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Harmonize Fitness

The effects of junk and processed food on our body


The convenience and price of this unhealthy food is what makes it an important part of our lives without considering the long term damage. The lifestyles we´re having this days are so unhealthy in many different ways, we spend most of our day sitting at the office, in the couch when we´re back home in the car to travel from home to the office and back home, our daily activities had reduced; the levels of stress keep raising caused by traffic, our job or school; and the unhealthy food choices we make every single day are killing us and are getting us sick and also our loved ones.

I understand that it may be difficult for you to cook every single meal and that´s probably the biggest reason why you buy fast or processed food, it makes your life easier, but… at what cost?

Food has a direct impact on how you feel it affects your mood, food is the cause of you feeling tired, lazy, depressed, anxious all this are short term reactions caused by unhealthy food, if you continue eating this type of foods your health problems will get bigger, you´ll gain weight, you´ll become insulin resistant and it can get worst turning into diabetes and other diseases.

I believe food is the cause of our bad mood, obesity, overweight and related diseases and also it´s the reason why it´s so hard to lose weight and keep it off, food affects your brain it´s more a mental battle and mindset which I´ll explain deeper in the next post.

What big companies are doing is create amazing marketing campaigns targeted specially to kids to buy their products full of chemicals that are harmful for our body and are killing our loved ones and the people we care about. Some of this chemicals are used to create addiction similar to alcohol and cigarettes so that you continue buying and consuming the product, all this companies are more interested on selling and money than on your health. The two biggest problems with this type of food are:

1.- They´re empty calories

Your body needs nutrients, your body does a lot of different processes every single day just to keep you alive, it tries as hard as it can to maintain you as healthy as possible and it has to work hard against all the stress and low physical activity plus a nutrition program that doesn´t have any nutrients. There´s no way for your body to function properly every day, to keep you healthy and to sustain a fat loss process when it doesn´t have the food it needs to support all that work.

This unhealthy foods are so high in calories and to low in nutrients, that´s why some people call them “empty calories”. All this empty calories full of chemicals to make you eat more of them do not give nutrients to your body, they´re just an excess of calories and energy that your body can´t use most of them as sugars and trans fats that your body store as fat.

2.- Your body can´t digest it and use it properly

This unhealthy foods are not real, fresh or natural, they are created or manufactured by companies so your body doesn´t know what to do with them, how to use them and it´s very hard to digest them. There are a lot of sugars, trans fats and chemicals that are poison for your body which are the ones that are causing diseases and increasing obesity, overweight, diabetes, cancer and the list goes on.

Every time you eat this foods your body needs to work harder to digest them so other processes in your body slows down to prioritize digestion and at the end there are no nutrients that can be use to sustain daily activities.

Once your body digest all that food it takes time to get rid of the toxic stuff and it´s not efficient anymore.

For me, health and weight come down to living a healthy lifestyle based on healthy habits that include working out every day, eating healthy foods and having the right mindset. If you treat your body right it will respond in the best way possible.

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