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The goal is not to lose weight


You might be desperate looking for a program that does work, that gives you the results you´re looking for and even when I can tell you exactly what to do to achieve your weight loss goal the first step is to change the goal.

Losing weight is important, the more fat you need to lose the more important it is, we´ve talked a lot about improving body composition which means losing body fat and gaining muscle mass and maintain a healthy weight considering muscle and fat so that you end with a lean and toned and good looking physique. Having the right amount of muscle mass is key to longevity and to make sure that the quality of life is as best as possible.

When it comes to weight loss the goal is not only to lose weight, it´s to keep it off, this applies if you have some fat to lose, if you´re skinny then your priority is to gain muscle first. You don´t just want to lose weight, you want to keep it off while enjoying life, you want to feel great and do any activity you want to do, you want to feel energized and motivated, you want to love the way you look and feel and the freedom you have to enjoy life as much as possible.

We´re not only interested on looking as best as possible, we also want to build a useful physique, there´s no reason to look amazing if we can´t perform at peak, if we can´t perform daily activities with ease. To make sure you build a useful physique that also looks great the best strategy you can use is to focus on strength, getting stronger on certain exercises, the benefit of training this way is that it gets you stronger physically and mentally.

As you exercise physically if you do it the right way you´re also training your mind, you need to challenge yourself every workout and that challenge will put your mind to test, are you mentally strong enough to get through your workout? How hard can you push yourself? Remember that there are limits, you do need to go hard but you also need to know your limits and don´t let your ego get on the way, you´re exercising to get stronger not to hurt or injure yourself.

Our food choices play a more important role when it comes to weight loss, the type of diet your following, macros, quality and quantity of food all play an important role. For weight loss eating foods that keep you full longer and satisfied and that are also low in calories is the best way to maintain a calorie deficit, if your hormones and metabolism are working properly then weight loss is simple.

The benefits of losing weight impact all your health physical and mental, when people set a goal just to lose weight without having a reason why and without understanding that what they really want is to keep it off and more importantly to develop healthy habits that will lead to keeping the weight off but also improve quality of life in all areas want fast results so they waste a tone of money on programs that promise fast results without considering health and they end up making more damage to their body.

You want to lose weight because you want to improve your life, yes you want to look great but you also want to feel great, if you focus on improving the way you feel, getting stronger, improving performance and you use some strategies for each of the 4 principles of fitness then you´ll feel way better and you´ll also lose weight and this two results combine will give you the motivation you need to keep going and develop the habits you need.

We need to mention that most people only talk about exercise and diet but sleep and stress also play a huge role. If you make sure that you get enough high quality sleep every night then it will be easier for you to follow your exercise program and diet and you´ll probably see that you lose a little more weight just by getting good sleep every night.

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