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Training variables: Rep ranges


If you´ve been training for a while do you vary rep ranges on your workout programs according to your goals or do you stick with the most common?

In fitness we can achieve different goals from fat loss, muscle growth, strength, power and for each of them we need to work on different rep ranges and that´s what we´re going to talk about in this post.

For the last months and years I´ve seen a lot of guys and girls interested in knowing which is the best rep range they need to focus on, as many other things in training there is not a right or wrong answer and I consider all of them to be great options.

If we go to a gym we see most guys and girls working in the most common rep ranges which is 10 to 15 and most of them do the same thing over and over for months which at least for me it gets boring and we hit plateaus. Working on different rep ranges keep our workout challenging which is what we need if we want our body to change.

It all starts with our goal, we can use resistance training for all goals just by changing the rep range we use, it´s not the same to train for power than to train for endurance the rep ranges are as follow:

1 -4 for power

5 – 8 for strength

8 – 12 for hypertrophy

15 – < for endurance

With this we know in which rep range to work according to our goal, for muscle gain we can use strength and hypertrophy on the strength rep range we´ll be building dense muscle also called myofibrillar hypertrophy which is the one that last and with hypertrophy rep range also called sarcoplasmic hypertrophy we are able to gain size faster but it doesn´t last, if we take some time off the gym we start losing that size. This two rep ranges are the ones we can focus on more to build an aesthetic physique.

For power and strength rep ranges we need to use compound movements which are the ones where we can lift more weight, for hypertrophy and endurance we can use compound and isolation. The endurance rep range can help us burn fat and sometimes gain some muscle, we can use all types of exercises, compound, isolation and bodyweight.

If our goal is to gain muscle mass then the best option is to focus on building dense muscle mass by focusing on the strength rep range around 5 to 7 reps using compound and bodyweight exercises and add some isolation exercises for weaker muscles using the hypertrophy rep range around 8 to 12 reps.

Getting stronger on the first 3 rep ranges specially around 5 to 12 reps by using a tool called periodization is an awesome strategy that keeps us getting stronger and gaining muscle mass, if we get stronger on the power and strength rep ranges we are able to lift more weight on the hypertrophy rep, gaining muscle is about getting stronger (we also need enough quality food and recovery).

When we work on power and strength the central nervous system gets stressed a lot and it takes more time to recover so we need to consider volume and frequency when training on this 2 rep ranges, with hypertrophy and endurance the central nervous system doesn´t get the same amount of stress.

Weight loss and gaining muscle are the most common goals so strength and hypertrophy are the most used rep ranges but once we achieve our goal taking some time and maintaining it gives us the opportunity to work on the other 2 rep ranges. When we train for power we need to be really conscious and focused on form to avoid injuries, I personally don´t like to work below 5 reps, I mostly go from 5 to 7 and 8 to 12 focusing on building dense muscle with bodyweight and compound movements and sometimes I add some isolation exercises. Sometimes I use the endurance rep range with bodyweight exercises specially when I want to lose fat and I could go for 50 reps in some exercises.

Our ultimate goal is to improve body composition and get a physique that is useful, we don´t want a body that looks incredible but it´s not able to perform, by this I don´t mean that we need to be pro athletes what I mean is that we want a body that looks amazing and that performs great in our daily activities and also in case of an emergency.

All rep ranges have their space on training and they´re all great options for different goals, using all of them using periodization keeps our body guessing and making your workouts fun and challenging. Since working out most be a habit then we need to understand all the variables will be talking about to be able to create or adjust our programs accordingly to be able to build the type of physique that we want but also to keep each workout fun and interesting.

Share with us in the comment section which is your favorite rep range and the one you are working on now.

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Exercise variables that help you achieve your goals


Have you asked yourself if the workout you are following is the best for your goals?

There´s no reason to spend hours at the gym working as hard as we can if the workout we´re following does not goes according to our goal or if it´s just not right which is what happen with most weight loss programs and we end giving up feeling discourage. We need to exercise and work hard, there´s no doubt about it but we need to make sure that our work will give us the result we want, we need to work hard and smart. This is why we need to understand the basics and that include learning about training variables.

In the last posts we´ve been talking about bodyweight, compound and isolation exercises and I´ve mentioned some variables we need to adjust our workouts according to our goals so it´s time to start looking at those variables.

I´ve you´ve been following me for a while you know that I like to keep things simple and there´s no exception, we´re going to start looking at more complex information but I´ll keep it as simple as possible so that you can understand it and use it. Even when it´s a lot of information you´ll see that it´s not that complicated and you don´t need to learn it all in one day, you can come back as much as you want to re-read the posts.

The training variables I´ve been referring are: rep ranges, frequency, volume, periodization, progressive overload, intensity, variation and recovery. I´ll write a post for each variable so that we can go deeper.

Each variable is highly important and we need to consider each when creating any workout program according to our goals. It´s not the same to gain lean muscle than to lose fat or just maintain our weight, the basics for all goals can be the same but you need to adjust each variable which are the ones that are going to make our workouts look different.

All fitness programs use all or some of this variables, the more variables we use the more complex things can get until we understand all of them and get some experience but the most effective our workouts will be.

All resistance workouts are based on this variables, how we manipulate them depends of our goal, we need to consider all of them for each workout program, if we go high frequency, with high volume and not enough recovery we can over train. All of them work together to help us achieve the best results but we need to know how to make them work together.

Have you ever asked yourself why can´t I do the same workout every day? Or why some programs change routines every week while others change them every month? why in some programs we have more rest days than in others? why some programs last 1 month while others last 3 months? The answers to all this questions is that it depend of the goal and from there the fitness trainers who create the programs adjust the variables needed to give you results.

In most cases we won´t see fitness trainers, fitness experts or gurus in the gym talking about all this variables, some of them may use  them without knowing, others may know the basics but none of them will explain the reason why they took one variable and manipulate it a certain way.

With the next posts we´ll be able to know how to adjust each variable, in what rep range we need to work for better results, how much volume and frequency is needed, how to use periodization in a way that is simple  to apply, how to use progressive overload if we´re working at home with limited equipment, how to measure results and much more.

If you are new to training you may be overwhelmed with all the information to come but it may be all you need, if you are more advanced or want to take your training to a higher level you may want to learn about advance techniques and how to use which we´re going to see after we finish training variables.

The whole idea is to give you all the information you need so that you can create your own workout programs and achieve any fitness goal. If you don´t want to design your own workouts you can download the ones we´ve created based on all the information we share but still it´s good for you to know and understand how each of them is design so if you want to make some changes and adjust it you´re free to do it.

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What you need to know about muscle fibers


If we want to build our best physique, there are some things that we need to know related to exercise and muscle fibers is one of them.

Losing weight and getting in shape is one of the most common goals and then building an amazing physique, if you´ve been on this industry for a long time you know that every year new trends come out just like diets, some people prefer to stick with the basics while others love to try every new workout program, routine or technique.

We don´t need to follow trends, we need to understand how our body works and which tools we can use to achieve our goals, muscle fibers are one of the most important stuff we need to know and understand if we want to get the best results with our program.

We have two types of muscle fibers which are type 1 and type 2, knowing how these two types of fiber works and how you can hit them or target them is key to creating workout programs that lead to our goals.

Type 1 muscle fibers or slow twitch muscle fibers are target with light weights , high reps and short rest periods around the 12 to 15 reps and 30 to 60 seconds rest. This fibers are more efficient at using oxygen and they fire slowly and they can go for long periods of time before they fatigue, this fibers are more useful in marathons, swimming long distances or any activity that follows a steady state pace for long periods of time. This are used for steady state cardio.

Type 2 muscle fibers or fast twitch muscle fibers are target with heavy weights, low reps and long rest periods around the 5 to 8 reps and 2 to 5 minutes rest. This type of fibers are able to fire faster generating short burst of power, speed or strength and they fatigue more quickly. This are used for HIIT cardio type of training.

In fitness there are so many different goals and getting in shape is just one of them, improving body composition must be our ultimate goal but we can also gain muscle, improve overall performance, increase strength, increase endurance, etc.

The reason why some people are better in certain sports is because we´re all different and the combination of muscle fibers in each of us have an impact on our performance making us better at some types of activities but practice and our daily habits also play an important part on overall performance.

Knowing the combination of muscle fibers we possess and having a clear goal makes it possible for us to design a workout program that get us the results we´re looking for by considering our genetics and making use of them in the best way possible and not as an excuse.

If you are an professional athlete then it´s best to focus on your sport otherwise for normal people like me is not only about looking great is also about performing great in our daily activities so our goal is to improve body composition and improve overall performance but we don´t need to get to any extreme is about getting in our best shape possible and for this we need to work both types of muscle fibers and this can be done with both types of training, cardio and resistance.

As you can see things can get really complex, whether we use this information or not depending of our goals is important that we understand how our body works at least the basics so that we can design a workout program that works for us. There are so many different programs out there which will give us results for a period of time but creating a personalized program for each of our goals based on our body and what we love will give us better results, it´s not the same to buy programs and depend of those than to have the information we need to create our own.

Let us know by leaving a comment on our Twitter and Facebook account if you prefer to design your own fitness programs or if you prefer to just follow a program and not worry about bringing exercise, diets and everything together.

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Isolation exercises, when to use them.


For the last posts we´ve been talking about types of exercises, we talked about bodyweight and compound now let’s talk about isolation exercises so that we can start creating our own programs according to our goals.

Isolation exercises are single-joint movements and they work one muscle at a time so we can´t lift heavy weight with these exercises. They may not be the best option to gain strength, but they have their space on some workouts.

If our goal is to lose fat and get lean, we can create a great workout program with just bodyweight and compound movements but if our goal is to gain muscle we can add some isolation exercises to hit weaker muscles.

While for compound movements we can lift heavy weight and work on myofibrillar hypertrophy, strength and power, with isolation movements we can´t lift heavy.

If we feel like a muscle group needs more work, then we can use isolation exercises to give that muscle the extra work it´s missing. We´ll be using a weight we can lift for around 12 to15 reps, we can go a bit heavier and hit the 10 to 12 reps. In both reps ranges we´ll be working on sarcoplasmic hypertrophy range (if you want to learn more about types of hypertrophy click here).

There are so many isolation exercises and variations for every muscle group that it can get overwhelming, to keep it simple we can stick with some few exercises for 2 or 3 months so that we can see our progress, especially if we are starting our fitness journey. We need to get familiar with the movements using lighter weight before we can add more weight and that process takes time.

When we focus on bodyweight and compound movements, we may feel like some muscles are weaker or lagging and want to work them more, for this we use isolation exercises to hit those muscle specifically. 1 or 2 exercises for those weaker muscles is all we need, there´s no reason to do a lot more, if we feel like we still need more we can use some of the variables and advance techniques we´ll be talking about on future post like rest pause, failure training, drop sets, etc.

When our goal is gaining muscle we may be looking to gain muscle mass on one specific muscle so the way to do this is by adding more volume which we can do by combining bodyweight, compound and isolation exercises, we can use bodyweight and compound for heavy weight low reps and we can add 1 or 2 isolation exercises with lower weight and high reps, this way we can hit that muscle with both types of hypertrophy and add more volume.

One point that needs to be really clear is that isolation exercises isolate muscles so they work one muscle at a time this means that we won´t be able to lift heavy weight, we use them to add more volume to our workouts especially on weaker muscles, if we let our ego get in the way and we try to lift more weight we can get injured. We need to avoid all types of injuries because they can take us off the gym for a certain period of time.

We exercise at home or in the gym to build our best physique possible, one that looks great and that is useful so we don´t care about what others around us are doing, we focus on our progress on being better than the last time we did it.

All exercises we can find in books, magazines, internet, etc they all belong to one of the 3 types we´ve seen in the last posts which are bodyweight, compound and isolation but we can find so many different exercises that can be overwhelming if we try to do them all. As I´ve said before we can keep things simple by focusing on what works, we can stick to a few exercises for each muscle group and develop a great physique.

Now that we´ve talk about bodyweight, compound and isolation exercises let us know which one is your favorite by leaving a comment in our Twitter and Facebook account.

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Bodyweight exercises, a great tool!


For someone who is starting their fitness journey or for someone who has many years training, bodyweight exercises are always a staple.

One day I found out some videos on YouTube about calisthenics and all the guys looked amazing, lean and in really good shape, I finished watching the video and I stood up and tried to do some pushups, for my surprise I couldn´t do any… not even one. I felt so weak and angry and realized how could that happened if some years ago I could do 50 pushups?

I practiced Karate for about 11 years since I was 5 and I was able to do 50 pushups, squats, dips and bodyweight rows. Remembering this got me really angry, I wanted to be able to do that same amount of reps on each exercise and increase weight with weighted vest to go low rep.

Bodyweight exercises are one of the best exercises to get in amazing shape for many different reasons, there are variables for each exercise for any fitness level from the simple versions for beginners to more advance versions and we can do them anywhere.

We will talk in future posts about muscle fibers and muscle hypertrophy and you may ask how you can apply those to bodyweight exercises and the answer is simple, we can take any exercise for example pushup and choose the hardest version for example one arm pushups (there are harder versions) and we do 5 reps to work type 2 muscle fibers and myofibryllar hypertrophy then we can choose a simple version like normal pushups and do 15 reps to work type 1 muscle fibers or sarcoplasmic hypertrophy. We can do this with all bodyweight exercises we can even do 100 reps if we want to go a little crazy and have some fun.

Bodyweight exercises have so many benefits and they can reduce injuries when working out, with any bodyweight exercise we are moving our body through space and it requires more strength and balance but since they are compound movements or multi-joint exercises we are working several muscles at the same time and the range of motion is more natural which reduce stress on the joint and avoid injuries.

If we think about what type of training or exercise can get us in amazing shape and help us build an amazing physique it´s bodyweight, when we start we´ll find all exercises so hard to do and some of us feel terrible when we start with the most simple versions but that´s how we all begin, with time we start losing fat (if we´re following a right nutrition program) and we realize that the leaner we are the easier all exercises get. As we lose fat and get in better shape, we weight less so we need to push or carry less weight in the exercises, this is a great motivation to stay lean.

When we´re starting our fitness journey we´re are out of shape and we don´t want to go to the gym and feel embarrassed so what we can do is start in our home with bodyweight exercises as resistance training and jump rope or jogging as cardio training, this helps lose fat and get in shape, with this our self-confidence increases and then we can go to the gym to add more exercises like compound movements and isolation.

We all need to be able to do bodyweight exercises and yoga which both take a lot of skills like strength and balance, when we can control our body and our mind we are able to achieve amazing things in life, it´s amazing the physique we can build just by working on getting stronger and progressing through all different variations of each exercise and we add some yoga poses we learn new skills that will also help us in our day to day.

You can start today doing 10 pushups, 10 squats and 10 crunches. Go ahead start now!.

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Cardio and resistance exercises, they´re different.


We all know that exercise has many benefits, cardiovascular and resistance exercise are both great to help us get in shape, maintain a great physique and maintain optimal health but in the same way they both have some unique benefits they also have some differences and we need to understand this differences to get the best results.

Many of us think of cardio as the way to get lean, to get in shape and to lose weight we think we need to do it even when those sessions are long and boring. This is not completely true, cardio is not the best way to lose fat and get in shape or stay in shape, it is helpful if we use it the right way but it´s not necessary so if your goal is only to lose fat and look good physically you can skip it but cardiovascular exercise has incredible benefits for our health which we talked about in past posts.

The reason why many people in the industry make us think that cardio is a great tool for fat loss is this, there are research that shows that one hour of cardio compared to one hour of resistance training burns more calories while we are doing it so, thinking about weight loss as calories in and calories out if we want to lose fat  we need to do cardio to burn more calories right?

Not so fast, … with all types of exercise we send signals to our body and our body will respond accordingly to that signal. With cardio we are sending the message to our body to become more efficient at using calories.

If we´ve been spending the last years without doing any exercise, the moment we start working out it will feel like hell, we´ll be so tired and we´ll burn a lot of calories but with time if we continue doing the same exercise, for the same amount of time at the same intensity it´ll become easier and easier and our body will burn less calories every time we do it. If cardio is the only exercise we do, we may start losing muscle and now that our body has adapted to that activity our metabolism slows down. Our body adapts to that activity and becomes more efficient at using calories.

After following a weight loss program based on cardio for a long period of time we´ll need to do more exercise and eat less to sustain our results this is why  it´s almost impossible to maintain the results when we stop the program.

With resistance training the signal we are giving to our body is to get stronger, when we are doing resistance training we are giving a stimulus to the muscles and that stimulus let our body know that it needs those muscles so it needs to get stronger and grow to be able to make it through the next workout. This increases our metabolism because our muscles need more energy. If we want to get in great shape and sustain it without too much effort this is the way to go, focus on resistance training and we cannot forget all the benefits that is has for our health too.

We´ll be talking about improving body composition in different posts which means to lose fat and gain or maintain lean muscle mass, the way to do this is by making resistance training the base of our workout programs and we add some cardio according to our goals.

The best option for any workout program is to fit both resistance and cardio training, the way we design our program will vary according to our goals, there are different tools, types or techniques we can choose for each but what I recommend is to focus on resistance training for muscle growth (we don´t need to get big if we don´t want to) and add cardio to helps us achieve our goals a little faster so that we get the health benefits of both of them.

It´s not necessary to do both types of training the same day, we can create a workout program where we do resistance training some days and other days cardio or if you love working out like I do you can do both the same day every day if the program is designed correctly.

Let us know by leaving a comment on our Twitter and Facebook account which is your preferred type of exercise, are you more of a cardiovascular activity kind of guy or girl or do you prefer resistance training?

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Benefits of cardio exercise?


Do you go to the gym and do long sessions of cardio? or do you prefer HIIT? Do you even do some cardiovascular workout or do you skip it because you hate it? Cardiovascular exercise has so many benefits for overall health, this includes the heart and brain.

Many of us think of cardio as the best tool to lose fat which is not exactly right but we tend to forget all the amazing benefits it has for our health.

We all know that cardio helps us improve endurance and overall fitness level it helps us get in shape and stay in shape. Daily physical activity is important, if we want to be healthy we need to exercise, our heart and brain we´ll thank us for doing it and we´ll feel a lot better every single day. Most of us do not get the amount of exercise recommend which is between 120 to 150 minutes per week, if we divide those 150 minutes into 7 it´s around 20 minutes daily we can all schedule 20 minutes every day to do some physical activity it can be as simple as taking a walk if we´re starting.

Some diseases and health issues had increased in the past years, the less we move and more sedentary we become the more health problems we face, it´s not only about obesity and overweight also depression, anxiety, Alzheimer’s, cardiovascular diseases are also related to a lack of exercise.

It blows my mind how we do not prioritize our health until it´s too late, until we feel bad or realize that something is wrong so we go to the doctor and take some pills hoping to get better which actually only treat the symptom but we got everything in our hands and we can prevent many health problems just by changing our lifestyle.

Doing some exercise for at least 20 minutes every day has a lot of amazing benefits which include improving our mood, keeps our brain healthy and avoid the risk of dementia, Parkinson, Alzheimer, studies show that cardio reduces decline in brain functioning and increase the growth of brain cells, it improves memory, it helps with depression and anxiety and we can get some of those benefits right after we´re working out and when we´re done like improving our mood, we feel a lot better when we finish and if we do it consistently we get the benefits in the long run.

Cardiovascular exercise is great for our heart it increases blood and oxygen flow throughout the body, we cannot forget that our heart is a muscle. It helps lower blood pressure; it increases oxygen in the muscles which helps them recover and work harder.

Cardio is a great tool to help us lose fat, get lean and stay lean if we use it correctly, it may not be the best option, but it helps us achieve our goals faster. If we go to a gym we´ll see most people on the treadmill, bicycles or other cardio machines doing long and boring sessions, this type of cardio workouts are called steady state where we go for at least 30 minutes usually from 45 to 60 minutes at a low to moderate intensity depending of our level for the entire time.

Another type of cardio is HIIT (high intensity interval training) this means that we do an exercise for example sprints for 10 to 30 seconds as hard as we can, and we rest for 30 to 60 seconds and we repeat it for several times.

Studies show that HIIT burns more fat than steady state cardio and there are studies that show that HIIT can also increase lean muscle mass so if we consider this studies HIIT is the best option for fat loss and to stay lean.

So how does HIIT help us burn more calories than traditional steady state cardio? The answer is EPOC. If we compare the calories burn on each type of exercise (HIIT and steady state) we´ll see that we burn more calories with steady than with HIIT, but the benefits of HIIT come after we are done with our workout. Once we´ve finished our HIIT session our body´s metabolism stays high burning more calories for some period of time, this is called excess-post- oxygen consumption. It´s the amount of oxygen your body needs to get back to normal.

Doing some physical activity is important at least 5 days a week, HIIT is a great option or doing 20 minutes of an intense session is also great, if you´re starting you need to start small, going for a walk at least 5 minutes at your own pace and start increasing the intensity and time, it needs to be challenging so stop what you´re doing and go for a walk.

If you haven´t exercise for a long period of time then the best way to start is to schedule 20 minutes every morning and take a walk, you can start tomorrow by setting your alarm clock earlier and go for a 20 minute walk tomorrow morning, it will be hard to wake up earlier especially if you don´t get enough high quality sleep (we´ll talk in other posts how to improve sleep) but once you wake up get up and do it, and do not stop until you´re done. When you finish you may feel tired but for the rest of the day you´ll feel better, with more energy.

Do this and let us know how what was the hardest part, was it getting up of bed? or starting the walk? you wanted to give up halfway through? how did you felt the rest of the day? Leave your comment on our Twitter and Facebook account.

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Exercise to improve health? Here are some benefits.


If you want to improve your health and improve your life then, exercise is a priority. There´s a reason why we focus on 5 principles of fitness as a tool to help us live the life we want and deserve and exercise is one of those principles.

Most of us spend so much time sitting whether it´s in front of a computer when we´re working or our car to get to the office and back home, or in the sofa watching tv. We´ve become so sedentary and this lack of physical activity is causing so many problems on our body and health. I know we´re all busy with jobs and school it can be hard to schedule some time to exercise but, if you want to live your best life possible then you need to make some time to exercise every day, if you have time to watch tv whether it´s a tv show, a movie, Netflix or you spend a lot of time on social media you have time to exercise and you don´t need any equipment, just comfortable clothes and a pair of good sneakers are all you need so there are no excuses.

You don´t need to spend hours in the gym or exercising to get all the benefits, if you´re new the goal is to develop the habit of exercising every day so you can start with 15 minutes and from there increase intensity and time, the best part is that you need to do what you love, I´m sure that there´s some physical activity you enjoy it can be running, walking, jump rope, lift weight, calisthenics (bodyweight exercises), practice a sport, etc; the only way to develop this habit is by doing something you like otherwise it will be like hell and you won´t stick to it.

Exercise helps us build the type of physique we want whether we want to look big like a bodybuilder or superhero or if we want a more athletic  look or we just want to get lean and stay in shape. It also helps us maintain a healthy weight focusing on body composition which is our primarily goal and we also want our physique to be useful. Exercise also has amazing benefits for our heart and health so it´s key if we want to maintain optimal health.

We will divide exercise in 2 categories which are cardiovascular and resistance training, both of them are important they both have a positive impact on our body and health and there are some benefits for each of them that makes them important. Some of the benefits we get from resistance training we won´t get them with cardiovascular exercises in the same way some benefits from cardiovascular exercises can´t be achieved from resistance training.

One of the benefits we get from both of them is lower stress and improve mood. Chronic stress has negative effects on our body and health, it takes our hormones out of balance and increases inflammation, increase blood flow, improves insulin sensitivity which are some of the negative consequences so reducing chronic stress and finding ways to keep this type of stress low is a great tool to maintain optimal health.

Exercise also improves quality and quantity of sleep, lack of sleep or poor quality sleep also has negative effects on our body and health so we need to make sure we get enough high quality sleep every night, exercising especially in the morning has been shown to improve sleep.

Exercising or doing some type of physical activity every day is one of the fitness tools to maintain a healthy weight and improve our life, some simple steps you can take to start increasing your daily physical activity are:

1.- Take a 10 minute walk after breakfast, lunch and dinner,

2.- If you work in an office and spend most time sitting try to stand up and take a walk for a couple of minutes every 60 to 90 minutes, it can 3 minutes or 5 minutes or even 2 it depends of the amount of time you have.

Fitness and exercise is not only about looking great, is about feeling great, maintaining optimal health and being able to perform at peak every single day. Fitness is a tool to help us feel great and live our best life possible so even when we need to develop healthy habits we can´t get obsessed with it. We can´t let our life revolve around exercise or fitness we just need to find ways to use as many tools as possible to lose weight, stay lean, maintain a healthy weigh considering body composition in an enjoyable way so that we have the energy and concentration to work on our goals and achieve the success we want.

Benefits of exercise

Exercise is a great way to improve our mood, sleep, focus and energy so you can start today by taking a 5 minute walk after your next meal, it doesn´t matter if it´s breakfast, lunch or dinner. If you can take a 5 minute walk after those 3 meals that´s perfect, do it for 1 week and let us know how you feel by living a comment in out twitter or Facebook account.

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How to exercise during Holidays!

27 How to train during Holidays

For many of us Holidays, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year are some of the most amazing days of the year, full of joy and amazing moments with the people we love, our family and friends and of course a lot food but many guys or girls get stressed out and anxious because it seems almost impossible to stay lean.

Exercise is highly important to build the physique you want, the first thing I want to make clear and my biggest advice for this season is: do not try to lose weight, don´t set a weight lose goal from October to January, it´s almost impossible to achieve it so don´t even think about it, what you can do is focus on maintaining your physique or take those months to your advantage and use them to gain some muscle mass.

Considering this you have two options, the first is to maintain, if you set this as your goal you can do 3 days of resistance training and 3 days of cardio training and the last day as rest. Here you may need to pay more attention at what you eat during those days, on the days like Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year you can eat whatever you want as much as you want, the other days I recommend you get back to your maintenance calories and macros which will be less than Holidays so that you don´t gain weight.

If you want to gain muscle mass you can do 5 or 6 days of resistance training and the days left cardio, on resistance days you´ll be working on high frequency hitting each muscle group twice per week, here you can eat a little more every day, just little and eat whatever you want as much as you want on Holidays.

This two options are considering you have access to a gym or you can continue training and following a normal workout program but if you can´t train as normal on this days the best option is to maintain, if you can do some exercise which I recommend you can use bodyweight exercises, you can focus on getting stronger on each of them to get to the advance version or you can use them in circuits which will give you a more cardio workout based on strength, both options are amazing.

Doing some type of cardio exercise is a great way to get in shape and keep the habit of exercising every day, you can keep it short by doing HIIT, or you can do 20 to 3 minutes of steady state, sprinting, running, jump rope or burpes are a great option.

If you are one of those guys or girls who doesn´t enjoy exercising and it was hard for you to develop the habit of working out you don´t want to pass more than 4 or 5 days without working out because you will get back to your old habits, the more days you skip the workouts the harder it is to get on track.

Resistance training need to be the base of your workout programs, it doesn´t matter the goal or the season and every time you are training focus on what you are doing, give your all and work hard, earn those Holiday meals by working hard in the gym and making every single rep and set count.

During this season you can be more discipline on your workouts, sleep, mindset and stress and have a lot more freedom with your nutrition, sleep may be harder some days if you like parties and go to bed late but try to get good quality sleep every night and lower your levels of stress by enjoying the time and being in the present moment, live in the present, live the moment and stay positive, keep positive thoughts in your mind.

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The benefits of yoga


Have you ever do yoga? Do you hate, like it or love it?

There are those who love yoga and those who hate it. It´s amazing how though and challenging it can get and we cannot deny that it will give us an amazing workout.

Yoga is not my preferred type of exercise but I can´t deny that it has amazing benefits, I´ve practiced it for some months and I realized that the slow paced workouts and holding a pose for a number of seconds is not what I love to do in terms of exercise, it is though and challenging the part I liked about it was improving balance and how I need to be concentrated on what I do to maintain the pose, even when I love and prefer to lift weights and cardio I take one day a week to do yoga.

It´s true that yoga helps us improve flexibility, mobility and posture but the ones that make it an amazing exercise option is for improving balance and reducing mental health problems.

The mind-body connections when we are doing any pose needs to be at point, we need to be really focused and center on what we are doing otherwise we´ll lose balance and fall off the pose we also need to get strong so that we can sustain our body weight in any pose and hold it.

Yoga workouts include meditation and breathing techniques that go hand in hand with the pose we are working on, all this combined encourage relaxation which is incredibly helpful to reduce stress it also helps to reduce depression, anxiety and improve mental health, the way yoga combines breathing, meditation and poses by creating harmony is what our bodies need to relax, calm down and stay in the present moment.

Yoga is not the same as stretching or calisthenics, even when we can use some of the exercises or poses from yoga as stretch exercises what gives yoga its plus is the breathing techniques, we can be stretching but if we don´t know how to breathe through the poses we´ll only be stretching, with yoga we learn to breathe and meditate, we are focused on our body, how our mind, body and soul connect is amazing you get in touch with ourselves in a very deep level.

Yoga is a great way to get lean for people who doesn´t want to lift weight and do intense or long sessions of cardio and it´s also low impact, it is perfect for people who love a physical activity that is more calming but that increases strength so that they can looked lean and toned without getting bulky. This is why it´s so popular among girls. and women.

I don´t know about any other type of exercise that combines physical activity with breathing techniques and meditation as a way to calm the mind and body, to relax us and lower stress while exercising. One way to improve anxiety and depression is to focus on yourself and to stay in the present moment not letting your mind wandering in the future or the past, yoga does this amazingly apart from breathing techniques and meditation during the workouts we need to be fully focus and present to maintain balance and hold the poses when we harmonize your body, mind, breathing, emotions is when we can start healing ourselves.

With all this, our blood pressure lowers, it keep systems of our body like nervous system, immune system healthy, the hormones on our body are in balance, etc. so love it or hate it, it has amazing benefits not only to get in shape but for overall health. When our body is in synergy meaning when everything is connected and working in harmony at the same time is when amazing things happen.

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