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How our emoionts affect our reality

18 How positivity lowers stress

Welcome back to our site! You may be asking what is all this about emotions and creating the life you want so keep reading…

We´ve all heard about the Law of Attraction and we´ve all heard so many time that it doesn´t work and for some people it do work. Many people talk about thoughts and creating a mental image in our mind of our goal but not so many talk about emotions and how this is the secret to achieving our goals.

Our thoughts and emotions need to be in harmony if we want to attract something to our life or manifest (I don´t really like this terms of attracting or manifesting, I´ll tell you why later to get deeper). We may be visualizing a clear image in our mind of our goal which is sending a frequency but we may be sending a complete different frequency through our emotions and this creates noise, we´re sending 2 different and maybe opposing frequencies or energies and that´s why we don´t achieve our goals.

In the last post we learnt how to change our beliefs and thoughts now that we have the right beliefs and thoughts and that we a aware most our day we need to start working on our emotions. All negative emotions like fear, anger, frustration, resentment, revenge are very low frequency. We spend too much time feeling this emotions and that´s what we attract, every time we get mad, angry, frustrated and start fighting or disagreeing with someone we are allowing this emotions to take control of us. There are 3 positive emotions that we need to focus on which are:

1.- Gratitude

2. Love

3. Joy

This 3 positive emotions carry a high frequency and this will not only make us feel good, we start attracting positive situations and people to our life, suddenly our life improves in all areas. When we feel this positive emotions over and over and over we are elevating our frequency and it attracts situations and stuff that make us feel those emotions, when we combine those emotions with our goals it´s a lot easier for us to achieve them.

There´s less resistance and it feels like everything is falling into place and we are in the right path so we get more motivated to put the time and effort needed towards our goal until we get the results.

If we are able to live with those 3 emotions all the time, the entire day our life will be completely different, for this to happen we need to be aware at the beginning to change our thoughts and emotions every time we´re feeling a negative one until positivity becomes a part of us. We get to a point where we´re loving and enjoying every single moment of our lives, we´re living the present and we are grateful for all the amazing stuff coming to us.

It doesn´t matter where you are or what you are doing right now, take a couple of minutes to think about everything you are grateful for and think about everything and everyone you love, feel the love and gratitude in all your body. Now try to maintain those amazing feelings for the rest of your day and tomorrow when you wake up do this little exercise.

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The difference between a champion and a loser

6_foto tree goals

Champions are remembered for years and even more when they made something incredible.

We´ve all asked ourselves what´s the difference between a champion and a loser or what does they have that we don´t have? From what I´ve been seeing the only difference lies in the mindset.

A champions has a strong determination, persistence and perseverance they will do what they need to do even when they don´t want to, they are able to trick their mind and push pass the pain physical and emotional, they will put in the hard work for as long as they need.

When they fail or they don´t get the results they were looking for they don´t see it as failure they see it as an opportunity to improve, they may not got the result this time but that same day or the next day they´ll be revising their performance to see where they can improve they will work harder with more focus and pay attention to every little detail to make sure that the next time they are more than prepared to win.

Champions are so obsessed with achieving their goal that they will do whatever they need until they succeed and once they succeed they´ll start thinking on the next goal, they always want more. Thanks to this obsession for success it´s very easy for them to stay focus on their ultimate goal and to keep visualizing the exact result they want, they are so clear about what they want and once they have clarity they can work backwards.

Champions can be found everywhere not only in sports and they´re always looking to improve on whatever they do, they are so hard on themselves and pay close attention to every little detail because they know that those little details are the ones that can make a huge difference.

They focus on learning, improving and mastering one skill at a time, while others want to cover more skills or activities champions choose one and work on it until they master it then they go to another while still practicing the one they already know.

There are no rest days or times off, they know there will be someone putting in the work so they make sure they´re the ones putting in the work, there´ll be time to take some time off and rest one or two days before they start all over again and that time comes after they succeed, not before.

The level of obsession and focus they have, the discipline and perseverance is what makes all the difference and all this comes from the right mindset, a strong successful mindset leads to success and even when it seems that champions are born with it we can all develop this type of mindset.

We can all achieve almost anything and be champions if we develop this type of mindset but that´s the hard part, unfortunately not everyone will put in the time and hard work necessary to achieve great things in life and that´s one of the reasons why most of us do not live to our full potential, we need to be prepared to endure all the physical, mental and emotional failures and fight until the end not barely making it but as the best.

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Give your life meaning and purpose

22 Control your mind, control your life

Your life will change when you find your purpose, we´re all looking for fulfillment and the way to feel fulfilled is by helping other people. Once you find out what you love to do and how you can help people doing what you love you´ll live happier and you´ll wake up motivated.

Most people live waiting for Fridays and pay days and they hate Monday mornings as if it was the worst, people talk terrible about their jobs and that they have to go to work to pay bills but we spend most of our time on our jobs. Many of us have 9 to 5 jobs 5 to 6 days a week so we only have left 1 or 2 days to spend with people we love doing what we love. This is not real life.

We do not come to this world for Fridays and weekends or just to pay the bills. Most people live waiting for Fridays, for weekends, for Holidays, when we have the time, when we have money, when we find that amazing person, when we find love. We´re always looking for the perfect time, for the perfect moment, but while we´re waiting… time pass by, one more day is gone, one more month is gone, one more year is gone.

There´s not a perfect time, there´s not a perfect moment. Start living today, start enjoying today, be happy and have fun today. Find that person that makes you better, who supports you, who share your dreams and goals. Enjoy every moment of life, travel, meet new people, visit new place, spend time with people you love and you enjoy spending some time together, make that call to your friend or family, forgive that person. Buy that car you always dreamed of, buy that jacket or those shoes but don´t get too obsessed with money.

It´s not only about the money, the fame or any other stuff money can buy. It´s the freedom you have everyday to do what you want to do, to do what you love to do, feel the passion and enjoy every single day. Do it now.

Ask yourself, how do you want to live the rest of your life? how do you want to be remember? You need to know what you want to do with your life, knowing your values and what´s important to you will help you find your purpose. What´s important to you? What do you care about? Is it nature? Is it justice? Is it security? What are the values you live by? They may be honesty, integrity, friendship, discipline.

What inspires you and motivate you every morning? An easy way to give meaning to your life is to follow your heart, do what you love to do when you do the things you love to do you enjoy the time and good things start coming your way. You´re not stressed and you´re not focused on negative things. If you find ways to help people by doing what you love you´ll feel amazing, you´ll feel a sense of satisfaction.

To live a better life, to live the life of your dreams and starting living your purpose you´ll need to get out of your comfort zone, fear will hit you so often that you would want to give up. Following your heart and living your life with purpose means going against what most people tell you to do. So you need to be prepared to go the road alone. There´s nothing to be afraid of, if lives´ meaning is positive, inspiring and motivating, if you help thousands of people you´ll feel amazing.

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Work hard and smart

26 How to set goals and achieve them

Working hard is just half of the puzzle, you need to work smart, knowing what you´re doing and why you´re doing it is highly important.

You can work as hard as you can but if you´re not working right you may be headed on the wrong direction, having a clear goal or target is the first step, then knowing what you need to do to hit that goal and creating an action plan with the proper tools that are going to lead you to your goal is working smart.

You need a plan that´s going to lead you to where you want to go, otherwise you´re just wasting time and energy and in times like the ones we´re living now where we want results as fast possible you need to be sure that all the hard work is going to give you the results you want.

Yes it´s possible to get amazing results and to get them as fast possible if you work hard and if you work smart, working smart means that you have a plan or program based on the best tools to achieve your goal, working hard means that you put in the effort and intensity needed on your workouts and you make healthier choices for your diet.

To work smart you need the right information and what works best for you, there are different tools or strategies you can use for cardio and resistance training and for your diet, any of this tools will not give the same results to two people, our bodies respond different to macro nutrients ratios and exercising so it´s important that you know how your body responds and what works best for you so that you can design a program for your specific goals.

Changing your routine or adding some variation to your workouts will keep the workouts challenging but you need to know when and how to add variation so that this changes don´t affect your progress. There´s so much information out there and it becomes hard to know what´s right and wrong, I´m sharing with you the right and most effective and efficient tools you can use to get to your goals, but do your research and try out by yourself every single tool I share, it´s the only way you´ll learn and understand how things work.

Information applied is power, that´s where you get the knowledge you need to change your body, to change your life and to help people around you. It´s the only way to work smart, to know that you´re doing the right thing that will lead you to your goal.

Don´t stick with what you read in one place or what someone told you, do the research, read as much as you can then apply what you read. You need to be careful with what information you try by yourself because there are so many myths and wrong information that can have negative effects.

Never stop learning, exercise and nutrition are key for living healthier, knowing how to fit both of them into your lifestyle with the freedom to enjoy and have great times requires discipline in the beginning.  If you work smart, if you know what you´re doing your results will come.

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How fear is killing our dreams

28 fear

How many goals or projects have you let aside just because of fear? The fear of failure, fear of what could go wrong, fear of what others say and think of us. Fear is what keeps us stuck and the reason why we don´t follow our dreams.

We all have fears, even the greatest athletes, actors, musicians, CEOs the only difference is that they know how to take that fear and turn it into excitement, the fuel, energy and motivation they need to get pass that fear and follow their dreams.

Developing a successful mindset is key, you need to realize that the journey is hard and the only thing that will keep you going in those hard times is your mindset and is the same that will give you enough reasons to give up. Whit a successful mindset you´ll be able  to keep going every time you fail, you´ll be strong enough to know how to handle rejection and all the no´s you´ll get over and over again.

If you are doing something right now that you don´t like or you even hate and you have some project or goal that you´ve been setting aside take them and start working on them, if you don´t know where to begin research someone who did what you want to do and start modeling them, do what they did but do it in your own way.

Take a dream you have and set it as a goal, if it´s too big set smaller goals for every day, week, month and year and create an action plan, what do you need to do every single day that will keep you moving towards your dream, and start taking action every day.

Now, when fear gets in your way, acknowledge it, it is there to tell you that you are out of your comfort zone, think deeply and figure out where that fear based, if it´s for what everyone around you is going to say? do it anyway, you´re not going to please everybody and there will be someone talking behind your back always. Is it fear of failure? see failure as a lesson, if you keep going and trying different strategies you didn´t fail, is it fear of rejection? they are not rejecting you, the guy or girl who rejected you is not interested on your product or service, just move forward and keep asking until you find someone who loves what you do.

The fear of not being good enough, of not feeling worth it, feeling that you don´t deserve it are hard to identify because they´re deep in our believes. The first thing you need to do is believe in yourself, it´s possible for you to achieve your goal, you are capable, if you put the time and hard work needed you can achieve amazing things.

Believe in yourself and believe that you deserve everything you want, but you need to really believe and feel in your heart that you are capable and that you deserve amazing things, it´s not enough to read affirmations, you need to feel the emotions.

Once you develop a successful mindset which includes changing thoughts and believes to believe in yourself and you start taking action every single day you just need to be consistent, continue working on your project every day following your action plan and when fear gets in your way remind yourself that you are capable of doing it, you got everything you need and you deserve the best of life.

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What is procrastination and what can we do?

27 Procrastination

I´ve been listening to some guys talk about how young kids and teenagers procrastinate which actually gets me mad because all of us procrastinate. It doesn´t matter how old we are, it doesn´t matter if we´re going to school or if we have a 9 to 5 job or if we´re starting a business we all procrastinate.

One of the reasons many of us procrastinate is because we´ve become so accustomed to do the things that are easier and faster firsts, because we don´t want to do the hard work, we don´t want to think and spend time doing the other activities that will take more time and effort to accomplish so we do the least meaningful activities that won´t make a difference and we let those activities that take more time and effort, the one in which we need to think and be really focus for last, but this activities are the ones that give us the best results, that keep us moving forward faster.

Procrastination often comes from limiting believes, how many activities or things you need to do that you are just leaving for later? in how many of them the reason you don´t do them is because of some fear?

Fear of failure, fear of what others are going to say and think about you, fear of what could happen, the belief of not being good enough, the feeling of unworthiness and that you deserve what you want to achieve are the some of the causes of procrastination.

When we combine the limiting mindset with the though activities that require more time and effort it´s the recipe to procrastinate and stay right where we are now, in our comfort zone. What you can do is:

1.- Be aware.- You need to be aware of the reasons why you are procrastinating, it may be because of limiting believes like fear or it can be because of a lack of knowledge and skill.

2.- Learn skills.- If the reason why you are not taking action is because of lack of knowledge and skills then you need to learn the skills, there´s no shortcut here, the only thing you can do is to do a research of your goal or activity and find out which skills or which skill is the one that will give you the best results and move you forward faster and focus on learning or improving that skill.

3.- Develop a successful mindset.- Knowing how to get pass through those limiting believes is the way to achieve your goals, what´s stopping us from reaching our goals are those limiting believes. We´ve published post related to developing a successful mindset and eliminating limiting believes in this website and our social media accounts.

4.- Take action.- Nothing beats action, you need to do those activities you are avoiding so the next time you want to skip them or leave them for tomorrow don´t do it, stop thinking and start working on them.

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