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What you need to know before you start your weight loss journey


Most of us let ourselves gain weight during Holidays and when we make our New Years Resolution weight loss is on that list, but in a couples of weeks or months we stop because life gets in the way and probably we start working on that goal a couple of times along the year. In most cases what stop us is not getting some results and not having the right information and mindset.

There are so many weight loss programs out there and many experts or gurus claiming that their strategy is the best one, but obesity and overweight keep increasing and there are so many people still trying to lose weight. The first point we need to mention is that if you follow the wrong program you might end up doing more damage to your body, this is related to the most common advice you´ve probably heard “eat less – move more” and unfortunately most weight loss programs focus on this. Even when there are people who can follow this advice and get amazing results a few of them are able to maintain those results most people won´t get results. Most people struggling with their weight and struggling with their weight loss journey won´t get results just by eating less and moving more because the problem is their hormones and metabolism, if you´re one those who´ve been following weight loss programs and crash diets without getting results then you need to fix your hormones and metabolism first.

Weight loss is actually simple if you are prepared before starting your weight loss journey. The first step you need to take is being aware and understanding where you are, if you are addicted to food, or if you have any eating disorder, how much exercise can you do, are you able to stand up and walk for 30 minutes?, are you able to lift weights? Can you do bodyweight exercises? You need to know and accept where you are now, where you are starting and what you are able to do so that you can follow a program that actually works for you.

If you have any eating disorder then following a diet low in calories and very restrictive in any way will until cause more harm, in this case you need to start by replacing unhealthy foods with healthy ones one step at a time (will talk about this on a future post).

Then the second step is mentally, realize and accept that it´s going to be hard, even when losing weight is simple it´s not easy especially in the beginning, you´ll need to do some changes to your habits and routines, you´ll need to make better choices but once you get use to those new habits, routines and choices it will be easy. Until this happens you´ll have great days, good days, bad days and terrible days, there´ll be days when you want desperately to eat those cookies, donuts, ice cream, that pizza or hamburger. Considering you don´t have any eating disorder you may need to avoid all those unhealthy foods for a period of time, the first days and weeks it will be hard, you´ll have cravings and you may even have withdraw symptoms just like any other addiction, the moment you get pass this hard time, the rest of the journey is easy. When it comes to exercise first you need to make sure you can do physical activity so you need to talk to your doctor or health practitioner then you need to go in there knowing that you´ll feel tired and pain, you´ll feel your heart rate up, but you also need to be aware of the difference between good pain and bad pain, you need to make every workout challenging without hurting or injuring yourself.

You need to have a program, the more detail the program the better, having a list of foods you can eat at every meal is really important, you will use that list for grocery shopping a couple of days before you start working on your goal, take a couple of days to take all unhealthy foods out of your house and use your list to buy and keep healthy foods. You can make a list of your favorite healthy meals or some meals you enjoy, having 5 or more different options for breakfast, lunch and dinner makes it a little easier by adding variety and not sticking to plain broccoli, rice and chicken. For exercise if you can´t do too much start by walking 15 minutes after each meal, then you can add resistance exercise, for this you´ll need to schedule 30 minutes 3 to 4 days a week.

Everyone can promise you fast results, but here we´re not looking for fast results, we´re looking for sustainable results. You want to feel great and look great.

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There are different ways to achieve your goals


It doesn´t matter what goal you´re working on whether it´s a fitness one like losing weight or gaining muscle or improving body composition or whether it´s finishing a career or starting a project there is not just one way to achieve your goals.

As human being we´re all meant to grow, to get better, to keep challenging ourselves and become the best version one of the ways to do this is by setting goals, setting goals help us gain clarity of what we want, they give us a destination but the path or road we follow is on us.

Once you are clear on what you want to achieve your first step may be to make some research on it, look for people who has done it before and the more you research the more opinions and options you find. You´ll come across people who claim that their strategy is the best and the only one that will give you results, you´ll come across many people who thinks that there is just one way to achieve that certain goal, but unfortunately this is not true. What works for someone may not work for others.

It´s clear and obvious that if you stick with the basics all of us are going to make progress and get results but as you keep moving forward on your journey you need to keep researching, learning and acquiring knowledge so that you can take those basic principles and adjust them as necessary according to your own results, to your lifestyle and your body.

With a weight loss goal for example some people may get incredible results just by lowering calories and moving more which is the most famous advice, they can stick to this for a long period of time and get in amazing shape while others may find it hard to stick to or may not lose that much weight and probably hit a plateau, for some people the IIFYM can work amazing while for others is not a good option, other people prefer to stick to a clean diet for 6 days a week and have a cheat day, others may need to follow a low carbohydrate or even ketogenic diet. The same happens with exercise, some people may only do resistance exercise and not a single minute of cardio and get amazing results, others can do resistance exercise 4 days a week and one day of HIIT cardio, others may need to do resistance training 4 or 5 days a week and do 10 to 15 minutes of moderate intensity cardio every day.

As you can see there are different options you can try to find out what works best for you, in almost all cases the first principle you need to consider to know if something is going to work for you is whether you like it or not. Discipline and consistency are crucial for any goal or you want to achieve so if a diet or exercise program is based on something you don´t like or enjoy you won´t stick to it for long periods of time.

When you´re looking for the best way or strategy to achieve your goal the first step is to look for something you like or enjoy doing, if you´re not sure if you like it or not then give it a try, do it for a couple or days or a week to find out, sometimes just by doing it one day you know if you like it or not. If you don´t like it try another option until you find one you like and enjoy, one that you can sustain for long periods of time. You can copy and do exactly what others are doing or find out what your biggest influence or inspiration did or is doing and do the same for a couple of weeks and see what results you get and how you feel, do you like it or not? From there what adjustments or changes can you make to fit your lifestyle better?

If you find something that seems logic to you and you want to give it a try even if it goes against the grain and what everyone else is doing and saying then give it a try just make sure it makes sense. Doing something just to follow the masses because everyone else is doing it even when it doesn´t make sense is the biggest mistake you can make.

There are always new options you can try, there´s not just one way to achieve your goal so always keep your mind open for new ideas, information and knowledge, look for what´s makes sense and is based on actual facts, from there figure out what you like or enjoy doing and create your own path.

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The journey will be challenging


How many times have you set a goal, started working on it and the moment it gets challenging you gave up? If you do want to accomplish your goals you need to go through all the challenges otherwise you´ll never accomplish anything of great value.

We´re all goal oriented and if you don´t choose and set your goals someone else will do it for you. Most people don´t set goals the way they should and they let life happen to them so they end up working for a company that has goals that are not aligned with what they want and every time they find an obstacle their mindset is more towards failure because they´re not really motivated to work even harder on a project or a goal that doesn´t motivates them.

The best goals are the ones that challenge you, you need to find ways to grow physically, mentally and emotionally, to become better, to improve every day and be the best version you can be every day. That´s what challenges help you accomplish and the reason why you set goals is to make it easier for you to be able to get pass those challenges by focusing and working on something you actually love, something that´s interesting to you so that every time you´re face with a challenge you are more motivated to work and do anything you need to do to overcome that challenge or obstacle because you know it will get you closer to what you really want to accomplish or achieve.

A challenge means that you are getting closer to your goal and the reason why you see a particular situation as a challenge is because it represents something new to you and that means there is something you need to do differently, you may need to learn a new skill, you may need to work a little harder or longer, you may need to adjust your plan or you can give up thinking it´s so hard and it´s impossible for you.

Challenges are there to help you grow, when you set a goal it means you need to become someone else, there´s something you need to learn and adjust in your life in order to accomplish that goal, you can´t be the same person. There´s always something you need to learn or improve and the moment you learn a new skill and you keep getting better you are changing, that new knowledge is making you who you need to be to accomplish that specific goal.

Even life is challenging, every time you encounter yourself in a new situation it´s a challenge and your perspective is what determines your result. When you start college or your first job, every time you start a new job, when you change home or school all those represents challenge. If someone you care about is going through a hard situation financially or health related that´s also a challenge.

Life is full of challenging moments and most of us when we find ourselves in one of this challenging moments we get paralyzed, we want to be and feel comfortable, we´re looking for easy paths and hacks but the reality is that if you want to live a life you are proud you´re going to be faced with so many challenges. A boring life leads to procrastination even when you feel secure, you can have a secure job, a secure pay check but we´re not designed to live a life of security and comfort, we´re designed to live a life of adventures and challenges those adventures and challenges will make you grow physically, emotionally and mentally and that´s what we need, we need to be strong enough to go through life because it can be difficult sometimes. And this difficulties and all challenges can seem bigger when you´re working for someone else´s goals and to make it even worse at the end you´ll regret because you didn´t live the life you know you could just because you preferred that safety and comfort.

So, life is challenging anyway, make sure you´re working for the goals and what you want to accomplish and make sure the challenges you need to go through are the ones that get you closer to your goals, to what you want. Don´t let life be boring, take charge and set a goal that gets you out of your comfort zone and start living as you´re supposed to live. Know that you can accomplish those big goals and overcome any obstacle if you have the motivation and that motivation comes from something you do want to achieve.

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Small daily achievements lead to great results


What do you do every day? How do you spend your time? Who do you spend your time with? This are important questions that determine not only how you´re living right now, but also how you´ll live 3 or 5 years from now. If you don´t like your life now, you can change it.

We all follow certain habits and routines every single day, from the moment we get up until we go to sleep there are some activities we do over and over exactly in the same order, in the same way, our life is based on those habits and routines and they are the most important point we need to consider when we want to start changing our life. Those small activities that seem to not have a huge impact on our life are actually the ones creating it.

Your day creates your life, so if you think you deserve a better life and better results, if you think you are capable of more the best way to start is by changing those habits and routines. You need to start small, there´s no way you can make big changes at the beginning because you´ll fail, any change represent a challenge and your mind will fight to get you back to your old routines, it wants to be comfortable so you need to start with small changes. The way to do this is by identifying an activity you do daily that may be having a negative impact on your day and life and replace it with a positive one, it can be getting up when your alarm clock sounds the first time without pressing the snooze bottom, it may be setting a sleep schedule and waking up at the same time every day, it can be stop checking your cell phone, social media or email right when you wake up and instead take a couple of minutes, around 5 to 10 minutes to meditate and visualize your day. It may be going for a walk after lunch and dinner.

We all have unhealthy habits and routines that are having a negative impact on our day and life so the first step is to identify those negative habits and replace them with a positive one, it´s really hard to eliminate negative habits or routines so replacing them with a positive and good one is a better strategy.

If you think about all the progress and how your days and life can improve in one month just by making small changes on your routines and making sure that you accomplish that small goal you won´t waste another day. The moment you decide and commit to start making a change in your life you need to be really clear of what you want to achieve, it may be something as simple as making your bed right when you get up, you set this small activity as a goal and every day you accomplish it you´ll feel better with yourself, you get that sense of accomplishment, you start increasing confidence, you do this for a couple of weeks and then you add another activity and you make sure you´re accomplishing this 2 activities every single day until they become habits, then you add another one.

You can use this strategy of small achievements to anything you want to accomplish, if you want to lose weight you can start by eliminating all processed and junk food and replace it with some whole, fresh foods, you can eliminate snacks or replace them with healthy ones, you can eliminate soda and all unhealthy beverages and replace them with tea or sparkling water. You can start going for a walk after lunch and dinner, you can start doing bodyweight exercises like squats and pushups before going to school or work or when you get back home.

Just choose an activity you want to accomplish every day, think and ask what you can do to improve your day or to achieve your goal and you will get ideas, from those ideas take the one that is easier, the one you are sure you can do every day and start doing it, if you do it every single day for a couple of weeks you´ll see that it´s possible to accomplish bigger goals and projects, you start to realize that one single activity done every day leads to great results, even if it´s small. What you´re accomplishing with these small achievements is getting a sense of achievement, knowing that you can accomplish something and that will lead to bigger achievements and projects. You realize that consistency is the key so you build that consistency and discipline knowing for sure that if you do it every day you will get the results.

Don´t forget, your day creates your life. If you have a dream life, if you want to live a certain way, think about of how a day would look like in that dream life and start living that way.

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Focus on what you can control


Every single day we go through so many different situations, some of them good and some bad, we do have control over some of them so we can change the outcome by taking action and doing something different and we don´t have control over others, but we can still make that situation worse or maintain it as it is by the way we respond.

There are some situations that we can control, for most of us this situations we do have control over are small but crucial they can make a huge difference on our days and life, some examples are exercise, diet, quality of sleep, our emotions, what we read and listen to, who we spend time with, what we do on our spare time, our values, how hard we work, our perspective in any situation. These small things can change our life completely once we realize we have control over them and start taking that control back.

We have control over what we eat, if we decide to eat healthy foods we can start doing it now, we don´t need external sources to make that happen, when we go to the gym we are in control of our workout and how hard we exercise, we can have total control of the quality of our sleep we only need to develop a sleep routine to make sure the amount of sleep we get is the best possible. We have control over what we read and listen to, we can read news and spend a lot of time on social media or we can read a book and listen to podcasts, we can spend time with people we love and care about and want to see us succeed or we can spend time with people who don´t support us.

For most of us in most cases it´s really hard to make sure that any situation or project is going to end the way we want, we can do our best and think about all the outcomes positive and negative to be prepared but there´s always something outside of our control, the bigger the project or situation the possibilities of something going wrong increases and there are more things outside of our control.

In the situations where everything is outside of our control, there´s still something we do have control over, how we respond. If we are stuck in traffic, if our flight was delayed, if the package was delayed, if it´s raining, etc; this are situations outside of our control it doesn´t matter if we shout or scream to the flight attendant or to the girl or guy next to us, it doesn´t matter how much we pray, the situation won´t change and all those negative reactions will only make the situation worse. What we can do here is respond in the best way possible, we do not have control over the situation and everything that´s happening, but we do have control over our emotions and the way we respond.

Do not let something outside of you, something external whether it´s a person or situation control your thoughts, emotions and actions. When we let someone or something outside control us we are only reacting and in most cases this reactions only make the situation worse.

Being able to control how we respond on situations outside of our control is hard, in a way we know there´s nothing we can do to improve the situation, we know that yelling to someone will not make the flight leave on time, we know that we can pray and hope for the rain to stop but it won´t stop the rain, but still most of us can´t control our emotions at those moments.

The first step is to identify each situation, knowing which ones are outside of your control and which ones are within your control, when you know which situations are within your control think about what you need to do and take action, for the situations outside of your control you can still control how you respond so in this case what you need to do is stop, take a step back to calm and relax. We all know that in some situations it´s better to do nothing, to just sit there and wait until that situation is over in a calm way but most of us are not able to do this so by taking a step back and taking the time to consciously calm yourself you are able to let that situation end without making it worse.

Whether we have control over the situations or not there´s always something we can do, if we have control then we need to take action, if we don´t have control we can still control our emotions and respond in a way that can keep that situation neutral instead of reacting and making the situation worse.

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Is it more important to achieve a goal or the journey?


The short answer is, we can´t deny that they´re both important but the journey is key.

How many of us want to lose weight for any reason, it may be to improve our health or because of insecurities. Some of us may have health problems and in some cases losing weight is necessary otherwise those health problems will keep getting worse. For others the reason why we want to lose weight is because we don´t like the way we look and feel, we feel terrible about ourselves, we don´t have confidence, we´re not living the life we want to live so we want to improve.

There´s a reason why the journey to any goal is hard, in the case of weight loss, we´ve been following unhealthy habits that lead us to where we are now and the moment we start making changes it´s uncomfortable, we go through mental and emotional stuff and we also go through physical pain, a good pain that gives our body the stimuli to change and this is hard. That journey is key to develop the habits we need to maintain our results and keep improving but also plays a huge role on training our mind. If you are strong enough mentally then you´ll get through whatever challenge appears on the journey until you reach your goal.

Weight loss is actually simple, I know you´ve heard time and time again that famous advice “eat less – move more” and yes you do need to eat less and move more but people won´t tell you the other part of the advice. How can you eat less and move more when you feel tired and hungry all the time? That advice is only based on calories which won´t fix the root problem, the root problem is on your hormones so when you fix your hormones first then weight loss is really simple and easy.

You achieved your goal and now what? This is the reason why your weight loss journey is probably more important than reaching your goal. The journey is key to make sure you develop the habits you need to keep the weight off and keep progressing. If you have weight to lose this means that you´ve followed unhealthy habits for years so it will take time to lose that weight and if you want to keep it off then you need to develop healthy habits that lead to a healthy lifestyle. Those habits include exercising every day, getting high quality sleep every night, following a strategy to lower your levels of stress and a healthy diet. Through your journey you work on tools that help you improve your sleep, lower stress, finding ways to exercise every day and eating healthy. When you reach your weight loss goals most of the changes and the actions you took to achieve your goal are now habits and routines. Those new habits and routines are now part of your life and as you keep doing them you´ll find it really simple, easy and enjoyable to keep the weight off.

The journey also helps to develop a strong mindset, as we mentioned before for any goal you want to achieve there are some changes you need to make, there´s some action you need to take and those actions will take you out of your comfort zone making the journey way more challenging, as you keep moving forward you´re getting stronger mentally so when you reach your goal you feel more confident not only because you look way better physically but because you know you went through so many challenges and you overcame every single one of them.

Every time you achieve your goal you´ll see that there´s always something you want to improve. Once you reach your goal you may look in the mirror and find something you don´t like about your body, about yourself, something you want to improve always searching for perfection. This is normal to a certain point, most of us will never be completely satisfied with our body so we set another goal to improve that muscle group or to lose a little more fat, to get bigger, etc. but if you´re not aware and if you focus a lot on being perfect this will create more damage. None of us are perfect so the goal is to be the best we can be and be comfortable with our achievements if we know we give our all.

As human beings we are goal achievers, if we don´t set goals and we´re not motivated then life gets boring, when we set goals we direct our mind and concentration to one single target, and the journey is what makes us grow physically and mentally.

Start now setting a goal you want to achieve, it doesn´t need to be around fitness and health you can set goals for all areas of your life, do you want to lose weight? Or gain lean muscle mass? Do you want to write a book? What a about that project you´ve been postponing?

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Food addiction is real


For the past years our relationship with food has changed for the worse leading to different diseases and putting at risk our mental and emotional health. Food addiction is real and it´s making us sick.

Many of the health problems we´re seeing today mentally and physical are caused by food addiction especially sugar addiction the good news is that many of this health problems can be prevented.

The reason why sugar creates addiction is because every time you eat sugar blood glucose raises and insulin also raises to bring blood sugar down, this process leads to cravings and sugar also releases dopamine which is the feel good hormone before eating a meal, snack or dessert your get a sense of anticipation, you know it´s going to be good because you love that food and when you eat it you get that positive feeling, you feel good thanks to dopamine. Every time you eat you´re looking for that same feeling but if you eat the same amount you won´t get the same level of sensation or feeling so you need more and more.

We need to mention that processed foods not only contain sugar, they also contain more ingredients to make sure the products taste delicious and it creates addiction so that you can´t stop eating it.

Now there´s a huge problem, the reason I call this food addiction is that this not only happens with sweet foods like candies, sweets, chocolate, fruit; it also happens with carbohydrates like bread, cereal, pasta because they turn into glucose in your body. This is why when you want to stop the food addiction you need to stop eating all carbohydrates for a period of time and it´s hard because you´ll get all the withdraw symptoms of addiction.

When insulin is high it will make you store fat and it will make it almost impossible to burn fat so if your goal is to lose weight then you need to keep insulin low and the way to achieve that is by reducing sugar. When you eat sugar on a regular basis which is what most of us do, we eat sugar every couple hours because that´s what we´ve told then this leads to chronic elevated blood sugar and insulin which leads to diabetes, obesity, fatty liver and other chronic diseases. Sugar also depletes the body from nutrients and our body needs to nutrients to function properly so there are many reasons to eliminate processed sugar from our diet and keep carbohydrates low.

The huge problem is that sugar is in almost everything, so many processed foods have sugar so it´s not only candies, sweets or fruit juice, also chips, chocolates, bread, pasta.

The ways to find out if you are addicted to sugar is by answering the questions below:

1.- Do you find yourself thinking about food all the time? Especially your favorite snack or dessert?

2.- When you feel stressed, sad, overwhelmed, depressed or anxious you go for some unhealthy food to eat?

3.- Have you hidden your favorite snacks from friends or family?

4.- Have you ever thought about stop eating some of those foods because you´re probably eating too much?

5.- Have you ever use your favorite meal, snack or dessert as a motivation to finish some activity? When I finish this activity I will have a donut, pizza, cake, cupcake, etc?

If you answered yes to this questions then you are addicted to sugar and food so you need to start making some changes and when you start making those changes you´ll go throw a period of withdraw were you´ll feel anxious, you may have headaches, insomnia.

Here are some steps you can follow to stop that sugar and food addiction:

1.- Accept that you are addicted to food and that it´s within your control to make a change.

2.- Be aware of all the products and foods that contain sugar, this includes bread, pasta, cereal, fruit

3.- Make sure that you´re eating enough to feel satiated and full by eating healthy fats and protein

4.- Find something you love doing to release dopamine and make you feel good (eating unhealthy foods is not part of this)

I´ve never liked the word “diet” because it automatically sends a message to your brain that you´ll be eliminating foods, desserts and snacks you love for a certain period of time and this increases your cravings making it harder to stay on track and the worst part of this is that it´s not something you need to follow for a certain period of time, it´s for the rest of your life and it´s not eliminating foods, it´s about changing unhealthy ingredients for healthy ones. When you want to stop your food addiction you need to find healthy ingredients you can use to replace the unhealthy ones, this is what we´re going to talk about on future posts so make sure you´re following us on social media.

Let us know by leaving a comment down below and on Twitter if you´re addicted to food and if you´ve tried to change that before.

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How to develop the right mindset for weight loss


Weight loss is simple, but not easy. You need to eat healthy foods, exercise, get enough high quality sleep, keep stress low and also develop the right mindset to help you do all the other four.

Weight loss is more about mindset than any other thing, your body can achieve what your mind is set to do. Your mind is what keeps you going and pushing hard when your body tells you to stop, your mind will keep you making the right choices even when hunger and cravings  appear.

Weight loss is hard because you do have to eat and exercise more, to make this a little easier you need to eat the right foods to improve your hormones and metabolism so you don´t feel hungry and tired all the time but there´ll be times when you feel hungry, when you would love to eat a little more and the right mindset is what´s going to stop you from eating more, that right mindset is what´s going to get you up and exercise even if you don´t feel like working out, it will make you take some time to meditate and relax so you can keep stress low.

In short, developing the right mindset will keep you on track through all your weight loss journey, until you reach your goal and develop the habits you need to maintain those results effortless. For this to happen you need to train your mind the same way you train your muscles, it won´t be easy but it´s worthy. Once you´ve develop the right mindset you´ll be able to achieve any goal you set for all areas of your life.

The first step is accepting that starting a weight loss journey is going to be tough, there are so many things you need to change, the more bad habits you have right now the harder it will be so accepting that some days will be harder than others and knowing that you can still push yourself and make good choices if you´re following the right strategy will lower some anxiety and stress.

The reason why most people are not able to lose weight and keep it off is because they focus on calories and points, they follow the “eat less -move more” advice and they don´t consider hormones and metabolism which are the ones keeping you tired and hungry all the time. If you follow the strategies I share with you it will be easier for you to stick to the diet and exercise program because we´re focusing on hormones and metabolism, we´re making sure that you give your body the nutrients it needs, that you feel satisfied and full for longer and that you have energy.

Now, self-talk plays a huge role, what you say to yourself can keep you going or can take you out of track. If you say to yourself that you´re losing weight because you´re fat, obese or overweight; because you don´t like the way you look, because you hate the way you feel and look, because you hate your body that´s the wrong message and the wrong mindset. The reason why you´re starting your weight loss journey is because even when you have some weight to lose and you don´t feel your best now, you know you deserve better and you know you can do better. You love yourself and you want to live your best life possible so you´re making the changes necessary to feel and look great, to have the energy and motivation you need to work towards your dreams.

You eat the right healthy foods to give your body and brain the energy they need to maintain optimal health, to support you fitness goals, to feel and look as best as possible and to make sure that you can maintain focus and hard work on the projects you´re working on in all areas of your life. You exercise whether it´s going to the gym or at home because you want to get stronger and faster, you want to build that amazing physique that is useful outside the gym, that help you perform as best as possible in any daily situation. You get enough high quality sleep to make sure that your body can recover and get ready for the day to come, also to maintain optimal health and make sure that all hormones and systems on your  body work efficiently. You meditate or do some breathing exercise to keep stress low.

You make the decision to lose weight and keep it off because you know you deserve better and you know you are capable of achieving your goal and improving your life.

Let us know by leaving a comment down below and on Twitter what are your thoughts when you´re starting your weight loss journey and during your weight loss journey.

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How to develop the right mindset to exercise


It´s hard to get up and exercise when you feel tired and your body hurts, and it´s harder when your mindset plays all kind of tricks to avoid all challenges, but getting up and exercise is key, is so important to lose weight, to keep it off and maintain optimal health.

In most cases what´s holding you back is your mindset and this is why you need to train your mindset the right way. A strong mindset will keep you going even when everything seems falling apart.

You need to start by realizing that if you are here, on this website is because you ae struggling with your weight and you want to make a change, you want to lose weight and improve your health so that you can live the life you deserve.

It´s really easy to set a goal and get excited at the beginning but maintaining that excitement and motivation when the journey gets hard is the difficult part, that´s when most people give up, but you won´t. You will continue and you´ll get through those hard times.

Our minds are designed to work on targets, on projects you always need to have a goal, a project or something you want to achieve, a purpose. You are here for a reason, for a purpose and that´s what keeps us going. The moment you lose sight of that project, goal or purpose you´re done. Most of us have dreams and would like to live a certain way but to live that incredible life you need to make health a priority.

You are capable of achieving whatever you want, you got everything you need physically and mentally you just need to get stronger, both physically and mentally and developing a strong mindset is harder. Once you get your mind right everything follows.

For anything you want to achieve there are some sacrifices you need to make and the journey is hard, there will be great days and there will also be hard and tough days, what will keep you going and get pass through those hard days is having a clear goal, seeing clearly your project fulfilled and the result you want to achieve, believing in yourself and knowing that you need to keep going to get that result you want.

Also there´s something you need to give in, something you need to lose for something much better to come. In this case your goal is to lose weight, keep it off and improve your health for this the sacrifices are time and effort, doing resistance training 4 or 5 days a week and being more active every day. The workouts are not complicated but they are hard, you need to challenge yourself to feel that pain and that challenge so that your body changes. You also need to eat healthy nutritious foods and avoid unhealthy, highly processed foods full of unhealthy oils and sugars. This is what you need to sacrifice for a better life.

Realize that there are no quick fixes, it´s a long and hard journey with sacrifices, there´s a price you need to pay but if you stick to the plan, if you are consistent eventually you´ll get to that result you´ve been working for and that´s when you´ll feel proud of what you´ve accomplished and all the work you put it, you earn that success.

You need to know and realize that things are going to be tough, that you need to push yourself and work as hard as you can for as long as you need before getting to the gym or before starting your workout, you get in that mental state of knowing that you have a plan and you´ll do whatever it takes to achieve your goal. You know that you´ll feel tired, your muscles will burn and you keep going until you´re done with what you had planned.

When you go to the gym or you are getting ready for your exercise routine you need to focus on your goal, what you want to achieve, how you want to look like and keep that image of you being successful in your mind. Think about the reason why you are exercising and make sure that all the mental images and self-talk is positive. You go to the gym and exercise because you love your body, you love how you feel, you love how exercise makes you feel. You feel strong and confident and you feel a sense of accomplishment after exercising. So when you arrive to the gym and start working out you give your all.

There´s a lot of things going on and that we need to talk about when it comes to developing the right mindset, not only to get up and exercise but to be successful in life and we´ll be sharing with you more information.

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How your mindset keeps pulling you back


It´s disappointing and frustrating when you work so hard on your diet and exercise and you did everything as best as possible to lose weight, but when you get on the scale you find out you didn´t make the progress you were expecting. You feel confused and you start questioning yourself, what could you have done better? Where can you improve?

The reason you need to set big goals and divide it into smaller goals is to be able to measure your progress and adjust along the way, when you get on the scale and you find out you didn´t get the results you were expecting you are able to adjust the program or strategy, for this you need to question yourself, take a hard look and be honest with yourself. Maybe you didn´t give your all on the exercise part, you only did half or you didn´t push yourself enough, maybe you made a wrong choice with food in one meal and you felt guilty you started blaming yourself and that one wrong choice became a whole meal of over eating. This happens to all of us when we´re working towards a goal, this is normal but have you ever stopped for a moment and ask yourself why you keep sabotaging yourself over and over?

In most cases your mindset is the one pulling you back, if you´re not mentally strong ad if you don´t have the right thoughts, beliefs and the right image of yourself in your mind you will keep making mistakes and the wrong choices over and over. Yes, it´s true that we all make mistakes and we all make the wrong choices every now and then, what makes the difference is how you respond. If you are able to realize and accept that you make a wrong choice, that you ate something you were not supposed to or you over eat and you don´t feel guilty, you don´t blame yourself instead you accept it, and move on then you are in the right track. You have the right mindset to accept that you made a mistake and move on, it´s not a big deal just move one and focus on the next meal.

If you make a wrong choice but you blame yourself, you feel guilty and that leads you to over eating, binge eating and what could have been just a wrong mistake becomes a wrong meal, probably a whole day of binge eating and over eating unhealthy foods and probably a whole week. This is a huge problem this is why you need to work on developing the right strong mindset.

In most cases it´s not only about will power, it´s about having a strong reason why you´re working on improving your health and losing weight, being able to bring up the reason why you´re improving your life in your mind when things the tough and hold it. Being able to create a mental image in your mind of how you want to look is part of developing that strong mindset that will make it easier for you to do what you need to do, to stay on track, to make the right decisions and to finally achieve your goal.

Your internal dialogue, your self-talk and self-image play a huge role on whether you accomplish your goal or not. It may be true that you have a hard and painful past but that doesn´t mean you´re not able or capable or that you don´t deserve to live a better life. If you are seeing yourself as fat, obese or overweight then you´ll making it harder on yourself. If you say to yourself that it´s so hard to follow that diet or to go for a walk, that you´re not capable, that you don´t deserve or that you´ll never lose weight then chances are you won´t achieve your goal. And to make everything worse if you say all those negative statements out loud then the negative impact is bigger.

Here are some steps you can take today to start developing the strong mindset:

1.- Set a big goal.- Think as big as you can, if you have a lot of weight to lose it will be hard for you to think you can look as a superhero or bodybuilder or an athlete but if that´s your ultimate goal set that goal, write on a piece of paper. Once you have that goal divide it into smaller goals that you can accomplish every month.

2.- Create an image of yourself in your mind of how you want to look once you´ve achieved your goal. Make that image as clear as possible and add as much detail as you can. Every morning right when you wake up bring that image to your mind and visualize it for 10 minutes.

3.- Stop all negative thoughts and negative self-talk.- Every time you get yourself thinking negatively, excuses or reasons why you can´t accomplish your goal change that thought for a positive one. Start practicing positive self-talk tell to yourself the many reasons why you can accomplish your goal and why you will do it.

Your mindset plays a huge role on achieving any goal and being successful, this is why we´re going to go deeper and help you develop the right mindset so that you can go through any challenge. Follow the 3 steps for a couple of weeks and let us know how you feel and if something has changed in your day to day by leaving a comment down below and on Twitter.

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