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Harmonize Fitness

The impact of your beliefs and thoughts about stress


When someone tells us that something is bad for us, that something has a negative impact in our lives and then we find a lot more people saying the same things then we believe it and with time it becomes part of our beliefs.

How many people that you know think that stress is bad for us? how many of them know what stress really is and the types?

Most of us confuse pressure and anxiety with stress and this is a huge problem because if we don´t know what´s the difference and we label all of them as stress then we won´t act the best way possible.

We think that stress is bad so we avoid it at all costs, if our boss assigns us a new project we feel pressure and probably get anxious and most of us label this as stress, some of us talk with a friend and tell them how stressed out we are thanks to that project because we don´t have all the knowledge or skills, we don´t know if we will finish it on time and we still have to continue with our normal job which means that we have double work.

This is how most of us think about a situation like that but it´s not our fault, we´ve been educated to think that way but if we take that same situation and think about is a challenge and get excited by it everything changes, we can think that our boss assigned us a new project because he believes in us he knows that we will deliver the best results possible and that we are capable to finish it, he knows we can learn the skills we need and apply them to the best of our abilities even though it´s something new and he gave us enough time to learn those new skills, apply them and make the best project we can.

If you think about it as learning something new, working on something new and proving yourself that you are capable of something big you start the project with a positive attitude which effects your entire journey through the project and the end results will be better compare to when you said to your friend that you are so stressed out because of the project and you didn´t know if you´re going to finish, in this case you´re already starting with a negative attitude and setting the road to barely finish the project (if you do finish) and the result won´t be the best.

How you think about the situation you´re in has an impact on your day and the project or activity you´re working on, just by changing your thoughts and beliefs you can have a complete different result, this is why practicing positivity or optimism improves your life, optimism is not only thinking positive thoughts, is about making the best out of any situation, what can I learn from this? how can this help me in the future? Your thoughts and beliefs play a big role on how you see your life and every situation you face every day, there´s a reason why positive people who always are smiling or focusing on the positive on everything seem to have better choices, better opportunities and live better, they´re simply attracting more positivity to their lives just by how they think.

If you learn to see anxiety as excitement then you will get better results and you won´t increase stress, the next time you find yourself in a situation that makes you anxious and you start feeling your heart rate increasing, your palms sweating think about it as your body getting ready and prepared for the situation to deliver the best performance.

So yes, stress can make us sick and even kill us as some people say if we let it, if we belief that stress is bad it will harm our body even the bad type of stress called chronic stress and if we use tools to lower this type of stress, after some time of using those tools consistently we will see improvements in how we feel and how we respond to those stressful moments in our day to day.

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