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Food and hormones – Insulin


With so many diets and a lot of contradicting information, myths and lies the best way to know what´s true, what doesn´t, what work and what doesn´t is to understand how things work. This has been my focus for the last years understanding how things work, to get in shape and sustain it and for this hormones play an important role, one of those hormones is insulin.

Insulin is a hormone that is produced and secreted by the pancreas following the consumption of carbohydrates. When we consume carbohydrates, they are broken down into glucose which raises the amount of glucose in the bloodstream. The body cannot have a lot of glucose in the bloodstream so the pancreas secret insulin to take the excess of glucose from the bloodstream to the cells.

Carbohydrates are the primary trigger of insulin. Insulin blocks the utilization of fat as fuel and promotes its storage so when insulin is high fat is not burned, when insulin is low the body can break down triglycerides (stored fat) to be used as fuel.

When insulin is absent or the cells are not responding to it glucose is not used efficiently and therefore cannot be utilized for energy. Under these conditions carbohydrate consumption causes blood glucose levels to skyrocket.

Insulin is related to diabetes which is a common diseases that affects more and more people. Diabetes is a metabolic disorder that occurs when the hormone insulin is not working properly. There are two types of diabetes, type 1 and type 2. Millions of people are diagnosed and in treatment of one of this types while many others are undiagnosed.

Type 1 diabetes is when the pancreas which produces insulin cannot work efficiently resulting in insulin deficiency, with this lack of insulin the cells are unable to take up glucose,  blood sugar is high but it cannot get into the cells. This type of diabetes is generally treated with insulin injections which provide the insulin that the body needs to take glucose out of the bloodstream.

Type 2 diabetes is when the pancreas is still able to secret insulin, but cells are unable to respond to insulin and therefore do not allow glucose to enter. This is known as insulin resistance, it is the opposite of insulin sensitivity in which insulin easily moves glucose into cells. Individuals whit type 2 diabetes should aim to improve their insulin resistance.

In  insulin resistant cells do not respond efficiently to insulin´s signals to take up excess glucose, the pancreas secret more and more insulin to compensate for insulin resistance and manage blood glucose levels. Over time, this process leads to dysfunction and the pancreas is not able to secret insulin efficiently to maintain healthy levels of glucose in the bloodstream. Glucose then accumulates in the bloodstream which may lead to type 2 diabetes.

The hormone insulin is one of the most important when trying to lose fat and stay lean. Insulin resistance and insulin sensitivity will determine how efficient our body is at utilizing carbohydrates which can make our process simple or harder.

High levels of insulin for a long period of time is unhealthy and causes many health issues, every time we eat insulin gets high so one way to keep it low is following some type of fast, we can do this by reducing meals per day, instead of 5 meals per day try 2 meals. Another way we can keep insulin low is with a low carbohydrate diet, specially keto which is high in fats, moderate protein and low in carbohydrates since carbohydrates are the macro which spikes insulin.

High levels of insulin caused by unhealthy diets are the cause of most metabolic diseases so finding tools we can use to keep it low will give you amazing benefits.

In both type of diabetes and even when insulin injections and other drugs are the preferred treatment, I cannot stress enough the importance of making healthy life changes including exercise and nutrition. 

The importance of a healthy lifestyle that includes daily exercise and a healthy diet have a positive impact on our life and daily activities preventing some diseases and leading to a more enjoyable and meaningful life.

Before you do any change to your diet and lifestyle talk with your doctor or health professional. We all know which unhealthy habits we follow and which healthy habits we need to develop but we still need some guidance and know what´s the best way to do it for each of us and they are the ones that can help us create a plan that works according to our own situation.

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Sleep and longevity

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This is the truth, even when I know that sleep plays an important role on maintaining optimal health I would love that I do not need sleep, it would be amazing to go through life without sleeping but this is not possible, actually one of the many benefits of sleep is longevity.

Studies show that getting enough high quality sleep increases longevity, we´ve seen in other posts that there are so many things going on while we sleep, our body and brain are not resting they are actually working hard to make sure that all systems and hormones of our body function right and this leads to optimal health and also boost longevity.

Every morning when you wake up you are supposed to feel renewed and fresh, full of energy to start your day, this means that you had enough high quality sleep and your body and brain were able to work on renewing all systems and hormones, sleep helps maintain everything in balance but we also need to make sure that the internal clock of our body or circadian rhythm is in sync because this is what helps us fall asleep fast, get enough high quality sleep and it also helps our body know when it´s time to sleep and do all the cleaning, repairing and growing job and when it´s time to be awake and alert.

Chronic sleep problems have shown to have a negative impact on overall health, weight an longevity, with just one night of poor sleep we can see the negative impact during the day it´s clear that on the long run this will affect our health.

If we get enough high quality sleep every night which at some point means that we have a good night schedule then we´re making sure that our body is working as best as possible keeping all functions, systems and hormones in balance which leads to optimal health and this optimal health leads to longevity.

To get the most benefits from sleep the best step we can take is to go to sleep when the sun comes down and wake up when the rise which for most of us is impossible to do, we are not able to get the 8 hours recommended because of work and all the activities we need to get done during the day. So, making sure that the quantity of sleep you can get every night is high quality.

We also need to consider that too much sleep also has a negative impact, too much of a good thing can be counterproductive. I don´t thing that all of us need 7 to 8 hours of sleep, if we consider that sleep goes in cycles then the math is not right for me (we´ll talk about this on other post), I think it all comes down to lifestyle and even genetics. The best way to know if you´re getting enough high-quality sleep is by being aware of how you feel the next day and your health. Listening to your body always wins.

Everything we do with this site is to help you improve your health and maintain optimal health and a healthy weight which helps you reach your full potential without burning out and increase longevity. This is why we focus on the 5 principles of fitness, exercise, food, sleep, stress and mindset are all important but since sleep makes sure that all hormones and systems on our body are on balance this is why some people consider sleep to be the most important. If you didn´t get enough high-quality sleep you´re cravings for unhealthy foods increase and you make unhealthy choices, you don´t have energy to exercise, it´s easier for you to get stressed and this leads to a negative and unhealthy cycle.

If you want to boost your longevity makes sure that the amount of sleep you can get every night is high-quality, you may need to make some changes on your night routine like turning off all lights and electronic devices 60 minutes before going to bed, making sure that your room is dark and at the temperature is right.

There are simple steps you can take for the 5 principles of fitness to help you improve your day and life, we´ll continue sharing with you tips and strategies you can take to improve sleep but, if there´s something you want to know leave your comments and questions on our Facebook and Twitter account.

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Reduce light as the sun comes down


We know that it´s important to get enough high quality sleep every night if we want to be as productive as possible the next day, if we want to perform as best as possible and also to maintain optimal health but there are some nights you just can´t fall asleep faster or when you wake up the next day you don´t feel rested. There are some strategies you can use to improve the quality of sleep and to help you fall asleep faster and one of those strategies is to reduce light exposure as the sun comes down.

You may have heard of the circadian rhythm or the internal clock of our body, this internal clock located in the hypothalamus receives direct signals from the eyes and with these signals it regulates our hormones, metabolism and sleep cycles. Just as nature has cycles, days and night we also have cycles and the more we work with the cycles of nature the more benefits we get. When everything is working in harmony, inside and outside the easier it is to maintain optimal health and a healthy weight.

When the circadian rhythm or internal clock gets out of sync it can cause different health problems like obesity and diabetes. It´s highly important that we get light exposure especially from the sun during the day and that we are in total darkness during night.

Before the invention of light bulbs and technology we used to follow the cycles of nature, we woke up as the sun rises and go to sleep as the sun comes down but with all the access to technology we spend hours late at night in front of screens which send the wrong signals through our eyes and the internal clock of our body gets out of sync.

We need to make sure that we´re sending the right signal to the hypothalamus so that it can keep all hormones on our body in sync and it also keeps our sleep cycles and metabolism working as efficient as possible.

We talked about melatonin on this post so we know that the release of melatonin is also triggered by sending the right signals, you may have thought about taking it as a supplement and you may not need it, you may have enough melatonin but you´re sending the wrong signal through your eyes so your body is not releasing it.

If we want all our body to be working as efficiently as possible we need to make sure that we´re sending the right signals, in this case through the eyes, light exposure.

Light exposure in the night has a negative impact on the quality and quality of sleep but it also makes it harder for us to fall asleep fast so even when the best step we could take here is to follow the cycles of nature and reduce light exposure as the sun comes down which is not possible for us thanks to school and our jobs we need to find other strategies. The goal in this case is to reduce the negative impact of light, for this there are 2 steps we can follow:

1.- Use amber glasses to block blue light

2.- Avoid the use of all types of screen that emit blue light, electronics like computers, laptops, cellphones, tv; etc at least 30 minutes before going to bed.

These 2 steps may seem so simple but they are effective, take those 30 minutes to meditate, practice gratitude or some breathing exercises and make it part of you sleep schedule to fall asleep faster and improve the quality of your sleep.

Try these 2 steps for a couple of weeks and let me know by leaving a comment on my Twitter and Facebook account the results.

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Reduce stress by focusing on what you can control


We all get stressed, actually must of us live with high levels of chronic stress that have a negative impact on our health but, have you stopped for a moment and think how many times that stress comes from things or situations that are out of our hands? Things we cannot control?

We all want to have a sense of control or at least make possible scenarios of what could possibly happen on a certain situation, for some reason we think that if we have control over every single person and situation then we can avoid bad things to happen or we think that by worrying and thinking about the worst result and think about the negative outcomes we can be prepared and know how to respond or we can be safe.

The truth is that we´ll never have total control over everything that is going on and every person and wanting to have everything under control only increases stress.

Even simple things like what other people think and say of you can increase stress and you don´t have control over that. This example keeps so many of us worried and lead to stress especially if we want to please everyone which I impossible, one of the reasons this increases stress is because we´re hiding who we really are so that we can fit in.

Also simple situations like raining or getting stuck on traffic because of an accident are situations we cannot control, we cannot decide when we want to rain and when not and we do not have control over accidents so what we can do is be prepared or sometimes the best things we can do is remain calm and accept there´s nothing we can do and the worst we see the situation the worst everything we´ll get.

There are some steps we can take to make sure that we do not get stressed with things that are out of our hands, here are those steps:

1.- Identify what you can control and what you cannot

2.- Accept that there are some things that are out of your hand and there´s nothing you can do

3.- Identify the real reason why certain things or situations keep you worried, sometimes our mind creates different negative scenarios or results which are not true

4.- Focus on the things you can control, make sure that you don´t waste mental energy and time on the situations and people you cannot control and focus all that energy and time on the things you do have control.

When we focus on the things we can control we usually get great results and we also stop our mind from creating negative scenarios. Since we can only focus on one activity at a time and hold one thought at a time we only need to focus all our attention and concentrate completely on the activity we can control to reduce stress and make sure that we get the best outcome possible.

If you´re going to be in a situation where you know there are some things you cannot control try to have a plan that helps you respond the best way possible, especially if you tend to focus on the stuff you cannot control, have a plan or strategy that helps you stay focus on the things you can control.

Also when you accept that there will always be things out of your hands you can concentrate on working as hard as you can and giving your best, knowing that you did everything you can on what you can control makes you feel satisfied with the result and stop blaming yourself for something that didn´t end as planned especially if that something was out your hands.

We all tend to live with high levels of chronic stress so finding ways and strategies we can reduce help us improve our health and our life. One way to reduce stress by being aware of things we cannot control, that are out of our hands, accepting that there´s nothing we can do and stop focusing on them, instead focus and work on the ones we do have control and make sure we do our best.

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What can you do during these hard times?

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Most of us are going through a lot of stress thanks to the virus and the reaction of people around us but how we react or respond during this hard times is crucial and will have an impact positive or negative on our days and health so, what can you do to make sure that you respond the best way possible? Depending on which country you live, you need to follow different guidelines and rules but in all cases we need to make changes to our normal routine and that includes limiting physical contact with other people, keep a certain distant from others, staying at home and working from home, and with all the situation comes fear, panic, worry, anxiety and all this leads to stress and makes the whole situation worse.

No one can argue that the best thing we can all do is stay home, and just leave if it´s really necessary but otherwise just stay home and keep calm. With this comes so many worries and anxiety. You can use that time to learn something new, a new skill maybe you can learn to play a musical instrument or a new language, you can read a book, listen to podcast and interviews, do some research on a topic you are interested, work on a project you´ve been leaving for later.

While we´re going through this isolation phase for a couple of weeks the hardest things to do or the ones that keep us anxious are being isolated, and how we can maintain optimal health so here are some steps you can take considering sleep, food, exercise, stress and relationships.

Remember that you also need to wash your hands constantly and follow all the indications of Government and experts.


Even when people are telling us to isolate, to avoid physical contact and be close to others as much as we can so that we can slow the spread of the virus

Some of the steps we can take are:

1.- Make phone calls or video calls with friends, family and people you care about

2.- Send messages or WhatsApp to friends, family and people you care about

3.- It´s not only about you so make sure that the people close to you, your neighbors, friends, family are fine (you can do this also by phone calls and messages)

I know this is not as good as face to face interactions and meeting in person but, it´s the best we can do in this situations to maintain our relationships or even build new ones.


You may be worried about your immune system and finding ways to boost, one simple way to improve it is by getting enough high-quality sleep.

There are so many processes that take place during sleep to make sure that our body and brain functions as efficient as possible, our body and brain are not only deleting unnecessary information and toxins, also our internal clock or circadian rhythm needs to be in sync so that all systems and hormones are working properly and all this helps us maintain optimal health.

What you can do is create a sleep schedule if you don´t have one that include the next steps:

1.- Turn off all electric devices at least 60 minutes before going to bed

2.- Make sure that your room is dark, and the temperature is fine

3.- Do some breathing exercises once you are on bed so that you can fall asleep faster.

If you create a sleep schedule and you are sleeping according to what works best for you so that you get high-quality and when you wake up you feel rested, you may not need the 8 hours recommended, maybe 6 or 7 hours are what you need.


Most of us are already living with high levels of stress and for the past weeks and months it had increased thanks to all the fear, panic, worry and anxiety that the spread of the virus has caused. Any epidemic or pandemic has a negative impact on our body and overall health, especially when the restrictions and rules include isolation, quarantine and avoiding public places. It´s not only the fear, worry and anxiety, depression and insomnia are also part of it, we tend to consume a lot more unhealthy foods which lead to poor gut health that lead to other problems like inflammation and lower the immune system and this lead to bigger problems.

Here are some steps you can take to reduce stress and avoid all that negative cycle:

1.- Reduce the amount of news you watch, read or listen to

2.- Reduce the time you spend on social media

3.- Do not believe everything you read, watch and listen to

4.- Make sure that the information you are getting is from trusted resources

5.- Focus on things that are in your control

6.- Do not make any negative comment out loud about the situation, find other topics to talk about with your loved ones and avoid touching this topic

During situations like this we get bombarded with so many negative information and news (it always happens but it gets worse) that create more fear, worry and anxiety so by limiting the time we watch news and the resources we reduce stress. Also we need to accept that there are so many things we cannot control so by accepting this and focusing on what we can control we reduce stress. One important point is to find other topics to talk about, when you make any comment about the situation we´re living you give more power and energy to it and if the comment is negative it has more power so talk about something else.


We know that food plays an important role on maintaining optimal health and in these times more. For different reasons during times like this ones we tend to consume a lot more unhealthy foods when we actually need to be doing the opposite, we need to focus on healthy foods. Eating unhealthy foods get our body and health out of balance, all this foods create inflammation which lowers our immune system and it´s easer to get sick. Here are some steps you can take:

1.- Focus on eating healthy, whole fresh foods

2.- Consume more vegetables and fruits (not too much fruit, go with more veggies)

3.- Avoid unhealthy, highly processed foods

If you are going to buy processed foods makes sure that you look for the ones that are lower in sugars and vegetable oils. You can buy frozen fruits and vegetables, legumes and carbohydrates like beans, lentils, oats, rice are good. Also consider eggs and meats if possible. Nuts and sedes are also a great option.


Exercise is also highly important for optimal health, doing some type of physical activity ever day boost the immune system and reduce the risk of getting sick, it also improves mood, helps lower stress and anxiety, it can help with depression. Simple physical activities like walking, dancing or yoga will have a positive impact, what to do will vary according to what you have access to and what you love or enjoy doing, maybe you just need to listen to some dance music and dance or if you have a yard you can get outside and walk or run, jump rope, practice a sport or if you prefer lifting weights but you cannot go to the gym you can have an amazing workout using bodyweight exercises. Here are some steps you can take to keep moving:

1.- Do some bodyweight exercises like push ups, pull ups, squats, crunches, leg raises, handstands or pike push ups, try to make all exercises as challenging as possible and stay with low reps around 6 to 8 for 4 sets.

2.- Do some cardio activity like walking, running, jumping rope or practice a sport.

If you don´t like this type of exercise then just put on some music and dance, take a walk, play with your dog or kids, do some yoga.

Try to get 30 minutes of moderate physical activity every day, you will get some of the benefits right when you are doing it, some of them after you are done with it and if you make it a habit you get all the benefits on the long term.

Getting sunlight exposure especially in the morning has a positive impact, we need to get vitamin D so if you are able to get outside and get 20 minutes of sunlight do it, if you can do any physical activity outside you will have double benefits. Getting sunlight exposure in the morning is also helpful to improve quality of sleep.

This are some steps you can take today to make sure that you stay healthy but remember that it´s not only about you. We are all in this together so share this post with everyone you know and follow the rules and guidelines that all Organizations and experts are sharing.

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Why intermittent fasting is a great tool!


When I decided to start my fitness journey a few years ago in almost all books and websites having 5 meals a day or 3 meals and 2 snacks was the way to go so I followed this advice and to be honest it was so hard to get 3 healthy meals and 2 snacks 7 days a week. It was a lot of work and I needed to be strict with everything I ate until a couple years ago when I found about intermittent fasting and how many religions had used it. Once I started following a fasting schedule everything changed, it was a lot easier to get in shape and sustain it but what´s better is all the amazing benefits for overall health.

If you are looking for a tool that can make your life easier, that helps you get lean and stay lean and that is healthy, then intermittent fasting is what you need.

I can´t think about any other fitness strategy that gives us the freedom we need while getting or staying lean and that makes our life easier. It doesn´t matter how our days look like, I´m sure this strategy will work incredible for you, eating less meals reduces our stress, get us focused on what matters, gives us more freedom and we can enjoy our life a lot more.

Intermittent fasting is an eating schedule, what this means is that we have our meals on a small period of time and we don´t eat for a long period of time, the small period of time when we eat is known as the eating window and the long period when we don´t eat is the fasting window, what´s great is that this gives our digestive system a rest which is amazing if we feel bloated or have any other digestive issues this may help.

When we want to lose fat it´s necessary to keep insulin low and intermittent fasting is great for this, every time we eat insulin raise so when we are fasting we have only 2 or 3 meals a day this is why it is so effective when we stop having breakfast or having lunch or dinner and we are in a fasted window our body increases growth hormone and keep insulin and cortisol down. Insulin and cortisol are two important hormones for weight loss and intermittent fasting is a great way to keep insulin low giving chance to growth hormone to increase.

Having 2 meals a day is the best option, most people prefer to fast in the morning skipping breakfast and have lunch and dinner, this is one way to do it. What works best for me is to have breakfast and lunch and skip dinner. Keeping the eating window around 8 hours and fasting for 16 hours is what works best for me.

We don´t have to worry about losing muscle, there are studies that show that it´s possible to gain muscle while losing fat at the same time following intermittent fasting, if we analyze this from the calories point of view we need a calorie deficit to lose fat and a calorie surplus to gain muscle so it may not be possible, our body needs to be in a catabolic state to lose weight and in an anabolic state to gain weight and our body can´t be in both states at the same time so it´s practically impossible but if we know how to use this strategy combined with some others in the correct way we can achieve awesome results in both fat lose and muscle gains specially if we are starting in fitness.

The way catabolic and anabolic states work in our body is easy, when we are fasting our body is in a catabolic state and when we eat our body goes to the anabolic state, this gives our body enough time to burn fat in the catabolic and we have the freedom to overeat and get to the anabolic phase maintaining muscle.

There are some goals we can achieve with ease using intermittent fasting, I recommend you focus primarily on one goal at a time and leave the rest as a bonus.

When fasting we can lose fat, maintain muscle mass while cutting and stay lean while bulking. This is the best strategy to adapt and fit into our lifestyle if you love to eat big meals, if you want to have the freedom to enjoy foods you love and want to stay lean all year give it a try.

When we are trying to make fitness a lifestyle it becomes so hard to fit 5 or 6 meals a day, plus one hour or more at gym at least 5 days a week into our busy schedule. This is one of the reasons intermittent fasting works great, we don´t have to stress out getting those 5 or 6 strict meals into our day, we only focus on 3 meals and no snacks in between, when we´re starting the biggest issues we have is hunger and that´s normal just give time to your body to adapt, don´t follow any eating window, do what works best for you, the first days when hunger appears have a piece of fruit or some nuts and seeds, you can have water or coffee if you are fasting in the morning and tea at night, those are the best options if you need some snacks, if you can go all the way to your meal without any snack that´s amazing.

Intermittent fasting should be easy and a way to have more freedom in the choices we make enjoying life even more so don´t stress, don´t overdo it and don´t over think. Don´t focus on any eating window and create yours, one that fit your schedule and daily activities.

Don´t forget to provide nutrients to your body, fasting gives you the freedom  to have big meals, enjoy your favorite foods and dishes (considering they´re cooked with fresh and healthy ingredients), go out to lunch or dinner with friends and family and enjoy the moment but if you cook try to make healthy  meals with healthy fats, proteins and carbohydrates, you are only eating 2 or 3 meals you must be sure that your body has the nutrients it requires.

Be careful with how you organize your meals and your workouts, if you are training in the morning around 8 or 9 and your first meal is at 2 pm it´ll be harder to stay fasted, if your workouts are high intensity interval training for an hour or so it will increase your appetite, boost your hunger making almost impossible to fast, you need to fit your workouts in a way that they make fasting easier and that both of them, your workouts and your meals fit perfectly in your daily activities.

Intermittent fasting also gives us other health benefits as being more awake, more energized, more productive and focused throughout the day which brings amazing benefits to our life. This is a huge theme so in future post we will go deep on intermittent fasting and we´ll talk about the benefits and tips and strategies you can use it for your own goals.

Let us know by leaving a comment on our Facebook and Twitter account if you´ve tried intermittent fasting and what was your experience?

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Our day increases stress


You wake up from Monday to Friday at the same time, you have breakfast or if you´re late you skip it, you do everything you need before going to school, once ready you take the bus and get to school where you don´t like the classes, some classmates bully you and make fun of you, some teachers don´t like your work and no one seems interested in you, no one listens. You check social media and start comparing yourself with people that look better than you and have a better life (which is not true) and you´re surrounded by negativity the entire day, people complaining, blaming and criticizing and bombarded with negative news 24/7. This is how many of us live every day, this increases stress and it´s getting us sick.

Even when we need stress in our lives, this is not the type of stress we need and our body can only supports this type of stress for short periods of time and in small amounts but when it´s too much of it every day we get sick and this is how most of us live, with high levels of stress every day caused by school, traffic, negative news, negative people.

Also doing something you hate, or something you don´t like leads to stress the same way that working with people you don´t feel safe and comfortable with. This is a huge problem because it doesn´t matter if we´re at school or at job most of us are doing stuff we don´t like and we do it because need to not because we want to so we have high levels of stress and we don´t achieve our best work.

What we eat and the quality and quantity of sleep also have a huge impact on stress, if we get enough high quality sleep our body functions properly so we´re are able to handle situations and respond more positively compared to a night of poor sleep. If we eat highly processed foods which are full of sugar and unhealthy fats, we increase stress in our body.

Some steps you can start following today to reduce stress of life are:

1.- Avoid negative people.- Try to avoid as much as possible people who is always complaining, blaming and criticizing,

2.- Reduce the time or sources from where you read or watch news.- 30 minutes per day (maybe less) is all you need to know what´s happening on your country and the entire world,

3.- Do not take anything seriously.- Do not take comments or critiques seriously, if you can learn from them then fine, use those to learn something and get better otherwise do not get involved emotionally,

4.- Reduce the time on social media.- Reduce the time you spend on social media and stop comparing yourself to others.

5.- Eat healthy foods and avoid highly processed and refined foods that contain sugar, vegetable oils and trans fats.

I know and I understand that for you it may be difficult or impossible to avoid negative people but, I´m sure you can spend less time watching, reading or hearing the news and social media and use that time to read a book. We´re all interested on certain topics and we can find book on all different topics, you can also listen to podcast, interviews or audiobooks, the goal is to spend less time social media and watching news and use that time learning something you´re interested in that helps you grow. This reduces stress and improves your mood.

Since it´s too difficult to avoid negative people and change school or job then we need to find ways to lower stress that are in our control and one of those is food, what we eat. Try to avoid unhealthy foods and focus on eating healthy foods that contain healthy fats, fiber, minerals, vitamins to give your body the nutrients it needs so that it can function and perform better and you feel better.

This are simple steps you can start following today to help you get started but there are other strategies you can use. If you´re dealing with daily stress let us know by leaving a comment on our Facebook and Twitter account which situations increases your stress and how you react to it. If there´s something you want to learn more in particular or you have any other comment feel free to share it with us, we´ll be glad to read you comments, listen to you and help you.

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The system is wrong

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Looking at how nutritionist or dietitians design diets for their clients and the food we are offered at hospitals I realize that the whole system is wrong.

Nutritionist and dietitians base their diets on the famous food pyramid we all know that recommends high complex carbohydrates and very low fat meals, this high complex carbs are the base of the pyramid but even when this foods have some fiber they´re not the best option.

For people trying to lose weight it´s obvious that they´re obese or overweight and the chances of them being insulin resistant are high meaning that their bodies do not use carbohydrates efficiently. The focus and goal must be to improve insulin making it easier to lose fat, once insulin is improved and the person is insulin sensitive meaning their bodies use carbohydrates more effectively it´ll be easier for them to lose fat consistently.

The best way to improve insulin is to lower carbohydrates, increase protein and increase healthy fats, the macronutrient ratios will depend on the type of diet the person wants to follow, a diet they can stick with for a lifestyle. The hardest part is always the beginning where people need to be more disciplined and focus on keeping carbohydrates low to improve insulin and start losing some weight.

Diets on hospitals are also based on the food pyramid which is not the best option. There are many studies and research done that proves that junk and processed foods and also simple carbohydrates and sugars are the cause of many diseases nowadays in hospitals most of the food is processed like bread, cookies, box juice, box cereal and the prepared meals are low in fats and when they use oils to cook they use unhealthy oils. Hospital diets are high in carbohydrates, moderate in protein and low in fats.

It doesn´t make sense to me that doctors, nurses, nutritionist and people who are supposed to take care of patients and who are supposed to help people live healthier, live better and live longer offer these meals. It doesn´t make sense to me why they keep treating the symptoms instead of looking for the cause, they treat the symptoms and hide the rest of the story. In many cases the cause of many diseases is our lifestyle, lack of physical activity, foods high in sugars, unhealthy fats, unhealthy oils and extra chemicals, high levels of stress and poor sleep. I believe that if we focus on improving our lifestyle and developing healthy habits, we can prevent some of these diseases.

I´m not saying that we all need to follow a low carbohydrate diet or follow a strict ketogenic diet, what I´m saying is that some people won´t do well on a high or moderate carbohydrate diet so reducing carbohydrates for a period of time is helpful then they can add or increase some healthier carbs. We need to think about how our body works and what it needs to perform at peak, maintain optimal health while sustaining our weight loss goal. For most of us we need to increase healthy fats and reduce carbohydrates with moderate protein.

Living a healthy lifestyle is a most if we want to make the best out of our life. Nutrition and exercise are key for living healthy, our health most be our priority; making the commitment to live a better life by developing habits that make our lives more enjoyable gives us more freedom and we make better choices. We can start making better choices by avoiding unhealthy foods like sweets, junk, processed and fast food. When we focus on meals prepared with fresh and healthy ingredients, we can´t go wrong.

It´s not only about us, it´s about the people we love. If you want to take care of your family, your friends and the people you love you need to take care of yourself first. If you are healthy, if you feel great you can then help the people around you and inspire them.

The goal of fitness is to help us get in shape and maintain an amazing physique while enjoying life as much as possible and live a life we are proud of. We can achieve this by developing healthy habits for each of the 5 principles of fitness that lead to a healthy lifestyle. This may look complicated but it´s simple and effective, it will take time and discipline at the beginning but it´s worthy.

It all starts with us and we can start today by eliminating or avoiding as much as possible unhealthy highly processed and fast foods and eat whole, fresh foods, this is simple said than done because those unhealthy foods create addiction so the moment we stop eating them we have cravings, we can stop those cravings by adding healthy fats like nuts and seeds or drinking tea. After a couple of weeks, we will feel a lot better and we may have lost some weight so stop thinking about it and just start eating healthy foods.

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Tips to fall asleep faster


Sleep needs to be a priority; we know that but is it easy for you to fall asleep fast or does it take so long until you can finally fall asleep?

There are different supplements you can buy that claim and promise to help you improve the quality of sleep and to help you fall asleep, but does they actually work? And what about the negative effects? I don´t recommend any supplement to help you get enough high quality sleep and to fall asleep faster (unless in certain occasions like jet lag) but there are some tips I can share with you to fall asleep faster.

There are several sleep problems that can be affecting the quality and quantity of sleep and also making it harder for us to fall asleep fast, we´re going to talk about this sleep problems on future posts because in these cases we need to take other kind of action.

When it comes to falling asleep faster and improving the quality of sleep most of us do not need to take supplements, what we need to do is change some habits or routines of our day that are impacting our sleep, the moment we make these changes we start getting benefits and the more we do them the best results we get.

What we do on our entire day has an impact on the quality of our sleep and how fast we´re able to fall asleep, our lifestyle plays a huge role on optimal health, what we do and don´t do are both important, we can´t just focus on doing certain things right we also need to avoid doing certain things in some cases just by not doing certain things that have a negative impact we can get amazing results.

Some tips you can follow to fall asleep faster are:

1.- Avoid eating 2 or 3 hours before going to bed, you don´t want your body to be working on digesting food.

2.- Avoid caffeine after lunch,

3.- Decrease blue light exposure or use amber glasses as the sun goes down,

4.- Make sure your room is dark.

You´ve probably heard these tips before but, have you tried them? They may look so simple but they´re actually effective, this tips help our body work more efficiently according to the internal clock of our body, when we reduce or block blue light and we make sure that our room is dark we´re sending the right signal to our body to secret melatonin so that we can fall asleep, when we avoid eating 3 hours before going to bed we make sure that everything we ate during the day is already digested so our body can focus on what it needs to do during sleep which is clean, repair, recover and grow. When we stop drinking caffeine at lunch, we give our body time to take it out of our system. With caffeine we also need to consider the amount, if we drink too much caffeine even before lunch it can have a negative impact making it harder to fall asleep.

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Create urgency

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Do you have a sense of urgency to achieve a goal? to get something done?

Things don´t happen alone, if we wait for something to happen we will die waiting, if we want something we need to get up and take action, the best motivation to take action and keep momentum going is by having a sense of urgency.

Time is our most valuable asset and when we find our purpose and what we stand for if we realize that we don´t have all the time we want and that we´re not sure how much time we got to achieve our purpose we start creating a sense of urgency, we have a purpose, we have a plan and we know we can take action towards that purpose, we go all in with it and it´s easier for us to make decisions, nothing can take us away from our purpose.

When we realize that we don´t have infinite time we set a deadline and we will work as hard as possible to meet that deadline and give our best, we know that things won´t be easy all the way but we´re willing to fail, learn and adapt throughout the journey.

Urgency gets the things done as fast as possible and with the best results possible, the reason for this is simple we tend to prioritize activities, we look at everything we need to do and we prioritize the ones that are more important, the ones that are going to move us faster in most cases this means doing the harder stuff first but those complicated activities are the ones that give us better results.

Creating a sense of urgency will create stress for most of us, we´ll experience anxiety and pressure but we´re so motivated to follow our purpose that we´re willing to get out of our comfort zone and do whatever we need to do to achieve our goal.

Creating a sense of urgency comes from knowing our purpose, creating a plan and taking massive action towards it, it´s working on something we love while time urgency comes from something external it can be our boss wanting us to do a resume of today’s 3 hour meeting and he want it know but we only got 1 hour before it´s time to leave the office.

Now, time urgency is very different, most people get trapped in the time urgency situation which is not the same, time urgency comes from thinking that we don´t have enough time to answer all the emails, to finish all the papers at work, to finish the project our boss asked for and we seem to be in a state of hurry or a rush for the most part of our lives, this increases stress, many of us live like this and it´s one of the causes of chronic diseases.

When we realize that work will never end, we will get more work every single day even if we haven´t finish the papers from the past week all we can do is keep working without stressing ourselves and keep momentum.

With technology we all want instant gratification and instant results, the problem is that this is not possible, technology is a tool to make our lives and jobs easier but this doesn´t mean that we can get everything we want instantly, with this we make everything as fast as possible and we make a lot more mistakes because we´re more interested on finishing fast and delivering some results than on delivering the best results taking more time.

A sense of urgency toward our purpose will help us get things done and most of the time we´re going to make sure that we deliver the best results and make everything as best a possible because we´re working on something we love.

Time urgency is created by the outside, we may not be interested on the project or task and we never have enough time for what we need to do which increases stress.

If you get stressed by all the work you need to get done from school or job and there are external sources creating urgency then accept that work will never ends and you´ll always have more to do so don´t get over stressed, don´t get obsessed with any activity and try to do your best. If you´ve found your purpose, then create that sense of urgency by yourself remembering that you have limited time to fulfill that purpose.

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