Harmonize Fitness
Harmonize Fitness

The importance of good quality sleep.


How many times have you stayed late night watching Netflix, watching Harry Potter or any Avengers movie? or maybe on social media or finishing a project? I´ve done it too but it´s the worst we can do for our health.

Most of us do not give sleep the importance it deserves, we don´t prioritize our health until something´s wrong and sleep plays an important role on health lack of sleep has a negative impact on our body and creates a lot of problem in the short and long run.

We all know that it´s recommended that we get 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night and I understand that this may not be possible for some of us but if we create habits that help us improve the quality of sleep we can get 5 or 6 hours of good quality sleep and this combined with the other 4 principles of fitness give us amazing results.

So many things happen in our body while we sleep, recover, repair and growth are some of the important processes going on, also hormonal balance, memory and more. One night of poor sleep will low our energy levels, reduce our ability of focus and concentration throughout the day, reduce our productivity and performance, it has a big impact on insulin and this are just some of the negative effects short term, if we do this consistently then our health is at risk.

For sleep as for the other 4 principles of fitness we don´t need to over complicate stuff, we need to keep things simple to be able to develop better habits, with just small changes to our habits, routines we can improve our lives in all areas, we don´t need to go crazy with just one principle, we need to work on the 5 of them because they work together as a whole, everything needs to be in harmony so that we can get the best benefits and improve our lives by following simple tools.

Most of us have a lot of bad habits which are the ones leading to an unhealthy life and casing a lot of problems and they are also the reason why we´re not succeeding, we just need to develop new habits that take place of the bad ones and everything will change, this applies for the 5 principles of fitness and they all have the same level of importance.

For some of us getting enough good quality sleep is hard, thank to work or school it may not be possible to get the 7 to 8 hours that are recommended so what we´ll focus on is on improving the quality of sleep so that those 5 or 6 hours we´re getting are as best as possible.

If we are able to get 6 or 7 hours of sleep per day and we make those as best as possible the impact it has on our day are amazing, we have more energy, it´s easier for us to stay focused and concentrated on the activities that matter, our productivity increases, we feel amazing all day and if we do this consistently the benefits it has for our body, brain and health and incredible. We can lower the risk of some diseases just by improving the quality and quantity of sleep.

Improving quality of sleep will make all the other 4 principles easier, when we feel rested and wake up each morning recharged to hit the day that´s when amazing things happen, those are the best days of our lives, just imagine if you can do this every single day. It´s possible by improving sleep, once we start feeling great we´ll get the motivation we need to develop other good habits.

If we want to take fitness and our entire life to another level we need to prioritize our health and developing healthy habits based on simple tools is the way to go. If we have energy, if we are motivated and we are able to stay focused and keep high performance all day long we will be amazed of our potential and how much we can achieve.

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