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How pressure can be good for you.


We all have been under pressure but, how do you respond or react to it? do you get stressed out or do you use it to your advantage?

Your answer to the questions before play a big role on your results, if you get stressed while working under pressure then your concentration and productivity lower which don´t get us to our best results, if we use it to our advantage it´s easier to stay focused and concentrated on what we´re doing which increases productivity and we get better results.

Pressure is when there´s something at risk, the end result of a project has a significant impact whether positive or negative on our job, school, relationship, etc. You know you need to perform as best as possible to get the best results.

Many people consider pressure to be stress and if we see it that way then this type of stress is beneficial for us, pressure helps us get things done, we all have activities or things we need to do and because we still have time we let them for later until we don´t have any more time and we need to get them done so thanks to the need and pressure to get it done we do it but in this case if it´s not something we´re interested in we´ll just get it done, we don´t think about the result or if we could have done better it´s done and that´s what matters.

When we´re starting any new project if we use pressure to our favor, we  will get things done, we are more productive and efficient, but this will happen if we start the project with the right mindset and attitude. When we´re assigned a project or we know we need to deliver some work and meet a deadline we feel anxious but how we think about that anxiety is what makes the difference if we think about it as excitement of what we need to learn, if we think about the best result we can deliver while we have in mind that we need to meet a certain deadline and there´s people with some expectations from us then we will get focused and work as best as we can. An important factor to consider here is how much are we interested on the activity or project and how much we like it, in most cases people call it stress because they don´t like what they do, they´re not interested on the project and they actually don´t like it, this is when pressure turns into stress, as you can see we always get to the same point, do we love or like what we do? if we don´t like what we do or we´re not interested that pressure will turn into stress but if we like it that pressure will become excitement and we will put the work and time needed to finish on time.

Pressure can be our opportunity to do our best, to give our all and to perform as best as possible something that we won´t do any other way, how hard are we willing to work to exceed expectations?, all the odds may be against us but are we going to let that stop us or are we going to find new ways, if we want to perform at peak levels to get to those higher stakes then pressure will help us, even when we all are capable of delivering amazing results and great performance most of us do not put all our knowledge and effort on all activities and on those challenges is when we use more of our capacity.

Those are times when we know we need to trust ourselves and what we´re doing and we push out of our comfort zone which is what forces us to grow, we may need to be creative to be efficient with the resources we have so that we can get to the end because we may not have the time to learn all the skills or we may not have the best equipment so we need to find out which skills we can learn that are going to give us the best results and how can we make better use of the equipment and tools we have.

When we go through this journey with the goal in mind to make our best work possible and getting to that higher level that´s when we learn and grow, that´s when we realize that we are capable of achieving bigger things and it motivates us to go for something bigger.

If pressure leads to stress for you then what you can do is not taking more projects than you can handle, say no more often or if for some reason you don´t feel like being able to deliver the results expected or deliver the project on time then also it´s better to say no but, remember that getting out of our comfort zone is key to grow and succeed, getting out of the comfort zone increases pressure so you need to start small accepting small challenges you know you can handle.

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There´s a difference between stress and pressure


There´s a huge problem I see every day, some of us confuse pressure with stress, with get anxious, start panicking and everything goes wrong but there´s a big difference between pressure and stress.

Stress is when we are in a situation where we don´t have enough resources to meet the outcome, we may not have enough time, money, etc  and when we don´t have control of the situation the end results won´t depend completely of us.

There are so many situations that can cause us stress in a day to day basis like getting stuck in traffic, being late to a meeting, a long list of emails that we need to answer. If we feel overwhelmed and we know that we don´t have total control of a situation that´s stress.

Pressure is when we have control of the situation and the end results depends of us, of our performance, how productive, effective and efficient we are with what we have.

Pressure is that feeling when we only got one shot at any project, that we have a deadline and we have to deliver the best results possible. We are challenged to meet demands.

The reason why it is important to identify both of them is to be able to act the best way possible for each situation, we need to identify if we are in a stressful situation or if we are dealing with pressure. If we are dealing with stress the best we can do is first ask ourselves how important is that situation for us, many of us pay too much attention to what others say and think of us, we spend too much time with negative people and this create stress and we don´t need it. Sometimes we make a big deal of meaningful situations and what´s impacting us is the way we react. What we can do here is breathe, take some deep breathes and feel our body calming down.

Then ask if there´s something we can do, in many cases there´s nothing we can do so we need to change our focus, do something different and work in other stuff and just move on.

When we´re under pressure this means there´s something we need to do whether it´s making a decision or finish a project in a short period of time we need to find the best options and solutions with what we´ve got. Sometimes we don´t have the best resources of time, energy, money, knowledge but our result can impact our job or our life so we need to make the best, we need great performance, effectiveness and efficiency.

We know that stress can have a negative impact on our life and health while pressure can have a positive impact. For some of us pressure helps us stay focus and bring the best of us, taking it as a challenge to learn new skills, to improve, to get stronger is a way to get the best results while for others it can be overwhelming and can have very negative effects feeling as the highest level of stress.

Pressure can lead to anxiety, knowing that an outcome or end results depends of us and not knowing if we are going to be able to deliver on time at the level expected and how is our end result going to be taken creates fear specially if we need to learn new skills.

There are ways and tools we can use to know how to cope with each of them but as always it takes time, the best we can do now is try to avoid negative situations, negative people and negative environments, if we need to work under pressure belief that you can do it, you got everything you need to deliver a great result and even if you don´t know certain skills you can learn them and apply what you learn in your project.

Stress and pressure are different so we need to react differently to them, stress can have a really negative impact on our body and health while pressure can have a positive impact, stress can lead to bad relationships and bad results when working on a project while pressure can help us meet expectations and get our best results.

One simple question you can ask yourself to know how to respond or what you need to do is:

Do I have control over this? is there something I can do? if the answer is yes think about what you can do to get the best result, or what can you do to improve the situation, if the answer is no then let go off trying to manage or control the outcome. Do not stress with something that is out of your hands.

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Change your mindset and reframe the situation

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How many times have you asked yourself or try to avoid stress in your life?

I´ve done it a few times before until I decided to use it to achieve my goals, it´s the best change I´ve done because it requires to change our mindset and beliefs towards stress and it´s going against what most people thinks.

When we want to make stress works for us we first need to understand the different types of stress (which you can learn by clicking here), then we need to understand the difference between stress and pressure (you can learn about it here) because many of us tend to consider pressure as stress which is wrong and then we need to change our beliefs and mindset towards them.

Even when we have heard that stress is bad for us, it´s making us sick and it can kill us (I used to think the same) that is not true. Yes, chronic stress has a negative impact in our lives and health but not every situation is stress and not all stressful situations are actually stress, most of them are pressure.

Being under pressure is a catalyst that can lead to stress and anxiety or it can lead to a successful result. Pressure is an important part of our lives, we need it to learn, to grow, to get stronger, to gain knowledge and if we avoid it thinking it´s bad for us then we get stuck in all areas of our life. We all need to go through challenges which include discomfort, pain, struggle, fear, boredom or how most of us call them, pressure and stress. We need to have the right mindset and beliefs if we want to make the most out of pressure so here are some steps we can follow to make that shift in our mindset:

1. Realize that not all stress is bad

2. Understand the difference between stress and pressure

3. Identify stress and pressure in every situation

4. Accept that pressure is an important part of life to grow and learn

5. Realize that we can use the energy of pressure as an impulse to focus and concentrate on our project

Instead of thinking of every situation as negative or stressful and instead of thinking of the worst results or outcomes we need to reframe the situation following this steps:

1. Think of all the positive results or outcomes

2. Think of the sweaty hands and hear rate up as signs that our body is getting ready and excited to start working on the project.

If we listen or watch interviews of champions we´ll see that all of them get the same physical responses as us when they go through a competition, they feel their heart rate increasing, their palms sweating, they get anxious the difference is that they´ve learned to think about them as excitement and being anxious in a positive way to start the competition.

How we see any situation and how we react in all situations make all the difference, the hard part is that we´ve been said for so many years that stress is bad and we´ve let our body get highly stressed in a negative way that now the responses are unconscious, it takes effort and awareness every time we find ourselves under pressure to remind us to think of it as excitement and get ready to act.

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