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Keep challenging yourself


The worst mistake we can make is stop challenging ourselves in all areas of life.

We´re all meant to thrive, to grow, to be better every day and the only way to keep growing is by challenging ourselves. The moment we stop challenging ourselves and we get comfortable we stop growing and we start going backwards.

We need to keep pushing ourselves and probably we´ll hate those moments, we need to get out of our comfort zone and most of us are afraid of the unknown or the pain we need to go through physically and mentally, we don´t want to feel any pain, we don´t want to work, we are lazy by nature but if we accept this we will fail over and over, we´ll never accomplish anything worthy and all our potential we´ll be lost.

Setting goals and plans and going through challenges is hard especially when you´ve lost confidence in yourself. Believing in yourself, self-confidence and self-esteem are key when you face challenges, the bigger the challenge the more confidence you need to have in yourself, but what happens when you´ve lost all that confidence and you don´t believe in yourself because you´ve failed before? This is why starting with small challenges is important, if you start with big challenges probably you´ll fail, not because you´re not capable but because of your mindset.

A life without challenges is a boring life, challenges are what make life interesting especially if you love or enjoy what you´re doing, I´m sure you can remember a time when you were facing a challenge, anyone it can be building Legos or a puzzle even, it can also be challenging yourself in the gym focusing if you can hit a certain number of reps with a certain amount of reps, I´m pretty sure you were really concentrated on what you were doing that time passed more rapidly and when you finished you felt a sense of accomplishment, you felt great, your confidence increased, you felt like a champion.

Now, most people doesn´t want to go through all the struggle of facing a challenge, they prefer the comfort and security of a 9 to 5 job, they prefer to be where they are instead of doing the hard work needed to get somewhere or something way better. Most people live this way in comfort and security, but if you look at their lives closely you´ll see it´s quite boring.

Living in comfort and security is not actually living, I´m not against a 9 to 5 job if you are willing to challenge yourself, learn and do whatever you need to do to be the best at what you do, if you´re a secretary what do you need to do to be the best, if you work in a bakery what can you do, what do you need to learn to bake the best and most delicious pastries, donuts, cakes, etc? If you´re a teacher what skills do you need to learn to become the best teacher?

If you really want to live you need to face challenges, life is difficult and the moment you decide to take charge of your life and start living you will start facing challenges that makes life exciting, to make sure you´re going on the right direction you need to be clear on what you want to achieve otherwise when you get faced with an obstacle or challenge you may be paralyzed not knowing what to do, you might make the wrong choices or you can give up, when you know what you want it´s easier to make choices and know what you need to do, what´s going to move you forward to you goal?

We all are capable of going through any challenge we jus need to believe in ourselves and have the confidence which is what small challenges do, starting small is always the best road to success, it builds confidence and the mentality you need to go through bigger challenges and keep growing.

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How failures make us lose confidence


We all have some dreams and goals we want to achieve, one day we wake up really motivated to start working on that goal, we write down not in the best way possible and a couple of weeks or months later we fail. We´re so depressed, we feel like failure, like not deserving anything, we feel worthless.

This may have happened to you once or twice, the moment you set a goal, start working on it, but suddenly you fail you lose confidence in yourself. It´s not that you´re unworthy or uncapable, it´s just that you didn´t set your goal the right way.

For some reason we´re not taught how to set goals properly, nowadays you can find so many people talking about goals, but none of them show us how to set goals properly and this is the reason why we feel like failure and why we lose confidence in ourselves even when all of us are capable of achieving really amazing things in life.

Most of us have loss confidence on ourselves, we believe we´re not capable of achieving big goals, the reason for this is because in the past we´ve set some goals, we decided to work on a project, to make some changes to our health and life, we write our New Years Resolution but we keep failing over and over, we weren´t able to achieve any of those goals, we didn´t finish the project and we didn´t make the changes we needed to improve our health and life.

Since we´re starting with the wrong mindset and attitude by having loss all confidence in ourselves if we set big goals it´s almost clear that we´re going to fail and every failure is a small step backwards that lead to us losing a lot more confidence and believing that we´re really not capable of achieving something worth it. The more you set big goals and fail the more confidence you lose. Every time this happens you feel worthless and uncapable and you´ll get to a point where you don´t want to set goal or start any project.

What you need to do here is to start increasing your self-confidence by setting small goals you can actually achieve, even if they seem really minor. For example if you want to lose weight and you need to lose a big amount of weight you can start by getting your sneackers and gym clothing ready the night before (considering you´re exercising in the morning) and setting the alarm clock, the next morning when the alarm clock sounds get up immediately, do not press the snooze button, just get up, put your gym clothes and go for a short walk. Just by getting up when the alarm sounds, putting on your gym clothes and going for a short walk even if they are 5 minutes that´s a huge win. If you want to make it even smaller start by getting up when your alarm sounds without pressing the snooze button, for some that´s a huge win.

You can also set a goal as increasing your daily physical activity, the way to do this can be by standing up during phone calls, going for a walk after lunch or dinner. This are the best ways to increase physical activity by adding steps, walking is a great cardio activity especially if you can do it outside and get sun light. You can also do some bodyweight exercises like squats, pushups, crunches, you can do 5 of each in the morning or at night when you´re back at home from school or work.

For your diet, if you eat several times a day meaning you have 3 or 4 big meals and then some snacks you can start by eliminating some of those snacks, or maybe trying some type of time restrictive eating, you can also swap unhealthy foods for healthy ones, if you like unhealthy snacks like chips, chocolates, cookies or candies you can change those options for nuts or seeds.

Everything you do in your day matters, even the small activities so starting small is the best way, think about small habits or routines, or small activities you can change or add to your day that will lead to your bigger goal. Going for small walks is a great way to start and also changing unhealthy foods for healthy ones.

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The journey will be challenging


How many times have you set a goal, started working on it and the moment it gets challenging you gave up? If you do want to accomplish your goals you need to go through all the challenges otherwise you´ll never accomplish anything of great value.

We´re all goal oriented and if you don´t choose and set your goals someone else will do it for you. Most people don´t set goals the way they should and they let life happen to them so they end up working for a company that has goals that are not aligned with what they want and every time they find an obstacle their mindset is more towards failure because they´re not really motivated to work even harder on a project or a goal that doesn´t motivates them.

The best goals are the ones that challenge you, you need to find ways to grow physically, mentally and emotionally, to become better, to improve every day and be the best version you can be every day. That´s what challenges help you accomplish and the reason why you set goals is to make it easier for you to be able to get pass those challenges by focusing and working on something you actually love, something that´s interesting to you so that every time you´re face with a challenge you are more motivated to work and do anything you need to do to overcome that challenge or obstacle because you know it will get you closer to what you really want to accomplish or achieve.

A challenge means that you are getting closer to your goal and the reason why you see a particular situation as a challenge is because it represents something new to you and that means there is something you need to do differently, you may need to learn a new skill, you may need to work a little harder or longer, you may need to adjust your plan or you can give up thinking it´s so hard and it´s impossible for you.

Challenges are there to help you grow, when you set a goal it means you need to become someone else, there´s something you need to learn and adjust in your life in order to accomplish that goal, you can´t be the same person. There´s always something you need to learn or improve and the moment you learn a new skill and you keep getting better you are changing, that new knowledge is making you who you need to be to accomplish that specific goal.

Even life is challenging, every time you encounter yourself in a new situation it´s a challenge and your perspective is what determines your result. When you start college or your first job, every time you start a new job, when you change home or school all those represents challenge. If someone you care about is going through a hard situation financially or health related that´s also a challenge.

Life is full of challenging moments and most of us when we find ourselves in one of this challenging moments we get paralyzed, we want to be and feel comfortable, we´re looking for easy paths and hacks but the reality is that if you want to live a life you are proud you´re going to be faced with so many challenges. A boring life leads to procrastination even when you feel secure, you can have a secure job, a secure pay check but we´re not designed to live a life of security and comfort, we´re designed to live a life of adventures and challenges those adventures and challenges will make you grow physically, emotionally and mentally and that´s what we need, we need to be strong enough to go through life because it can be difficult sometimes. And this difficulties and all challenges can seem bigger when you´re working for someone else´s goals and to make it even worse at the end you´ll regret because you didn´t live the life you know you could just because you preferred that safety and comfort.

So, life is challenging anyway, make sure you´re working for the goals and what you want to accomplish and make sure the challenges you need to go through are the ones that get you closer to your goals, to what you want. Don´t let life be boring, take charge and set a goal that gets you out of your comfort zone and start living as you´re supposed to live. Know that you can accomplish those big goals and overcome any obstacle if you have the motivation and that motivation comes from something you do want to achieve.

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How to set goals and achieve them


So many people talk about the importance of setting goals, but why is it that we all have goals and we all dream with living a certain way and still most of us do not accomplish most of our goals and dreams?

We all have dreams, we all dream with that amazing life we would want to live but most of us don´t really think it should be possible, what if we take those dreams of how we would like to live and write them on a piece of paper with dates of when we want to accomplish a certain project or by when we want to buy that new car or house, and we create a plan of action and then start working on it every single day?

There´s not a big science on setting goals, it´s all about creating the discipline to take action every single day, to know what you need to do knowing that every day you are closer to accomplishing your goal if you work on it. If you want 100% results you need to give 100%.

The most important step on setting goals is to be really clear on what you want, you can achieve or accomplish whatever you set your mind to, the reason why you need to be really clear on what you want is that you give clear instructions to your brain on what to look for and when your brain knows exactly what to look for you´ll start getting ideas and seeing options that you´ve never seen before, this is because with a clear idea your brain is focused on looking for everything that can help you accomplish that goal and it shows you every idea, or options that are out there.

Those ideas an options were there before but you didn´t see them because your brain was looking for other stuff that seemed to be more relevant to you and if you weren´t clear on what you want then you´ll get all this different ideas and options that may not be related.

All of us are able to focus on one target as long as we´re clear on what we want, if we´re not clear then we don´t know what to look for or what to work for. When you set a goal you have a clear image of what you want to accomplish, then you take that big goal and break it down into smaller goals, if you have a big goal you want to accomplish in one year take that big goal and break it down into smaller goals you need to accomplish in one month and one week. Once you have those small goals you need to accomplish per week you can break them down into small activities you need to do every day.

Set big goals, goals that make you feel afraid and that take you out of your comfort zone, but be really clear on what you want and then just take that big goal and break it down, you don´t need to know exactly what you need to do, you don´t need to know where to start, the moment you set a clear goal your brain will start giving you answers and ideas, you can look for someone who´s already done what you want to accomplish and find out what she or he did, learn from people who have already achieve your goal and you´ll keep coming up with ideas until you know what you need to do.

An important point to mention is that you may not have the same opportunities, possibilities or equipment that the people you´re learning from had, you may have more options and opportunities or you may have less, you need to figure out ways to be effective and efficient with what you have. If you don´t have all the skills you need figure out which skill is going to give you the best results and get you farther and learn that one first, if you don´t have all the tools or equipment find out the one that is more useful, the one that will help you get more done and get that. Find ways to do the best possible with what you have right now.

Any goal you want to achieve comes with some sacrifice, even for the smaller goals, you need to push yourself, the reason you break your big goal into smaller ones is to make sure that you are pushing yourself and challenging yourself to reach a goal that you know you can accomplish if you work on it, if you do what you need to do every day. If you set a goal that´s to big and you don´t give yourself enough time or you´re not prepared for big goals then you´re setting yourself for failure and that failure will hold you back and probably you´ll stop working on your goal thinking you don´t deserve it. It´s not that you don´t deserve it, it´s just that you set a huge goal and you didn´t give enough time to yourself.

When you set smaller goals and you reach them you get a sense of accomplishment, your confidence increases and every time this happens you get mentally and physically stronger for bigger goals, as you continue you get momentum until you reach your bigger goal.

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Small daily achievements lead to great results


What do you do every day? How do you spend your time? Who do you spend your time with? This are important questions that determine not only how you´re living right now, but also how you´ll live 3 or 5 years from now. If you don´t like your life now, you can change it.

We all follow certain habits and routines every single day, from the moment we get up until we go to sleep there are some activities we do over and over exactly in the same order, in the same way, our life is based on those habits and routines and they are the most important point we need to consider when we want to start changing our life. Those small activities that seem to not have a huge impact on our life are actually the ones creating it.

Your day creates your life, so if you think you deserve a better life and better results, if you think you are capable of more the best way to start is by changing those habits and routines. You need to start small, there´s no way you can make big changes at the beginning because you´ll fail, any change represent a challenge and your mind will fight to get you back to your old routines, it wants to be comfortable so you need to start with small changes. The way to do this is by identifying an activity you do daily that may be having a negative impact on your day and life and replace it with a positive one, it can be getting up when your alarm clock sounds the first time without pressing the snooze bottom, it may be setting a sleep schedule and waking up at the same time every day, it can be stop checking your cell phone, social media or email right when you wake up and instead take a couple of minutes, around 5 to 10 minutes to meditate and visualize your day. It may be going for a walk after lunch and dinner.

We all have unhealthy habits and routines that are having a negative impact on our day and life so the first step is to identify those negative habits and replace them with a positive one, it´s really hard to eliminate negative habits or routines so replacing them with a positive and good one is a better strategy.

If you think about all the progress and how your days and life can improve in one month just by making small changes on your routines and making sure that you accomplish that small goal you won´t waste another day. The moment you decide and commit to start making a change in your life you need to be really clear of what you want to achieve, it may be something as simple as making your bed right when you get up, you set this small activity as a goal and every day you accomplish it you´ll feel better with yourself, you get that sense of accomplishment, you start increasing confidence, you do this for a couple of weeks and then you add another activity and you make sure you´re accomplishing this 2 activities every single day until they become habits, then you add another one.

You can use this strategy of small achievements to anything you want to accomplish, if you want to lose weight you can start by eliminating all processed and junk food and replace it with some whole, fresh foods, you can eliminate snacks or replace them with healthy ones, you can eliminate soda and all unhealthy beverages and replace them with tea or sparkling water. You can start going for a walk after lunch and dinner, you can start doing bodyweight exercises like squats and pushups before going to school or work or when you get back home.

Just choose an activity you want to accomplish every day, think and ask what you can do to improve your day or to achieve your goal and you will get ideas, from those ideas take the one that is easier, the one you are sure you can do every day and start doing it, if you do it every single day for a couple of weeks you´ll see that it´s possible to accomplish bigger goals and projects, you start to realize that one single activity done every day leads to great results, even if it´s small. What you´re accomplishing with these small achievements is getting a sense of achievement, knowing that you can accomplish something and that will lead to bigger achievements and projects. You realize that consistency is the key so you build that consistency and discipline knowing for sure that if you do it every day you will get the results.

Don´t forget, your day creates your life. If you have a dream life, if you want to live a certain way, think about of how a day would look like in that dream life and start living that way.

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Focus on what you can control


Every single day we go through so many different situations, some of them good and some bad, we do have control over some of them so we can change the outcome by taking action and doing something different and we don´t have control over others, but we can still make that situation worse or maintain it as it is by the way we respond.

There are some situations that we can control, for most of us this situations we do have control over are small but crucial they can make a huge difference on our days and life, some examples are exercise, diet, quality of sleep, our emotions, what we read and listen to, who we spend time with, what we do on our spare time, our values, how hard we work, our perspective in any situation. These small things can change our life completely once we realize we have control over them and start taking that control back.

We have control over what we eat, if we decide to eat healthy foods we can start doing it now, we don´t need external sources to make that happen, when we go to the gym we are in control of our workout and how hard we exercise, we can have total control of the quality of our sleep we only need to develop a sleep routine to make sure the amount of sleep we get is the best possible. We have control over what we read and listen to, we can read news and spend a lot of time on social media or we can read a book and listen to podcasts, we can spend time with people we love and care about and want to see us succeed or we can spend time with people who don´t support us.

For most of us in most cases it´s really hard to make sure that any situation or project is going to end the way we want, we can do our best and think about all the outcomes positive and negative to be prepared but there´s always something outside of our control, the bigger the project or situation the possibilities of something going wrong increases and there are more things outside of our control.

In the situations where everything is outside of our control, there´s still something we do have control over, how we respond. If we are stuck in traffic, if our flight was delayed, if the package was delayed, if it´s raining, etc; this are situations outside of our control it doesn´t matter if we shout or scream to the flight attendant or to the girl or guy next to us, it doesn´t matter how much we pray, the situation won´t change and all those negative reactions will only make the situation worse. What we can do here is respond in the best way possible, we do not have control over the situation and everything that´s happening, but we do have control over our emotions and the way we respond.

Do not let something outside of you, something external whether it´s a person or situation control your thoughts, emotions and actions. When we let someone or something outside control us we are only reacting and in most cases this reactions only make the situation worse.

Being able to control how we respond on situations outside of our control is hard, in a way we know there´s nothing we can do to improve the situation, we know that yelling to someone will not make the flight leave on time, we know that we can pray and hope for the rain to stop but it won´t stop the rain, but still most of us can´t control our emotions at those moments.

The first step is to identify each situation, knowing which ones are outside of your control and which ones are within your control, when you know which situations are within your control think about what you need to do and take action, for the situations outside of your control you can still control how you respond so in this case what you need to do is stop, take a step back to calm and relax. We all know that in some situations it´s better to do nothing, to just sit there and wait until that situation is over in a calm way but most of us are not able to do this so by taking a step back and taking the time to consciously calm yourself you are able to let that situation end without making it worse.

Whether we have control over the situations or not there´s always something we can do, if we have control then we need to take action, if we don´t have control we can still control our emotions and respond in a way that can keep that situation neutral instead of reacting and making the situation worse.

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The truth about sustainable weight loss


Weight loss is actually a simple goal, so many people lose weight and I´m sure you´ve done it before more than once and you´ve lost some weight. The problem is sustaining the results, losing that weight once and for all that´s the challenge.

There are many different weight loss programs, fitness experts and gurus and magic powders and pills that will help you lose weight, but that´s exactly what they´ll do help you lose weight as fast as possible without considering the negative impact to your health on the long run and without considering what happens next. What happens once you achieve your desired weight? In most cases you don´t know what to do, you stop the program and all of a sudden you start gaining all the weight back.

The truth about sustainable weight loss is that you can´t think about it just as weight loss, you need to think about as improving your health, losing weight and maintaining optimal health and a healthy weight considering muscle mass and body fat. And for this you need to develop healthy habits. So the secret to sustainable weight loss is to find a diet that works for you, one that is simple and flexible so that you can stick to it for long periods of time, actually the rest of your life 😊, it needs to give you the freedom you need to enjoy the meals you want every now and then by making better choices and giving your body the nutrients t needs. And you also need to find a physical activity you enjoy doing so that you can do it consistently, you don´t need to go to the gym 2 hours or more because if you hate it you won´t stick to it for long periods of time so find a sport or type of exercise you enjoy and that you can see yourself doing for the rest of your life too 😊. You don´t need to stick to just one activity or exercise, make a list of the sports or exercise you enjoy doing and keep switching them.

We need to mention that if you´re struggling with your weight then your body is not working properly and when you follow the most commercial and traditional programs or the advice of fitness experts and gurus they will only put you on a low calorie diet with very limited food options that you actually don´t like and tones of cardio, on the long run this does more harm to your body.

We need to focus on fixing the root of the problem which is your hormones and systems, if your body is not working properly you won´t lose weight and all those weight loss programs will do more damage, this is why when you stop the program it is so hard and almost impossible to maintain the results and it´s why most people end up gaining all the way back in a couple of years.

So, in short sustainable weight loss is all about developing healthy habits, these healthy habits include physical activity every day for at least 30 to 45 minutes and eating healthy foods that give the right nutrients to your body. Developing new habits is difficult, it takes time, patience and effort to undo a negative bad habit and replace it with a new one. To develop new habits that´s what you actually do, you take the bad habit you want to get rid of and replace it with a new healthy habit. We´ll be talking about how you can develop new habits and share with you the steps you need to follow in a future post.

The quality and quantity of sleep and stress also plays a huge impact on your weight. If you don´t get enough high quality sleep it will be harder for you to make the right choices with food and you´ll feel a lot more tired so you´ll likely skip your exercise and chronic stress increases cortisol which also leads to many problems. Lack or poor quality of sleep and chronic stress get all your hormones out of sync and this makes it impossible for you to lose weight. This is why we included a section for each to help you improve the quality of your sleep and help you reduce stress and make it easier for you to achieve your goal.

Since obesity and overweight keeps increasing and so many people like you are struggling with their weight, their life and trying to find ways to improve and achieve their goals let us know what´s your biggest problem, and if you´ve tried to lose weight before what was your biggest struggle, the diet? Exercise? Leave your comment down below and on Twitter.

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Pain and failure are the secret to growth and strength


If you don´t fail you´ll never grow, if you don´t go through the pain you´ll never grow either. The only way to grow and get stronger physically, mentally, emotionally is through pain and failure.

Every new level you reach requires a new you, one that is willing to learn, to sacrifice, to struggle, to go through periods of pain acquire the skills you need to make it through all the challenges that will take you to your next step.

Learning and growing never stops, the moment you stop learning, the moment you stop accepting challenges, the moment you stop failing, the moment you avoid the pain is the moment you´ll start going backwards.

First, understanding that failure is part of life and you need it is crucial. If you avoid failure then you won´t live to your capacity, from small failures to big ones there are lessons to learn in all of them. There´s nothing to learn from winnings, all the lessons come from the failures and those failures are needed in order to succeed.

All the most successful people from politics, to sports, to business they all have failed many times and most of them have mentioned several times that they succeed or win because they´ve failed many times and we remember their success and not their failures.

Perspective plays an important role here, if you ask yourself what can you learn from this? And try to find all the mistakes and all the lessons (without judging yourself) then you´ll be able to take that failure as a lesson and a way to improve. This mentality makes you stronger, if you are strong enough mentally to go through all the challenges and failing over and over, learning from those failures, improving and progressing then success will come to you.

Life can be painful, it most be. There´s a huge difference between good pain, bad pain and suffering which we will talk about on future posts. On this post we´re going to be talking about positive pain. Pain is what triggers grow, when you go to the gym or exercise you know you´ll be going through a time of pain and this triggers your muscle to grow, to get stronger. This applies to all areas of life, pain is a trigger to grow, the important part here is: are you willing to go through the pain so that you can achieve a certain goal?

Most people give up the moment they start feeling the pain, when they are exercising the moment they start feeling a slight amount of pain they stop even when they can get 3, 4 or more reps, they don´t want to feel uncomfortable. This happen not only when they are exercising, also at school, at home, when they need to stay out of their comfort zone and go through a tedious, boring, overwhelming and tired process of learning they give up when things start to get tough. Part of grow if having the strength of mind to go through the pain by visualizing your goal.       

We all have an amazing potential to achieve great things in life but that is only possible if you are willing to make some sacrifices, to step out of your comfort zone and accept challenges, to go through the pain and fail over and over taking them as lessons, keep practicing and getting better every single day.

For most of us developing a strong mindset is the hardest part, a strong mindset is the one that helps us go through the pain and failure but if we are not strong enough mentally then we will give up.

Pain and failure can also be a motivation to keep working and work even harder on your goal or project, it can give you more reasons why you´re doing what you are doing or they can be the trigger to start working on something positive that can be beneficial not only to you but to others by helping and sharing.

For some of us experiencing pain is the beginning of a new life, one that gives us focus and take us on our life path, it helps us find our purpose and when combined with our passions or what we love doing then it can completely takes us to the most incredible life.

When you are going through some difficult times, when you are going through pain or failure stay as optimistic as possible, it may be hard for you to be positive if there are too many things going wrong but by being optimistic and seeing a brighter future you are able to make mental shift and respond in a better way.

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Focus on progress


How many times have you started a project and you were obsessed with getting every detail perfect? I´ve done this too but, focusing on perfection only creates anxiety and slow our productivity and progress.

From what I´ve seen progress leads to happiness, perfection leads to anxiety. As tony Robbins says, “Progress equals happiness”. Just think about how you feel when you realize you are making progress in a project or whatever you are doing? You feel accomplished, your self-confidence increases, and you feel happy.

This may be true or false for you but in most cases, perfection get us stuck in some little detail and stop our results while progress let us keep going and improving along the way.

When we focus on progress our goal is to make the best, we can with what we got at that time, and this includes time, skills, knowledge, resources, equipment. And you are committed to improving every single day, being better every day, learning something knew or improving skills.

Our ultimate goal is to keep learning, keep growing and keep improving, the moment we stop making progress we start losing that feeling of achievement and if we let this feeling run our days and life for a long period of time it can lead to mental problems.

When you focus on perfection and if you get obsessed with it you can develop a negative mindset, wanting perfection on every single detail on everything you do is really hard to achieve, more often than you not you won´t be satisfied with the results, it will take you a long time, hard work and effort until you feel are satisfied and think the result is perfect. If you are not satisfied with the result you can get to a point where you don´t feel worthy or capable which leads to a negative and limiting mindset.

Progress on the other hand focuses on doing the best you can with what you know and what you have at that moment knowing that you can always improve, knowing that you can get better every single day by learning new skills or improving the ones you already know and also by getting more or better equipment or tools when you can. It´s about making sure you did your best and you give your all and feeling satisfied with your result. Realizing it was the best you could do but, tomorrow you can do better.

Some steps you can take today to start focusing on progress and stop chasing perfection are:

1.- Realize and accept that chasing perfection is almost impossible, you won´t feel satisfied and it will leave you feeling bad

2.- Think about doing the best you can with what you have

3.- Always keep in mind that you can improve every single day, learn new skills or improve the ones you already know

4.- Take does new or improved skills and apply them to help you get better results every day

5.- Focus on how you feel when you see you are making progress.

When you are aware of your feelings, your emotions is easier to make a change, most of us do not want to feel bad about ourselves, we want to feel uplifting emotions and happiness is one of them, the feeling of accomplishment is another one that makes us feel worthy and capable, when you focus on progress and see it make sure that you are aware of your feelings and enjoy them, this keeps you in the right track wanting more so you stay on that progress search.

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The power of perspective


There are different perspectives from which we can view life, and those perspectives are different for each of us, you and I won´t see life the same way, we won´t have the same perspective but our perspective is what makes the difference on whether we get a positive or a negative outcome.

How we perceive life is a result of our values, believes, and all the experiences we´ve been through, if we´re surrounded by people who has a very negative perspective of life in general we will get use to seeing every situation from a very negative perspective, the bad things of everything that happen and we will block all positive outcomes.

We´re all going through hard times right now, it doesn´t matter where country you live in, most of us need to stay home to fight this virus and just the idea of staying home and isolation creates negativity for some people. If we see all this situation from a negative perspective, we´re only making it harder on ourselves. We think about all the people infected, the people who didn´t make it, all the people who has lost their jobs, the economy, etc.

It´s easier to focus on negativity and think about all the possible negative outcomes this is what help us survive and that´s the job of our brain, to keep us alive but, in most cases we our brain start creating negative scenarios and we stop seeing reality, we stop seeing what really is happening.

It´s in times like this one that we need to change the perspective, see the situation from another angle, find all the positive points and remain optimistic. There´s always a positive outcome, something good comes from all challenges and the harder the challenge the greater the outcome. But if we want a positive outcome, we need to have the right perspective. When we see any situation from a negative angle we close and block our mind to find solutions, instead we see it as challenges and problems without solutions.

When you see every situation from a negative perspective you block your mind from finding solutions so you get stuck and the results will be negative, the chances of all the negative results that your mind created becoming a reality increases.

If you train your mind to see every situation from a positive perspective, being more optimistic or at least at the beginning making the effort of seeing the situation from another angle, understanding and being open to others´ points of views your setting yourself to a positive result. You are being opened and this gives your mind the job to focus on finding solutions.

With this comes respect, knowing that we all see the world, life and all situations from a different perspective we need to respect each other’s point of view, try to understand them and even learn from them.

Our perspective is how we see our life, our own version of the life we´re living or the situation we´re living but that version can have an impact on our future. Our perspective, our values and beliefs, our thoughts, and our behaviors are ultimately what create our life, if we don´t like the life we´re living then we need to make some changes and one of those changes include being open to different ideas and find different solutions, learning from every situation and becoming a little better every day.

This is up to you, you can train your mind to be more optimistic by finding the positive and really believing that everything will turn out ok or you can stay closed to negative thoughts that just keep you stuck.

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