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The emotional attachments that keeps us stuck

23 The emotional attachments that keep us stuck

Life is hard so many times but some of those times hid us so hard that we became attach to them emotionally and those emotional attachments are the ones keeping us stuck in the same and are the ones creating so much pain and suffering.

When our happiness, success or anything else depends of someone or something external then we are attached to a certain person, to a situation to a goal. Thinking that we will be happy and we will feel worth when we lose weight and get in amazing physique is what´s holding us back, when we think that we will feel successful when our business hits a mark is also holding us back and if we really believe this and we wait until we achieve our goals chances are we won´t achieve them.

We need to feel successful first, we need to feel worth, we need to feel and really believe that we deserve all those things we want and once we feel and really believe in our heart that´s when things start to happen and we just need to maintain those feelings and believes and our goals will materialize… of course we need to take action every single day, otherwise nothing will happen.

The first step we need to take is to let go those attachments and for that you need to realize that those thoughts and believes are not true, they were installed in your brain through your environment and the people close to you when you were growing up but that doesn´t mean that they are true and they´re actually not, this step is hard but it´s important, it will give you the freedom you need to install new believes and thoughts and will reduce so much pressure from you.

There are some point you can follow and start using to let go:

1.- Recognize your feeling s and emotions.-  Every time you feel anxious, angry, stressed, fear recognize the feeling and try to identify what triggers it and with what experience of your past you are relating it.

2.- Accept that you can´t control everything.- Most of the external situations that happen to us are out of our control, so focus on what we can control and accepting that there are some things we can´t control but knowing that we can always act and find the best solution.

3.- Don´t expect anything from anyone.- Do good and be kind always but don´t expect to receive the same from everyone, just by doing good and being kind to everyone you cross pads with without expecting anything good things start to happen.

4.- Practice forgiveness.- If someone hurt you forgive that person, forgive everyone for everything they had done to you, this doesn´t mean that you will forget and that you´ll let them hurt you again, chances are you may never see them or talk to them again, this means that you let go of the negative emotions like sadness, resentment and even vengeance you have for them, you do it for you, not for them. And also forgive yourself, we´re all humans, we all make mistakes so forgive yourself for those mistakes and move one.

5.- Practice gratitude.- Feel grateful for everyone you have right now close to you, those friends or family, and also everything material that you have.

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