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The emotional impact of a weight loss journey


How many times have you tried to lose weight? Did you get the results you were expecting? Did you gain all the weight back?

The most important point about weight loss that nobody talks about is the mental and emotional impact of losing weight. You need to go through a long journey and that journey is full of ups and downs, you will have some amazing days but you´ll also have bad days and those bad days when you feel tired, when you feel hungry and it´s harder to exercise and be mentally strong to ignore the cravings and hunger are the ones that will define your success.

Your emotions play a huge role on your weight, if you have weight to lose and you know that you´re over eating there´s a huge chance that the reason why you are over eating was caused by emotional experiences you lived years ago and you find comfort in food, foods makes you feel happy and forget about all the struggles of life and since you were eating unhealthy highly processed foods you became addicted to them. So now you´re dealing with your emotions and you are not mentally strong enough to ignore those thoughts that make you overeat and continue the negative cycle.

You may not be aware of exactly when all this began, you may not know how, when or what cause you to follow an unhealthy lifestyle but you have the choice to change that path so stop blaming yourself for what happened in the past and make the decision and commitment to change your life for the better.

When you start your weight loss journey by eating healthy foods and increasing physical activity all the emotions that lead you to an unhealthy life will start to appear, one of the reasons why you overeat is because of the unhealthy relationships you’ve created with food, it´s comfort food, it makes you feel good and it´s your way to cope with all the emotional part so here are some steps you can take to help you cope with your emotions without going to food:

1.- Write your feelings and thoughts.- Try to have a journal and a pen or pencil, or a journal close to you and every time you feel hungry, cravings or you feel like you need to eat something to forget all the struggles of life instead of going for food write down everything you´re thinking and feeling.

2.- Take a walk.- After writing down your thoughts and feelings get up and go for a walk, even if it´s 5 minutes it will have a positive impact.

3.- Drink water.- Instead of going for food have water with you and drink it.

4.- Realize that we all go through hard and difficult times, we all have good and bad moments but our perspective and how we deal with them is what makes all the difference. Do not let any bad or hard moment define your future, remember that things always get better.

5.- Set goals.- By setting clear goals you are being specific of what you want to achieve, those goals can be as simple as eating more healthy fats by making better choices, instead of cooking with unhealthy seed oils use extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil to cook. Instead of having 5 meals a day stay with just 3 meals breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The moment you start making better choices you´ll go through a period of time that is so hard because you can´t rely on food to cope with your emotions, you´ll have days where you do make all the right choices but other days you´ll give in and you´ll eat that cake, or chocolate, chips, donuts or rolls. Do not let that one bad decision become a whole day of wrong choices or a whole week, remember that we all make mistakes and we all give in to those cravings every now and then just realize and accept that you made a wrong choice and move on, focus on your next meal and make sure it´s a healthy one.

Do not let your emotions control you and your life, we´ll talk about this on other posts because it´s one of the most important parts, emotional eating and the addiction unhealthy foods create are the cause of your weight problem and the emotional part is the one we need to work on more. If you have any question or if there´s something you want to share with us leave your comments down below and on Twitter, we´ll be glad to read from you and help you.

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