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The importance of having great relationships


Our relationships determine how far we´re going to get, we all need of each other and we all need to know that we have someone we can trust and count on in times of need, unfortunately not all of us got someone to count on. The people we spend more time with have a huge impact on our life, they can help us grow and reach higher levels or they can pull us down making it impossible for us to succeed.

Nowadays building great relationships is not a priority we´re more interested on getting likes on social media. We dive ourselves on our Smartphone trying to escape reality, we don´t give attention to the people beside us but we´re more interested on comparing ourselves with other accounts trying to figure out why we don´t get likes, why we don´t get the attention we want on our accounts and we´re losing what´s more important, creating great relationships with the people close to us.

Don´t get me wrong, I love social media, I love sharing content, meeting people and helping as much people as possible all around the world and this wouldn´t have been possible without social platforms but we all need good meaningful relationships.

There are 2 different types of relationships that we all need to have:

1.- The one you can count on.- We all go through difficult moments in life and we need to have someone we can trust and count on on those moments. We all know that everyone appears on the best times of our life, everyone is at the party having fun but on our darkest times when we need someone to talk to not everyone will be there so we need to know that we have at least one person we can count on on those darkest times.

2.- The mentor.- We need to keep learning so we need to be surrounded by people who knows more than us, people from whom we can learn, they are the ones that will help us reach the next level, once we get to that next level if those people continued learning then they will continue teaching us if not we need to find someone to get higher.

There´s a third type of person we may encounter through our life and that is the disciple:

3.- Your disciple.- This one is hard because most people prefer to stay where they are in a comfortable place but if we find someone who wants to achieve amazing things in life and who is open to learn and who wants us to help them get to their next level we need to help them. The same way someone helped us before now is our time to help someone.

The best that can happen to us is to have this 3 relationships and we can but we need to develop them and we do that by being interested in people, taking some time off our cell phone and have a conversation with the people around us, listening to them and really being interested is what help us build good relationships. We need to know that it takes time, if we want someone to trust us, to believe in us and respect us it takes time the same way it takes time for us to trust someone and to know that we can count on them.

When we find someone who is interested in us, someone who cares and that shows it in everything they do we need to keep that person close to us. If we know someone who has achieved what we want to achieve we need to find ways to be close to that person even if that means working for them for free, what we want is to learn from them as much as possible but, for some of us it may be hard to find the right mentor or maybe we don´t know someone who has done what we want in this case we can look at our greatest inspirations, they may be celebrities like musicians, actors, professional athletes from we whom we can learn. It´s not about coping or modeling them it´s about learning from them and take those lessons and make them our own.

Having people close to us who support our goals can make our journey easier otherwise we´ll need to develop a strong mindset to go through all type of negative comments.

Developing the right relationships takes time and effort it can´t be done through social media or direct or private messages, I don´t think whatsapp help build good relationships and not even phone calls, there´s no better way than getting face to face, it can be going for a walk, having dinner, breakfast or lunch, going for a coffee or even spend 5 minutes before a meeting with your coworker.

When was the last time you had dinner or lunch with a friend close to you or someone who has been there for you in hard times?

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