to make sure that the steps you consider lead to the best results possible and you may need to improve that system several times but, once it´s ready that system will help you avoid mistakes and safe you time and effort.

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