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Amber glasses to improve sleep


Is it hard for you to get enough high-quality sleep every night? Do you find it hard to fall asleep fast? You may know by now that getting high quality sleep every night is crucial for optimal health and performance so finding tools or strategies to help you improve the quality and quantity of sleep is beneficial.

On the last post about sleep we talk about the negative impact that blue light has on quality and quantity of sleep, blue light is the light emitted by screens of electronic devices and we also need to consider that we´re not following the wake-sleep cycle that goes with nature.

When we´re exposed to blue light especially in the night when the sun sets the circadian rhythm gets out of sync and our brain doesn´t produce melatonin to fall asleep so the best step you can take is avoid electronic devices but since this is difficult for most of us then using amber glasses is a good option.

Amber glasses have demonstrated through research to be effective at blocking blue light leading to improvements in the quality and quantity of sleep and helping restore the circadian rhythm and production of melatonin.

Amber glasses have increased popularity in the last years thanks to being effective at blocking blue light while making it possible for us to maintain our normal activities, but this doesn´t mean that we can´t binge watching a documentary o series or that we can keep playing video games or checking social media or e-mail late night.

These glasses are an effective tool we can use when we need to get something done, when we need to finish a project and we need to stay up late in front of our computer finishing the last details.

Spending too much time in front of a computer or electronic device can also affect your eyes, some people may have blurry vision or even headaches. Even when some people say that amber glasses don´t work and it´s all a marketing strategy, there´s researching showing that they are effective.

For me it all comes down to how much time you spend in front of a computer or any electronic device, if you spend 6 to 7 hours or more per day then using amber glasses to block blue light especially in the afternoon and night then they will be beneficial.

To get enough high-quality sleep we want to mimic the cycles of nature and make sure that the circadian rhythm in in sync and send our brain and body the right messages through the eyes. Getting sunlight exposure in the morning sends the signal to our body that it´s day time and we need to be awake and darkness late afternoon when the sun starts to set sends the signal to our body that it´s time to produce melatonin to sleep so if we´re not able to turn off all electric devices when the sun goes down we can use amber glasses to block blue light from the screens.

If you can turn off electric devices some days of the week like weekends, if you can turn off the computer, laptop, tablet do it. Also avoid checking social media and email when you are already on bed a couple of minutes before you want to fall asleep. Amber glasses are a tool we can use to help us block blue light when we need to be in front of the computer finishing a project but if we can turn them off then we should take advantage of those moments to get high quality sleep.

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Anxiety and stress, what you can do.


Do you deal with anxiety? That stress when you´re so worried about the future, about what would happen, that fear can be paralyzing.

Anxiety is the response of our body to the worries and fear of the future, as with stress and pressure the way we see it, our perspective of the situation we´re going through can make the problem worse or if used right it can be helpful. We can feel anxious for so many different situations, there are different types of anxiety-related disorders which we´re going to see in future posts and while some of those situations will only make us feel anxious for a small period of time there can be cases where that anxiety keeps growing.

When we think of stress, pressure and anxiety as the response of our body to certain situations then it´s easy for us to cope with it.  We need to understand that feeling anxious is normal, it happens to all of us and we need it in a certain way because life is full of challenges and we´re constantly changing.

The best way to deal or cope with anxiety is finding out where that anxiety comes from, ask yourself why am I anxious? in most cases it´s fear of the unknown, of the future and our mind is amazing at creating the worst case scenarios in any situation which make the problem worse so once you recognize where the anxiety comes from it may be a new project, or changing job, or finishing school and getting out to the real world, whatever it is then imagine yourself conquering that situation or that challenge, be positive and optimistic. Seeing or visualizing yourself in the future in a positive outcome is hard at the beginning but once you develop the habit to be more positive and become optimistic it will be easier.

In most cases our mind creates fear to avoid failure but those fears or those negative outcomes are not real but if we let those unreal fears and worries control us, we will deal with anxiety for the most part of our life.

There are some actions we can take to reduce anxiety that will have an impact on our entire life:

1. Reduce caffeine.- When we´re anxious if we take any form of caffeine it will make our anxiety worse like our heart rate increases, we start shaking, in some cases it can trigger panic attacks,

2. Eat healthy meals.- Food plays an important role so we need to focus on eating meals cooked and prepared with whole, fresh ingredients and avoid processed, junk and fast foods,

3. Breathe.- Take deeps breathes and focus on inhale and exhale, pay attention to your breathing and feel your body relaxing. By taking our attention to the inhale and exhale and the sensation of our body relaxing our mind calms down,

4. Exercise.- Any type of physical activity improves our mood, especially when we exercise outside in nature,

5. Practice positivity.- This is a lifestyles, it´s not only about replacing negative thoughts with positive one but about seeing the positive outcome in every situation.

As humans we all are exposed to stress, pressure and anxiety and knowing that we can´t avoid them is the first step to make a change at how we think of them, realizing that we actually need them to grow, learn, improve and keep our life exciting will make it easier but we also need to know when it´s too much of them and we need to find ways to lower them or talk to someone who can help us. Even when we share different tools in this site to help you lower them and respond the best way possible it´s important that you talk with your a specialist if you see that your case is bad.

Are you anxious right now? just stop for a moment, take some deep breathes and think about where that anxiety comes from, why are you anxious? what is making you feel anxious? and then think about positive outcomes.

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The power of social media


Social media is so powerful, but we need to learn how to use to our advantage.

Do you know how much time you spend every day on social media? whether it´s to upload pictures or videos, to share ideas or just going through the feed the amount of time we spend there is huge, on average we spend around 3 hours per day and if we think about what we do in most cases we´re only wasting valuable time.

We´re growing up in a world where Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and all social media platforms are the way to engage with people all around the world. The problem is that many people don´t share their truths, they hide their reality with filters and they share what they want us to see so when we go through our feed we see all those amazing pictures of people sharing their amazing trips and how much they are loving life but are we really sure that they are enjoying and having an incredible life? this pictures can have a negative effects on us because we may not be working on what we love and in general our life is not that amazing.

Engagement with social media releases a chemical called dopamine which makes us feel good, when we upload a picture and 5 minutes later we check and see thousands of likes we feel good but when we don´t get as many likes as we want we feel bad, we feel like we don´t deserve it and we´re not good enough, we start comparing our pictures and stories with someone else´s who has a lot more followers and likes and we feel bad for ourselves but the problem is that we may not know the truth and stories about the people we´re comparing ourselves to, and we also have our own story.

We´ve become addicted to social media, we want the likes and follows we´ve become addicted to that feeling, it help us cope with stress of life but it can also lead to depression when we compare our content with others.

Some years ago our lives were more focused on what happened around us, our neighbor, our city or country, we use to be a lot more in contact with our closest friends, family, neighbors, classmates and coworkers, now is what happens all around the world and we are more in contact with people in other countries than with the ones close to us.

Even when social media can have a negative impact in our life it also has huge power and if we know how to use them, we can improve our life and help others which is what I love.

It all starts with who we follow, if we follow people who share content that can help us grow, inspire and motivates us then we will start acting and working towards a more successful life. What we share is also important, if we just share pictures or video to add value and to help people all around the world then we´re making a difference in someone else´s lives.

We care more about the numbers on our accounts than on other people, it´s not about getting millions and millions of followers, it´s not about getting millions of likes in our posts, it´s about sharing content that can be valuable for others, it´s about how many people we actually help, it can be just by telling our truth, our story or sharing our knowledge in any specific area.

Social media won´t go anywhere but if we make use of it the right way we can get a lot of benefits and advantages, we need to make sure that we don´t waste our time with it and follow people that are adding value to our life. Just imagine what would happen if from those 3 hours a day we reduce it to 1 hour and we make that 1 hour count and we use the other hour to exercise, we will get in better shape, we will get all the benefits of exercise and we´re learning something from the people we follow.

Remember that an image can say too much, one single image can have a positive impact or negative impact in other´s lives, one post can help someone to improve their life while other can make someone feel unworthy.

Social media is a great tool to help us learn from others and grow and it´s also a tool to help people. What we share, the pictures, images, content, video, etc; it all matters. They can have a positive impact on someone and we can inspire people to improve their lives or maybe just make them smile, but it can also have a negative impact by making someone feel bad so we need to be aware of what we share.

Let us know by leaving a comment on our Facebook and Twitter account which type if content you prefer, do you like to follow friends and family to see what they´re doing? Or do you like to follow celebrities to have an inside of their lives, or do you like to follow people or accounts from where you can learn?

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How pressure can be good for you.


We all have been under pressure but, how do you respond or react to it? do you get stressed out or do you use it to your advantage?

Your answer to the questions before play a big role on your results, if you get stressed while working under pressure then your concentration and productivity lower which don´t get us to our best results, if we use it to our advantage it´s easier to stay focused and concentrated on what we´re doing which increases productivity and we get better results.

Pressure is when there´s something at risk, the end result of a project has a significant impact whether positive or negative on our job, school, relationship, etc. You know you need to perform as best as possible to get the best results.

Many people consider pressure to be stress and if we see it that way then this type of stress is beneficial for us, pressure helps us get things done, we all have activities or things we need to do and because we still have time we let them for later until we don´t have any more time and we need to get them done so thanks to the need and pressure to get it done we do it but in this case if it´s not something we´re interested in we´ll just get it done, we don´t think about the result or if we could have done better it´s done and that´s what matters.

When we´re starting any new project if we use pressure to our favor, we  will get things done, we are more productive and efficient, but this will happen if we start the project with the right mindset and attitude. When we´re assigned a project or we know we need to deliver some work and meet a deadline we feel anxious but how we think about that anxiety is what makes the difference if we think about it as excitement of what we need to learn, if we think about the best result we can deliver while we have in mind that we need to meet a certain deadline and there´s people with some expectations from us then we will get focused and work as best as we can. An important factor to consider here is how much are we interested on the activity or project and how much we like it, in most cases people call it stress because they don´t like what they do, they´re not interested on the project and they actually don´t like it, this is when pressure turns into stress, as you can see we always get to the same point, do we love or like what we do? if we don´t like what we do or we´re not interested that pressure will turn into stress but if we like it that pressure will become excitement and we will put the work and time needed to finish on time.

Pressure can be our opportunity to do our best, to give our all and to perform as best as possible something that we won´t do any other way, how hard are we willing to work to exceed expectations?, all the odds may be against us but are we going to let that stop us or are we going to find new ways, if we want to perform at peak levels to get to those higher stakes then pressure will help us, even when we all are capable of delivering amazing results and great performance most of us do not put all our knowledge and effort on all activities and on those challenges is when we use more of our capacity.

Those are times when we know we need to trust ourselves and what we´re doing and we push out of our comfort zone which is what forces us to grow, we may need to be creative to be efficient with the resources we have so that we can get to the end because we may not have the time to learn all the skills or we may not have the best equipment so we need to find out which skills we can learn that are going to give us the best results and how can we make better use of the equipment and tools we have.

When we go through this journey with the goal in mind to make our best work possible and getting to that higher level that´s when we learn and grow, that´s when we realize that we are capable of achieving bigger things and it motivates us to go for something bigger.

If pressure leads to stress for you then what you can do is not taking more projects than you can handle, say no more often or if for some reason you don´t feel like being able to deliver the results expected or deliver the project on time then also it´s better to say no but, remember that getting out of our comfort zone is key to grow and succeed, getting out of the comfort zone increases pressure so you need to start small accepting small challenges you know you can handle.

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The information era


Information is everywhere, from books, magazines, newspapers and, the internet. With so much access to information we can´t take the luxury of not reading and learning, it´s our choice to read and learn about our craft and become the best, otherwise ignorance will be the reason of our failure.

Nowadays not knowing is the wrong answer, we all have access to information and we can read and learn about our interests, not knowing means that there´s something we need to learn, the problem is that with so much information we can get confused and overwhelmed, we´ll find so many different and contradicting information so we need to make a research and find out which sources are trustworthy.

We can´t believe everything we read and hear if we´re really interested on a topic we need to make a research and read everything we can, from books to articles and studies also listen to interviews and podcast of people on the field and then understand and analyze all the information so that we can make a decision for ourselves.

We have a lot more access to information nowadays compared to a couple of years ago but it sometimes seem that the more information we have in our hands the more ignorant we become, have you ever known someone who  talks a lot about every topic and it´s clear that they don´t have an idea of what they´re really saying? I bet you have.

With so much information out there we have a challenge and that´s to make good use of it, information is power and knowing how to use that information gives us more power, with more information and knowledge if we know how to analyze that information and understand it we can make better choices which lead to better relationships, better job and better life.

Nowadays we can say that we´re bombarded with information and this information also comes from social media, the problem is that not all that information is true, there are so many lies and myths and if we don´t check sources and are not aware of what´s getting inside our mind we can feed our brain with the wrong information.

There´s so much noise and all that noise is the one that makes us waste a lot of time this is why it´s important to be aware of who we follow on our social media and also what we share, if we want to be relevant and get noticed in all that noise we need to share value, to share our story share our truth and make sure that everything we do goes according to our values and beliefs.

In many occasions when I´m researching a new topic at the end of the day I´ve read a lot of publications, studies, reports and I end confused I´m sure this happens to you too. What we need to do is continue reading and researching, go as deep as possible and find out from all that information which one is real and truthful and which ones are lies. We need to stop believing everything we hear from one person and everything we read in one place, if a topic gets our interested we need to go deeper and understand the information, think for ourselves and analyze what we´re reading.

How many people do you know that believe everything they see on Facebook or Twitter? many of them do not check the sources and they believe all the noise which bring a lot of problems.

What we can do is make sure that the accounts or people we follow share truthful information and are authentic, we also need to research as much as possible the topics we are more interested and analyze and understand the information, think for ourselves and get to a conclusion, what makes more sense based on everything we read?

The more we read and research about a certain topic the more we understand, most of us do not take time every day to read or listen to podcast, there are so many people who believe everything they see on social media which many information there is wrong so we need to develop the habit of reading, we can start by reading topics we´re interested in which also includes novels or stories. Being open to different points of view and not only points of view related to our own makes it possible for us to read different articles and expand our knowledge so we can see the entire aspect or story so that we can think by ourselves and get to our own conclusion. We need to realize that not everything we read is true so we need to find the truth or get as much information as possible from all different points of view so that we can have great knowledge and understanding, we won´t criticize any point of view we just want to learn and find out where those conclusions or points of view come from, the more we read the more we learn.

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Be more positive! How you can do it!

6_foto tree goals

We´ve heard so many times that we need to be more positive, that positivity will improves our life, if we think positively we will attract good stuff but if you´ve been trying this for some time you may be thinking that it actually doesn´t work, being positive doesn´t improve your life. The problem is we can´t be positive in just some situations, we can´t just practice positivity a couple of minutes a day, it needs to be something we practice every single moment of our day, it needs to be a lifestyle.

Positivity doesn´t mean being positive every now and then we need to practice it every day until it becomes part of us.

Positivity has many benefits for our life and health like being more productive, reducing stress, improves relationships, helps us increase confidence, increase our chances of success, when we practice positivity on a daily basis we live more happier and we enjoy more every moment.

Everything is energy including our thoughts and emotions this is why when something bad happens to us, we keep thinking about that situation and we feel anxious, angry, frustrated and more negative situations keep happening to us, we just keep attracting negativity to our lives.

When something great happens to us we feel excited and we´re happy and more positive things happen, we keep attracting positive situations to our lives.

When we´re born we´re full of positivity we don´t have any worries, stress, anger but as we grow older life gets in the way and this means that we get bombarded with negative information from the news, to Tv shows, we compare ourselves with pictures and posts full of filters on social media, we get stressed out by the rules of society and trying to fit in, we may be bullied or make fun of, etc; all this negative information gets inside of us and we become negative persons we starts thinking negatively about ourselves, we spend most of our entire day entertaining negative thoughts and in negative self-talk and this is how we live. Surrounded by negativity all around us and being negative inside.

Negativity carries a very low vibration or frequency and positivity carries a high vibration or frequency, the moment we start being positive we raise our vibration or energy and if we are able to maintain this high frequency and vibrations long enough it just take some time until positive situations start happening to us, all of a sudden life starts to be better.

What we need to do is eliminate all the negativity inside of us, we need to realize that we will be bombarded with negativity every single day, but we can´t let that negativity get inside of us. To do this we need to practice positivity but not just once or twice a day, we need to do it every single moment of our day and every single day until it becomes part of us. If we practice positive thinking in the morning when we wake up or before going to bed it´s so little that it won´t help us get rid of all the negativity inside of us, the only way to get rid of all the negativity inside us that is running our thoughts and life we need to think positive the entire day and make it a lifestyle.   

Here are some steps you can start doing today to add positivity to your life:

1. Practice gratitude.- Gratitude is one of the highest emotions that can change our mood and state quickly, every morning right after you wake up and every night right before you fall asleep think about 3 to 5 things that you are grateful for and try to maintain that gratitude state for the rest of the day.

2. Think of the positive outcome in any situation.- Our brain loves to focus on the negative side of things and it will come with all the negative outcomes. It doesn´t matter what you´re doing today or what situation you are in focus on the positive outcome.

The hardest part of making positivity a lifestyle is that in the beginning it takes conscious effort, we´re so use to watching, hearing and sharing negative information and we let that negativity enter our brain that we need to be aware every single moment of what we let into our life. We need to be conscious and start focusing and finding the positive outcomes and results in all situations, it´s about creating a positive life for yourself and this includes not letting any negativity into your mind and looking for the positive in everything and everyone around you.

It takes time to see results because of all the negativity we need to get rid of, but this is one of the best practices we can do to improve our life.

Positivity not only helps us live a happier life and keeps us healthy, it also improves our brain and our ability to stay focus, get things done and increase our chances of success, the reason why is because positivity opens our mind to more opportunities, when we think that something is possible or we´re thinking on the positive outcomes on any situation we´re giving directions to our brain to find ways in which we can get the results we want contrary to negative thoughts. Positivity makes us more creative and we can find different solutions to get a desired outcome.

Positivity is contagious have you met someone who is positive, happy and is always having fun? we all get amazed by their attitude and positivity that we want to spend more time around them, positivity attracts people to us but we don´t need anyone to be happy, we need to start by having fun alone being positive alone and then we can share that same attitude with the people around us.

Start today, be more positive at everything you do and wherever you are and let us know on our Twitter or Facebook account if you´ve seen any difference in your life.

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What family really means

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For many of us family is everything but what does family really means?

Family doesn´t always mean blood and it does not end there, blood means that we are related, true family goes far beyond blood, it´s about love, appreciation, understanding, care, loyalty.

Some people think that only because we are related by blood or genes that makes us family, sadly this is not the case. We all have at least one “family” member who thinks that because we´re related by blood then we are family, but he/she never shows up, he/she is so busy and never has time for his “family”. In some cases, more often than not those blood related family are the once who cause more pain, the ones who doesn´t show up or the ones holding us back.

In some cases some of them think that only because we are blood related we don´t need to be there for them, that there´s no reason to nurture the relation or spend time together and that we need to give, give and give even when they never show up. Unfortunately, this is not true we all are responsible of making that family relationship strong by sharing moments and knowing each other, it requires time and effort and it most come from both parts.

Family can be those friends with whom we spend more time or those who we can´t see so often but we know we can count on them, the ones who show up in the most difficult moments of our lives just to be with us, to listen and to support us in any way possible.

Family is about accepting each other as we truly are, is about respect, honesty, loyalty, it´s about love and care and it´s not only saying them is proving and showing with our actions that they matter to us and we will be there no matter what.

Some of us have very few close people in our lives but we feel completely safe and comfortable when we are with them we can be who we really are, we can express ourselves without the fear of being judge, we can share our stories and goals without being criticized, we can have amazing times together and share joy and fun they´ll also be there when life put us down. Those few close friends are family and we need to make sure that we keep them close.

We talked in other posts about the importance of relationships and family must be our priority, we all have a small group of people who we know we can count on through thick and thin, in that group may be some blood family members and some close friends. We know that we can trust each of those people of our small group, we all trust each other, and we know they will be there when we need them. It´s better to have a small group of close friends with whom we share a deep meaningful relationship but who will stay together in every situation than to have a bigger group of people we know only to have a good time but who won´t show up when things get tough.

To create or develop a strong relationship with someone takes time and effort from both parts or the people involved, it´s something we need to be nurturing by spending time together and knowing each other.

Relationships matter, who we spend more time with or who we surround ourselves with have a huge impact on our life for positive or negative, so we need to choose wisely. We need to let go of negative people who has a negative impact on our life and nourish relationships with people who has a positive impact, if there´s someone who doesn´t support our goals or worse tries to pull us down we need to stay away from them even if they are close friends or we thought were close friends and even if they are family members and we need to spend more time and nourish relationships that help us grow and become better every day.

Do not let anyone make you think that just because you are blood related you need to keep that person close, if someone is hurting you in any way take them out of your life and surround yourself with people that make you feel great, people who really cares about you and the one who are going to be there for you no matter what.

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Thoughts, emotions, actions. Are you aware of them?


Have you ever asked yourself it your thoughts, emotions and actions are related and what´s the job they play in living the life you want? Everything we do has a reason why, every choice we make, every action goes according to our emotions and thoughts, even if we think we´re being rational. Almost every single time we act according to the beliefs and programs stored in our subconscious. If we take some time to do visualization or affirmations exercises, they won´t be enough because the rest of our day our thoughts, emotions and actions do not go according to our goal. Most part of the day our thoughts, emotions and actions run our life that´s our subconscious.

You may have heard about the Law of Attraction and you may have tried it, did you get results? the problem with it is that it´s not complete, if we really want to attract something to us and live the life we want there are different points that we need to consider and our mindset is just one of them.

In order to attract what we want and improve our life; our thoughts, emotions and actions need to be in harmony, they need to be aligned and work together, the reason for this is simple, with our thoughts, emotions and actions we´re creating and sending frequencies and vibrations, if we think consciously about what we want but our emotions go against it and we´re not taking action towards that thought we´re sending different frequencies or signals. If we think and concentrate consciously on what we want, if our emotions go according to that thought and we take action to get closer to that goal then everything is in harmony.

More than 90% of our thoughts are repeated over and over every day from the moment we wake up until we go to sleep, most of those thoughts are negative about worry, fear, lack, anxiety so when we want to make a change and we start changing our thoughts consciously we can do it for a couple of minutes while we´re meditating, visualizing or doing some other exercise but for the rest of the day we go back to the same negative thoughts, those negative thoughts are beliefs stored in our mind from past experiences so what we need to do is change those negative and limiting thoughts and install positive ones so that those positive thoughts are the ones running through our mind over and over every day.

Apart from those positive thoughts we also need to be aware of our emotions, most of the day we are in a state of hurry, we get angry, anxious, we hate someone and even want revenge or vengeance but this emotions carry very low frequency so we need to change those emotions for positive ones that carry higher vibrations, emotions like gratitude, joy, love and we need to make those emotions the ones that run automatically without the need of being focusing on them.

Once our thoughts and emotions are working together we need to take action towards our goal, thoughts and emotions alone won´t get us what we want, we may live a more positive life but that´s all, we need to take action and for this we need to work backwards from our goal and create a plan of action that we can follow every day and it doesn´t need to be hard, with just one activity that we do every day in a couple of weeks the progress will show.

The hardest part here is that we need to sustain our thoughts and emotions throughout the day, the goal is to live with this positive thoughts and higher emotions but it´s so hard to do since we´ve been living with negative ones and lower frequencies so the moment we start to make a change our brain wants to take us back to a comfortable thought and emotion, the negative thoughts, limiting beliefs and low frequencies that it´s use to and the ones who are stopping us from living our best life, so what we can do is:

1. Right after you wake up take some slow and deep breathes, focus on your breathing,

2. Take a goal you want to achieve and create a vision of you already having achieved it,

3. Feel gratitude, joy and excitement for already achieving your goal and make those emotions as strong as you can,

4. Open your eyes and start your day but try to keep those high emotions for as long as you can for the rest of the day,

5. Do one daily activity that will get you closer to your goal.

The first days it will be hard to this little exercise but with time you will get used to it and you can do it for as long as you want, you can start with 10 minutes and you can increase time, 20 minutes work great. If you are consistent with it, you will start seeing results.

Our goal is to help you improve your life and we all know that if we want to live a fulfilled life, we need to take care of ourselves, this includes our mindset not only physical health. We need to develop the right strong mindset and make sure that what we think, what we feel and what we do are all working together towards the same outcome, otherwise we won´t achieve anything.

What we´re sharing with you may seem like a lot but it´s all about developing the right habits, once you´ve develop the right habits it will be effortless not only to lose weight and get in shape but to live better, all aspects of your life improve, just do the exercises and give it time to develop those new habits.

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Are they really your friends?


Not everyone we meet will stay in our lives forever, not everyone we meet can be called friend.

Some people take more than what they give and we´ll get to a time where we can´t give anymore, some of the people we meet will seem to be good friends they´ll even say to us that we´ll be together no matter what but when something happen they are the first to disappear.

Some people will only take from us everything they can and they won´t give anything and even when it´s good to give there are times where we also need to receive, there will be relationships that are only holding us down or keeping us stuck in that same level or even some that are pulling us down or drowning us.

We all have though moments in our lives where we need someone and those moments are the ones that will show us who our real friends are, the ones who care and are there for us. Real friends will be there when we need them in those tough times even if there´s nothing they can do physically they will show up to listen to us and they will travel the journey with us to build us up. This are the ones we can trust and the ones we can count on.

Sometimes this real friends are the ones we least expect, we´ve been so busy with other relationships giving everything from love, attention, caring and time only to find out that when we need them those were the ones who leave first and the ones we didn´t pay too much attention are the ones who stay there with us and go through all the ups and downs of that difficult situation with us.

Once we find out who really cares, who was there for us even when we haven´t showed up that much in their lives we can´t forget them and we can start building from there a meaningful relationship that will carry on over the years.

There are people in our lives that come and go, that´s normal not everyone we meet will become a friend, we meet them and live amazing moments with them memories full of laughs and great times but in tough times they´re not there for us. We need to accept this and realize that not everyone is willing to give as much as we give or do as much as we do for them, they won´t support us in any way in those difficult times so we need to let them go. The same happens with the ones who are holding us back or who try to pull us back we also need to let them go. 

It´s hard to let go someone to whom you give so much and find out that they won´t do the same for you, one way to avoid this pain is to not get attached to any relationship, this can be hard to if you are the type of person who almost instantly trust everyone.

Building deep meaningful relationships takes time and it can be difficult to find out who is going to be there for us until something bad happens but there are some signs we can consider like who are the ones who showed up only for fun times like parties, dinners, or others type of events where we can have fun but they didn´t show up for some serious stuff. Who only calls us when they need something but when we call them for whatever reason they don´t seem to be so interested? Who doesn´t is willing to give as much as we do, and here we´re talking about spending time together, listening and paying attention?

Real friendship means spending time with people we love and care about, listening, being there in their darkest times, accepting and understanding who they really are, supporting them and we need to show it not say it. Everyone can say it but not everyone will show it, the ones who show up are the ones who matter.

We need to realize that in some cases when things go wrong the first ones to leave are the ones we consider friends and the ones closer to us, this happen with friends and family and the ones that show up are the ones we least expect so even when it´s hard to realize that the ones we trusted more are the first one to leave we need to move on, let them go and focus on those new people who appear in our life.

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The importance of having great relationships


Our relationships determine how far we´re going to get, we all need of each other and we all need to know that we have someone we can trust and count on in times of need, unfortunately not all of us got someone to count on. The people we spend more time with have a huge impact on our life, they can help us grow and reach higher levels or they can pull us down making it impossible for us to succeed.

Nowadays building great relationships is not a priority we´re more interested on getting likes on social media. We dive ourselves on our Smartphone trying to escape reality, we don´t give attention to the people beside us but we´re more interested on comparing ourselves with other accounts trying to figure out why we don´t get likes, why we don´t get the attention we want on our accounts and we´re losing what´s more important, creating great relationships with the people close to us.

Don´t get me wrong, I love social media, I love sharing content, meeting people and helping as much people as possible all around the world and this wouldn´t have been possible without social platforms but we all need good meaningful relationships.

There are 2 different types of relationships that we all need to have:

1.- The one you can count on.- We all go through difficult moments in life and we need to have someone we can trust and count on on those moments. We all know that everyone appears on the best times of our life, everyone is at the party having fun but on our darkest times when we need someone to talk to not everyone will be there so we need to know that we have at least one person we can count on on those darkest times.

2.- The mentor.- We need to keep learning so we need to be surrounded by people who knows more than us, people from whom we can learn, they are the ones that will help us reach the next level, once we get to that next level if those people continued learning then they will continue teaching us if not we need to find someone to get higher.

There´s a third type of person we may encounter through our life and that is the disciple:

3.- Your disciple.- This one is hard because most people prefer to stay where they are in a comfortable place but if we find someone who wants to achieve amazing things in life and who is open to learn and who wants us to help them get to their next level we need to help them. The same way someone helped us before now is our time to help someone.

The best that can happen to us is to have this 3 relationships and we can but we need to develop them and we do that by being interested in people, taking some time off our cell phone and have a conversation with the people around us, listening to them and really being interested is what help us build good relationships. We need to know that it takes time, if we want someone to trust us, to believe in us and respect us it takes time the same way it takes time for us to trust someone and to know that we can count on them.

When we find someone who is interested in us, someone who cares and that shows it in everything they do we need to keep that person close to us. If we know someone who has achieved what we want to achieve we need to find ways to be close to that person even if that means working for them for free, what we want is to learn from them as much as possible but, for some of us it may be hard to find the right mentor or maybe we don´t know someone who has done what we want in this case we can look at our greatest inspirations, they may be celebrities like musicians, actors, professional athletes from we whom we can learn. It´s not about coping or modeling them it´s about learning from them and take those lessons and make them our own.

Having people close to us who support our goals can make our journey easier otherwise we´ll need to develop a strong mindset to go through all type of negative comments.

Developing the right relationships takes time and effort it can´t be done through social media or direct or private messages, I don´t think whatsapp help build good relationships and not even phone calls, there´s no better way than getting face to face, it can be going for a walk, having dinner, breakfast or lunch, going for a coffee or even spend 5 minutes before a meeting with your coworker.

When was the last time you had dinner or lunch with a friend close to you or someone who has been there for you in hard times?

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