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The difference between a champion and a loser

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Champions are remembered for years and even more when they made something incredible.

We´ve all asked ourselves what´s the difference between a champion and a loser or what does they have that we don´t have? From what I´ve been seeing the only difference lies in the mindset.

A champions has a strong determination, persistence and perseverance they will do what they need to do even when they don´t want to, they are able to trick their mind and push pass the pain physical and emotional, they will put in the hard work for as long as they need.

When they fail or they don´t get the results they were looking for they don´t see it as failure they see it as an opportunity to improve, they may not got the result this time but that same day or the next day they´ll be revising their performance to see where they can improve they will work harder with more focus and pay attention to every little detail to make sure that the next time they are more than prepared to win.

Champions are so obsessed with achieving their goal that they will do whatever they need until they succeed and once they succeed they´ll start thinking on the next goal, they always want more. Thanks to this obsession for success it´s very easy for them to stay focus on their ultimate goal and to keep visualizing the exact result they want, they are so clear about what they want and once they have clarity they can work backwards.

Champions can be found everywhere not only in sports and they´re always looking to improve on whatever they do, they are so hard on themselves and pay close attention to every little detail because they know that those little details are the ones that can make a huge difference.

They focus on learning, improving and mastering one skill at a time, while others want to cover more skills or activities champions choose one and work on it until they master it then they go to another while still practicing the one they already know.

There are no rest days or times off, they know there will be someone putting in the work so they make sure they´re the ones putting in the work, there´ll be time to take some time off and rest one or two days before they start all over again and that time comes after they succeed, not before.

The level of obsession and focus they have, the discipline and perseverance is what makes all the difference and all this comes from the right mindset, a strong successful mindset leads to success and even when it seems that champions are born with it we can all develop this type of mindset.

We can all achieve almost anything and be champions if we develop this type of mindset but that´s the hard part, unfortunately not everyone will put in the time and hard work necessary to achieve great things in life and that´s one of the reasons why most of us do not live to our full potential, we need to be prepared to endure all the physical, mental and emotional failures and fight until the end not barely making it but as the best.

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