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The difference between stress and pressure


There´s a huge problem I see every day, some of us confuse pressure with stress, with get anxious, start panicking and everything goes wrong but there´s a big difference between pressure and stress.

Stress is when we are in a situation where we don´t have enough resources to meet the outcome, we may not have enough time, money, etc  and when we don´t have control of the situation the end results won´t depend completely of us.

There are so many situations that can cause us stress in a day to day basis like getting stuck in traffic, being late to a meeting, a long list of emails that we need to answer. If we feel overwhelmed and we know that we don´t have total control of a situation that´s stress.

Pressure is when we have control of the situation and the end results depends of us, of our performance, how productive, effective and efficient we are with what we have.

Pressure is that feeling when we only got one shot at any project, that we have a deadline and we have to deliver the best results possible. We are challenged to meet demands.

The reason why it is important to identify both of them is to be able to act the best way possible for each situation, we need to identify if we are in a stressful situation or if we are dealing with pressure. If we are dealing with stress the best we can do is first ask ourselves how important is that situation for us, many of us pay too much attention to what others say and think of us, we spend too much time with negative people and this create stress and we don´t need it. Sometimes we make a big deal of meaningful situations and what´s impacting us is the way we react. What we can do here is breathe, take some deep breathes and feel our body calming down.

Then ask if there´s something we can do, in many cases there´s nothing we can do so we need to change our focus, do something different and work in other stuff and just move on.

When we´re under pressure this means there´s something we need to do whether it´s making a decision or finish a project in a short period of time we need to find the best options and solutions with what we´ve got. Sometimes we don´t have the best resources of time, energy, money, knowledge but our result can impact our job or our life so we need to make the best, we need great performance, effectiveness and efficiency.

We know that stress can have a negative impact on our life and health while pressure can have a positive impact. For some of us pressure helps us stay focus and bring the best of us, taking it as a challenge to learn new skills, to improve, to get stronger is a way to get the best results while for others it can be overwhelming and can have very negative effects feeling as the highest level of stress.

Pressure can lead to anxiety, knowing that an outcome or end results depends of us and not knowing if we are going to be able to deliver on time at the level expected and how is our end result going to be taken creates fear specially if we need to learn new skills.

There are ways and tools we can use to know how to cope with each of them but as always it takes time, the best we can do now is try to avoid negative situations, negative people and negative environments, if we need to work under pressure belief that you can do it, you got everything you need to deliver a great result and even if you don´t know certain skills you can learn them and apply what you learn in your project.

Stress and pressure are different so we need to react differently to them, stress can have a really negative impact on our body and health while pressure can have a positive impact, stress can lead to bad relationships and bad results when working on a project while pressure can help us meet expectations and get our best results.

One simple question you can ask yourself to know how to respond or what you need to do is:

Do I have control over this? is there something I can do? if the answer is yes think about what you can do to get the best result, or what can you do to improve the situation, if the answer is no then let go off trying to manage or control the outcome. Do not stress with something that is out of your hands.

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Nutrients in food


As we said before food is one of the 5 principles of fitness so we need to understand how it works and how it can help us maintain optimal health, for this we will start understanding macronutrients and micronutrients, I´ll try to keep everything simple here and we´ll get in depth in future posts as we need to.

We know that the goal of any diet or nutrition program must be to give nutrients to our body. Food is not only fuel, it´s information and our body needs the right fuel and the right information to function and perform at peak. I know I´ve said before that highly processed or refined foods are unhealthy and we need to avoid them as much as possible, now that we avoid all those unhealthy foods we need to start learning about the differences in whole, fresh food, we know that this healthy foods have the nutrients our body needs to function and we will divide them into macronutrients and micronutrients.

Macronutrients give energy to our body in the form of calories, you may have heard that “calories are calories” or “all calories are equal”, this is completely false, all three groups are different, our body will not respond the same way to protein than to fat and in each group we´ll find healthy and unhealthy options, our body will respond in different ways to this three groups of macronutrients and how healthy they are.

It´s not the same to have a cup of oatmeal than to have some Oreo cookies, for our body it´s completely different, it´s not the same to have some rice and broccoli than to have a donut and ice cream (even when I love both of them). I know this examples look silly but I want to make the point clear, not all calories are created equal. This is comparing healthy vs unhealthy options, if we compare healthy options from different macronutrient groups like avocado with chicken or oatmeal with nuts they are still different and our body uses them in different ways even if they are healthy options. This is the reason why the famous “calories in – calories out” advice doesn´t work.

Each macronutrient has its own purpose, to help our body function properly every day, I´ll be talking about each macronutrient on separate posts to give you all you need to know and keep it simple so that you can take your time to understand it.

The first we´re going to learn are macronutrients, macronutrients are divided in three: proteins, fats and carbohydrates and our body needs them in big quantities. Each group has its own primarily function making all of them a crucial part of our diet.

Micronutrients which our body needs in smaller quantities. This micronutrients are vitamins and minerals and they are essential for optimal health and preventing diseases, they all have an specific function in our body.

The best way to get this nutrients is through food but nowadays we need to consume a lot of highly nutritious food to get the amounts our body needs, the reason why is because the soil is depleted, we don´t get the same amount of nutrients in vegetables that some years ago, this is why many people decide to take supplements like multivitamins and minerals.

If we are deficient in any of them our body won´t work properly and in some cases the negative effects are not that bad; examples of this can be chapped lips,  hair loss but things can get really bad and cause a lot of health issues.

All systems in our body from the digestive system, nervous system, circulatory system, skeletal system, muscular system, etc; they all need vitamins and minerals, some of them may need more vitamins, others more minerals but they all need some amount and all this systems work in conjunction, talking about how our body works can get really complex so we´re going to keep it simple with what we need to know not only to reach your fitness goals but to live a better life.

We´ll find that there are 13 essential vitamins: Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B7, Vitamin B9, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E and Vitamin K. Their function is primarily focus on energy and supporting all the systems of the body to function properly. Minerals like calcium, potassium, sodium etc; some of their functions are focus on building and maintaining healthy bones, hair, teeth.

They are all needed in different quantities and apart from helping your body function properly they can help prevent diseases and infections by getting some systems strong like the immune system. If you are deficient of some vitamins or minerals your body tells; if we feel tired, weak, we lack concentration, suffer insomnia, feel fatigue that means that we´re deficient in micronutrients.

I´ve said before that weight loss and fitness in general can be complex, the reason why is because we need to know and understand the job of each macronutrient and how our body responds to each, we also need to understand the job of micronutrients and make sure we´re not deficient once we understand this information all fitness goals will be simple.

Knowing the job of each macronutrients is key because we need to manipulate them in certain ways to achieve our fitness goals, if we want to lose fat or gain lean muscle we´ll need to adjust our nutrition and make some slightly changes to support our goal.

For me macronutrients are far more important than calories, I don´t  consider a fitness program that only focuses on calories to be right because there are different ways to achieve the same amount of calories with different macronutrient ratios and each one will give us different results.

You may know by now that I love food, I love to cook and I consider food to be part of the culture and traditions of each country, I love traditional food and local cuisine. My approach to fitness and weight loss is to keep things simple by avoiding unhealthy, highly processed foods and to stick with whole fresh foods. I don´t count calories, I don´t count points, I don´t weight my food to set macro ratios I just have a clear idea of the amount of food and the types of food I´m eating.

When you understand each macronutrient and have an idea of the amount of food your body needs you´ll be able to enjoy food, while being able to maintain a healthy weight focusing on body composition in an enjoyable way.

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What happens during sleep?


Most of us want to feel and perform at peak every day or at least we want to feel great and be able to go through all activities and accomplish our daily goals as best as possible but even when we want all this we do not prioritize sleep. I know some days is impossible to go to bed early and get 8 hours of quality sleep but, how many times have you stayed up late watching one more episode of Game of Thrones, a Harry Potter or Avengers movies?

I think that if we understand what happens when we sleep we will consider to give it the importance it deserves and even if we can´t get 8 hours every night we can make some changes to our lifestyle and adopt good habits that will improve the quality of our sleep and get at least 6 hours every night which will impact our life positively.

Sleep is crucial for our health and survival, specially because our brain never stops, there are so many processes going on in our brain and body while we sleep, every day our brain receives tones of information and we put our body through stress, while we sleep our body is recovering and our brain is storing information, it also takes us through movies that seem so real which are our dreams.

We´re going to keep it simple, sleep can divided in 2 phases which are deep sleep and REM, deep sleep focuses more on our body while REM focuses more on our brain.

REM sleep (Rapid Eye Movement)

In this part of sleep the focus is on our brain and memory, when we are awake we´re taking a lot of information that is stored in the short term memory, during sleep all that information does into a selective test, if it´s important and useful that information gets stored in the long term memory where it can last a lifetime, this is where our memories are stored and we can share the stories for years to come, if the information is not relevant, important or useful it´s deleted. Most of the information we get during the day is deleted, this clean part prevents that our brain gets filled with unnecessary stuff.

Even when memory consolidation requires both deep sleep and REM studies show that if we have any sleep issue during this stage we tend to be more forgetful. Dreams are experienced most vividly during this stage and even when the reasons or purpose of dreams are not clear it may be to help us process information and emotions.

Deep sleep

During this part of sleep all the healing and repair in the body occurs, here the body is working on recovering from the day, recover, healing and growing. Growth hormone is released during this phase but all other hormones like leptin, ghrelin, insulin are also working, the same with the systems of our body like digestive, immune they´re all working together to recover and build muscle, skin, hair.

During deep sleep our physical body is recovering, healing and growing, the body is actually healing itself from wounds, repairing muscle, replacing cells this is why it´s so important.

It´s clear that we need enough good quality sleep and we need to go through both phases repeatedly every night, lack of sleep impacts all the process going on while we sleep that is why it´s harder to stay focused on what we´re doing, we tend to be more forgetful and we are more susceptible to get sick.

Optimal health physically and mentally requires good quality sleep, this compliments the other 4 principles of fitness so developing good habits for each of them leads to a better life, it´s not about being perfect in one of them, it´s about improving in all of them. If you can´t get 8 hours of sleep every day try getting 6 hours and focus on making those 6 hours the best and use tools to reduce stress which will help you improve the quality of sleep, eat real, fresh foods, workout every day and stay as far as possible from negative people, be more positive all day.

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Types of stress

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The 5 principles of fitness are crucial to help us achieve any fitness goal and for overall health, stress is one of them and it has become a cause of different health problems nowadays.

There are different types of stress and we need to understand each and know how to identify it so that we can act the best way possible and learn that not all stress is bad.

There are 3 types of stress which are: Acute stress, Episodic acute stress and Chronic stress.


Have you ever ride a roller coaster or practices a crazy sport? That experience or feeling is acute stress, it is short but intense. An exam or job interview can also cause this type of stress. Our body react to this threatening and challenging situations but after the challenge is completed our body returns to its calm state. This one is short term and all of us can experience it on a daily basis. We need this type of stress.


This one is when acute stress happens very frequently, people with this type of stress tend to be very negative in every aspect of life, everything that could go wrong always go wrong. They tend to take more responsibilities than they can handle keeping acute stress high. They are anxious, angry, sometimes aggressive, impatience and it can be hard to deal with them, they´re always the victims of their circumstances instead of wondering why all this things happen to them.  The biggest problem with them is that they don´t realize they have a problem, they´ve learnt to make this type of stress as part of their lives so for them it´s normal.


When stress continues for long periods of times it becomes chronic stress, it comes from constant demands of pressure every single day in school, jobs, families. this type of stress is so unhealthy that it can destroy our mind and body. When people feel so drowned in so many problems and they got to a point where they get overwhelmed and stop thinking about solutions, they just give up and surrender to stress, the biggest problem with this is that people get used to it, most of us live our lives with chronic stress and we don´t even know it´s there, we think it´s how we´re supposed to live and this type of stress is the cause of biggest health and mental problems that can end in suicide.

Stress can be really bad having a negative impact in our physical and mental health and there´s also good stress that can have a positive impact in our life if we now how to use it. The level or type of stress determines how we need to act or respond, in many cases we are able to follow tools that can help us lower it but there can be cases or situations where we need to talk to a professional if things have gone too far.

Stress is a response to any experience and the level of it goes accordingly to the experience or situation we lived and how we are able to cope with it, we all take every situation in very different ways and they all affect us in different degrees, we need to consider this so that we know how to respond and even be prepared for any situation.

The best thing we can do is know how to respond in every situation without getting stressed, remaining calm and being optimistic not only help us respond better during stressful situations and keep stress low but also help make better choices with lead to better results. Some steps we can take to respond better in stressful situations are:

1.- Do not take things too seriously,

2.- Take some deep breathes and focus on your breathe going in and out,

3.- Visualize the positive outcome or result,

In many occasions we take things too seriously and this only makes things worse, how many times have you created or increased any negative or stressful situation just by overreacting when in reality it wasn´t a big deal? The 3 steps we share here can have a huge impact on your day if you remember to follow them, the next time you find yourself on a stressful situation just remember to calm down, take some deep breathes  and think of a positive outcome. Just by calming down and breathing you´ll be able to think better and make a better choice.

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The impact of lifestyle on our health.


We don´t prioritize our health until something goes wrong, until someone close to us get diagnosed with a chronic disease or maybe us. Everything we do or don´t do, every choice we make has an impact on our body and health, that impact can be positive or negative, our routines, habits, our lifestyle can help us prevent diseases and maintain optimal health or it can cause diseases.

As we grow older we get use to society, our environment and people around us, we start following and doing everything they do, we get use to unhealthy routines and habits that are the cause of health problems nowadays, we´re bombarded with amazing marketing campaigns that make us buy unhealthy products, we´re told that we need to find a safe 9 to 5 job, we got through daily stress from traffic to our boss and coworkers or in school it may be teachers and classmates and we think this is how we´re supposed to live and this makes me so angry. This is not how we´re supposed to live, this type of lifestyle is killing us.

Lack of sleep or poor quality sleep, high levels of chronic stress, a diet based on unhealthy choices mostly highly refined and processed foods, lack of exercise and physical activity, too much negativity going on around us. All this 5 principles of fitness make an important part of our lifestyle and they are key to how well our body function and how much we are able to accomplish every day.

It´s amazing how we want to live a different life, how we get angry or annoyed when we get a bad news, when we go to the doctor and listen that we have some health problem or someone close to us got diagnosed with some chronic disease. We ask too much to our body and we don´t give it what it needs to work and function properly. We want optimal health without making some sacrifices we prefer short term and instant gratification than sacrificing short term gains and delaying gratification for a bigger and better reward in the long run. If we want to live the most amazing life we need to make sure that we´re treating our body right.

If we want to achieve amazing things in life and if we want to live to our full potential we need to be as productive as possible every single day, we need to be able to concentrate on the task at hand and keep energy high so developing healthy habits that lead to a healthy lifestyle is key. We need to make sure that we get enough high quality sleep every night, we need to find tools that help us keep stress low, we need to give our nutrients the energy and nutrients it needs to function properly, we need to exercise every day and increase physical activity and we also need to make sure that our mindset is right.

If we want to live as best as possible we need to be a little selfish and take some time for ourselves to make sure that we are at our best so that we can give our best to the people around us, there´s no way we can focus on our goal if we don´t have the energy, there´s no way we can be there for the people we love and care about if we feel tired or unmotivated. We need to put ourselves first if we want to be there for others and to live the way we want.

Even when it seems impossible to take some time each day to focus on ourselves we can do it, it is possible for all of us to schedule one hour of our day to exercise, we can all make healthier choices for each of our meals, we can use strategies like intermittent fasting that has amazing benefits for our health, we can all take 10 minutes before going to bed to meditate, visualize or practice gratitude, we can take 20 minutes right after waking up to practice gratitude and visualize our day and our ultimate goal.

When you got a huge goal or project you want to work on or when you know exactly how you want to live which I´m sure those plans include really big goals you need to make sure to develop the right habits and routines that help you go through the amount of hard and smart work required to attain that goal without burning out. This is where the 5 principles of fitness come in and the reason why they need to work together we need to find tools or strategies for each principle that we can apply and implement on our day and follow them over and over every single day until they become part of our life, this is how we develop new habits, once we develop new habits it becomes so easy for us to follow through and it only takes time to see how our life starts to improve.

We all have the opportunity to live the most amazing life but it depends of us, we are responsible of our daily choices, if there´s something we don´t like about our life or if we think we deserve better then we need to make the decision and commitment to change and realize that it won´t be easy but it will be worthy.

Small changes that can seem insignificant done daily lead to big improvements and a big impact in the course of a year or even a month, we only need to make small changes to our daily routines and habits to start improving our life, you can start by taking a 5 minute walk after lunch and dinner, you can skip that bag of cookies, or chips before going to bed take 5 minutes to breathe and think about one thing you are grateful for.

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Why sleep is so important!

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Fitness has become so popular but most people only focus on food and exercise which are only 2 of the principles of fitness and they don´t talk that much about sleep. Sleep is highly important and it has a huge impact on our body and health for positive or negative.

Sleep is so important not only to rest and recover from the day and wake up energized for the day to come, there are so many processed going on while we sleep which include recovery and growth and also our body and brain flushes out toxins, different systems on our body work to make all this possible, sleep also keeps our hormones balanced and working properly which makes it easier or harder for us to lose weight and stay lean.

Just one night of poor quality sleep or not enough sleep has a negative impact on the short term and we can see some of those in our day like feeling tired, not being able to focus, it also affects our mood and we feel hungry this leads to poor performance and productivity throughout the day and we tend to eat more which leads to weight gain. In the long run negative impacts of poor quality or not enough sleep lead to health issues.

Poor quality sleep also increases stress and has a negative impact on our exercise workouts, we may skip the entire workout because we don´t have the energy or the intensity and effort won´t be as good as it could, it also impacts negatively our mental health.

The same way that poor quality or lack of sleep has a huge negative impact on our body and health mentally and physical also enough high quality sleep has a positive impact on our body and health both mentally and physical in the short and long run. When we wake up and we feel energized ready for the day that´s a good sign we had good sleep and it´s just the beginning of a great day because it´s easier for us to focus and concentrate on the task and project we´re working on, our performance and productivity increases, we don´t feel hungry all day which makes it easier for us to eat healthy, whole fresh foods and chances are we´re going to exercise with the right intensity and effort. Have you ever noticed that the days when you don´t get enough good quality sleep you made bad choices or your decisions were riskier? this happens because our brain is not function properly after a night of poor sleep.

All the 5 principles of fitness work in harmony to help us maintain optimal health so one night of poor sleep will impact the other 4 principles and if we´re not aware of this it can turn in a negative cycle that can be hard to break. Lack of sleep increases stress, it also makes it harder for us to stick to healthy whole fresh foods so if we have to choose we´ll more likely choose the unhealthy foods, we lack energy so we may sick our workout that day and all this unhealthy choices can lead to poor sleep the next night and if we continue this negative and unhealthy cycle things get worse.

Sleep maintains our body and brain healthy by getting enough high quality sleep we make sure that all systems and hormones of our body function properly to get rid of toxins that can be harmful and also to recover and grow and maintain balance.

Since we´re living very fast paced times and we don´t get enough high quality sleep there are some strategies we can follow to help us as much sleep as possible according to our schedule and improve the quality of our sleep every night so that we´re able to get all the benefits and maintain optimal health.

If you want to live the life of your dreams then focusing on the 5 principles of fitness is key to make it possible to concentrate and work as hard as you need while also getting enough recovery so that you don´t burn out.

What you can do today is be aware of the quality and quantity of sleep you get every night, you can have a really good idea of the quality of your sleep by being aware of how you feel when you wake up, if you feel energized and ready to go and you maintain the level of energy and focused throughout the night you´re doing fine but if you feel tired and you´re not able to concentrate throughout the day you may need to improve the quality of your sleep.

Sleep is important.

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What is stress?


We all live with high levels of stress and we don´t even know it, we think this is normal, we think this is how it´s supposed to be but it´s actually bad. Those high levels of chronic stress are making us sick.

From the moment we wake up until we go to sleep we´re dealing with stress, if we hit the snooze bottom, by the time we get out of bed we may be late, then we go to school or our job and we spend hours in traffic which cause a lot of stress especially if you´re driving, when we get to school or the office we need to spend time with people we don´t feel comfortable, people who make fun of us whether they are our classmates or coworkers and working with a boss that only cares about results and the people increases stress.

Social media is also a huge problem, so many guys share pictures of them in great places and seems like their having a lot of fun and a great time and it´s actually the opposite, they´re looking for the likes and love on social media for they feel empty inside they´re not actually living the life they´re sharing. This creates high expectations and make followers think that there´s something wrong with them.

All of us can handle low stress or even high stress for a short period of time but no one can handle high levels of stress for long periods of time and when you spend most of the time stressed your body will get sick. Have you listened to the “fight or flight” response? This is your body preparing to either fight or run. If you are in a very stressful situation you may feel your muscles tense or your heart is beating faster. Stress releases cortisol in the body, some people know cortisol as the stress hormone. When we´re under stress our body prioritize safety so it shots down the immune system to conserve energy, when we´re in a stressful situation our body uses all the energy it has to keep us safe, in case we need to run or fight it makes sure that we have all energy available to act and in those moments we´re not worried about growth or recovery so the immune system shots down, when the immune system is off thanks to the stress hormones that´s when we get sick.

The problem nowadays is that most of us live with chronic stress, this means that we´re constantly triggering the stress hormones which keeps us aware in case we get fired and need to find a new job or in some cases we´re worried about being able to pay the bills so with stress hormones elevated the immune system is not working efficiently and it result in illness, we get sick because our body is not able to grow and recover and it can´t prevent diseases.

When your body stays stressed for a long period of time called chronic stress is when a lot of health problems take place and you get sick, your body is not able to handle it. Some short term symptoms of stress are headaches, lack of energy, weight gain, skin problems, digestive issues, bad mood.

Chronic stress makes everything harder and can develop bad habits, some guys start smoking as a way to lower their stress which cause a lot more health problems, it can cause overeating because some people go to food as a way to feel better, most unhealthy foods creates a sense of pleasure the same way alcohol and cigarettes do but they use them as a way to deal with stress.

We all need to find ways to deal with everyday problems, and stress the tricky part here is that those ways you find to deal with it are healthy and not hurting you more.

As you can see we live with chronic stress and I consider this to be one of the 5 ingredients of fitness, the other 4 are nutrition, training, mindset and sleep. So being stress highly important I´m going to share with you everything I know to lower stress so that you can get in shape and sustain it but also to live a better life.

Understanding what is stress, the types of stress, when it is good or bad, how we can handle it are key to know how to respond to each situation and learn tools that help us manage it.

Stress in a nutshell.

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How breathing helps lower stress


You may have heard is before and even done it, when you feel stressed, anxious, angry, irritated count to 10, 50, count to 100, 1 million, count backwards, how far have you get? does this has helped you reduce stress or anger?

For some people this technique help but not for all of us, with all the stress and pressure going on in our lives every day we had forgotten how to breathe, we don´t take time to relax our body and muscles, to calm our mind, take some time for ourselves because we don´t have time. We´re always in a hurry to get to work or school, to get back home, to finish homework or answer all the emails.

Taking time for ourselves will increase our productivity, performance of focus during the day in all our activities, it can also help us improve sleep which will have more benefits for our day and this time can be as simple as taking 10 minutes to breathe.

It doesn´t matter if we had a bad day or a great day if we take 10 minutes before going to bed to breathe it will send a signal to our body that everything is OK, that it can stop any “fight or flight” response and calm and relax, this start changing how our body works and it will starts function a lot better.

Breathing sends a lot of different signals to our brain and body and most of the time we´re breathing fast and this fast paced breathing which is the result of our fast paced life tells our brain that we´re under a dangerous situation, if we slow our breathing our brain knows that things are going good, the pace at which we breathe and how deeply we breathe are signs for our brain.

Breathing help us reduce pain, lower stress, depression, anxiety, it help us relax our body and calm our mind. So many benefits for our health both physical and mental and for our life can be obtain just by doing breathing exercises.

Slow and deep breathes are the way to do it, there are so many different types of breathing exercises and we´re not going to get in any of them in this post (we´ll see the best ones in a future post) the reason is because we first need to know and belief that how we breathe has a huge impact on our health.

We also need to understand why we breathe and I think we all know it, we take in oxygen while we inhale and that oxygen goes through all our body and we exhale carbon dioxide. We won´t get deep here in future posts we´ll be talking more about the process. Some of the benefits of good breathing are:

1. Reduce stress, anxiety

2. Improves the delivery of oxygen through the body, muscles, cells

3. Improves sleep

4. Improves focus and mental clarity

5. Helps us make better choices

If there´s one easy and effective tool you can start developing as habit today that will have a huge impact on all areas of life it´s breathing, you can start with 5 minutes of slow and deep breathes, if you do this right before going to bed it will help you fall asleep faster and can even improve the quality of your sleep which will have more positive impacts on the day to follow.

Try it today.

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Sleep disorders

05 how many hours of sleep

Some of us don´t give sleep the importance it deserve, we have a lot of things to do and we love doing them that we don´t want to go to sleep, we´re so inspired and motivated by our work that someone needs to stop us, others don´t sleep enough because they need to finish their work even when they hate what they do and there are some others that can get 8 hours of sleep every night, they go to bed early but can´t fall asleep.

If you are in the last group you may have a sleep disorder and it´s the reason why you can´t fall asleep or you wake up at night, here are some of the most common sleep disorders:

1.- Insomnia.- When we have trouble to fall asleep or we wake up frequently during the night and when we wake up we don´t feel rested we feel like we didn´t get enough sleep, this can be caused by stress, jet lag, illness.

2.- Sleep apnea.- Here the regular pattern of breathing while we are sleep gets interrupted for short periods of time because the airway gets blocked.

3.- Nightmares.- This one is when our dreams are scary and we get frightened and fearful so we wake up, if this happens every once in a while is normal but when it´s constant it can be caused by stress, anxiety or worries.

4.- Shift work.- Working at night goes against the internal clock of the body and it´s harder to stay alert and productive during work time and we may have trouble to get 7 – 8 hours of sleep during day. Blocking all light and noises during our sleep time is key to help us get as much sleep as we can. Some people doing shift work like to spend some time of the day doing stuff they like or need to do and many of them don´t get enough sleep so for them is really important to get the recommended 7 to 8 hours.

5.- Restless legs syndrome.- If we feel the urge to move our legs at night while we are sleeping we may suffer from RLS, one of the causes is low levels of iron but there can be more.

We all suffer from sleep disorders from time to time, if we´re dealing with a very stressful situation, if we´ve been traveling a lot, if we are worried, it´s normal to have some nights of poor sleep every once in a while but when this is consistent then we need to do something.

There are different treatments for sleep disorders, some of them will be more beneficial than others and as with any other treatment you will get results fast, at least the symptoms will lower but almost all sleep disorders can be improved by making some changes to our lifestyle that start with making better choices, being more active during the day, especially in the morning, reducing stress and following a healthy nutrition program will improve the quality of sleep.

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How to keep a fat loss nutrition program simple

00 Nutrition intro

How many times have you tried to lose weight? was it easy or hard to follow the diet?

We all know that nutrition plays an important role on fat loss, getting in shape and health in general but it doesn´t need to be hard, actually if it´s hard we won´t follow it for as long as we need and what we really need to do is develop new habits, if we´re overweight and want to lose fat then chances are that we have unhealthy habits so we need to develop new ones that make it easy for us to lose fat and get in shape and also that enjoyable and once we get to our desired weight or physique we need be able to maintain our results or keep improving in and easy and enjoyable way.

It doesn´t matter which is our current goal our nutrition program doesn´t need to change a lot, the biggest change is in adjusting calories in this case for fat loss we eat a little less, this is the way to make is simple:

1. Eliminate unhealthy foods. We all know that sweets, candies, cookies, cakes, cereal box, etc; all junk, processed, refined and fast food is unhealthy they have a lot of refined sugar and chemicals that our body doesn´t need, they lack nutrients and they only add calories to our diet.

2. Focus on eating whole, fresh foods.- When we eat whole, fresh foods we eat less and give nutrients to our body, foods like eggs, beef, pork, poultry, fish, vegetables, oats, quinoa, brown rice, corn tortilla, fruits, nuts, seeds, olives, avocado, olive oil they are all full of nutrients and lower in calories.

3. Eat less.- We need to eat less if we want to lose fat, we can create the reduction of calories from carbohydrates by eating less rice, corn tortillas, oats, brown rice.

As you see this information is something I´ve been talking about a lot, we need to develop healthy habits, the more whole and fresh foods we consume and the less process foods the best results we get and it´s not only about how we look, we´ll also feel great. This doesn´t mean that we won´t eat donuts, cakes or any of our favorite meal or snack we can still eat them every once in a while some of us can have one of them once a week others maybe once every two weeks, it all depends of how our body responds to be able to maintain an amazing physique. For fat loss it may be better to have a cheat meal once every 2 weeks to get better results, some of us are not able to handle a cheat meal every week specially when we´re beginning a fat loss program, with time we will be able to have a cheat meal and enjoy our favorite dish, dessert or snack once a week or even more. In the case of snacks and desserts it´s better to find healthy options, the best option is to cook your own cakes, cookies, etc following recipes that use whole ingredients so that you avoid all extra ingredients that are unhealthy, if you can´t cook there are some healthy options for so many snacks that are great options.

We don´t need to complicate things if we stick with the basics and develop good habits then it´s simple and it becomes effortless and enjoyable, processed and fast foods are not good for us so there´s no reason to consume them, we need to give nutrients to our body which come from whole, fresh, healthy foods when we focus on those there´s no reason to make being changes, just a small adjustment on the amount we eat is all we need.

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