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The basic rules of nutrition


So many people are still looking for the best diet to help them accomplish their fitness goals, unfortunately this is not possible. There´s not a single diet that will give everyone of us the best results.

Instead of looking for the best diet to lose weight we need to think about what are the basic rules of nutrition that apply to everyone or almost everyone and from there adjust them to fit our lifestyle and goals.

As we´ve mentioned on our first post there are certain essential proteins called amino-acids and certain essential fats called fatty-acids that we need to give our body through food, but there are no essential carbohydrates, the only reason we need carbohydrates like vegetables and fruits may be for micronutrients which are vitamins, minerals and fiber but we can also get these micronutrients from other foods which is the reason why carnivores claim you can only consume meat and animal products and be completely fine.

Our body, our cells, our brain need energy and certain nutrients to keep everything working and functioning properly. A healthy diet needs to focus on giving your body this essential proteins and fats, the vitamins and minerals, fiber, prebiotics and probiotics so that everything is functioning properly and it also needs to avoid unhealthy foods as much as possible. All this nutrients come from meats, fatty fish, whole eggs, nuts, seeds, yogurt, fruits and vegetables.

We also need to consider energy, our body needs energy, our brain needs energy and we can´t deny the fact that healthy fats are a better source of energy that our cells, our brain and our entire body can use more efficiently. 1 gram of fat contain 9 calories compared to 4 calories in one gram of carbs, and our body, our brain and our cells can use healthy fats as a more efficient fuel compared to carbs or glucose. For this to happen you need to be fat adapted and have a flexible metabolism which is how our body is supposed to work.

So many people focus a lot on what they need to eat but they don´t eliminate unhealthy foods, those unhealthy foods create inflammation and stress on our body so you can eat all the healthy foods you want but if you keep eating unhealthy foods you won´t get any benefits. The foods you need to avoid are the ones that contain highly refined sugars, flours (except nut flours), seed oils and trans fats.

We can´t deny the fact that eating unhealthy foods is damaging our body, if you´re struggling with your weight, if you´ve tried to lose weight and fail the reason is simple, you´re not giving your body the nutrients it needs to function properly and all the unhealthy food you´ve been eating created damage on your metabolism and hormones this is why you feel tired all the time and your body hurts, this is why you can´t stop eating. When you give your body the nutrients it needs and you stop eating unhealthy foods your body starts to fix and repair all the problems so you start feeling better, with more energy and motivation, you are able to eat less, cravings disappear and this is when your weight loss starts getting easier and easier.

The easiest way to start improving your diet is by swapping unhealthy foods for healthy ones, instead of having a bowl of cereal and juice or a bagel or sandwich change it for scrambled or fried eggs on coconut, olive oil or butter, if you don´t have time to cook you can have natural Greek yogurt low in carbs with some chia seeds; instead of having a kit kat bar or any other candy for a snack have some pecans, almonds or pumpkin seeds.

It all starts with what our body needs to perform at its max every day and find healthy foods that can supply our body with those requirements and also that we enjoy. Any diet needs to be sustainable so finding foods that we also enjoy eating and that makes us feel satisfied is key. Once you have this under control you have more freedom to enjoy your favorite meals, snacks and desserts every now and then.

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