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Differences between cardio and resistance training


We all know that exercise has many benefits but we need to understand the difference between cardiovascular and resistance training.

Many of us think of cardio as the way to get lean, to get in shape and to lose weight we think we need to do it if even when those sessions are long and boring. This is not completely true, cardio is not the best way to lose fat and get in shape or stay in shape, it is helpful if we use it the right way but it´s not necessary so if your goal is only to lose fat and look good physically you can skip it but cardiovascular exercise has incredible benefits for our health which we will talk about in the next posts.

The reason why many people in the industry make us think that cardio is a great tool for fat loss is this there are research that shows that one hour of cardio compared to one hour of resistance training burns more calories while we are doing it so, thinking about weight loss as calories in and calories out if we want to lose fat  we need to do cardio to burn more calories right?

Not so fast, … with all types of exercise we send signals to our body and our body will respond accordingly to that signal. With cardio we are sending the message to our body to become more efficient at using calories.

If we´ve been spending the last years without doing any exercise, the moment we start working out it will feel like hell, we´ll be so tired and we´ll burn a lot of calories but with time if we continue doing the same exercise, for the same amount of time at the same intensity it´ll become easier and easier and our body will burn less calories every time we do it. If cardio is the only exercise we do, we may start losing muscle and now that our body has adapt to that activity our metabolism slows down.

After following a weight loss program based on cardio for a long period of time we´ll need to do more exercise and eat less to sustain our results this is why  it´s almost impossible to maintain the results when we stop the program.

With resistance training the signal we are giving to our body is to get stronger, when we are doing resistance training we are giving a stimulus to the muscles and that stimulus let our body knows that it needs those muscles so it needs to get stronger and grow to be able to make it through the next workout. This increases our metabolism because our muscles need more energy. If we want to get in great shape and sustain it without too much effort this is the way to go, focus on resistance training and we cannot forget all the benefits that is has for our health to.

In the last post we talked about improving body composition which means to lose fat and gain or maintain lean muscle mass, the way to do this is by making resistance training the base of our workout programs and we add some cardio according to our goals.

The best option for any workout program is to fit both resistance and cardio training, the way we design our program will vary according to our goals, there are different tools, types or techniques we can choose for each but what I recommend is to focus on resistance training for muscle growth (we don´t need to get big if we don´t want to) and add cardio to helps us achieve our goals a little faster so that we get the health benefits of both of them.

It´s not necessary to do both types of training the same day, we can create a workout program where we do resistance training some days and other days cardio or if you love working out like I do you can do both the same day every day if the program is designed correctly.

We´ll talk about more in depth in the next posts, stay tune so you don´t miss them.

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Why improving body composition must be our goal.


Probably you´ve heard many people talk about losing weight but how many people have you heard talk about improving body composition?

Weight loss is a very common goal but it´s not correct, we think that we need to exercise for one hour or more 5 to 6 days a week and finish each workout drenched in sweat, so tired and wake up the next morning sore plus we need to eliminate all foods we love and eat chicken, broccoli and white rice… boiled, over and over.

This is how must weight loss program are designed, to help us lose as much weight as possible as fast as possible but this is not the right or healthiest way to do it, it actually cause a lot of health problems which is why it is so hard to sustain our results.

Most of us when we decided to lose weight we did it because of health issues, maybe we don´t feel good about our body and the way we look or people made fun of us. In any case the goal is to get in the our best shape, sustain it and be healthier; not precisely lose weight.

Improving body composition most be the primarily goal in fitness. Body composition means that we have the optimal amount of muscle mass and the optimal amount of body fat, the numbers of what is optimal varies from person to person according to our height, age, sex, etc; and also the type of physique we want to achieve.

Our goal is to get a physique that looks great with the right proportion of muscle mass and body fat but also we want to focus on health, it´s not only about looking great physically is also about feeling great so that we can perform great in all our daily activities, health is a priority.

Improving body composition means that we´ll be losing body fat and increasing muscle mass. In some cases, especially in people who is out of shape is possible to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time. In other cases it´s harder to do it but it can be done, in this cases it is better to focus on losing fat while maintaining muscle mass first and then gain muscle while staying lean.

The benefits of improving body composition are to stay in a healthy weight with the right proportion of muscle and fat to look lean, toned, muscular and athletic.

We all know that obesity and overweight are dangerous but excess weight whether it´s body fat or muscle tissue is unhealthy and can cause health problems, with excess weight our body needs to work harder for even the normal functions to keep us alive, it takes a lot more effort for our body to pump blood and oxygen  throughout the body this are some of the negative effects.

Improving body composition is key to getting in amazing shape and sustain our results, if we do it the right way it´s easy to maintain. We don´t want to lose weight, we want to lose fat and maintain or build lean muscle mass so we need to train the right way to give out body the stimulus it needs for muscle growth or to maintain muscle but this doesn´t mean that we´re going to get big it will build a lean and toned physique which looks great otherwise we´ll end up being skinny which doesn´t look sexy or attractive.

Cardiovascular and resistance training are both important for health and to improve body composition, we´ll see in later posts how we can use them to achieve our goals and the benefits of both.

If our goal is to get in shape or build and amazing physique, live healthy so that we can live our best life possible we don´t need to overcomplicate things, by keeping everything simple and stick with the basics we´ll get amazing results, if you want to compete in any sport then we need to pay more attention to all 5 principles of fitness and adjust them to fit your goal and your life.

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The importance of exercise


I´ve spent some time watching what people do when they go to the gym, people who love exercise and training which typically are the ones who are leaner spend a lot more time on the weights section, people who also love to work out and tend to look skinny spend more time in the cardio machine section.

The interesting part and most obvious is that the guys and girls who go there because they want or need to lose weight, we can clearly see how much they hate the routines and how much they struggle. They hate being there and feel really uncomfortable, it´s clear that they don´t have self-confidence and they start working out because of insecurities but I hate watching people suffer so even when they do need to workout to get in shape it doesn´t need to be like hell. I hate when trainers do almost the same routines with all their clients, some resistance training with light weights and boring cardio without asking and considering what type of exercises their clients prefer which makes a huge difference in the results.

Another thing I see is that people who is new to the gym feel so overwhelmed, and anxious because they are out of shape and just the idea of getting a foot in there creates fear and anxiety.

And the worst thing of all this is that the guys and girls who are dealing with their weight, which are the ones that need more attention and help are the ones who end up giving up without getting results.

This is why we created this website so that you can get in your best shape and sustain it without feeling disappointed and overwhelmed. My approach to training is simple, we need to focus on resistance training to maintain and build muscle and we add some cardio to help burn fat a little faster.

Getting stronger with resistance training is key to get in shape and sustain in a simple and effortless way. Bodyweight exercises and compound movements are key to build and amazing physique and cardio is great to help us lose fat faster and both have amazing benefits for overall health. There´s no reason to overcomplicate things.

If you are really out of shape you need to develop the habit of working out but you don´t need to jump right to one hour of high intensity workouts, 20 minutes a day 5 days a week are enough to start developing the habit and you´ll get great results but you need to make those 20 minutes as intense as you can. From those 5 days… hopefully 6 you can divide them into resistance and training  3 to 4 days and 2 to 3 days of cardio at the beginning is all you need.

We don´t need to spend more than 1 hour at the gym every day, we don´t even have to go to the gym at least at the beginning, we can train at home with bodyweight exercises and get in amazing shape we can buy some dumbbells to add more variety. As we progress with our workouts we will get to a point where we need to lift heavier weights so we may need a gym membership to keep increasing weight but at this time we´ll be in shape and we will feel amazing and motivated to go there.

As we keep progressing and once we´ve developed the habit of working out I would recommend keeping your workouts around 1 hour each, you maybe hating me right now and giving all kind of excuses but we all have 1 hour each day that we can use to exercise, take that time for yourself, if you want to take care of the people around you need to take care of yourself first so that you feel great so that you can help the people around you.

We´ve been talking about the importance of exercise to build an amazing physique but we can´t forget all the benefits it has for our health in general and we can get some of those amazing benefits the moment we finish our routine and when we do it consistently it is great for our heart, muscles, bones and brain. There are some benefits that can only be obtain by exercise, there´s no other way.

If we want to keep our brain at peak exercise especially cardio helps with that, if we want to maintain muscle as we grow older resistance training is the answer, if we want to stay strong resistance training will help us and also some forms of cardio. Finding activities we love to stay active every day is one of the best ways to stay healthy.

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Advanced training techniques: circuit training

16 Variation

Using circuit training is one of the best options you can use for fat loss and getting lean, it can be more effective than steady state cardio.

If you are one of those guys who hates cardio and are looking for a way to lose fat and get lean you can use circuit training, research shows it´s as effective as HIIT cardio so you don´t need to be doing those long boring sessions and you don´t have to do sprints or any other crazy HIIT cardio if you don´t like it but it doesn´t mean that circuit training is easy because it´s not, it´s actually harder.

There are some programs that you circuit training based on cardio exercises like sprints, jump rope, burpees, jumping jacks and even when they are effective to lose a lot of weight I don´t consider them to be the best option, programs like this are consider to be the most intense and effective at helping you lose a lot of weight and the reasons are simple, you burn a lot of calories and follow low calorie diets.

There are so many training techniques and tools you can use according to your goal, circuit training is one of them specially for fat loss. Using resistance training in a circuit workout gives you amazing benefits by helping you burn fat but making sure that you preserve muscle and working on some endurance too.

Working around 8 to 12 reps for circuit training is the best option and using compound and bodyweight movements to work more muscles on each exercise, you can do full body workouts or split workouts. If you do split workouts you can choose 3 or 4 exercise for each muscle for example, if you are training chest you can do pushups, followed by bench press, followed by dumbbell flyes and low cable flyes do the four of them one after another without rest in between, once you´ve done the four exercises you take a rest. You can also do this with full body workouts you can do pushups, pull ups and squats one after another without rest until you´ve done with them.

Some people only consider the outside, the way they look is their priority and if that´s your goal it´s great but there are others who want to be a more complete athlete, they want to perform better, they want a great physique that is useful in every situation. This is possible with circuit training. Over all conditioning and improving performance are both achievable with this type of training.

Circuit training means doing one exercise after another without rest in between or minimal rest, you can choose 4 exercise and do them one after another and taking some rest after you´ve finished the four exercises. This type of workouts increases your metabolism and you get more work done in less time.

The best thing about circuit training is that you can combine power and endurance while getting shredded at the same time being able to perform better. In circuit training you can combine strength with cardio in the same circuit, you can focus on one or two muscle groups or full body workouts, there are many different combinations and possibilities, if you love intense workouts that keep you moving and that increase your heart rate this is an excellent option.

You won´t see many people doing circuit training because it´s tough but if your goal is to get lean and ripped this is an awesome  way to do it, you won´t only be able to lose fat, you´ll improve your overall conditioning and preserves muscle, you can include some strength or hypertrophy exercises.

Circuit training workouts can last about 20 to 30 minutes, it´s not recommended to go longer because you´ll be working hard in every circuit and your hitting your muscle some way and heart rate is up. You can use this workouts instead of cardio and I actually consider it a better option than giant sets or supersets for fat burning. There are some differences between giant sets, supersets and circuit training. Giant sets and super sets can be used to gain muscle focusing on sarcolpasmic hypertrophy and circuit training works better for endurance.

The best type of training will always depend of your goals and what you love, if you want to gain muscle and get big this is not the right option, if you want to improve performance and get lean or stay lean this works great.

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Advanced training techniques: Failure

22 Make training as simple as possible (2)

This technique is mostly over used by so many people in the attempt to gain more muscle and get “the pump”.

Training to failure means that you can´t hit another rep, your muscles are completely depleted and don´t have enough energy to lift the weight for one more rep. Most fitness experts and guys training in the gym take every set to failure which I consider to be taking it to the limit.

You do not need to take every set to failure and not all rep ranges are suited for this technique, if your goal is strength you should not be using failure, if your goal is hypertrophy then it´s an awesome tool to get more gains but you don´t need to overdo it.

Failure training is commonly used on 12 to 15 reps, when you are using this rep ranges both muscle fibers are used, you start using slow twitch muscle fibers and when you hit failure you´ll be using the fast twitch muscle fibers to be able to do 2 or 3 more reps until you can´t do one more rep. When this happens your central nervous system gets a lot of work and it takes more time for it to recover, if you over do this technique and your central nervous system is not able to recover you´ll end up over training.

There are people that go beyond failure and do some dropsets to push even harder, this is not necessary if you are training with the right  intensity and lifting on your goal rep range. Not all exercises are recommended for failure training, if you have a training partner he/she can help you hit failure in almost any exercise but if you´re training alone you can hurt yourself trying to get all exercises to failure this is why some people use dropsets.

If you´ve been training intense it may not be necessary to use this technique but if you want to try it I recommend using it only on one exercise per muscle group, you can use it with isolation movements where you are lifting lighter weights.

The goal you are working for will also determine if you need to hit failure or not, for low reps on a myofibrillar hypertrophy and strength in the 5 to 8 reps it´s not recommended to hit failure, for sarcoplasmic hypertrophy when you´re working for the pump around 12 to 15 reps it´s you can go to failure.

People do this to get more results as faster as possible but it takes time to build muscle and overdoing it can cause more harm than good to your body, techniques like progressive overload, increasing volume and frequency works amazing, the best option is to keep playing with volume and frequency while making sure that you are progressively overloading the muscles and add failure to some exercises or take only one set to failure.

What I recommend is that once you have your goal clear use all the techniques to add variation to your workouts, don´t overdo it trying to use all of them at high intensity because you´ll end up over training and you can get injured.

Some people like to hit failure with every set and every exercise, I don´t think this is necessary, you can hit failure on your last set for each exercise and get results. This also depends of the frequency and volume, high frequency, high volume and going to failure on every set of every exercise may be too much, the workout programs need to be balanced in frequency, volume and training techniques to give the muscles the right stimulus to grow.

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Advanced training techniques: Rest pause

27 Rest pause

Another advanced technique that can take your workouts to another level with great results. Knowing which techniques you can use to avoid hitting plateaus and to add variation to your workouts when you´ve been training for some years is always beneficial.

Rest pause is another technique to get more of your workouts, to get the pump you´re looking for and to make sure you get every single rep possible done. In this technique you start your set of around 12 to 15 reps, you go to failure and rest 10 to 15 seconds and immediately you do some more reps, as the name say, you´re doing a pause after you hit failure, take a breath or a little rest and hit the weight again, this next time you go to failure again, you won´t be able to hit 12 reps or the rep range you´re working and it´s not the goal, what you want is to do 4 or 5 more reps, which at the end of your workout those reps means more work done and more gains.

This technique is mostly used with failure training in a 10 to 15 rep range, it´s hard and not recommended to use it for less reps when you´re working on strength or power cause it can lead to injuries.

Being an advanced technique, guys starting out training don´t need to use it but as you get more trained this technique along with failure are the best option to incorporate in your workout programs. Actually failure training and rest pause can be considered intermediate techniques that work incredible.

You don´t need to use this technique on every exercise on every set, it´s not necessary to overload the muscle with so much volume that is hard to recover from. You can use it in on your last exercise for each muscle group. The goal is to add more work and add some of this techniques to keep your body guessing.

I like to call all this advanced or intermediate techniques “shocking techniques”, the best way to get advantage from them is to use one at a time and keep changing them, you don´t need to use them on all of your workouts, you can design a training program that don´t use any of them for the first 3 to 4 weeks and on the next two weeks use one of this techniques.

With all this techniques you may be asking which one is better? They´re all great, you don´t need to use them all, you may like one of them or you may feel more comfortable with one or two of them, use the ones that you like, you can try them all and see which ones gives you better results, which one you like doing or which one you can do alone, for some of this techniques you may need a partner to help you with the weight in some exercises or you don´t want to do a set and then stand up to lower the weight and continue with the sets like in drop sets.

I consider it´s better to have all the information we need and be able to create and design our own programs, the one that works best for each of us and that´s based on what we love and what works, that´s my goal, to give you all the information you need, to share with you the best tools you can use so that you can design your own workouts according to your goals.

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Advanced training techniques: Dropsets

26 drop sets

For the last training posts we´ve been talking about training techniques which are very useful to add variety to our workouts and to increase the intensity.

A technique that is highly used in the gyms is drop sets. In this technique you start with a weight you can lift for the amount of reps you want to hit and when you hit that number and get to failure you reduce the weight and do more reps and you don´t take rests in between, only the time it takes you to lower the weight if you´re working alone. You can reduce weight 2 or 3 times, the goal is to add more reps in that set so as you increase reps you are increasing the work and intensity of the workout.

This technique can be seen as the harder version of failure, you do your set and immediately you lower the weight to do more reps without rest, you hit failure and lower the weight and do more reps without rest.

If you´ve been looking for ways to shock the muscles this techniques is helpful, by placing more stress on the muscles for longer period of time you are increasing the intensity than with traditional sets, this technique is useful when your goal is hypertrophy.

I recommend you use this technique on your last set for each exercise, if you are doing 4 exercises per muscle group you only use this technique on the last set, if you use it on every set it will be so much stress for the muscles.

I consider this technique to be the most demanding so if you´re starting with resistance training I don´t recommend it, using straight sets is the way to go for a period of time until you get comfortable with the exercises and using weight.

This one is more effective for people who have been training with weights for a long period of time and want to take their workouts to a new level at least for a period of time. If you are one of them you also need to start slow with this technique and keep increasing with time, you can start by doing just one drop set in the last sets of one exercise only per muscle group, then you can do drop sets in 2 exercises and keep increasing until you are doing drop sets for each exercise.

If your goal is just to get the best physique possible and maintain it effortless you don´t need a lot of advanced techniques, this one may not be part of your workouts. Many of us have a 9 to 5 job but we want to get an amazing physique and sustain it effortless in our busy schedule. The goal is to look great and feel great.

If your goal is to get the best physique possible or you want to compete as a bodybuilder then you need to use some advance techniques that are going to level you up so that you can improve your physique, for this drop sets are one of those amazing tools you can use, you can start using it at the end of your workouts.

This technique delivers great results to get “the pump”, it helps you gain muscle faster, so you need to consider your goal and the type of hypertrophy you are looking for, compound and isolation exercises are both good options to use here.

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Supersets and giant sets

25 Supersets and giant sets

If you hate cardio but want to lose fat, resistance training with supersets and giant sets and circuit training can help you get to your goal.

More people prefer resistance training over cardio for many good reasons, resistance training can be more fun and the way it makes you feel is amazing compared to long and boring cardio.

Giant sets are when you do three to four exercises with no rest in between, for example you can do pushups, incline bench press and flat bench flyes one after another with no rest in between until you finished the three exercises. This type of training is better on a 10 – 15 rep range with 45 seconds in between. If your goal is fat loss I recommend doing giant sets within the same muscle group.

The way this type of training is a great option for fat loss is thanks to something called post-exercise oxygen consumption which means that once you´re done with your workout your body is still working to get you to where you were before exercising, this increases your metabolism, increases protein synthesis and depletes glycogen from the muscles.

Working with giant sets is more demanding, you are increasing the amount of work and reducing the amount of rest between sets, this can be a type of HIIT for resistance training where you´re lifting weights and working the cardiovascular system.

Supersets can be used with the same muscle or two different muscles and it can also be used for muscle gains, for this I recommend superset within two different muscle groups for example chest and back, choose one exercise for chest and one exercise for back and do one after another with minimum rest in between.

When you start with chest and then continue with back your chest is resting, while you´re working on chest your back is resting. This active recovery helps you go higher in weight. For this type of workout you can use both types of hypertrophy, working from 6 to 12 reps.

To use supersets I prefer to follow a 3 day training split, legs – abs, back – chest, shoulders – arms and I work both muscles per superset for example I do one exercise for back and one for chest for a superset and I do 4 or 5 supersets.

For giant sets I prefer to work the same muscle per giant set, if I´m working legs I choose 4 or 4 leg exercises for a giant set. My favorite giant sets are the ones that combine bodyweight, compound, isolation and explosive exercises.

Using supersets for fat loss is a great option, building and maintaining muscle mass is important and using resistance training is the way to make sure to maintain as much muscle as possible, combining this training technique with periodization by changing rep ranges from 8 to 12 gives amazing benefits, this is my strategy and go to for my latest fat loss program and it works great.

As in all other training techniques it´s not necessary to use them but they can add variety to your workouts, if there´s a technique that you don´t like just try another one, there´s not one single way to get to your goal, there are many tools you can use so find the ones that works best for you and the ones you like more.

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Advanced training techniques, when and how to use them

24 Advance techniques how and when to use them

For people starting out it´s not necessary to use advanced training techniques that can cause you an injury, all this techniques are there to help you get more results as you get more advanced.

Advanced techniques like  supersets, giant sets, drop sets, rest pause have become popular on gyms and personal trainers include them into their workouts even for beginners, and many guys who want to get in great shape but know nothing about fitness go to the internet and download some free programs or paid for some shredding programs that are not the best option for them, there´s nothing wrong with using this techniques if you use them properly.

Advance techniques increase muscle growth by recruiting more muscle fibers and emphasizing on sarcoplasmic hypertrophy which is one type of muscle growth, this will give you a bigger pump leading to faster results.

When you use advanced techniques for those last reps you´re not focusing on perfect form, your goal is to do more reps while still maintaining good posture and avoiding injuries.

Not all exercises are recommended for advanced techniques, for most of them you´ll need a workout partner to help you and they cannot be used in all rep ranges, the goal of this techniques is hypertrophy or muscle growth, if your goal is power or strength you most not used any of the technique just focused on the right rep range.

If you train with the right intensity and volume you may not need to use this techniques to achieve your goals for a long period of time, you can design your program and include some one week every two or three weeks to add variation and as a way to shock your body.

If you go to a gym you´ll see that almost all guys whether they´re training with a fitness trainer or they´re working out by themselves almost all of them use advance techniques. This techniques work and even when I´m not all towards them, they still have their space.

Use one technique at a time, some guys want results fast so they use all techniques with high volume and high frequency which leads to injury, don´t try the impossible, slow and steady always wins the race when it comes to building muscle, it is faster to lose fat than to gain muscle and it´s better to stay as lean as possible while gaining muscle mass.

Some of this advanced techniques can be use to gain muscle and also to burn fat, techniques like giant sets are amazing to raise your metabolism and burn fat, if you hate cardio you can follow a program based on giant sets or circuit training to help you get ripped without doing cardio.

I consider supersets, drop sets, rest pause and failure training as techniques you can use to shock your body and increase gains and giant sets and circuit training as techniques that help you burn fat.

My approach to fitness and everything in life is to keep things simple, the more variables and training techniques you want to use at the same time the more complicated your workout program gets. If you´ve been training for many years then yes you need to make your workouts more complex but you have a lot more knowledge of most of the things we´re talking. If you are new to all this stuff you don´t need to stress out, just stick with the training variables and get stronger on bodyweight and compound movements.

For the last months I´ve been using some of this advance technique to lean down, specially super sets, also they are a great option when your goal is to maintain your weight because you can have more fun and keep changing things without worrying about achieving any goal that needs a more structure plan.

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Do we need to exercise every day?

06 How to manage stress

If you hate doing exercise you may be waiting for a no to be the answer and the truth is you don´t need to go to the gym everyday. There are two cases in which I recommend going to the gym everyday, if you are one of this cases then you may consider scheduling one hour a day to workout.

First if you are beginning your fitness journey and you´re just starting training, the reason why is because to sustain your results and stay lean almost effortless you need to develop the habits necessary and exercising is one of those habits you need to develop. To develop a new habit you need to do that activity you want to develop as a habit over and over and over again, habits are develop through repetition and getting up to exercise is one of the most difficult so you need consistency, if you schedule one hour of your day and you get up and do some exercise every single day whether you feel like doing it or not, don´t think about it just get up and do it, it´ll be easier and faster to make this habit stick.

Second if you want to get results as fast as possible, the more consistent you are, the more effort and hard work you put to your goal the faster you´ll achieve it so if you want to achieve your goal as fast as possible you need to do exercise everyday, at least 6 days a week, if you are patient and you don´t mind going slower you can exercise 4 days a week.

The reason why most people hate exercise is the pain and struggle and that most of the time they hate the workouts and routines add to this that  it takes time to see results and those results are not what they were expecting, as they keep losing weight they see that they need to eat less and less and do a lot of exercise to maintain which gets to a point where it´s almost impossible to sustain it.

If your workouts and routines are based on some activities or exercise that you enjoy doing or are fun it´ll be easier for you to do them and the results you get are also important to motivate you and continue with your program.

My goal is that you make fitness part your life and making the training part more enjoyable and fun giving you the best results possible, that you love the way you feel and love the way you look, this is why my programs are different from most fitness programs.

If you exercise everyday you develop the habit faster and get results faster, your progress in your workouts will also be faster. You´ll be doing 3 to 4 days of resistance training to maintain and build muscle and the 3 or 4 days lefts you´ll be doing cardio to help you burn fat.

Since you´re working on developing the habit of working out daily there´ll be days when you don´t feel like doing it, get up and do it anyway by not listening to the negative thoughts on your mind and all the reasons why you don´t need to do it today and just shutting up all of them and doing your workout you tell your mind that you´re stronger, you´re conditioning your mind and body to do what you need to do when you need to do it.

Even when the workouts are hard they are more enjoyable, on resistance training you want to get stronger, getting stronger means more muscle and on your cardio workouts you´re burning some calories to lose fat, they´re simple and effective. You´ll be performing 3 to 4 exercises for each muscle and you´ll do some cardio that you love.

We´re keeping things simple sticking with the basics and taking out all the complicated things that don´t give you much results. The simplicity and effectiveness of the workouts will make it easier for you to stick to the program and to develop the habit o daily exercise.

Exercising everyday has so many benefits for your health which combined with the other 4 principles help you live a more healthier life and achieve so many things, it´s not only about looking good, the goal is to live the life you want to live.

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