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Gain clarity to achieve your goals!

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Being really clear of what we want in life is the first and most important step to success.

Do you know exactly what you want in life? are you clear of what you want to achieve?

Clarity is the only way to get what we want; how can we get or achieve something if we´re not sure of exactly what we want?

Apart that most of us are looking for instant results thanks to instant gratification and that we´re lazy because our brain wants to stay comfortable we always make everything harder than it actually is but not having clarity of what we want is also the reason why we stay in the same place. How can we know what we need to do if we don´t know where we´re going?

Most of us just go with the flow, with what life puts in our way but we all have a purpose and we if don´t work to fulfill that purpose we will work for someone else’s purpose or dream and at the end we´ll regret.

It´s frustrating how many of us dream about living life a certain way but still we have a vague idea. What would you do if I tell you that you can live the life you dream if you are clear on what you want in all areas, from your relationships, finance, job?

Being clear means being able to create an image on your mind of how you want your life to be or how would you look and feel once you´ve achieved your goal, that image needs to include as much detail as possible, the more detail you are, the more clear you are the easier it is for your mind and brain to figure out ways to get you there and the easier it is to work and act on it.

The steps we can follow to gain clarity are:

1. Know yourself,

2. Define your values,

3. Know what you stand for, what moves you,

4. Know your purpose

This 4 steps seem so vague but we need to know and understand ourselves, we need to go deep inside us the more we understand our thoughts, feelings, emotions, what´s important for us, what moves us, what makes us emotional in such a way that we take action and keep momentum.

When we know who we are, what we believe, what we want to achieve and what we need to do the only step missing is taking action, when we know exactly what we want and is something that moves us then we´re motivated every single day to take action, sometimes for some of us it´s hard to stop working and take a rest when we´re so inspired and motivated.

Clarity erase all obstacles physically and mentally we know that there will be challenges but we also know that there´s always at least one way to overcome any challenge, clarity drives focus and concentration, when we know exactly what we want  it´s easier to stay focused on what we´re doing and we can go for long hours of continuous work.

When we lack clarity we don´t know where we´re going and we don´t know what to do, this leads to procrastination, one of the reasons why we don´t take action is because we don´t know exactly what to do, maybe we start working on something and a couple of days or weeks later we change what we´re doing or maybe we just stop working on it, this constant change comes from lack of clarity.

If we want to live our best life possible we need to be clear of what we want on all areas of life which include health, finance, job, family, relationships, etc; the reason why we need to define our values and what we stand for is that our goals in all areas of life can align to those values and this makes our lives a lot more easier, we know what we want, we know what we need to do so we act accordingly.

We need to make choices every single day so if we have a clear goal based on our values, our purpose and what we stand for it´s easier to make the right choices, we just need to choose the option that´s going to keep us moving forward to our goal.

You can start today be making a list of your values, what is important to you, it may be relationships, honesty, respect, write at least 5 values then think about what you stand for and think about a project or goal you would want to achieve based on what you stand for and that aligns to your values. Take as much time as possible to write your values and what you stand for, you need to spend time alone and go deep inside you so don´t get angry or upset if you don´t have this exercise in a couple of hours.

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The power of social media


Social media is so powerful, but we need to learn how to use to our advantage.

Do you know how much time you spend every day on social media? whether it´s to upload pictures or videos, to share ideas or just going through the feed the amount of time we spend there is huge, on average we spend around 3 hours per day and if we think about what we do in most cases we´re only wasting valuable time.

We´re growing up in a world where Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and all social media platforms are the way to engage with people all around the world. The problem is that many people don´t share their truths, they hide their reality with filters and they share what they want us to see so when we go through our feed we see all those amazing pictures of people sharing their amazing trips and how much they are loving life but are we really sure that they are enjoying and having an incredible life? this pictures can have a negative effects on us because we may not be working on what we love and in general our life is not that amazing.

Engagement with social media releases a chemical called dopamine which makes us feel good, when we upload a picture and 5 minutes later we check and see thousands of likes we feel good but when we don´t get as many likes as we want we feel bad, we feel like we don´t deserve it and we´re not good enough, we start comparing our pictures and stories with someone else´s who has a lot more followers and likes and we feel bad for ourselves but the problem is that we may not know the truth and stories about the people we´re comparing ourselves to, and we also have our own story.

We´ve become addicted to social media, we want the likes and follows we´ve become addicted to that feeling, it help us cope with stress of life but it can also lead to depression when we compare our content with others.

Some years ago our lives were more focused on what happened around us, our neighbor, our city or country, we use to be a lot more in contact with our closest friends, family, neighbors, classmates and coworkers, now is what happens all around the world and we are more in contact with people in other countries than with the ones close to us.

Even when social media can have a negative impact in our life it also has huge power and if we know how to use them, we can improve our life and help others which is what I love.

It all starts with who we follow, if we follow people who share content that can help us grow, inspire and motivates us then we will start acting and working towards a more successful life. What we share is also important, if we just share pictures or video to add value and to help people all around the world then we´re making a difference in someone else´s lives.

We care more about the numbers on our accounts than on other people, it´s not about getting millions and millions of followers, it´s not about getting millions of likes in our posts, it´s about sharing content that can be valuable for others, it´s about how many people we actually help, it can be just by telling our truth, our story or sharing our knowledge in any specific area.

Social media won´t go anywhere but if we make use of it the right way we can get a lot of benefits and advantages, we need to make sure that we don´t waste our time with it and follow people that are adding value to our life. Just imagine what would happen if from those 3 hours a day we reduce it to 1 hour and we make that 1 hour count and we use the other hour to exercise, we will get in better shape, we will get all the benefits of exercise and we´re learning something from the people we follow.

Remember that an image can say too much, one single image can have a positive impact or negative impact in other´s lives, one post can help someone to improve their life while other can make someone feel unworthy.

Social media is a great tool to help us learn from others and grow and it´s also a tool to help people. What we share, the pictures, images, content, video, etc; it all matters. They can have a positive impact on someone and we can inspire people to improve their lives or maybe just make them smile, but it can also have a negative impact by making someone feel bad so we need to be aware of what we share.

Let us know by leaving a comment on our Facebook and Twitter account which type if content you prefer, do you like to follow friends and family to see what they´re doing? Or do you like to follow celebrities to have an inside of their lives, or do you like to follow people or accounts from where you can learn?

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The power of fear


Fear is normal, we all feel fear on certain situations but how we respond to it and how we use it makes a huge difference, it can be the fuel to take action and keep moving forward or it can lead to failure.

We´ve all felt fear but how do you react to it? Do you try to avoid it every time or you get up and act even when that fear is so big?

Now, there´s something I want to make clear, not all fear is bad we need fear as a survival mechanism, there´ll be some situations where we need to think twice about taking action and it can even help us prevent accidents, it keeps us safe. The type of fear we´ll be talking about in this post is the one that prevents us from acting towards our goal. The one that keeps us stuck in our current job because we´re afraid of accepting other opportunities, the one that keeps us struggling with our finances and stops us from taking action to start a business.

Fear is the number one reason we don´t achieve our goals, the fear of being rejected, fear of failing, fear of winning and losing everything, fear of uncertainty, etc: If we can just get pass that fear, if we could only feel the fear and take that first step towards our goal things will be completely different.

Fear is not real, it´s created in our mind and it also creates negative emotions and those negative emotions combined with the thoughts of fear paralyze us, they are the reason why we don´t get up and work and they are also the reason why we´re stuck in the same place living the same way year after year. Fear comes from the unknown when we´re not sure about the outcome or result we start to worry, and those thoughts are the ones that create fear and those thoughts create negative emotions related to fear.

Everything we want, our ultimate goal is on the other side of fear this is why we need to face our fears otherwise we will never achieve our goal, every time we face a challenge it may be a new project, or a obstacle on our way to our goals we need to face that fear and instead of letting our mind come up with negative thoughts that result in fear lets think about it as excitement and our body getting ready to face the challenge.

How we see each situation and how we react makes the difference, fear is so powerful, if we let it, it will control us which is what happens to most of us so, instead we need to control it and make the most out of it, if we can take that power and transform it into excitement and motivation we´re able to do and achieve everything we want.

Most of us let fear control us, we accept all the excuses our mind send us and believe them and if we add to it that we´re lazy then we got the recipe to stay where we are, the recipe for failure.

Fear comes when we face a challenge, but our mind is amazing at creating the worst-case scenarios and it tend to make every situation worse than it is and our fear in any challenge increases thanks to our mid. Every time we face a challenge, we have 2 options we can avoid those challenges and stay where we are, or we can face them.

What we can do is take the time to go deep in our thoughts and find out where our fears come from, are we afraid of not being good enough?, are we afraid of failing?, are we afraid of succeeding and then losing everything? are we afraid of what others will say and think of us?, are we afraid that people make fun of us? All this are the result of insecurities, lack of confidence and lack of courage so we need to start small to increase confidence and courage in ourselves and for this we need to take action, there´s no other way, we need to do that what we fear, we need to face the challenges.

If we start with a big challenge when we don´t have enough confidence and courage we will fail but if we start with small challenges and we remind ourselves that we are good enough, that we are capable and we take action we will feel great right after and that increases our confidence and courage, then we can go for a bigger challenge until we feel comfortable enough to face even bigger challenges.

We all feel fear when we face a challenge the only difference is that successful people take action, they don´t let that fear holds them back, they take control of it and act and unsuccessful people let that fear take control of them, they avoid fear by not taking action and that´s where limiting beliefs also come from.

If we could only feel fear and act anyway our entire lives would look very different. The reason why we need to act is because if fear comes from the unknown, from insecurities and lack of confidence, the moment we act we start learning, experiencing and gaining knowledge and with that, our confidence increases.

What you can do every time you feel fear is stop for a moment and figure out what kind of fear is it, is it fear of failure?, fear of rejection? etc; try to find out where that fear comes from by analyzing your thoughts. Take small action as soon as possible.

Let us know by leaving a comment in our Twitter and Facebook account what challenge you´ve been avoiding, what are your fears, and what action you need to take to get pass that challenge?

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Be more positive! How you can do it!

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We´ve heard so many times that we need to be more positive, that positivity will improves our life, if we think positively we will attract good stuff but if you´ve been trying this for some time you may be thinking that it actually doesn´t work, being positive doesn´t improve your life. The problem is we can´t be positive in just some situations, we can´t just practice positivity a couple of minutes a day, it needs to be something we practice every single moment of our day, it needs to be a lifestyle.

Positivity doesn´t mean being positive every now and then we need to practice it every day until it becomes part of us.

Positivity has many benefits for our life and health like being more productive, reducing stress, improves relationships, helps us increase confidence, increase our chances of success, when we practice positivity on a daily basis we live more happier and we enjoy more every moment.

Everything is energy including our thoughts and emotions this is why when something bad happens to us, we keep thinking about that situation and we feel anxious, angry, frustrated and more negative situations keep happening to us, we just keep attracting negativity to our lives.

When something great happens to us we feel excited and we´re happy and more positive things happen, we keep attracting positive situations to our lives.

When we´re born we´re full of positivity we don´t have any worries, stress, anger but as we grow older life gets in the way and this means that we get bombarded with negative information from the news, to Tv shows, we compare ourselves with pictures and posts full of filters on social media, we get stressed out by the rules of society and trying to fit in, we may be bullied or make fun of, etc; all this negative information gets inside of us and we become negative persons we starts thinking negatively about ourselves, we spend most of our entire day entertaining negative thoughts and in negative self-talk and this is how we live. Surrounded by negativity all around us and being negative inside.

Negativity carries a very low vibration or frequency and positivity carries a high vibration or frequency, the moment we start being positive we raise our vibration or energy and if we are able to maintain this high frequency and vibrations long enough it just take some time until positive situations start happening to us, all of a sudden life starts to be better.

What we need to do is eliminate all the negativity inside of us, we need to realize that we will be bombarded with negativity every single day, but we can´t let that negativity get inside of us. To do this we need to practice positivity but not just once or twice a day, we need to do it every single moment of our day and every single day until it becomes part of us. If we practice positive thinking in the morning when we wake up or before going to bed it´s so little that it won´t help us get rid of all the negativity inside of us, the only way to get rid of all the negativity inside us that is running our thoughts and life we need to think positive the entire day and make it a lifestyle.   

Here are some steps you can start doing today to add positivity to your life:

1. Practice gratitude.- Gratitude is one of the highest emotions that can change our mood and state quickly, every morning right after you wake up and every night right before you fall asleep think about 3 to 5 things that you are grateful for and try to maintain that gratitude state for the rest of the day.

2. Think of the positive outcome in any situation.- Our brain loves to focus on the negative side of things and it will come with all the negative outcomes. It doesn´t matter what you´re doing today or what situation you are in focus on the positive outcome.

The hardest part of making positivity a lifestyle is that in the beginning it takes conscious effort, we´re so use to watching, hearing and sharing negative information and we let that negativity enter our brain that we need to be aware every single moment of what we let into our life. We need to be conscious and start focusing and finding the positive outcomes and results in all situations, it´s about creating a positive life for yourself and this includes not letting any negativity into your mind and looking for the positive in everything and everyone around you.

It takes time to see results because of all the negativity we need to get rid of, but this is one of the best practices we can do to improve our life.

Positivity not only helps us live a happier life and keeps us healthy, it also improves our brain and our ability to stay focus, get things done and increase our chances of success, the reason why is because positivity opens our mind to more opportunities, when we think that something is possible or we´re thinking on the positive outcomes on any situation we´re giving directions to our brain to find ways in which we can get the results we want contrary to negative thoughts. Positivity makes us more creative and we can find different solutions to get a desired outcome.

Positivity is contagious have you met someone who is positive, happy and is always having fun? we all get amazed by their attitude and positivity that we want to spend more time around them, positivity attracts people to us but we don´t need anyone to be happy, we need to start by having fun alone being positive alone and then we can share that same attitude with the people around us.

Start today, be more positive at everything you do and wherever you are and let us know on our Twitter or Facebook account if you´ve seen any difference in your life.

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Thoughts, emotions, actions. Are you aware of them?


Have you ever asked yourself it your thoughts, emotions and actions are related and what´s the job they play in living the life you want? Everything we do has a reason why, every choice we make, every action goes according to our emotions and thoughts, even if we think we´re being rational. Almost every single time we act according to the beliefs and programs stored in our subconscious. If we take some time to do visualization or affirmations exercises, they won´t be enough because the rest of our day our thoughts, emotions and actions do not go according to our goal. Most part of the day our thoughts, emotions and actions run our life that´s our subconscious.

You may have heard about the Law of Attraction and you may have tried it, did you get results? the problem with it is that it´s not complete, if we really want to attract something to us and live the life we want there are different points that we need to consider and our mindset is just one of them.

In order to attract what we want and improve our life; our thoughts, emotions and actions need to be in harmony, they need to be aligned and work together, the reason for this is simple, with our thoughts, emotions and actions we´re creating and sending frequencies and vibrations, if we think consciously about what we want but our emotions go against it and we´re not taking action towards that thought we´re sending different frequencies or signals. If we think and concentrate consciously on what we want, if our emotions go according to that thought and we take action to get closer to that goal then everything is in harmony.

More than 90% of our thoughts are repeated over and over every day from the moment we wake up until we go to sleep, most of those thoughts are negative about worry, fear, lack, anxiety so when we want to make a change and we start changing our thoughts consciously we can do it for a couple of minutes while we´re meditating, visualizing or doing some other exercise but for the rest of the day we go back to the same negative thoughts, those negative thoughts are beliefs stored in our mind from past experiences so what we need to do is change those negative and limiting thoughts and install positive ones so that those positive thoughts are the ones running through our mind over and over every day.

Apart from those positive thoughts we also need to be aware of our emotions, most of the day we are in a state of hurry, we get angry, anxious, we hate someone and even want revenge or vengeance but this emotions carry very low frequency so we need to change those emotions for positive ones that carry higher vibrations, emotions like gratitude, joy, love and we need to make those emotions the ones that run automatically without the need of being focusing on them.

Once our thoughts and emotions are working together we need to take action towards our goal, thoughts and emotions alone won´t get us what we want, we may live a more positive life but that´s all, we need to take action and for this we need to work backwards from our goal and create a plan of action that we can follow every day and it doesn´t need to be hard, with just one activity that we do every day in a couple of weeks the progress will show.

The hardest part here is that we need to sustain our thoughts and emotions throughout the day, the goal is to live with this positive thoughts and higher emotions but it´s so hard to do since we´ve been living with negative ones and lower frequencies so the moment we start to make a change our brain wants to take us back to a comfortable thought and emotion, the negative thoughts, limiting beliefs and low frequencies that it´s use to and the ones who are stopping us from living our best life, so what we can do is:

1. Right after you wake up take some slow and deep breathes, focus on your breathing,

2. Take a goal you want to achieve and create a vision of you already having achieved it,

3. Feel gratitude, joy and excitement for already achieving your goal and make those emotions as strong as you can,

4. Open your eyes and start your day but try to keep those high emotions for as long as you can for the rest of the day,

5. Do one daily activity that will get you closer to your goal.

The first days it will be hard to this little exercise but with time you will get used to it and you can do it for as long as you want, you can start with 10 minutes and you can increase time, 20 minutes work great. If you are consistent with it, you will start seeing results.

Our goal is to help you improve your life and we all know that if we want to live a fulfilled life, we need to take care of ourselves, this includes our mindset not only physical health. We need to develop the right strong mindset and make sure that what we think, what we feel and what we do are all working together towards the same outcome, otherwise we won´t achieve anything.

What we´re sharing with you may seem like a lot but it´s all about developing the right habits, once you´ve develop the right habits it will be effortless not only to lose weight and get in shape but to live better, all aspects of your life improve, just do the exercises and give it time to develop those new habits.

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Those limiting beliefs are holding you back

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It´s incredible how much we can all accomplish in our life, we all have amazing capabilities, abilities, talents to live a happy and fulfilled life, a life we are proud of but it´s also amazing how most of us never get to live to our full potential. And the reason why we don´t accomplish as much as we could is because of limiting beliefs, if you get rid of them your life will be amazing.

Our beliefs start with an idea that is repeated over and over which can come from our family, friends, society, our neighbors, our environment, after repeating that same idea over and over it creates a belief that is kept in our subconscious mind. With negative and painful experiences the belief is created almost automatically as a way for our subconscious to make sure that we remember that event and avoid it at all costs.

When we´re kids almost everything we see and hear we take it as a fact and while we´re growing up we develop most of the beliefs that rule our life nowadays, if someone told us that we´re not good enough, that we don´t deserve to win, that money is hard to get, that we´re obese and we´ll never be lean, etc; if we hear all those negative comments over and over and over we start thinking of them as being real and they become beliefs that are now part of our subconscious.

There´s a big problem with our beliefs and that is that they create our life, if we are having success in life that means that our beliefs are right and positive, but if we´re not living the way we want that means that our beliefs are wrong and negative and they are the root of the problem.

We know that we need to take the right action that lead us to our goals but our habits, actions, beliefs and values need to be in harmony and since most of the time our subconscious mind is guiding us, our actions go towards our beliefs so if we have the wrong beliefs our habits and actions are going to follow those wrong beliefs we have in our mind even when we know consciously that those actions won´t get us closer to our goals.

Our brain is lazy so it will do everything it can to avoid pain and avoid using energy this is why beliefs and habits are important for our brain, they allow it to stay safe and keep energy. Our brain will ignore everything that doesn´t align with our beliefs, this is why when we decide to start something new like a fitness program our mind gets us all the excuses of why we shouldn´t be doing it.

Our thoughts conscious and subconscious create our reality so we may have set our goal and we take action every day but if it´s so hard for us to stay focused and it takes a lot of effort to take action, then some negative thoughts or limiting beliefs in our subconscious are holding us back. In this case our thoughts are controlling our life so what we need to do is take control of our life by taking control of our thoughts, once we are able to control our thoughts we can eliminate or get pass any limiting belief and develop a strong mindset that will lead to success.

Here are some steps you can follow to take control of your mind and start changing or eliminating limiting thoughts:

1. Identify negative or limiting beliefs.- You need to identify the beliefs that are keeping you stuck. For this you need to ask yourselves if that belief is helping me become the person I  want to be and is it helping me live the life I want to live? Is this belief taking me closer to my goal? If the answer to this questions is “no” then we´ve found a belief we need to change.

2. Decide the new beliefs you want.- You need to make sure that the new beliefs you choose help you grow and become the person you need to be to accomplish your goals.

3. Self-aware.- You need to be aware of your thoughts and when a thought or belief that you want to change comes to your mind realize that it was part of your old beliefs and it´s not part of the new ones, accept that in the past that belief was part of your thoughts and beliefs and it guided your decisions and actions but not anymore and, bring to your mind the new belief you want to replace the old belief and the one you´re working on to be part of your life.

4. Repeat the new belief over and over.- Repetition is key, you need to think and remember your new beliefs over and over until they get to the subconscious mind.

Changing beliefs or eliminating limiting beliefs is hard, it requires attention and being present and aware so work on one belief at a time, choose the one that will have a bigger impact, if you want to lose weight and get in shape you can start by taking a walk of 5 to 10 minutes in the morning before you go to work or late night after you come back home, or you can take a 10 minute walk after lunch or dinner or both if you can and say to yourself that you deserve to be lean, you deserve to be in great shape.

Do this tonight before you fall asleep, think of something you are grateful for and feel the emotion of gratitude, once you feel the emotion maintain it while saying to yourself that you deserve to be lean and in great shape. Tomorrow when you wake up feel grateful for the amazing day to come and repeat to yourself that you deserve to be lean and in great shape. As you go through your day remember those phrases and when a negative one comes to mind replace it with a positive one, and start visualizing yourself being lean and in that amazing physique you want.

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The subconscious mind, how it is controlling your life.

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In the last mindset post we talked about the conscious mind so today we´ll talk about the subconscious mind.

If you´ve been doing visualizations and affirmations and you still don´t get what you want or you aren´t living the life you want yet, you may be thinking that all those exercises of visualizations and affirmations don´t work. Let me tell you something, they do work but the problem lies in your subconscious mind, when you do those exercises you´re concentrating or focusing on your goal in a conscious way for a specific amount of time, it may be a couple of minutes in the morning or at night but for the rest of the day your subconscious is controlling your thoughts, emotions and beliefs and this is the reason why you haven´t achieved your goals.

Our subconscious mind is a huge memory bank, it doesn´t matter how old we are it can remember stuff from kinder garden and many more memories across our entire life but there are some rules or guides to which information will be stored and which we´ll be forgotten. It stores so much information every single day and we can be sure that if it´s something important we won´t forget it.

So with this I think that it´s clear for us that it´s job is to store information and with this it comes a problem, our subconscious will make sure that we act or respond the way we were programmed, that program comes from when we were born and grow up by our family, teachers, friends, school, neighbors it comes from people around us and our environment. When we were growing up our subconscious stored a lot of information and now years later it will make sure that everything we do and say goes according to that information it stored years ago.

This is why we can do visualization and affirmation exercises in the morning and when we get to school or work we will do the same things and follow the same routine, our subconscious is in control of us the problem is that the reason we´re doing affirmations and visualizations is because we want to change something in our lives this means that our subconscious information is not aligned with our goals.

We´ve been running a program which we can call routine and habits which our subconscious mind has stored and memorize for years and this routine keeps us in a comfort zone and every time we want to get out of that comfort zone we feel fear and discomfort because we´re doing something that has nothing to do with the information that our subconscious has stored.

The good point is that the subconscious doesn´t think it only stores information, obeys commands from the conscious and make sure that our reality goes according to its information so what this means is that we can change the information that it has stored so that we get to a point where our subconscious stores the information that we´re giving it through our conscious mind and that our reality aligns with what we want and what our subconscious has stored.

The way to do this is by changing our thoughts consciously over and over until they become part of our subconscious but, when we concentrate on our goal or the thoughts that we want our subconscious to store we need to add emotions to them also we need to do them over and over, it doesn´t matter if we´re visualizing or if we´re making a new healthy choice we need to do it over and over and our brain will try to get us back to our old thoughts and activities, the moment you feel fear or worry or your brain starts sending you all kind of excuses don´t listen, just keep making that new choice and focusing on that new thought, with time your subconscious will give up and store that new information while eliminating the old patterns and this is when you can start changing your life.

This is how new habits are developed by repeating the new choice over and over, it takes time and it won´t be easy but it will be worthy. We can do the same with our thoughts just make sure that the thoughts you want to install in your subconscious are the same, sometimes we keep changing options over and over, take one thought and make it as clear as you can, keep visualizing it and add emotion to it.

It doesn´t matter what we want to accomplish, it doesn´t matter if we want to achieve a fitness goal, get a better job or completely change our life we need to have our conscious and subconscious mind working together in harmony, we need to take control of both of them and exercise them the same way we exercise our muscles. We need to install new thoughts on our subconscious and the way to do it is by being aware and conscious of our thoughts.

One simple exercise you can start doing today,

1.- Take a goal you want to achieve, be clear and sure of that goal,

2.- Create an image on your mind of what you look, or how your life looks like once you´ve already achieved your goal and visualize this image on a visualization exercise,

3.- The rest of the day pay attention to the thoughts on your mind and make sure that all of them go according to your goal, make sure those thoughts are positive.

Try to be aware of your thoughts the entire day, the more you think a certain thought the faster it will become part of your subconscious. Being present is key if we want to be able to take control of our mind.

The subconscious mind.

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The conscious mind! Start living consciously

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Knowing how our brain works is key if we want to make the best use of it and if we want it to work for us and help us achieve our goals. We´ve all heard about the conscious and the subconscious mind. We need to train our mind the same way we train our muscles. Our conscious mind can change our life, by being present we are able to make better decisions and focus on what matters, focus on what we really want and that´s the key to start living the life we want.

Have you wonder why you don´t achieve your goals even when you do your meditations, affirmations and visualization exercises every day?

Our conscious mind is the one we are aware of, it´s our thinking mind, our creative mind, it has a limit capacity and it´s amazing at doing one thing at a time. You may have heard that some people are great at multi-tasking but, none of us actually is good at it when we concentrate all our attention on the task we have at hand we get way better results, our conscious mind is amazingly powerful at concentrating and working on one activity at a time so if you want to be more productive and also lower stress, stop multi-tasking.

Every day we are aware of what´s happening around us , at the office or school, at the neighborhood, may be in some country far from us thanks to the news and we are aware of ourselves, how we feel in that moment and everything we need to do. There´s so much going on, there are so many distractions and we´re not being able to concentrate on what matters to us.

Our conscious mind can only focus on one task at a time and it can only hold one thought at a time, this is important because most of our thoughts are negative and they are the same negative thoughts every day repeating over and over and since our conscious mind can only hold one thought at a time this is the key and secret to changing our life.

With this we have a more clear idea and can understand why it´s so hard to change habits, to change thoughts and create the life we want, we may do our visualizations and affirmations exercises in the morning or at night for a couple of minutes but after that we start our day and from that point on everything is a routine, habits and systems that we can do with our eyes closed so, when we´re driving to our job or school we need to be aware of what´s going on around but since we´ve been driving for some years now it is part of our subconscious so we can also be thinking of the meeting we´re having that day, the email list that keeps getting bigger, all the work left to do, how our we´re going to pay the bills, etc.

So as you can see we put some work and time by visualizing and thinking on what we want consciously a couple of minutes a day but, for the rest of the day other thoughts take control and those thoughts are completely the contrary of what we want to achieve and those contrary thoughts are the ones we´re thinking for the most part of the day this means that our conscious and subconscious mind are not working in harmony and this is the reason why we don´t achieve our goals.

If you want to change your life you need to start living being aware and present in the moment, being able to concentrate all your thought and energy on the one task at hand, this way you´ll be living consciously, thinking and creating the life you do want.

We need to make a constant effort to concentrate on our goal and positive thoughts and keep repeating them over and over and when life get´s in the way which happens to us every day we can´t let our subconscious mind get in the way and take us back to our old thoughts and habits.

We need to take charge of our conscious mind and one way to do it is by being aware, being present, being in the moment and concentrating all our attention on the task we´re doing, also make sure that when a thought comes to us it is positive and related to what we want to achieve, stop letting your mind wander on negative stuff every time a negative thought comes to mind just change it for the opposite and positive one.

Here is a simple exercise you can start doing right now to start taking control of your conscious mind:

1.- Take one activity that is going to give you the fastest results or the one that is more important to get done,

2.- Take all distractions away, if you´re working on a computer close all internet tabs, documents and programs you don´t need for the task you chose to work on, if you need to keep your phone close to you (just in case of emergency) keep it, otherwise turn it off or put it in silent mode,

3.- Work on that activity or task for 45 minutes straight, concentrate all your attention and energy on that activity, (set an alarm for 45 minutes)

4.- When you´re done take a look at how much you accomplish.

When you do this exercise make sure that those 45 minutes your mind is completely focused on the task you are working on, if you get distracted and your mind starts to wander just bring it back and concentrate on the activity.

If you do this exercise over and over and make it a habit you´ll see that with time it´s easier to stay focused and concentrated on the task at hand and you are more present on what you are doing at every moment, this makes it easier to stay focused on the right thoughts so that we are able to change our life.

Now you know that our brain can be very complex and if we don´t know at least the basics of how it works we won´t be able to create a plan that can help us achieve our goals.

The conscious mind

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How to deal with criticism

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Have you ever been criticized? I bet you´ve been, we´ve all been criticized but how we look, the clothes we wear, what we do or don´t do, our job, how we spend our money and time, etc. We´ve always been criticized and people will continue doing it so I rather work for living the life I dream and be criticized for being so ambitious and obsessive than for being mediocre.

We´re living in an era where if we do things differently we´re wrong, we need to follow rules if we want to fit in and even when we go with the flow we still get criticize by someone who wants to see us fail.

There are 2 types of criticism, constructive and destructive even when constructive criticism helps us grow and improve it hurts when someone tell us the truth, it´s hard to accept the opinion of someone else and take an honest look at ourselves or our work but there lies the seed of creativity and grow if we´re opened to new ideas our mind starts thinking and analyzing to find ways to improve.

Destructive criticism almost always come from people who want to see us fail, we all know when someone is criticizing everything we do and say just to leave a bad impression of us with others, to ruin our work whether it´s at school or job, to put someone against us, the intention is to create some harm and it can risk our job or reputation but the greatest impact is on self-esteem. A lot of people enjoy making fun of others and putting people down but in most cases when someone criticize us to make us feel bad it only reflects their insecurities, that says a lot of the other person.

When we´re being criticize what we can do is stay calm, if we start arguing we´re giving power to the other person, by remaining calm we lower that power, we also need to know and realize that they can´t make us feel bad, our mood and emotions depend of us, it´s internal and nothing outside can affect that. We can also thank them, when they say something against us with the goal of hurting us we can just say “thanks”, “thanks for your comment”, “thanks for bringing that on”.

When we´re working on our goal, if we are ambitious, obsessive and take massive action people will criticize, this is normal and we need to accept it, actually it´s a good signal that we´re on the right track if we´re not criticized it means that we´re not thinking big enough and probably we will stay in the same mediocre place we are right now so let those critiques count.

If we believe in ourselves and in our project there´s nothing that can stop us, we may fall ad get up, we will face many challenges but we got everything we need and when someone criticize what we´re doing we need to first think if it´s constructive or destructive, if they´re telling us something that can help us improve or if they´re doing it to harm our results and hurt us.

If there´s something we can learn then we take the lesson and continue, if it´s not then we just move on. We can´t take everything personal because if we do everything negative that people say about us will affect us, criticism help us gain strength by knowing that we will always face both types but how it affect us depends of us.

There´s an important action we can take today and it´s stop criticizing with the intention to hurt, we´ve all done it more than once so if we plan to do it with the intention to hurt someone´s reputation or someone´s feelings then avoid it. If we´re doing it with the intention to help our friend we just need to be careful of how we say it. Words have an incredible power, they can hurt or they can help, we can lift someone just by what we say so instead of criticizing we will do much better if we try to understand the other person´s situation and point of view.

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Do what´s right!

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How many times have you choose doing something bad just to gain some advantage over someone? how many times have you made decisions based only on what you want for yourself on that precise moment without thinking on how will you affect someone else?

Most of us are very selfish we only think of the benefit we can get for us and how we can get instant pleasure without thinking of how those decisions affect someone else and the negative impact they have on the long run.

Have you asked yourself how your life would be if you start being more kind?

If we are unkind and treat people bad that´s what we get in return, we get what we give so if we treat people with respect, attention, if we´re kind with them they will treat us the same way, we can´t expect to be treated with respect if we´re disrespectful, and this also include how we respond or comment on emails or social media. It´s so easy to be rude and disrespectful while hiding behind a screen but the impact of our words can harm others.

Nowadays we´re so immerse in social media that we forget to be kind with the people around us, we´re more interested on getting likes and followers on social media because deep inside we want attention, we want to feel part of group or a community, some or looking for their 5 minutes of fame without realizing that we can be part of the community we live in if we take some time to do some good and this can be listening to the people beside us, it may be a family member or friend, just by listening to him or her we can make them feel important, they feel good and so do we.

Kindness has benefits for our health, it starts with feeling good with ourselves and increasing happiness, it also improves relationships and improves our health physical and mental. It´s been said that the ones who make any act of kindness or help others in any way get more benefits than the ones who got help. In other words, the ones who give get more benefits than those who receive.

Nowadays we are so use to criticizing making fun of someone, complaining, blaming everything we do and everything we say has an impact on others, how we make people feel will last a life time if we make anyone feel bad they will stay with that bad impression of us but if we make them feel good that memory will last forever.

If being kind and doing good feels like a lot then we can start by not doing harm, one simple step we can take today is stop criticizing and making fun of people, stop making everyone around feel bad and also people we don´t know by writing emails and comments that can harm someone. We´re all going through our own hell and we don´t know when someone need an uplifting word so the least we can do is make them feel worse, if we don´t have something good to say it´s better to remain silence and avoid negative comments.

Once we master this step we can take the next one which is finding ways to help those around us, something as simple as listening to someone close to us like a family member or friend and listen with the intention to understand them and support them in any way possible and not listening to answer and argue can have a huge impact.

We don´t need to do huge things, with small acts of kindness that will make other people feel good we also get the benefits, it´s about doing good. We need more stories of kindness and if we want that type of change we need to start by making any small random act of kindness every day and make it a habit.

How are you going to start today?

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