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The system is wrong


Looking at how nutritionist or dietitians design diets for their clients and the food we are offered at hospitals I realize that the whole system is wrong.

Nutritionist and dietitians base their diets on the famous food pyramid we all know that recommends high complex carbohydrates and very low fat meals, this high complex carbs are the base of the pyramid but they´re not the best option.

For people trying to lose weight it´s obvious that they´re obese or overweight and the chances of them being insulin resistant are high meaning that their bodies do not use carbohydrates efficiently. The focus and goal must be to improve insulin making it easier to lose fat, once insulin is improved and the person is insulin sensitive meaning their bodies use carbohydrates more effectively it´ll be easier for them to lose fat consistently.

The best way to improve insulin is to lower carbohydrates, increase protein and increase healthy fats, the macronutrient ratios will depend on the type of diet the person wants to follow, a diet they can stick with for a lifestyle. The hardest part is always the beginning where people need to be more disciplined and focus on keeping carbohydrates low to improve insulin and start losing some weight.

Diets on hospitals are also based on the food pyramid which is not the best option. There are many studies and research done that proves that junk and processed foods with unhealthy vegetable and seed oils and also simple carbohydrates and sugars are the cause of many diseases nowadays in hospitals most of the food is processed like bread, cookies, box juice, box cereal and the prepared meals are low in fats and when they use oils to cook they use unhealthy oils. Hospital diets are high in carbohydrates, moderate in protein and low in fats. The offer highly processed foods that contain all the unhealthy ingredients.

It doesn´t make sense to me that doctors, nurses, nutritionist, dietitians and people who are supposed to take care of patients and who are supposed to help people live healthier, live better and live longer offer these meals. It doesn´t make sense to me why they keep treating the symptoms instead of looking for the cause, they treat the symptoms and hide the rest of the story. In many cases the cause of many diseases is our lifestyle, lack of physical activity, foods high in sugars, unhealthy fats, unhealthy oils and extra chemicals, high levels of stress and poor sleep. I believe that if we focus on improving our lifestyle and developing healthy habits, we can prevent some of these diseases.

I´m not saying that we all need to follow a low carbohydrate diet or follow a strict ketogenic diet, what I´m saying is that some people won´t do well on a high or moderate carbohydrate diet so reducing carbohydrates for a period of time is helpful then they can add or increase some healthier carbs. We need to think about how our body works and what it needs to perform at peak, maintain optimal health while sustaining our weight loss goal. For most of us we need to increase healthy fats and reduce carbohydrates with moderate protein.

Living a healthy lifestyle is a most if you want to make the best out of your life. Nutrition and exercise are key for living healthy, your health most be your priority; making the commitment to live a better life by developing habits that make your life more enjoyable give you more freedom and make better choices. You can start making better choices by avoiding unhealthy foods like sweets, junk, processed and fast food. When you focus on meals prepared with fresh and healthy ingredients, you can´t go wrong.

It´s not only about us, it´s about the people we love. If you want to take care of your family, your friends and the people you love you need to take care of yourself first. If you are healthy, if you feel great you can then help the people around you and inspire them.

The goal of fitness is to help you get in shape and maintain an amazing physique while enjoying life as much as possible and live a life you are proud of. You can achieve this by developing healthy habits for each of the 5 principles of fitness that lead to a healthy lifestyle. This may look complicated but it´s simple and effective, it will take time and discipline at the beginning but it´s worthy.

It all starts with you and you can start today by eliminating or avoiding as much as possible unhealthy highly processed and fast foods and eat whole, fresh foods, this is simple said than done because those unhealthy foods create addiction so the moment you stop eating them you have cravings, you can stop those cravings by adding healthy fats like nuts and seeds or drinking tea. After a couple of weeks, you will feel a lot better and you may have lost some weight so stop thinking about it and just start eating healthy foods.

Let us know what food you crave more, the one that is harder for you to avoid by leaving a comment down below and on Twitter.

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Why it is important to focus on body composition


You´ve tried to lose weight more than once but you haven´t achieved your results or maybe you get to your desired weight but after a couple months or years you gained all the weight back.

Most people when they talk about weight loss or they set a weight loss goal they want to lose as much weight as possible as fast as possible. There are some girls and guys who want take it easy and know that it will take time so they want to lose weight at a lower pace but they still follow the same rules.

When we set our weight loss goal some of us search on the internet or magazine and find a program that looks amazing so we start following it, most of the programs are based on the most famous advice “eat less – move more” they want you to burn as much calories as possible while eating less so they put you on a low restrictive calorie diet maybe high protein, low fat and low carbs while doing tones of cardio or aerobic exercises. If you go to a dietitian or nutritionist they also put you in a low restrictive calorie diet which is low fat, moderate protein and moderate carbs. Unfortunately these advices are wrong, this is not the best way for sustainable weight loss and this leads to more problems.

The real problem starts from the moment you set your goal, you don´t want to lose weight, you want to improve body composition, this means that you want to lose body fat and gain or maintain muscle mass so that you achieve a healthy weight based on your height and considering lean muscle mass and body fat. A physique that looks toned and strong, you won´t get big, you´ll look great.

Most people think that being skinny is healthy but it´s actually not, we´ve seen it over and over when skinny people all of a sudden find out that they have some health issue. The problem is not only being obese or overweight, the problem is body composition, the amount of fat we have on our body, there are different types of fat (we´re going to talk about this on a future post), on people who are obese or overweight it´s clear that they have fat to lose but there´s a type of fat that it´s actually more harmful and causes more problems and we don´t see this type of fat. The problem with skinny people is that they may have this kind of harmful fat.

When you focus on body composition you need to improve your health and make sure that you maintain or gain muscle mass, maintaining muscle mass and strength is linked to health and longevity, and you make sure that you lose fat. The goal is to get stronger so that you maintain muscle mass and that you lose fat this gives you a good look physique that is also healthy.

As I´ve mentioned before it´s not about weight loss, your weight and your physique is the result of your health and what´s going on in your body, if you have fat to lose and if it´s hard for you to lose fat and maintain a healthy weight then there´s something going wrong with the hormones and systems in your body and that´s what you need to focus on. Considering a healthy diet that gives your body the nutrients it needs while getting rid of all the unhealthy foods that are like toxins to your body and to get stronger to build muscle mass and end with a healthy and good looking body.

If you are skinny you need to get stronger to build muscle mass while burning the fat you do have to make sure that your weight is actually healthy. You also need to focus on giving your body the nutrients it needs.

As you can see weight loss can get very complicated, it´s not as easy as most fitness experts ang gurus say. Their eat less – move more advice is just one small piece of the puzzle and we need to mention that their approach is not complete.

We´ll be talking a lot more about healthy weight loss and we´ll be sharing with you tips and steps to improve your health and achieve your weight loss goal once and for all. In the mean time if you have any doubt, question or comment leave it down below and on Twitter, we´ll be glad to read from you and help you.

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What people won´t tell you about weight loss


Losing weight has become a common goal in fitness and even more in January, it´s a very common New Years Resolution and almost every year all gyms are full of people who set this goal, but most of them give up.

When you set your weight loss goal you think about exercise and diet, for exercise you think about cardio or aerobic type and maybe some light weights especially if you´re a girl and for diet you think about low fats, low carb and you stick to lean meats like chicken, some veggies and salads. Guys may think about going to the gym, lift weights and do some cardio and for diet they also go for lean meats, veggies and rice.

This is what the industries had made us believe even dietitians or nutritionist will give you this recommendations, unfortunately those recommendations or advices are not the best ones or the right ones if we focus on making your weight loss last.

There are some points you need to consider and most people in the industry won´t tell you about weight loss but if you want to succeed you need to know about them:

1.- It´s not about losing weight fast, it´s about keeping it off

Most weight loss programs, fitness experts and gurus will help you lose weight fast but this is a huge mistake. When you lose weight fast by following low restrictive calorie diets and a tone of cardio or aerobic exercise where you eat to little and you have just a few food choices you are not giving your body the nutrients it needs and you are doing a tone of not the best type of exercise you´ll lose weight fast, but you won´t be able to make those results last. Those programs do more damage to your body so it will be harder for you to maintain your results, you´ll need to eat less and less and exercise more, this is why most people gain all the weight back.

2.- It takes time and effort

Even when you can see amazing results in a months or a couple of weeks depending of how much weight you got to lose it takes time and effort. You do need to eat a little less, limit and preferably avoid some unhealthy foods and do some exercise (the right type of exercise, the right way). If it was easy then we all be lean. It takes time and effort from you but once you achieve your desired goal and physique it´s easier and enjoyable to maintain your results if you did it the right way.

3.- You´ll feel hungry

When you want to lose weight you do need to eat a little less so that your body can use stored body fat as energy, but this is just a small piece of the puzzle. I need to say that you will feel hungry but the type if hunger and the symptoms that go with it play an important role. You need to make sure that the hunger you feel is the right one and that you´re not having any negative symptom (we´ll talk about this on a future post). Feeling the right type of hunger is key for weight loss so you need to be mentally strong and lock in your goal so that you can reach it.

4.- There will be hard days

Weight loss is simple but not easy. Some days you´ll be completely lock in your goal and you´ll go through all the negative stuff with ease, you´ll be able to ignore the hunger and cravings, exercise, maintain stress low and get high quality sleep, this days are your best days and we would want to have only this amazing days throughout the journey but it´s impossible. You need to accept that you´ll have bad and hard days, some days you´ll have more hunger, some days your cravings will increase, some days you won´t feel motivated and with the energy you to exercise but those are the days you need to concentrate on your goal on a higher level, you need to get up and exercise, show up even if you don´t feel like it, on this days you may not break any record, your effort and intensity won´t be at peak but you will feel a sense of accomplishment after you´re done. If you made a wrong choice with your diet do not blame yourself, do not make that one single meal or one bad choice ruin the rest of your day. Just move on. Accept that there will be hard days and that you´ll make some mistakes but do not get obsessed with them, just move on and keep your eyes on your goal.

5.- It´s about developing healthy habits

Sustainable weight loss is about developing healthy habits. In regards to diet and exercise you need to develop the habit of doing some physical activity every day, working on your strength and adding some cardio. For your diets there will be foods you need to avoid because of the negative impact they have on your health and weight and you need to find foods you like. Your weight loss journey is not only a couple of months where you only focus on losing weight, those months are your transition from an unhealthy diet and sedentary lifestyle to a healthy diet and physical lifestyle. You are developing the habits you need to make your weight loss sustainable in a simple and enjoyable way during those months.

That you know more about what it actually takes to lose weight then you´re getting on the right track to lose weight once and for all. If you have any question or comment leave it down below and on Twitter so we can help you achieve your goal and improve your life.

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The truth about sustainable weight loss


Weight loss is actually a simple goal, so many people lose weight and I´m sure you´ve done it before more than once and you´ve lost some weight. The problem is sustaining the results, losing that weight once and for all that´s the challenge.

There are many different weight loss programs, fitness experts and gurus and magic powders and pills that will help you lose weight, but that´s exactly what they´ll do help you lose weight as fast as possible without considering the negative impact to your health on the long run and without considering what happens next. What happens once you achieve your desired weight? In most cases you don´t know what to do, you stop the program and all of a sudden you start gaining all the weight back.

The truth about sustainable weight loss is that you can´t think about it just as weight loss, you need to think about as improving your health, losing weight and maintaining optimal health and a healthy weight considering muscle mass and body fat. And for this you need to develop healthy habits. So the secret to sustainable weight loss is to find a diet that works for you, one that is simple and flexible so that you can stick to it for long periods of time, actually the rest of your life 😊, it needs to give you the freedom you need to enjoy the meals you want every now and then by making better choices and giving your body the nutrients t needs. And you also need to find a physical activity you enjoy doing so that you can do it consistently, you don´t need to go to the gym 2 hours or more because if you hate it you won´t stick to it for long periods of time so find a sport or type of exercise you enjoy and that you can see yourself doing for the rest of your life too 😊. You don´t need to stick to just one activity or exercise, make a list of the sports or exercise you enjoy doing and keep switching them.

We need to mention that if you´re struggling with your weight then your body is not working properly and when you follow the most commercial and traditional programs or the advice of fitness experts and gurus they will only put you on a low calorie diet with very limited food options that you actually don´t like and tones of cardio, on the long run this does more harm to your body.

We need to focus on fixing the root of the problem which is your hormones and systems, if your body is not working properly you won´t lose weight and all those weight loss programs will do more damage, this is why when you stop the program it is so hard and almost impossible to maintain the results and it´s why most people end up gaining all the way back in a couple of years.

So, in short sustainable weight loss is all about developing healthy habits, these healthy habits include physical activity every day for at least 30 to 45 minutes and eating healthy foods that give the right nutrients to your body. Developing new habits is difficult, it takes time, patience and effort to undo a negative bad habit and replace it with a new one. To develop new habits that´s what you actually do, you take the bad habit you want to get rid of and replace it with a new healthy habit. We´ll be talking about how you can develop new habits and share with you the steps you need to follow in a future post.

The quality and quantity of sleep and stress also plays a huge impact on your weight. If you don´t get enough high quality sleep it will be harder for you to make the right choices with food and you´ll feel a lot more tired so you´ll likely skip your exercise and chronic stress increases cortisol which also leads to many problems. Lack or poor quality of sleep and chronic stress get all your hormones out of sync and this makes it impossible for you to lose weight. This is why we included a section for each to help you improve the quality of your sleep and help you reduce stress and make it easier for you to achieve your goal.

Since obesity and overweight keeps increasing and so many people like you are struggling with their weight, their life and trying to find ways to improve and achieve their goals let us know what´s your biggest problem, and if you´ve tried to lose weight before what was your biggest struggle, the diet? Exercise? Leave your comment down below and on Twitter.

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This is what you need to start your weight loss journey


There are so many weight loss program, fitness experts and gurus, magic supplements all claiming that their program, their advice or their supplement is the best one, the one and only that will give you results, but weight loss, obesity and overweight are still a huge problem and it´s just getting worse.

Most of the programs and fitness experts and gurus focus on the most fa most famous advice we all know and I´m sure you´ve heard for weight loss: “eat less – move more”. It´s clear that this advice doesn´t help, in my opinion it´s not complete and here is why.

How can you eat less when you are hungry, and you have cravings all the time? And how can you move more when you feel tired and your body hurts? It´s clear that all this experts and gurus don´t understand how you feel.

When you are struggling with your weight it´s clear that your body doesn´t work the same way as someone who is lean or skinny (although being skinny is not healthy either). Your body is not working properly, there are so many things going wrong with the hormones and systems on your body and that´s why you can´t lose weight so even when you do need to eat less and move more there are ways to do it, those ways are going to help you improve the hormones and systems so that your body works efficiently, you improve your health and you lose weight.

All food has a different function in your body, even the healthy ones and all types of exercise send a different signal or message to your body so when someone tells you to eat less and move more they´re giving you incomplete advice and they don´t really understand how you feel and how everything works together.

To start your weight loss journey you need to begin with your mindset, here are the steps you need to take:

1.- Stop blaming yourself.- Your weight is not completely your fault, there are some mental and emotional issues plus marketing and addictive ingredients that are causing you to over eat so stop blaming yourself.

2.- Accept your reality.- You do need to accept that overeating and being obese or overweight is unhealthy and that you need to make a change.

3.- Realize that the decision to change is on your hands.- The only one that can change your reality and future life is you. You can take control of your life, it´s on you to make the decision and commitment to start making the changes you need to develop healthy habits and live the life you deserve.

When you´re struggling with your weight and you set a weight loss goal and start working on it you need to work on your mindset too or it will hold you back, you need to be able to see yourself in your mind as the successful person you want to be. If the mental image you hold on your mind of yourself does not go according to your goal it will be harder to achieve your goal. You need to create a mental image of yourself with your goal achieved.

Now that you know that mindset plays a huge role we need to talk about diet. I don´t like the word diet because it makes your brain think that you´ll be following a very restrictive eating plan low in calories and you can´t eat your favorite foods, you´ll feel hungry and you won´t like the food choices for a period of time. This already sets you for failure. We´ll talk about this on future posts for now here are 3 simple steps you can take to start improving your health and losing weight:

1.- Eat only 3 meals per day.- If you tend to eat 5 or 6 times a day or more, if you have breakfast, lunch and dinner and also snacks in between you need to limit the amount of times you eat to 3 meals per day. Just breakfast, lunch and dinner no snacks in between.

2.- Focus on eating whole fresh foods.- Eating meals cooked or prepared with healthy, whole and fresh ingredients is the best you can do, cook your meals with extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil, you can have eggs, beaf, meet, lam, pork, fish, tuna, salmon, turkey, vegetables, rice, oats, quinoa, beans, lentils, yogurt, nuts, seeds. Vary your food choices and if you have any allergy avoid those foods.

3.- Eliminate highly processed foods that contain unhealthy oils and trans fats, vegetable and seed oils are unhealthy and also the ones that contain sugar.

There are so many points and stuff we need to talk about nutrition and diet but we´ll talk about all of them as we continue sharing all this information and my opinion with you so lets leave it here for now.

Last, we need to talk about exercise. Since you may have been sedentary for some years you may feel tired and are dealing with different pains in your body so for the first 2 or 3 weeks just focus on the diet. In the third or fourth week you need to start doing some physical activity, here´s one simple step:

1.- Take a 10 minute walk in the morning before breakfast and another 10 minute walk after dinner.

As I mentioned before there are so many stuff we need to talk about but for now we´ll leave it here, this 7 steps will start moving you on the right track. You can start making the change you need today, if you have any doubt or question just let us know by leaving a comment down below and on Twitter, we´ll be glad to here from you and help you.

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Focus on progress


How many times have you started a project and you were obsessed with getting every detail perfect? I´ve done this too but, focusing on perfection only creates anxiety and slow our productivity and progress.

From what I´ve seen progress leads to happiness, perfection leads to anxiety. As tony Robbins says, “Progress equals happiness”. Just think about how you feel when you realize you are making progress in a project or whatever you are doing? You feel accomplished, your self-confidence increases, and you feel happy.

This may be true or false for you but in most cases, perfection get us stuck in some little detail and stop our results while progress let us keep going and improving along the way.

When we focus on progress our goal is to make the best, we can with what we got at that time, and this includes time, skills, knowledge, resources, equipment. And you are committed to improving every single day, being better every day, learning something knew or improving skills.

Our ultimate goal is to keep learning, keep growing and keep improving, the moment we stop making progress we start losing that feeling of achievement and if we let this feeling run our days and life for a long period of time it can lead to mental problems.

When you focus on perfection and if you get obsessed with it you can develop a negative mindset, wanting perfection on every single detail on everything you do is really hard to achieve, more often than you not you won´t be satisfied with the results, it will take you a long time, hard work and effort until you feel are satisfied and think the result is perfect. If you are not satisfied with the result you can get to a point where you don´t feel worthy or capable which leads to a negative and limiting mindset.

Progress on the other hand focuses on doing the best you can with what you know and what you have at that moment knowing that you can always improve, knowing that you can get better every single day by learning new skills or improving the ones you already know and also by getting more or better equipment or tools when you can. It´s about making sure you did your best and you give your all and feeling satisfied with your result. Realizing it was the best you could do but, tomorrow you can do better.

Some steps you can take today to start focusing on progress and stop chasing perfection are:

1.- Realize and accept that chasing perfection is almost impossible, you won´t feel satisfied and it will leave you feeling bad

2.- Think about doing the best you can with what you have

3.- Always keep in mind that you can improve every single day, learn new skills or improve the ones you already know

4.- Take does new or improved skills and apply them to help you get better results every day

5.- Focus on how you feel when you see you are making progress.

When you are aware of your feelings, your emotions is easier to make a change, most of us do not want to feel bad about ourselves, we want to feel uplifting emotions and happiness is one of them, the feeling of accomplishment is another one that makes us feel worthy and capable, when you focus on progress and see it make sure that you are aware of your feelings and enjoy them, this keeps you in the right track wanting more so you stay on that progress search.

Let me know by leaving a comment on Facebook and Twitter if you tend to focus on perfection over progress and what has been your result.

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Those limiting beliefs are holding you back

6_foto tree goals

It´s incredible how much we can all accomplish in our life, we all have amazing capabilities, abilities, talents to live a happy and fulfilled life, a life we are proud of but it´s also amazing how most of us never get to live to our full potential. And the reason why we don´t accomplish as much as we could is because of limiting beliefs, if you get rid of them your life will be amazing.

Our beliefs start with an idea that is repeated over and over which can come from our family, friends, society, our neighbors, our environment, after repeating that same idea over and over it creates a belief that is kept in our subconscious mind. With negative and painful experiences the belief is created almost automatically as a way for our subconscious to make sure that we remember that event and avoid it at all costs.

When we´re kids almost everything we see and hear we take it as a fact and while we´re growing up we develop most of the beliefs that rule our life nowadays, if someone told us that we´re not good enough, that we don´t deserve to win, that money is hard to get, that we´re obese and we´ll never be lean, etc; if we hear all those negative comments over and over and over we start thinking of them as being real and they become beliefs that are now part of our subconscious.

There´s a big problem with our beliefs and that is that they create our life, if we are having success in life that means that our beliefs are right and positive, but if we´re not living the way we want that means that our beliefs are wrong and negative and they are the root of the problem.

We know that we need to take the right action that lead us to our goals but our habits, actions, beliefs and values need to be in harmony and since most of the time our subconscious mind is guiding us, our actions go towards our beliefs so if we have the wrong beliefs our habits and actions are going to follow those wrong beliefs we have in our mind even when we know consciously that those actions won´t get us closer to our goals.

Our brain is lazy so it will do everything it can to avoid pain and avoid using energy this is why beliefs and habits are important for our brain, they allow it to stay safe and keep energy. Our brain will ignore everything that doesn´t align with our beliefs, this is why when we decide to start something new like a fitness program our mind gets us all the excuses of why we shouldn´t be doing it.

Our thoughts conscious and subconscious create our reality so we may have set our goal and we take action every day but if it´s so hard for us to stay focused and it takes a lot of effort to take action, then some negative thoughts or limiting beliefs in our subconscious are holding us back. In this case our thoughts are controlling our life so what we need to do is take control of our life by taking control of our thoughts, once we are able to control our thoughts we can eliminate or get pass any limiting belief and develop a strong mindset that will lead to success.

Here are some steps you can follow to take control of your mind and start changing or eliminating limiting thoughts:

1. Identify negative or limiting beliefs.- You need to identify the beliefs that are keeping you stuck. For this you need to ask yourselves if that belief is helping me become the person I  want to be and is it helping me live the life I want to live? Is this belief taking me closer to my goal? If the answer to this questions is “no” then we´ve found a belief we need to change.

2. Decide the new beliefs you want.- You need to make sure that the new beliefs you choose help you grow and become the person you need to be to accomplish your goals.

3. Self-aware.- You need to be aware of your thoughts and when a thought or belief that you want to change comes to your mind realize that it was part of your old beliefs and it´s not part of the new ones, accept that in the past that belief was part of your thoughts and beliefs and it guided your decisions and actions but not anymore and, bring to your mind the new belief you want to replace the old belief and the one you´re working on to be part of your life.

4. Repeat the new belief over and over.- Repetition is key, you need to think and remember your new beliefs over and over until they get to the subconscious mind.

Changing beliefs or eliminating limiting beliefs is hard, it requires attention and being present and aware so work on one belief at a time, choose the one that will have a bigger impact, if you want to lose weight and get in shape you can start by taking a walk of 5 to 10 minutes in the morning before you go to work or late night after you come back home, or you can take a 10 minute walk after lunch or dinner or both if you can and say to yourself that you deserve to be lean, you deserve to be in great shape.

Do this tonight before you fall asleep, think of something you are grateful for and feel the emotion of gratitude, once you feel the emotion maintain it while saying to yourself that you deserve to be lean and in great shape. Tomorrow when you wake up feel grateful for the amazing day to come and repeat to yourself that you deserve to be lean and in great shape. As you go through your day remember those phrases and when a negative one comes to mind replace it with a positive one, and start visualizing yourself being lean and in that amazing physique you want.

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