Harmonize Fitness
Harmonize Fitness

The impact of our lifestyle


For the last years physical and mental health issues have increased and if we think about the reasons why we need to go back in time because I believe that our lifestyle are the cause of some of those problems.

If we go back in time, some years ago people used to buy real, fresh, whole foods in their local market, they cooked most of the meals and late night when everyone got back home after a day of work they sat together at the table to share food and stories, food was not available everywhere and it some places it was scarce so almost all the meals they had were cooked and prepared with whole, fresh foods. People were more active every day at home or at work many activities were done by hand and most of them needed to walk certain distances to get to their jobs and back home.

Nowadays almost all of our meals are processed foods, there´s food everywhere and it´s all loaded with sugars, unhealthy fats and chemicals to make it last longer on shelves and taste delicious. Many of us don´t know how to cook and don´t have time to do it anyway, we are sedentary we spend most of our time sitting at a desk in front of a computer when we´re working or in the couch watching Tv, Netflix or any other.

Since food was scarce in some places, companies started to make process food that could last longer on shelves so that it can be accessible for more people but now it´s accessible everywhere and we´re bombarded with it, we can find process food in every corner and since we´re living a very fast pace life and many of us don´t have time and energy to cook we choose unhealthy processed foods instead of healthy and I understand it, they are cheaper and convenient. This is a huge problem, I know that in some countries it´s a lot cheaper to buy processed foods and if people don´t make a lot of money they´ll buy those foods because they need to and they can just grab packages, take some with them and eat them when they feel hungry.

We all know that our nutrition program is unhealthy and we don´t exercise as much as we need to, if we add to those the high levels of chronic stress because we don´t like our job and this includes we don´t like what we do and we´re don´t feel safe and comfortable with our coworkers, our boss doesn´t like anything we do and he gives us more activities so our to-do-list keeps increasing and if we add to this lack of sleep or poor quality sleep then we got the perfect recipe for health problems.

If we make some changes to our lifestyle to develop good habits we can prevent health problems and live a better life. Changes life exercising for 20 minutes a day, eating healthy foods and meals prepared and cooked with whole, fresh ingredients while avoiding processed foods have a huge impact on how we feel and look, if we add tools that helps us reframe any situation from a negative and stressful way to a more positive outcome we are able to make stress an ally and it can help us with any situation or project we´re working on, if we improve the quality of sleep and if we can increase the quantity the benefits we get are amazing.

We can start making changes today by following simple tools based on the 5 principles of fitness which will help us achieve any fitness goal and also live a much better life based on healthy habits which actually make it easier for us to maintain our fitness results effortlessly.

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