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Do you need to exercise every day?


We´ve talked a lot about exercise to help you lose weight and maintain optimal health, but do you need to do some exercise every single day? The short, yes!

If your goal is to lose weight and maintain a lean physique you can achieve that with 3 or 4 days of resistance training and no cardio if for any reason you don´t want to do cardio, but since you need to be on a calorie deficit to lose weight the days you´re not exercising you´ll need to go lower in calories and if you´re doing some physical activity every day you can keep your calories a little higher and maintain a deficit with exercise. When it comes to weight loss, cardio makes it easier to stay on a calorie deficit.

Now, we need to mention that losing weight is just the beginning, maintaining a lean physique is the ultimate goal, you don´t want to be on those crash or yo-yo dieting, you want to be able to lose weight and keep it off. A lot of people are so motivated to lose weight that they do everything they can, most of them followed the wrong programs and advice and end up causing more harm and damage to their body making it harder for them to keep losing weight and keeping it off. There are people that once they´ve lost some weight they conform with those results and slowly start getting back to their old habits which makes them gain the weight back.

One of the reasons why you need to exercise every day is to make it a habit, the only way you can lose weight and keep it off is to make sure you develop the right habits and one of those is exercise, you don´t need to do resistance training every day, you don´t need to schedule 60 minutes for cardio every day, but you need to make sure you are doing resistance training at least 3 to 4 days a week and be physically active throughout the day every day.

If you don´t develop the habit of exercising consistently then it´s easier to fall back on your old habits and you´ll start gaining weight. The best way to develop new habits is by repeating the activity you want to develop as a habit over an over this is why exercising every day is important. The first days will be hard, but with time you´ll get used to it and you´ll get to a point where it becomes part of your daily routine.

When it comes to overall health which includes physical and mental exercise plays a huge role, there are so many benefits that we get from exercising that we don´t get any other way. We´ve mentioned in other posts that physical activity improves mood, helps with depression ad anxiety and also plays an important role when treating dementia and other diseases like cancer.

Exercise is great for our heart and brain, it´s clear that the people who exercise consistently feel better, more energized and motivated, it´s easier for them to maintain a positive mood all day long and to concentrate on the task at hand, they´re also fitter and healthier.

Resistance exercise is so important to build and maintain muscle, we´ve talked about the importance of muscle mass and strength for health and longevity and we´ll continue talking about it, I consider it to be more important than cardio.

We´re supposed to be moving and physically active throughout the day and most of us spend most of out time sitting and this not only affects our posture but is one of the causes of health problems.

Exercise is not just an strategy to lose weight, it´s part of a healthy lifestyle, if you want to live your best life possible, if you want to be able to take care of your loved ones and every one around you, you need to take care of yourself first and exercise will help with that, if you feel great and look great you can help everyone around you, you can even inspire them to start making the changes needed to improve their lives.

Fitness is not only about losing weight and looking great, it´s about feeling great and being lean, fit and strong, maintaining optimal health so that we can live the life we want to live and enjoy it as much as possible.

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How to start exercising


A lot of people who get into the fitness industry want to lose weight, some of them want to build the best physique possible, others just want to lose a lot of weight and get in decent shape.

There are different reasons why girls and guys start their fitness journey, the most common are health issues or insecurities. For some, health is the major reason. Whether they got diagnosed with a disease or their doctor told them they needed to lose weight to prevent certain diseases, others are really skinny and want to gain some muscle to attract boys or girls, others are overweight or obese they don´t like the way they feel and look and want to make a change by improving their body physically. It doesn´t matter what´s your reason probably you may be living a very sedentary lifestyle for years so you need to take small steps.

If you´re sedentary chances are you don´t feel your best to start exercising, your body hurts and you feel tired, when you´re starting improving your diet is a crucial part you can even start your weight loss journey by improving your diet first, take 3 to 4 weeks to work on your diet, this will help you feel better, increase your energy and probably decrease pain in your body which will make it easier for you to start exercising. After those 3 or 4 weeks you can start your physical activity, the best option here will be to walk, go for a 15 minute walk after each meal breakfast, lunch and dinner, walking has so many benefits for overall health and if you do it right after a meal it will help with insulin. If you do these 3 short walks and continue your diet which needs to be low in calories you´ll start losing weight. Follow this for 2 or 3 weeks.

Now you can add resistance exercises, you might know by now that resistance exercises are key to help you lose weight and improve your health so now you need to keep with the 3 short walks per day, your healthy diet and schedule 30 minutes for resistance workouts, for most exercises you´ll be using your own body weight but you can also use light weights like dumbbells or resistance bands. You´ll be doing 10 squats, 10 push ups and 10 crunches. If you can´t do the normal version of it don´t worry, you can sit on chair and stand up 10 times for the squats, you can do push ups on a wall instead of on the floor, for all exercises there are simple versions you can do. You can add some bicep curls, triceps extensions, flies all of them can be done with resistance bands.

Every time you´re exercising make sure you´re focusing on your form, it might not be 100% right just make sure you do each exercise as best as possible and that you don´t get injured. As you keep exercising and losing weight you´ll see that it´s easier to perform the exercises and that your form improves.

Now, there´s something I want to make clear, exercising is hard, it´s supposed to be challenging, you need to feel tired, you´ll feel your heart rate increasing and you´ll feel your muscles working, but there´s good pain and bad pain. It´s really important that you talk with your doctor or health care practitioner before starting and that you´re aware of your body, do not try to go harder than what you can manage, but you do need to challenge yourself. There´s a difference between good pain and bad pain and when you´re starting it is hard to identify and know the difference this is why starting with bodyweight exercises, resistance bands or light weight dumbbells and walking is the best way to start, the chances of getting injured are less than working with heavy dumbbells, barbells or other exercises and equipment.

Since we´ve been living sedentary lifestyles and an unhealthy diet you need to start small, this is why going for short walks and improving your diet is the best option. A healthy diet will help you feel better, lower your cravings which makes it easier to stay on track and you´ll feel more energy and motivation to start exercising. These short walks will help you start adding some physical activity to your day, and both will improve your sleep, all this starts your journey and from there you just keep the momentum going.

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The most important point to consider when exercising


How many people do you know spending hours at the gym? Some girls and guys spend two hours at the gym six days a week, some of them seven days a week exercising, but lets be honest, do they really look better every month? In most cases they look the same month after month.

You don´t need to spend hours exercising, with just 60 minutes a day is all you need, but for this 60 minutes to give you the results you´re looking for you need to consider 2 important points: work hard and avoid injuries.

There´s no other way to get the amazing results you want and deserve than working hard, how hard you exercise will determine your results, if you give half your energy you´ll get average and mediocre results and that´s not what you deserve so make sure every time you exercise you give your all. For some this may be a huge problem because when you´re exercising you´re going to feel that physical pain, here we´re talking about the burn you feel in the muscles you´re working out, that burn is what makes your body change but if you don´t like to feel that burn and you give up right when you starting feeling then you´re not working hard enough and you won´t get the best results possible.

When we talk about working hard you need to make sure that you leave your ego behind, if you´re exercising to impress someone then you´ll get injured and you need to avoid injuries. When you exercise you´re doing it for you, to get better than yesterday or the last time you did that exercise, to get faster, to perform better, to increase speed, power, strength, to get lean or whatever goal you´re working on, especially to maintain optimal health so you can´t let your ego get in the way.

You are the one who know your limits, how hard can you go? How much weight can you lift? Can you do another rep without getting hurt? You are the only one who knows if you gave your all, if you´re working hard enough or if you just showed up. Showing up is not enough, those days when you don´t feel like exercising getting up, and going to the gym and literally showing up is the first step but once you´re there make sure you give your all. You need to make every routine count, every set and every rep count if you want 100% results you need to give 100% of your effort always knowing your limit.

If you´re starting your fitness journey it is so hard to give your all and to know your limits, so finding the right balance is hard and it takes time but be patient. If you´ve been sedentary for some years once you start doing some exercise you´ll feel tired and your body starts to hurt in a couple of minutes this is why improving your diet it key especially if you are obese or overweight to help you lose fat faster but it´s hard to know if the pain you´re feeling is the right one, the type of pain and burn you need to give a stimuli to your body or ifs it´s bad pain. In this case. Also, if you are starting your fitness journey but you get obsessed and want fast results you may want to do more or you may push your body harder causing health problems and injuries.

As I´ve mentioned before you need to talk to your doctor or health care professional before starting any exercise or physical activity and before changing your diet.

Mind-muscle connection plays a big role and make it easier for you to know if you´re giving your all without letting your ego get in the way and knowing your limit. By focusing all your attention on the muscle you´re working and the exercise you´re doing is also really helpful to avoid injuries, always make sure that you´re really focused and concentrating on your routine, that you´re breathing correctly and that you have the right mindset.

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How to use bodyweight exercises for weight loss


We all love bodyweight exercises… well maybe some people hate them but they are a great way to start exercising and they´re also a great tool for weight loss.

We´ve mentioned before that with bodyweight exercise you are moving your body through space and it requires more strength and balance, but since they are compound movements or multi-joint exercises you are working several muscles at the same time and the range of motion is more natural which reduce stress on the joints and avoid injuries.

Bodyweight has so many advantages one of them is that you can exercise at home, you only need a pull up bar so if you´re starting your weight loss journey, if you are obese or overweight and you don´t feel comfortable going to the gym you don´t need to, you can start exercising at home until you feel confident enough to go to the gym if you want or you can buy more equipment and keep exercising at home.

Bodyweight exercises are also really helpful to get lean, to lose fat and get that lean physique, for this the best way is to focus on getting stronger and progressive through all levels of each exercise, if you only do normal pushups, squats, crunches, pull ups for a lot of reps like most people do you went get the best results. It´s not that hard to get to normal push ups or squats and do a lot of reps and so even when you can be getting a lot of volume is not the right strategy for what we want to achieve.

When you are focusing on losing weight you do have to be on a calorie deficit and this makes it harder to add a lot of volume to the workouts, you won´t have the energy you need for high volume workouts and the goal is to lose fat and maintain as much muscle as possible and for this you need to make sure you´re maintaining strength, this is why your goal needs to be to keep progressing to harder levels of each exercise with lower reps, around 5 or 6 reps no more than 10 reps, when you get to 10 reps on a certain level of a certain exercise you advance to the next level. For example with push ups you can start with normal push ups until you get 10 reps, once you can do 10 reps you go to side to side push ups, you may only be able to do 5 reps each side and that´s fine you work on that level until you can do 10 reps then you go to the next level. You do this for all exercises like squats, pull ups, chin ups, dips, leg raises.

My philosophy for resistance training is to get stronger on compound and bodyweight exercises to build lean muscle mass but when your goal is to lose weight what you actually want is to burn fat and maintain muscle mass, with this goal you´re not trying to get stronger, your goal is not to add more weight on the bar, what you want is to maintain your strength. We can´t deny that when you´re losing weight you need a calorie deficit and you won´t have the energy you normally have to lift heavy weights so this can lead to injuries or you´ll lose motivation and there´ll be days when you feel hungry so bodyweight exercises make it possible for you to maintain strength as long as you focus on progressing through each level of the exercises, doing one arm chin ups, pistol squats, one arm push ups require a lot of strength so as you keep advancing through each level you stay motivated by being able to do hard versions of bodyweight exercises and how you keep losing fat consistently.

If you´re starting you can use the wall for pushups and a chair for squats, there are simple versions for each exercise so start with those and from there you keep getting stronger and progressing to harder levels or versions. You keep the same principles or rules, you may start with 5 or 6 reps and keep working on that level until you can do 10 reps, once you can do 10 reps you go to the next level, for push ups it will be knee push ups.

Let us know by leaving a comment below and on Twitter if you´ve done bodyweight exercises and what were your results or if you´re going to give them a chance which we hope you do😊 .

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How much exercise do we really need?


We´re living very fast paced times and very busy lives so how much time do we need to exercise or how long our workouts should be is a question I get asked a lot. The problem is, if your goal is to maintain optimal health and a lean physique you need to be as physically active as possible throughout the day.

For the past years our habits and routines had change a lot, we´ve become more sedentary, we literally spend long hours sitting in front of a computer working or on the couch watching TV whether it´s movies or series or in the car traveling from home to the office and back again. Processed and fast food is also a huge part of our lives making it easy for us to eat something while we´re in the car travelling to any destination, when we´re at the office or at home working or when we´re watching our favorite tv series, movie or sport. This is the recipe for diseases.

Research and studies show that you need around 20 to 30 minutes of exercise every day, other studies show that with 8 minutes of HIIT per week you can improve and maintain a fit and healthy body. Both of this options are beneficial the problem is you can´t schedule 30 minutes a day or 5 minutes of HIIT for exercise and then sit for the rest of the day, as I mentioned in a past post, sitting is a disease and I´m not the only who thinks this. We´re not meant to spend long hours sitting or laying on the couch or bed, we´re meant to be physically active throughout the day.

So, how much exercise do we really need? For resistance training I would say around 45 minutes to 60 minutes 4 to 5 days a week, you don´t need more time for this type of exercise, but you need to keep the intensity high and challenge yourself, every workout needs to be challenging and you need to make progress by adding more weight or more reps or one more set. You don´t need to do different exercises for each muscle group, with 3 or 4 you can get a great workout if you´re training with the right intensity. A great strategy is to keep your workouts simple but effective, focus on what matters, keep what works this is one of those cases where less is more you just need to make sure that you do your best.

Now that you schedule those 60 minutes for resistance training let say 5 days a week you also need to find ways to stay physically active throughout the day, think of another 45 to 60 minutes of daily physical activity 7 days a week. Yes, every day. You don´t need to do those 45 to 60 minutes all at once and I don´t recommend it, what I recommend is that you divide those 60 minutes in 2 to or 3. You can do 15 minutes right when you wake up before breakfast, another 15 minutes after lunch and 15 minutes after dinner, there you have 45 minutes, if you have time for more you can add the other 15 minutes left to hit the 60 minutes. For this the best option is walk. Go for a 15 minutes walk in the morning, another 15 minutes walk after lunch and a last 15 minutes walk after dinner.

Another great option is to get up and walk during phone calls and also get up and walk a couple of minutes every hour. If you have a desk job and you can get up and go for small walks, try to do it every hour.

This may seem like a lot and you may be thinking you don´t have that much time, in reality most of us have enough time to get more physical activity during the day but we spend too much time on social media, take a couple of days to be aware of everything you do during your day from the moment you wake up until you go to sleep. Write on a book or piece of paper how much time you spend on social media, watching or reading news, how much time you spend watching tv, how much time you spend just thinking about nothing. Most of us have enough time to go for at least a 10 minute walk after dinner and we can fit another 10 minute walk in the morning or after lunch, start with those 20 minutes I´m sure you can reduce the time you spend on social media ad watching news and I´m sure taking those 10 minutes walks twice a day will give you a lot more benefits.

Start this small walks throughout the day and stick to them for a couple of weeks, then let us know how you feel by leaving a comment down below and on Twitter. Be aware of your mood, attitude and energy.

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How to develop the right mindset to exercise


It´s hard to get up and exercise when you feel tired and your body hurts, and it´s harder when your mindset plays all kind of tricks to avoid all challenges, but getting up and exercise is key, is so important to lose weight, to keep it off and maintain optimal health.

In most cases what´s holding you back is your mindset and this is why you need to train your mindset the right way. A strong mindset will keep you going even when everything seems falling apart.

You need to start by realizing that if you are here, on this website is because you ae struggling with your weight and you want to make a change, you want to lose weight and improve your health so that you can live the life you deserve.

It´s really easy to set a goal and get excited at the beginning but maintaining that excitement and motivation when the journey gets hard is the difficult part, that´s when most people give up, but you won´t. You will continue and you´ll get through those hard times.

Our minds are designed to work on targets, on projects you always need to have a goal, a project or something you want to achieve, a purpose. You are here for a reason, for a purpose and that´s what keeps us going. The moment you lose sight of that project, goal or purpose you´re done. Most of us have dreams and would like to live a certain way but to live that incredible life you need to make health a priority.

You are capable of achieving whatever you want, you got everything you need physically and mentally you just need to get stronger, both physically and mentally and developing a strong mindset is harder. Once you get your mind right everything follows.

For anything you want to achieve there are some sacrifices you need to make and the journey is hard, there will be great days and there will also be hard and tough days, what will keep you going and get pass through those hard days is having a clear goal, seeing clearly your project fulfilled and the result you want to achieve, believing in yourself and knowing that you need to keep going to get that result you want.

Also there´s something you need to give in, something you need to lose for something much better to come. In this case your goal is to lose weight, keep it off and improve your health for this the sacrifices are time and effort, doing resistance training 4 or 5 days a week and being more active every day. The workouts are not complicated but they are hard, you need to challenge yourself to feel that pain and that challenge so that your body changes. You also need to eat healthy nutritious foods and avoid unhealthy, highly processed foods full of unhealthy oils and sugars. This is what you need to sacrifice for a better life.

Realize that there are no quick fixes, it´s a long and hard journey with sacrifices, there´s a price you need to pay but if you stick to the plan, if you are consistent eventually you´ll get to that result you´ve been working for and that´s when you´ll feel proud of what you´ve accomplished and all the work you put it, you earn that success.

You need to know and realize that things are going to be tough, that you need to push yourself and work as hard as you can for as long as you need before getting to the gym or before starting your workout, you get in that mental state of knowing that you have a plan and you´ll do whatever it takes to achieve your goal. You know that you´ll feel tired, your muscles will burn and you keep going until you´re done with what you had planned.

When you go to the gym or you are getting ready for your exercise routine you need to focus on your goal, what you want to achieve, how you want to look like and keep that image of you being successful in your mind. Think about the reason why you are exercising and make sure that all the mental images and self-talk is positive. You go to the gym and exercise because you love your body, you love how you feel, you love how exercise makes you feel. You feel strong and confident and you feel a sense of accomplishment after exercising. So when you arrive to the gym and start working out you give your all.

There´s a lot of things going on and that we need to talk about when it comes to developing the right mindset, not only to get up and exercise but to be successful in life and we´ll be sharing with you more information.

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How exercise helps you lose weight


When you´re starting a new journey that you know will be hard because it involves some type of effort and time then you´re doing everything harder.

When you are struggling with your weight and you´ve been sedentary for years then any type of exercise or physical movement will be hard. The more weight you have to lose the harder it is, your body hurts, you feel tired and the moment you start walking or doing something you get out of breathe. But you do know that exercise or physical movement is important.

Exercise helps you lose weight by burning calories but it needs to be done correctly and it´s a priority to keep that weight off which is the real challenge, this means you need to develop good healthy habits and you need to make sure you´re exercising the right way. For exercise the points you need to consider are frequency and consistency, this means you need to be disciplined. You can´t just exercise once or twice a week and want to get results, you can´t do 3 or 4 hours one day and rest 5 days and expect to get results. You need to exercise every day. The more active you can be throughout the day the better.

Yes, you need to challenge yourself and get uncomfortable, but it´s not about suffering and wanting to do more than the next guy or wanting to get results as fast as possible. Focus on what you can do today and make sure that every day you´re making progress.

I know you have heard the most famous advice for weight loss “eat less – move more”. This is easier said than done and unfortunately this advice in incomplete, but it still plays a role on helping you achieve your goal.

We can´t deny the fact that to lose weight you need to be on a calorie deficit meaning you need to eat less. Exercise is a great tool to make that calorie deficit possible, when you exercise your body needs energy and that energy comes in the form of calories so when you exercise or do some physical activity your body is burning calories and if you´re eating less (we´re going to talk about this in a future post) you´ll lose weight. But there are some caveats to this. If it was this simple, then obesity and overweight wouldn´t be a problem and you won´t be reading this post.

The type of exercise or physical activity you do, how you do it and how much you do it will all have an impact on your results. Our goal is to use exercise as a tool to improve your health and lose weight (at least for now). I need to mention a point really quick, health is always a priority, in many cases being obese or overweight is a symptom caused by health problems so if you focus on improving your health you´ll lose weight.

Most of us are very sedentary so increasing physical activity is key to improving your health, this includes lungs, heart and brain and it helps you burn calories the important point to consider is that if you´re struggling with your weight, you feel tired and your body hurts you won´t want to do any crazy routines and you can´t so what you need to do is start by taking small walks.

As I mentioned before the points you need to consider is frequency and consistency so you need to develop the habit of exercising every day, the best exercise is the one you like and enjoy doing every day, this does not means that you need to go to the gym every day or do the same type of exercise every single day, what it means is that you need to find activities, sports, or exercises you enjoy doing and do them daily, keep changing them and make them fun and challenging. You do not need to go for 45 or 60 minute workouts once a day , you can divide those 45 minutes into 10 or 15 minutes a couple times a day especially if you spend most of the time sitting. Every 2 or 3 hours get up and take a walk. You can also dance or jump rope.

If it´s so hard for you to do any physical activity start by taking 5 minute walks 3 times a day, go for a 5 minute walk when you wake up before breakfast, take another 5 minute walk right after dinner and find a time during your day for the 3rd one. Do this a couple of weeks every day and let us know by leaving a comment down below and on Twitter how you feel.

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Here are some benefits of exercise for overall health


If you want to improve your health and improve your life then, exercise is a priority. If you hate the term exercise, training or work out then you don´t need to worry. You can think about it as physical activity or movement.

There´s a reason why we focus on 5 principles of fitness as a tool to help us live the life we want and deserve; exercise is one of those principles.

Most of us spend so much time sitting whether it´s in front of a computer when we´re at school or at home or at our job working or our car to get to the office and back home, or in the sofa watching tv. We´ve become so sedentary and this lack of physical activity is causing so many problems on our body and health. I know we´re all busy with jobs and school it can be hard to schedule some time to exercise but, if you want to live your best life possible then you need to make some time to exercise every day, if you have time to watch tv whether it´s a tv show, a movie, Netflix or you spend a lot of time on social media you have time to exercise and you don´t need any equipment, just comfortable clothes and a pair of good sneakers, a pull up bar is also a great tool to have and that´s all you need so there are no excuses.

You don´t need to spend hours in the gym or exercising to get all the benefits, if you´re new the goal is to develop the habit of exercising every day so you can start with 15 minutes and from there increase intensity and time, the best part is that you need to do what you love or at least something you enjoy, I´m sure that there´s some physical activity you enjoy doing it can be running, walking, jump rope, lifting weights, calisthenics (bodyweight exercises), practice a sport, yoga, etc; the only way to develop this habit is by doing something you like otherwise it will be like hell and you won´t stick to it.

Exercise helps you build the type of physique you want whether you want to look big like a bodybuilder or superhero or if you want a more athletic  look or you just want to lose weight, get lean and stay in shape. It also helps you maintain a healthy weight focusing on body composition which is our primarily goal and you also want your physique to be useful. Exercise also has amazing benefits for your heart and brain health so it´s key if we want to maintain optimal health.

We will divide exercise in 2 categories which are cardiovascular and resistance training, both of them are important they both have a positive impact on your body and health and there are some benefits for each of them that makes them important. Some of the benefits you get from resistance training you won´t get them with cardiovascular exercises in the same way some benefits from cardiovascular exercises can´t be achieved from resistance training.

One of the benefits you get from both of them is lower stress and improve mood. Chronic stress has negative effects on your body and health, it takes your hormones out of balance and increases inflammation, increase blood flow, improves insulin sensitivity which are some of the negative consequences so reducing chronic stress and finding ways to keep this type of stress low is a great tool to maintain optimal health.

Exercise also improves quality and quantity of sleep, lack of sleep or poor quality sleep also has negative effects on your body and health so you need to make sure you get enough high quality sleep every night, exercising especially in the morning has been shown to improve sleep.

Exercising or doing some type of physical activity every day is one of the fitness tools to maintain a healthy weight and improve your life, some simple steps you can take to start increasing your daily physical activity are:

1.- Take a 10 to 15 minute walks in the morning right after you wake up.

2.- If you work in an office and spend most time sitting try to stand up and take a walk for a couple of minutes every 60 to 90 minutes, it can be 3 minutes or 5 minutes it depends of the amount of time you have.

Fitness and exercise are not only about looking great, is about feeling great, maintaining optimal health and being able to perform at peak every single day. Fitness is a tool to help you feel great and live your best life possible so even when you need to develop healthy habits you can´t get obsessed with it. You can´t let your life revolve around exercise or fitness you just need to find ways to use as many tools as possible to lose weight, stay lean, maintain a healthy weigh considering body composition in an enjoyable way so that you have the energy and concentration to work on your goals and achieve the success you want.

Exercise is a great way to improve your mood, sleep, focus and energy so you can start today by taking a 10-minute walk after your next meal, it doesn´t matter if it´s breakfast, lunch or dinner and starting tomorrow take a 10 minute walk after you wake up, do this for a couple of weeks and let us know how you feel by leaving a comment down below and on Twitter.

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