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What nobody tells us about fat loss

27 What nobody tells you about fat loss

I see so many people dealing with their weight and struggling with many different weight loss programs but there´s something that all this programs, fitness trainers and gurus don´t tell us.

Fat loss is not a quick fix, there are no easy solutions or shortcuts. Our actual weight is the result of years of unhealthy habits so it will take time and effort to achieve our goal. There´s not a perfect weight loss program and not one single program will give the same results to 2 people, there´s not just one way to get to your goal.

If you´ve been following us for some time you know that we work on the 5 principles of fitness which is something no one consider, for sleep we need 7 to 8 hours or at least 6 hours of good quality sleep every night, we need to get our mindset right to be able to get through the hard times and for diet and training there are many different diets, from high carbohydrate, to low carbohydrate, ketogenic, paleo, vegan. Even when I don´t consider some of them to be healthy or to be the best options they are all tools you can try and see how you feel and how your body responds and find out which one works best for you. The same with training, resistance training is key but there are different tools you can use like straight sets with heavy weight, moderate weight, supersets, circuit training, you can focus on gaining strength, hypetrophy, power, overall performance, training splits you also need to find what works best for you.

Fat loss is not a quick fix so what I mean by finding what works best for you is that it takes time to lose fat and get in shape so you´ll need to follow a nutrition and workout program for a long period of time and some diets and workout tools may not be sustainable for you, if you love meat there´s no way that you´ll stick to a vegetarian diet for 4 or 5 months, if some foods cause inflammation and you feel bloated you won´t get results and you won´t stick to the diet. If you can only go to the gym 4 days per week and you want to follow a program in which you need to go to the gym 6 days a week you won´t stick to it.

You need to find tools that you can follow according to your daily activities for each of the 5 principles of fitness, find the tools that best fit your day and that you can incorporate to your life so that you can stick to them day after day for as long as you need.

It´s not about what diet or workout is the best, it´s about finding the tools that work best for you and combine them to develop good habits that lead to a healthy lifestyle that make your fat loss achievable and sustainable.

Another point that no one tells us is that it´s hard to lose fat, we need to be in a calorie deficit and there´ll be times when we feel hungry, there´ll be meals when we want to eat a lot more which in most cases is our brain sending the wrong message, if we let go by this messages we can overeat, sometimes our brain will try to trick us telling us that we need that cookie or donut or any other unhealthy snacks, if we pay attention to those thoughts we´ll end up eating those unhealthy foods and we will feel ashamed, and like failure.

When we´re following a fat loss program is normal to feel hungry and here is when having the right mentality comes into play, what the right mindset you´ll be able to get pass those feelings, emotions and thoughts and you´ll be able to make the right choices over and over which will give you the results you want.

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Fitness goals

How to use carbohydrate cycling for fat loss

22 Carb cycling for fat loss

I know so many people who want to lose fat and get in shape and they want to maintain the results and do it effortless. As I´ve said before, it´s possible for all of us to get in amazing shape and sustain it and there are some tools that can make it simple for us, one of those tools is carbohydrate cycling.

For fat loss our workout needs to be focused on resistance training to maintain as much muscle as possible, we need to be working with weight at least 3 days a week and the 4 left days are for cardio, for nutrition we already know that we need to be in a calorie deficit which means that we need to eat less.

If we go to low in calories for a long period of time our body thinks that we are starving so we plateau and stop losing weight, if we keep the same amount of calories every day for a couple of months our body adapts so it´s possible that it adapts to do the same activities with less energy and as we keep losing weight we need to keep reducing calories accordingly.

Carbohydrate cycling help us to keep changing calorie intake weekly by having low carbohydrate days, moderate carbohydrate days and high carbohydrate days. The reduction of calories come by lowering carbohydrates, but for this to function we need to structure the carbohydrates days according to our workout program, on days when we do resistance training we will have moderate carbohydrate, on cardio days we have low carbohydrates and we can choose one day for high carbohydrate.

If we have a workout program where we do resistance training 3 days per week, we have 3 days of cardio and 1 rest day, we will have high carbohydrate days on the 3 days of resistance training, moderate carbohydrate on the 3 days of cardio and low carbohydrate day on rest day.

For high carbohydrate day if you can keep your total calories, or set your macronutrient ratios at maintenance that´s great, from there you reduce carbohydrates on moderate days, around 400 calories less and on rest day 500 calories less. Does less calories come from carbohydrates. Keep your progress and look at your weekly results, if you need to lower calories more, do it, but don´t go to low.

If you have a busy life like most of us and your goal is just to get in amazing shape and sustain it then this tool may not be for you, here you need to set macronutrient ratios and focus on being them as accurate as possible which takes more work, effort and time specially at the beginning. Intermittent fasting may be best in this case making everything simple.

If your goal is more serious and you want to get lean, this tool works great, carbohydrate cycling is just about changing the total calorie intake every day by manipulating carbohydrates which our body use as the principle source of energy, and it keeps the body guessing.

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Fitness goals

How to use intermittent fasting for fat loss

20 Intermittent fasting for fat loss

For the past years intermittent fasting has been increasing popularity, some say it´s a great tool full of benefits while others claim it´s really dangerous for your health. From what I´ve learned on all the research I´ve done it has amazing benefits for health, it´s been used for spirituality for many years, I´ve used for different reasons and the results are amazing.

I´ve published one post about intermittent fasting which you can read by clicking here, today we´ll see how you can use it for fat loss.

Intermittent fasting is an eating schedule, the windows I prefer the most are 16 hours fasting and 8 eating hours what this means is that I have all my meals in an 8 window period and I fast for 16 hours, this is the one that fits best my days.

With this tool you´ll be eating for a period of time and you don´t eat for a longer period of time, for fat loss it is better that you only have 2 meals per day the best option is to have lunch and dinner and to skip breakfast. It is easier to skip breakfast because our morning are very fast paced so you don´t need to stressed out having a healthy breakfast when you are running late for school or your job and in the mornings there´s always so much to do between meetings, projects, important stuff, appointments so it easier to stay in a fasted state until lunch.

If you feel hungry in the morning during your fasting window you can have a piece of fruit but is you can skip and go all the fasting window without food that´s the way to go, you can have one or two cups of coffee, it will make your fasting easier and keep you focus.

You are only having lunch and dinner so you need to make sure that those meals are as healthy as possible and that they have the right amount of macro nutrients, if you´ve never tried intermittent fasting before you´ll see that those 2 meals are bigger compared to 5 meals spread throughout the day. Having 2 meals gives you the opportunity to eat more and enjoy food more than having 5 meals per day. You still need to focus on portion control, you need to be in a small calorie deficit otherwise you won´t lose fat the advantage with intermittent fasting is that since you are only having 2 meals a day, those 2 meals are big so you don´t feel like starving yourself.

The first days and weeks you do this is hard, you will feel hungry in the morning during your fasting window but with time your body gets use to it, following some type of ketogenic diet makes it easier to stay fasted thanks to the amount of healthy high fats, I´m not saying that you need to go keto, if you prefer a more balanced diet with carbohydrate, proteins and fats just make sure that the meals are cooked with fresh ingredients and you can add healthy fats to each.

Try to schedule your workouts around your meals, exercising before dinner can be a good option for some, when you workout in the afternoon after school or your job it helps you reduce the stress from your day, it helps with sleep and then you have dinner to give your body the nutrients it need to recover.

If you workout in the morning before school or work it is difficult to stay fasted because exercise can increase appetite so if you can´t train in the afternoon you can train at night just consider this. What you can do if you´re working out in the morning is that you can change your fasting schedule, you can have breakfast and lunch or lunch and dinner. If you decide to have breakfast and dinner skipping lunch you won´t be following a 16 hours fast, 8 hours window but it´s not a big problem you´ll still get results.

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Fitness goals

Can we lose weight with diet only?


There are some people that hate exercise and it doesn´t matter which activity I tell them to do they do it once and never again and the excuses of why they can´t do exercises are infinite like it´s so hard, they´re out of shape, they sweat and they hate to sweat, they don´t have time, etc.

Even when losing weight following only a diet and not doing exercise is not the best weight to do it is possible.

Lets be clear about what weight loss means, in general weight loss means losing fat, losing water and losing muscle. This is what happens when you don´t do exercise and only follow a very strict calorie diet. If you do this you´ll end up being skinny and the worst part of this is that losing muscle mass have negative effects long term so focusing on improving body composition is key or at least maintain the amount of muscle you have.

It´s so hard to maintain muscle if you´re not exercising and you´ll get to a point where your body will start burning muscle mass when you are on calorie deficit because there´s no reason for your body to keep that muscle, you are not using it. When you lose muscle your metabolism slows.

Reducing fat and increasing or maintaining muscle mass is the way to go and your goals must be targeted to this. If you don´t want to exercise and you only want to follow a diet to lose weight which I don´t recommend you´ll need to consider two things, calorie intake and insulin.

You´ll need to reduce calories to be able to create a deficit to force your body to use stored fat for energy, this deficit will need to be higher than if you were doing some exercise. Reducing calories will get you to a point where you can´t lower calories more which makes it almost impossible to lose more fat.

Insulin can make fat loss easier or block it, if you are insulin resistant you´ll need to improve insulin sensitivity by lowering carbohydrates or following some type of intermittent fasting. If insulin is high your body won´t burn fat efficiently and insulin get triggered with carbohydrates , intermittent fasting helps lower insulin when you are in a fasted state.

If you only follow a diet and don´t exercise you´ll end up being skinny causing more problems long term, once you stop the diet you´ll gain the weight back and you´ll gain even more weight thanks to the slow on metabolism. Now you have less muscle and your body needs lower calories to maintain your physique.

If you hate to workout and only focus on a diet, you´ll need to be very strict lowering calories a bit more than if you were working out and you´ll need to eliminate all sweets, junk, processed and fast food and you´ll also need to eliminate or at least reduce complex carbohydrates like oats, rice, potatoes, you may even need to avoid fruit and you need to stick with meats, fish, eggs, a lot of vegetables and healthy fats like olive oil, avocado, nuts and seeds.

Going to this extreme is not necessary and it´s obviously not healthy, if you are one of this people you need to continue trying different type of exercises until you find one that you like and enjoy, you can try yoga, boxing, circuit training or you can combine them. You don´t need to do the same type of exercise every day or every week, you can change it every day, every week or every month.

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Fitness goals

Fat loss is a life changing choice

18 Weight loss is life changing

There are so many fitness and weight loss programs, there´s a lot of information out there and a lot of fitness experts or gurus or influencers giving their advice but the problem with obesity, overweight and related diseases is still there.

We have access to everything we need to know, all the information is out there, but you need to do the research and figure out what´s the truth, which are myths and lies. There are so many guys and girls putting a lot of myths and lies to sell their stuff so don´t believe what you read or hear, if something gets your attention research more in depth to find out if it is true. With all this you end confused and overwhelmed and once you find the truth most people still don´t get results or it´s hard for them to maintain them.

There´s a big gap in fitness that most experts do not talk about, many of us know what to do and still don´t do it, we have the right information but for some reason we don´t feel like doing what we need to do. The reason for this is the mindset and habits.

This is the gap between setting goals, having the right plan and achieving your goals, it all lies in your mindset and habits. To achieve your weight loss and sustain it you need to realize that it´s a lifestyle change, you need to develop new healthy habits by changing behaviors and making the right choices, this is where your minds makes it harder for you.

To make it a lifestyle you need to develop healthy habits that are sustainable, that are simple for you to make them part of your day and that gives you the opportunity to enjoy life, this is the goal of the tools and strategies I share with you. The tools I share make your life easier and makes it simple for you to lose weight, get in shape and sustain the results in an enjoyable way without counting calories, points or eliminating food groups.

Those tools are the habits you need to develop but you need to make different choices every day, when you make different choices your mind gets uncomfortable, you are out of your comfort zone, you are doing things different so your mind will make everything it can to get you back to your old habits, this is why it is so hard to lose weight and the guys who are able to lose some weight in program if they don´t develop the habits they need to sustain it they gain all the weight back in the next months or years.

It is hard to change your mindset and thoughts, to break those old behaviors and habits and develop new ones, habits are actions you do over and over and over that they become part of your life and after too much repetition you do them unconsciously. The way to change habits or develop new ones is by repetition and the first weeks and months you need to make those habits consciously over and over and over, you need to make the right choice every single day even if your mind tells you it´s to earlier, start tomorrow, you don´t have time, you are too tired.

Developing good habits that will make your weight loss journey more simple and that make it almost effortless for you to maintain is a lifestyle change that will impact all your life in all other areas, you´ll start seeing the changes in the firsts weeks and months, the way you feel, how your body change, you have more energy and your self confidence increase and many more benefits and amazing changes that will help you live a better life.

Those new habits need to be based on the 5 principles of fitness, they all work together to give you the best results possible, if you only work on 1 or 2 you are making things harder on yourself, just by making one simple change in your day for each of the principles the results and changes in your life are huge.

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Fitness goals

How marketing and companies impact our results

17 How marketing companies affect your results

Many people buy products just because they saw the commercial on the tv or the ad on social media without taking some time first to see if the product is really healthy or not. The food industry is huge and selling is the priority. Many of the physical and mental health issues we´re dealing with nowadays are caused by our lifestyles, our diet is based on highly processed foods which are loaded with sugars, unhealthy fats and chemicals.

Most of the decisions we make are based on marketing campaigns or what some friend or family told us about a certain product.

Companies need to sell their products so they take every new trend and create an amazing marketing campaign around it to sell, they sell to our emotions, they tell us what we want to hear and in some cases it may not be true.

But the fast pace of the times we´re living also have a huge impact on our decisions, most of us by processed food for convenience, it´s a lot easier to take some packaged food for snacks or meals than to cook meals and carry them with you.

If your health is great or at least good you will still be getting great results even if you eat a lot of processed foods but for people with insulin resistant, or people who consider food as their first option every time their feeling down or depressed as a way to feel good then processed food is a big problem.

If you see or hear any commercial from any fast food restaurant or any new processed food and you need to go out there and buy it, or you just go out to find food and you buy the first thing you find then companies affect you more then you can realize, all this companies and marketing are controlling your life, your decisions and your health. You can start any fitness program but those results won´t last and it´s not because you´re not stronger enough or because you are not capable, it´s because of your habits and behaviors.

All processed food triggers some reaction in your brain that makes you feel good and give you some kind of pleasure, this is why you turn to food whenever you feel down and also the chemicals in food make you addicted to them so it´s hard to eat just one.

If you are obese and overweight and you´re blaming yourself, let me tell you that it´s not your fault, it may be thanks to the way we grew up, the habits and behaviors from our society but the culprits are the food companies and their marketing campaigns. Most processed products that companies create are full of refined sugar, trans fats and chemicals that trigger some responses in your brain that make you feel good and that make you addicted to them so that you continue buying and consuming and they keep getting richer. All marketing campaigns created by big companies to sell their products are targeted to our emotions and subconscious mind so that you try their new product and you continue buying it.

You need to stop blaming yourself and know that the choice to stay the same or change your body and your life for better is yours. The solution is in your hands and you are the only one who can decide and take control of your life and your health.

Do not believe what big companies say to sell their products, take the time to check them for yourself, by reading labels you´ll realize that you´ve been fooled into believing that those products are healthy when they actually aren´t and you´ll be able to make better choices based on the information that you now know.

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Fitness goals

Fat loss mistakes


Avoiding some common mistakes will make your fat loss easier and faster. The times we´re living now where we have so much information at our hands we get confused on what´s right and what´s wrong, there are many experts with big promises and it´s hard to decide whom to trust, it´s normal to make mistakes, but knowing what you are doing wrong is not always that simple.

The first and biggest mistake is trying to lose weight fast, it´s not healthy and will lead to  negative long term damage. Following traditional low calorie diets is a big mistake, the industry and fitness expert took advantage of people wanting to lose weight fast making big promises that will deliver amazing results in short time without making health a priority.

Another mistake people make is focusing only on calories and not paying attention to macro nutrients. For many people it all comes down to calories, eat less-move more to less weight and eat more to gain muscle. Getting lean is more complex than just calories. Macros nutrient ratios is an important factor to consider for your health and for achieving a fitness goal, not all calories are equal, knowing how to set macro nutrient ratios for your goal and your health in many cases is more important than focusing on calories.

Losing weight without considering body composition, people that is not so familiar with training, nutrition and fitness in general won´t consider relevant body composition, the amount of fat and muscle they have which make a big difference at how your body looks and how healthy you are. This is a common mistake I see, people want to lose weight and don´t consider fat and muscle, they just want to see the number on the scale going down.

It´s so important to set any fitness goal as improving your body composition meaning reducing body fat and increasing muscle mass, this does not means you need to gain a ton of muscle and look like bodybuilders. For beginners when they start working out and doing resistant and cardio training with the right diet they can lose fat and gain muscle at the same time, if they´re only using the scale to measure their progress they lose motivation because they may not lose any pound but they´re not considering how their body composition changed.

Improving body composition and losing fat can get very complex, hormones play an important role on whether you lose fat or you hit a plateau if you only consider calories you are not paying attention at your hormones and this can stop your progress, if insulin and cortisol are high it´s harder to burn fat, if growth hormone is low your body can´t build or maintain muscle, if leptin and ghrelin are out of balance you´ll over eat and those extra calories can come from unhealthy food thanks to the increase on cravings for simple carbohydrates.

When trying to lose weight, you must consider it as a lifestyle change, slow and steady always wins. You can change your body and your life completely in 6 months to a year, 6 months is a small period of time to change your body and to live healthier.

Stop trying to lose weight fast, and stop following low calorie diets that fail on long-term. Focus on making changes to your lifestyle, start creating good habits that will lead to the physique you want, living healthy and happy.

Following a healthy nutrition program based on fresh foods, doing resistance training to maintain and build muscle and adding some cardio to help you lose fat faster, getting enough good quality sleep every night, lowering stress with breathing techniques and getting the right mindset through meditation is what´s going to make it possible for you to get in your best shape and sustain.

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Fitness goals

The struggles of being obese or overweight

15 The struggles of being obese

When you´re dealing with your weight, if you are obese or overweight or if you´ve been there you know that it´s a roller coaster of emotions, you have a lot of insecurities that you hide as much as possible from people around you, you feel sad, depressed, lonely, unworthy and if you´re bullied things get worst, there´s a sense of loneliness and emptiness deep inside you. If you´ve tried any weight loss program you feel like a failure and that you don´t deserve to live a better and get in shape you may think that you suck.

All this is not true, it´s not your fault being obese or overweight and if you fail in any program it´s not your fault either. The times we´re living now has pushed us to this unhealthy lifestyle and food has become a way to cope with stress and negative emotions if you add to this that this unhealthy foods you eat create an addiction you´ll understand why it is so hard to stop eating them. You may love sweets, junk and fast food and feeling depressed and being lazy has become normal for you, it´s your lifestyle but deep inside you, you feel unhappy, how many things are there in your life that you are not happy with? the way you feel? the way you look?

With all this emotions and negative stuff going on in your life is disrespectful from me to tell you that you just need to “eat less – move more” the most famous advice for weight loss which I´m pretty sure you´ve already tried it. All those negative emotions are the result of the food you eat and the excess weight, the moment you start making healthier choices you´ll feel better and look better but you need time.

If you´re tired of this negative roller coaster and this kind of life and once you decide you want to live better and get in shape you need to make a commitment, it won´t be easy most of the times at the beginning it will be challenging and your mind will try to stop you, every time when you´re working out and you feel the pain, when you feel like you can´t go any longer that´s when you need to push yourself even when your mind tells you that you can´t, prove your mind wrong, finish your workout.

When you start making healthier choices with your food your brain will send you wrong signals with cravings telling you that you need those cookies, that donut or bowl of ice cream, this is normal, you´ve fed your body with this types of food for a long time so it´s challenging to avoid them, what you can do is remove all the temptation from your house and office, food is everywhere so you need to have a strong will power to avoid them every time you´re out. You can have your favorite snack or dessert when you´re out with friends or family and you don´t need to eat chicken, rice and broccoli every day.

Most fitness experts think it´s so simple and easy for everyone to get in shape and stay in shape, if it was this simple then you may not be looking for advice, researching and trying different things just to see that they don´t work.

Everyone knows and if you´re looking to lose weight you also know what the right choices are, you know that you need to stop eating unhealthy foods and eat more healthy fresh food and that you need to do exercise and you get frustrated because you can´t make those healthy choices every time but the way food affects your body plays an important role on you making the right choices.

When you want to lose weight you need to make healthy choices and make those healthy choices become habits, this means doing things different than the way you are use to, this gets you out of your comfort zone and it doesn´t feels right, your mind wants to go back to your old ways and this leads you to making the wrong choices and procrastination.

As you can see losing weight, getting in shape and sustain it is not only about following a diet and workout program, your mindset, sleep and stress are also part of this puzzle that will help you achieve your goal and live a better life.

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Fitness goals

The problem with commercial weight loss programs


I´m pretty sure that you´ve tried at least one of all the different weight loss programs out there, you may got some results but not what you were expecting and you couldn´t sustain the results for so long.

Most traditional weight loss programs are based on the most common strategy and advice, for nutrition “eat less – move more” the diets are so strict and go to low in calories; for training it´s most cardio or circuit training based on cardio which makes the experience so hated. The goal of this programs is to help you lose as much weight as possible and with this you get in more trouble.

This programs don´t focus on making your weight loss journey as healthy as possible and as enjoyable as it can be, even when you´re following a weight loss program you need to have some freedom and not make it so strict. So they´re giving you all the reasons to make it impossible to stick with the program.

They focus on losing as much weight as possible without considering body composition so you lose fat, water and muscle, when you stop the program it´s so hard to sustain your results because your metabolism is slower when you lose muscle your body needs less calories so you need to eat less to sustain your new weight and with all the cardio exercise that leads to muscle loss it also made your body more efficient at using calories so every time you do the same workout your body will be burning less calories. So you end in a worst place than when you started the program.

After you get 30 you start losing muscle so this muscle loss plus the muscle loss lost with this traditional programs it´s harder to maintain your results.

What you need to do is focus on eating healthy meals and avoiding unhealthy foods as much as possible, once you´re comfortable with this first step begin reducing the amount of food  eat just a little less to create a calorie deficit, you can try intermittent fasting to help you through this step.

Then you can start playing with your macro nutrient ratios and find which one is the best for you, you can use carbohydrate cycling as a tool to change your macro nutrients and calories. The goal is to give nutrients to your body to function properly for daily activities and to recover.

For training you need to reduce cardio and increase resistance training, resistance training or lifting weights is what helps you maintain or gain muscle, 3 to 4 days a week most be for resistance training and to those 4 resistance workouts you add some cardio on the 3 days left. On your resistance workouts you need to focus on getting stronger, you can do bodyweight exercises or compound movements and get stronger on those, this way you make sure you maintain muscle mass and cardio workouts help you burn more calories helping your get leaner.

This is how improving body composition is done, you gain muscle mass through resistance training and lower body fat. The best part of improving body composition is that you look amazing, your body looks toned and if you want to gain more muscle you can do it. Having more muscle means that your body needs more energy, more muscle burns more calories so you can eat more, once you develop new habits you don´t need to be obsessed or strict with your nutrition program, you can have more cheat meals and be able to eat snacks or desserts more often without worrying about gaining fat.

Chances are that you end up falling in love with your training routine and you don´t want to lose any lifting session, if this happens you´ll be in an awesome place and you only need to keep momentum going. It takes time to see results but not that much and the results you´ll get are amazing and will keep you motivated, you´ll see your body changing and getting stronger making it easier to go to the gym and to focus on healthy foods, seeing results is the best way to keep you motivated.

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Ultimate Fat Loss Program


With Captain Marvel still in theaters and Avengers: Endgame the next month many of us get inspired to workout and get in better shape.  We get so inspired by the physique of the actors and we would love to look like them, to be able to do some of the stuff they do but the problem is that most workout programs on the internet, tv or magazines are not design to get us in a superhero physique, they are based on aerobics and bodybuilding and the type of physique you get may not be the one you are looking for.

We decided to create a fat loss program to help you get in amazing  shape,  we need to work hard and work smart, we need to do the right things according to our goal, everything we do in and outside the gym has an impact on our results and everything needs to be focused on achieving the physique of a superhero.

This fat loss program is based on developing the habits you need for each of the 5 principles of fitness so that you can sustain your results. The program is simple and effective but it is though you need to put the time and effort needed, it´s not enough to just show up, you need to show up and train hard, all effort is worth it.

Sustainable weight loss is based on good healthy habits, if you develop the habits you need while following this program you´ll be able to maintain your results effortless and when you see results you may get motivated to continue the journey and set another fitness goal.

I can´t tell you how much weight you´ll lose in the next 4 to 5 weeks or in one week, this depends of so many factors like your gender, age, your actual weight, your actual lifestyle, how committed you are to the program, and some more. The more weight you have to lose, the more time it will take to get to your desired weight but don´t get discourage you´ll see results in the first weeks that will keep you motivated.

We can all get an amazing physique and sustain it, we can all be more athletic and get a superhero physique we won´t look exactly as our favorite superhero, our genetics play an important role on our end result but the results can be great.

If we want to look like a superhero we need to create the right program that´s going to give us those results and train as hard as we need to. In this program we give you everything you need you can just follow the program exactly as it is here  but we all have different schedules so you can take this program as a guide and adjust it as you need.


In this program nutrition is key, since we want the best results we need to use all the tool we can and give our 100%. Here you´ll be eliminating all unhealthy foods, this means junk, processed and fast food are out. No sweets, candies, chocolate, donuts, cakes, fries, soda, cereals, etc. I know this is hard but I also know you can do this, you won´t be eliminating those foods for the rest of your life, if you want to get amazing results you need to make some sacrifices for a period of time.

All your meals will include only real, fresh ingredients, the macronutrient ratios will go according to the type of diet you prefer, if you like a more balanced diet between carbs, proteins and fats go with it, if you prefer a low carb or ketogenic diet do it, choose some items from the food list.

I don´t consider counting calories to be the best option for any fitness goal, since our body needs nutrients to function, recover and grow it is better to focus on setting macronutrient ratios, we share with you some numbers and formulas below you can use to set your macro ratios for this program:

Balanced nutrition guide

PROTEINS – 1.5 grams per pound of bodyweight

FATS – 0.5 grams per pound of bodyweight

CARBOHYDRATES – 0.5 grams per pound of bodyweight

Just take your bodyweight in pounds and multiply if by each of the macros, for example for someone who weights 132 pounds (that´s my current weight):

Protein 132 x 1.5 = 198 grams

Fats 132 x 0.5 = 66 grams

Carbohydrates 132 x 0.5 = 66 grams

If we focus on setting macronutrient ratios the total calories will fall into place, we can take the numbers from the example above to get calories, we just multiply the results by the calories per gram for each macronutrient:

Protein 198 x 4 = 792 calories

Fats 66 x 9 = 594 calories

Carbohydrates 66 x 4 = 264 calories

            Total calories = 1650 calories per day

Take this numbers as a guide, do the adjustments you need according to how you feel and the results you are getting.

Ketogenic nutrition guide

Ketogenic diets are an amazing tool to get lean and to improve health, they have so many benefits and some of you follow this diets so if you are one of those you can stick with it. If you are new to this diets and new to training I don´t recommend you try keto while following this program for the first time, the first weeks when you start keto you´ll get “the keto flu” which are different symptoms you get from your body getting read of all carbohydrates and junk which can be though to manage and it the program there will be some stuff going on emotionally so there´s no need to make it harder.

Ketogenic diets are high in fat, moderate in protein and low in carbohydrates, there´s not exact numbers for each macro but considering fats around 70% of your diet, proteins 20% and carbohydrates 10% is a good place to start.

FATS – 70%



From there you can make the adjustments you need. It´s necessary that you have an idea  of the amount of food you eat so the first days you´ll need to read the labels and do the math to know how much you are eating, you won´t be doing this for the rest of your life, and don´t get stressed if you can´t be exact and perfect with everything, looking for perfection will only stress you more.

Food list

Approved foods for fat loss program.

There are so many foods left so we´ll be adding them every time we find out one missing. To cook you can use herbs, seasoning and condiments.

One tool I love to use for nutrition is intermittent fasting, the overall health benefits are amazing and it makes fat loss easier. Intermittent fasting has been around for so many years by ancient civilizations to treat and prevent some diseases and also for spirituality, we´re not going to go deep here with too much information, what you need to know is that intermittent fasting is healthy it can improve your physical and mental health and it will make your fat loss easier.

We´ve talk about two different nutrition programs one being a more balanced diet with proteins, fats and carbohydrates and one more like a ketogenic diet higher in fats, moderate protein and low in carbohydrates, this two diets tell us what to eat while intermittent fasting tell us when to eat it is an eating schedule where you get all your meals in a limit period of time.

To keep it simple if you´re having 3 meals and 2 snacks in between or 5 small meals you´re going to have 2 or 3 meals without snacks. Having 2 meals a day is the best option, most people prefer to skip breakfast and have lunch and dinner the goal is that you have lunch and dinner in an 8 hour period and fast for 16 hours, in those 16 hours you´re not going to have food, you can have water, coffee or tea.

If you want to have 3 meals you can have breakfast, lunch and dinner in this case the 8 hour time for eating won´t apply which is totally fine just skip all snacks in between. Once you set your macro ratios according to the formulas we saw before you need to divide those numbers in 2 or 3 meals according to the number of meals you´re having per day.


Training is what´s going to give you the physique you are looking for, if you don´t exercise you will lose weight but you´ll look skinny which is not what we´re looking for.

We´ll be working out 5 to 7 days per week around 45 to 60 minutes per day. 5 days we´ll be doing resistance training focusing on strength and hypertrophy to maintain muscle and you´ll also be doing cardio to help us lose fat faster. From those 5 resistance training days 2 of them, Saturday and Sunday will be for strength and we´ll be working with heavier weights and low reps, around 5 reps. The other 3 days, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we´ll be for hypertrophy and we´ll be working with lighter weight and more reps, around 10 to 12 reps.

We´ll be working with heavy weight for low reps so you need to be really careful and not let your ego get in the way or you can get injured.

The workout:

Workout schedule.
Workout program.

If you want to increase your results and you have time to workout 90 minutes you can do 45 minutes of cardio every day so on Monday and Friday you´ll be doing 45 minutes of cardio and on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday you´ll be doing the resistance workouts of each day which last around 45 minutes plus 45 minutes of cardio which is a total of 90 minutes those 5 days.


Nowadays most of us don´t prioritize sleep but if you want to get the best results you need to give it the importance it deserves. Try to get 8 hours of good quality sleep every night, our body needs to recover after the workouts and most of that recovery is done while we sleep, if we don´t get enough good quality sleep and the body is not recovered from the workouts we won´t be as focused as we need in the gym and we can get injured, we won´t have energy, it´ll be harder to stick with the diet.

Lack of sleep gets out of balance all systems, hormones and functions in our body, the internal clock of our body gets out of rhythm and this impacts negatively not only our results but our health. If you can´t get 8 hours of sleep every night you can get amazing results with 6 hours of sleep every night as long as those 6 hours of good quality and if the other 4 principles of fitness are in place.

What you can do to make sure those 6 hours are as great as possible is to develop a sleeping schedule which means to go to sleep at the same time every night and wake up at the same time every day. 60 minutes before you go to sleep turn off all lights, this include light bulbs, tv, computer, laptop, tablet, ipad, cell phone, etc. If you can´t do it 60 minutes try 30 minutes before going to bed, this will help your body know that is time to sleep and it will start producing melatonin.

When you are in bed, the last 10 to 15 minutes before you fall asleep focus on something you are really grateful for and really feel the emotion of gratitude in your heart, once you feel the emotion think and imagine yourself already having the physique you want while you keep the emotion of gratitude.   


Stress is also highly important, stress increase cortisol and it can block your fat loss. Stress keeps our body in the “fight or flight” response, it keep us alert to survive dangerous situations, when we´re in this state our body uses all the energy to keep us awake and survive so there´s no energy and time to recover, grow and heal. We spend most of our day in this state which stops our body from losing fat and from recovering.

We need to keep stress low and we can do that by avoiding negative situations, negative environment and negative people. You may know someone who spend most of the time blaming, complaining and criticizing, if you can avoid those people do it. You have a big goal to focus on which is to get in amazing shape so you can´t be wasting time listening to those comments.

In the next section which is Mindset we´ll talk about breathing techniques which are a great tool to lower stress apart from avoiding and keeping negativity out of your life.


Getting the right mindset is key for your results, realizing and accepting that it takes time to get in shape specially if you want to sustain the results is the first step. It can take you 4 to 6 weeks to get to your desired weight but it can take you 6 to 8 months. Do not get discourage, you´ll start seeing results the first weeks that will keep you motivated.

Since we got inspired by superheroes and our goal is to get in the best shape possible as fast as possible the program is hard. You need to be really committed and focus

Things get harder when we´re not living a healthy lifestyle, we need to make some changes in order to develop the right habits and that means that we need to make different choices which takes us out of our comfort zone and this go against what our mind wants. Our mind wants us to stay as comfortable as possible, it likes routines, habits and systems where it doesn´t have to think and work that much to do them, when we want to develop new habits we need to make different choices and this takes effort, time and work so our mind comes with so many different excuses to avoid the work.

Do not pay attention to those excuses, do what you need to do and see what you are capable of, do not let your mind play tricks with you and don´t believe the excuses and reasons why you can´t achieve something.

In the sleep section we talk about turning off light and electronic devices at least 30 minutes before you go to sleep, you can take those 30 minutes to do some breathing exercises that will help you reduce stress, focus on your goal and sleep better.

There are many breathing techniques but to keep it simple just close your eyes and take a deep breath, then slowly release it, breathe in and breathe out slowly, focus on breathing from your diaphragm. When breathing slowly you´ll feel how your heart rate slows, your body and muscles start to relax and your mind starts to calm down. Just breathing deeply and slowly reduces stress and helps you fall asleep faster, once you do this for a couple of minutes think of something you are grateful and feel the emotions of gratitude deeply in your heart, once you feel grateful create an image of yourself already having the physique you want, keep that image in your mind while feeling gratitude at the same time.

Last thing I will say is to stick to the program, we´re all looking for fast results but that´s impossible, it took us time to be where we are at now, it will take some time to achieve our goal, I know that we all want to see some results that keep us motivated and you´ll see those results but not in one day, stick to the program for 5 or 6 weeks and you´ll be amazed, if you keep changing programs every week you´ll never make progress, you´ll never see results and you´ll keep failing time and time again.

Some of the most important keys to achieve anything is patience, discipline and consistency so stay with the program long enough to see results and to get to your goal. In some weeks you´ll be able to feel and see some progress, the best way to measure your progress is by how the clothes fit and the mirror, the scale is not the best option because it only considers total weight and not body composition.

Here you have a complete program to lose fat and start working on getting that superhero physique, this can be the beginning of your fitness journey, you can use this program whenever you want to get lean and lose some fat. We created another program also inspired in Captain Marvel and Avengers Endgame to help you gain muscle.

Now you need to put in the time and effort, you need to work hard and smart, if you follow the program you´ll be working smart but the hard work depends of you. We are capable of achieving great things but our biggest limit is our mindset, don´t let any limiting belief, fear, doubt or excuse keep you where you are. There´s nothing to fear and nothing to lose, getting in amazing shape is just the beginning.

Follow the program and share your results, if there´s anything else I can do for you, is there something else I can help you or something you want to know leave your comments and questions below, you can also find me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.