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How to set goals and achieve them

26 How to set goals and achieve them

I´ve seen so many people set goals, from New Year’s Resolution to monthly goals but not all of them achieve their goals, around 90% give up and there are many reasons why people tend to set goals without achieving them.

Here are the steps you need to follow to set your goals and achieve them, if you follow each step you´ll get results:

1.- Be specific.- Clarity is everything, you need to be very clear and specific on what you want to achieve. Do you want to lose weight? Remember that the goal must be to improve body composition, how much fat do you want to lose? what is your actual weight? what is your weight goal? what is the percentage of body fat you want to achieve? You need to be able to paint a clear image on your mind.

2.- Set a deadline.- When do you want to achieve your goal? you need to make sure that you are giving yourself enough time to get to your goal, if you have to much weight to lose you won´t make it un 2 months.  If it´s a big goal, you can give yourself one year maybe 2 years but you´ll need to break that big goal into smaller goals, set small goals for each month, then for each week.

3.- Design a plan of action.- You need to design a plan action for your big goal and work backwards with activities you need to do every single day that will get you to your goal, do you need to workout 20 minutes a day? or do you need to workout 90 minutes a day? do you need to eat clean and make some adjustments to your nutrition program? do you need to improve the quality of sleep? do you need to make stress work for you?

4.- Law of Attraction.- So much has now been said about this law and you can use it to help you achieve your goal. For this you need to keep your thoughts, emotions and actions in harmony. Your thoughts create an image of what your goal looks like, your emotions create the feeling of how it feels to achieved your goal and your actions keep you working for it. Energy, frequency and vibration working together – Nikola Tesla.

5.- Act.- Take action every single day, you´ve already designed your plan of action on step 3, the only thing missing is that you put the time and effort every single day doing the activities you need to do whether you want it or not, whether you feel like doing it or not. Don´t think about it just get up and do it.

There´s no secret for setting goals and achieving them, if you follow this 5 steps which we all know and you do it for as long as you need you´ll achieve your goal, if your goal is to get in amazing shape, step 3 is in part done for you, we created some programs that will get you there, you only need to set your macronutrient ratios and start following the program.

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The importance of clarity


One of the reasons why some people say that setting goals is a waste of time is because they didn´t achieve their goal and the cause of this in most cases is a lack of clarity, if you know exactly what you want and you are specific in details you´ll create a plan that tells you exactly what to do and if you follow it long enough the chances of achieving your goal are really high.

We all want a lot of things in our life but most of us when we set goals or when we try to make the Law of Attraction work for us we are not clear. I´ve been talking with some friends and family about their goals and what would they want to achieve and the problem I see is that they are not clear and sometimes not even sure of what they really want.

Last week I was talking with a friend and he started to tell me about a goal he wanted to achieve but when I asked him to be more clear he started changing his mind and even the goal. This constant changing can come from fear and insecurity.

If you are not clear and specific on what you want and the details you´re going to be sending mix signals or messages to the Universe, this is one of the reasons why the Law of Attraction don´t work. You need to be clear and specific, go to the details, the more specific you are the better, you are sending details to your mind so it knows exactly what to focus on.

What do you truly desire? your goals need to give you a sense of purpose and fulfillment and you need to have a clear vision, without clear you can´t develop a plan of action that can get you where you want. If you don´t know where you want to go or who you want to be you´ll be going blind through life.

Without a sense of purpose and direction you can set goals and plans. Do you want to lose weight just for an event? or do you want to lose weight and make it sustainable? how much weight do you want to lose? what is your target weight? do you want to lose weight as fast as possible or in a healthy way? how much weight do you want to lose per month?

There are so many questions you need to ask yourself when you set your goals and by asking all those questions is how you get to details. When you are specific with your goals you are able to create a plan that gives you those results.

Clarity, details and specificity is what makes the plan work, you need to do certain things a certain way to get some specific results, when you know exactly what you want you know exactly what you need to do, when you do what you need to do you´ll get results that get you closer to your goals and those results give you the motivation you need to keep going. If you don´t get the results you want you lose motivation and all this could be cause by not doing the right things or taking the right action because you don´t set a clear goal.

For some people is not easy to be clear and specific on what they really want, some of them just have an idea of what they want based on what they love or what they experienced or lived but they need more knowledge and insights, they need to experience, discover and learn a lot more so that they can get clear on what it is that they want to achieve and what they want to do.

Being specific means that you can set dates, time, numbers, names and make your goal measurable. Specific goals lead to strategic plans that lead to great results.

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Positive thinking

12 Positive thinking

Living a successful life is a lifestyle based on healthy habits, some of those habits include positive thinking and a positive attitude. Being positive improves every aspect of your life. When you live with a positive attitude you send positive vibrations and higher frequencies and the people around you scenes that and those frequency attract more of the same.

Our mind is always active, it never stops thinking the problem is that most of those thoughts are negative and to make that problem worse around 80% of those negative thoughts are the same of the day before. It´s a negative loop we need to stop.

Our thoughts create our reality, all of our thoughts create an emotion in our hearts and bodies and that combination of thoughts and emotions is what creates our life. If we spend most of our time thinking negative thoughts then we spend most of our time feeling negative emotions in our heart and that is the signal we are sending.

Positive thinking is something that needs to be practice, you just can´t say right now that from now on you´ll only have positive thoughts, your mind has been program to think about the worst case scenario and we´re bombarded with negative information on the news and social media because that´s what sells, it creates fear and our mind is attracted to that fear and that information to keep us safe, we need to survive.

In order to change your thoughts from negative to positive you need to be aware of them, every time you identify a negative thought just let it go, say something like “thanks for the information”, “next” also changing what you are doing in that precise moment can help you change to more positive thoughts.

We all have been day dreaming about an amazing life, do you remember how a bunch of positive feelings and emotions surrounded you? Think about someone you really care or something or someone you are really grateful of, once you have that image on your thoughts try to feel the emotion of gratitude and caring in your heart.

Have you ever be so excited for something? it can be a trip, a vacation, meeting your boyfriend or girlfriend, achieving any goal. Do you remember how that feeling of excitement felt? Bring back that feeling and emotion, if you want to shout, jump or do any other physical movement that goes with the excitement do it.

Once you are there try keeping those feelings and emotions for as long as you can, when you realize that a negative thought is wandering in your mind bring that excitement back, think about that person, project or vacation that make you feel excited, grateful.

Your attitude towards life plays an important role here, the only way to get amazing benefits is by making it a lifestyle if you live with a positive attitude, your thoughts are going to be positive most of the time and your emotions are also going to be positive most of the time, you can´t just think positive for 15 minutes and want to get all the amazing things you want.

We need to make positivity a lifestyle so you need to take some actions right now that are going to start making changes on the way you think and feel. Day dreaming and visualization are both a great option, stop whatever you are doing and create a mental image or a mental movie of the life you would want to live, do not put any limits, feel the emotions. Smile more, the simple act of smiling will make you happy.

For positivity to be part of our lives we need to train our mind and this takes time, repetition is key being positive one day won´t give you the best results, you need to be aware and stay in a positive state of mind with positive thoughts and positive emotions the entire time, at the beginning is difficult you need to conscious and aware of your thoughts and whenever you are in a negative state make the change to positive. With time you´ll be able to make positivity a lifestyle.

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Why we need to set goals

11 Goals

A lot of people talk about goals but not all know how to set them and how to achieve them. As in everything else it may be difficult the first time you set your goals the right way in order to be successful, it´s not  about listing your dreams or things that you would love to have or how you would want to live.

Setting goals is the first step to achieving everything you want in life, it can be a new job, a new car, a house, the perfect wife or husband; everything is possible don´t put limits as long as you set your goals the right way you can achieve incredible things so let your mind wander and think as big as you can even when some thoughts seem crazy or ridiculous.

A goal is use to set objectives we want to achieve in a period of time, they help measure our progress along the journey to be able to change what´s necessary to achieve our goal or the end result that we are looking for in the time we set. They must be measurable, clear on what we want to achieve and set an specific date in which it needs to be achieved.

How high or low you set goals for yourself depends most of the time on the confidence you have and your believes. The higher the goal the more motivated you are but also it means getting out of your comfort zone and this may be so hard to do because fear gets in your way, if you don´t have a big reason why you want to achieve that goal chances are you´ll fail.

Goals can help you focus on an end result and they are a great tool to use if you are competitive, setting goals with friends or family make them more interesting and you can motivate each other every day, you´ll feel more happy and fulfill, the best way to feel happy and fulfill is by helping others, setting goals with people you know that need some help, motivation or support is awesome, it´s not only about you, is about helping people around you achieve their goals.

First you need to decide what you want, you may be thinking on different options or trying to combine those options in one goal, choose one and stick with until you achieve it. Be clear and specific of what you want if it´s a fitness goal, how much fat you want to lose, what body fat % you want to have, how much muscle you want to gain, then set a date to achieve your goal but make sure that date is realistic, you won´t be able to gain 10 pounds of muscle in 30 days.

Many times we all get discourage if we don´t see the results we want or if we don´t see progress and the date set for the goal keeps getting closer, having a clear goal help you find or design a program that works for you and that gives you the result you want, if you are not clear you may be confused and the program may not deliver the results you expect because you don´t know exactly what you are looking for.

The most important part in regard to goals is that many of us postpone our happiness, joy and fulfillment to when we achieve that goal, and that will never happen, we´ll always be wanting something more, we´ll never feel complete or comfortable with everything, it´s normal to achieve a goal and set another one and another and another but you need to accept who you are today, accept how you look, how you think, and let the real you shine since today, accept yourself completely today, feel happy and grateful for all the amazing things you have today, don´t waste more time thinking on the past or the future, enjoy every moment today, and enjoy the journey to your goal, that´s what life is about is the journey and the lessons learned to achieve your goals.

One more thing, setting goals is easy, even the right way but acting and following is the hard part, a right mindset and a big strong why is what keeps you going in the right direction.

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Take action now

10 Action

There´s no way you can achieve something if you don´t work for it. I don´t know how many times I´ve hears people saying that they´re working on visualization and affirmations to achieve their goals but that´s the only thing they´re doing, they are not taking any action to actually achieve their goals. There´s always something you need to every single day that will get you closer to your goal.

Visualizing is just part of attracting or achieving any goal, the other part is hard work you need to work hard and smart. There´s no reason to work hard, to put all the time and effort needed if you are not doing the right thing, you need to make sure that what you are doing is getting you closer to your goal and not farther, this can be tricky to find out because there´ll be times when the results or progress won´t show you what you want to see but that doesn´t mean that the program or the plan is wrong.

Once you have a plan or program and you start working on it with time you´ll see that you need to modify it and make some adjustments along the way. This doesn´t mean that the program or plan doesn´t work, as you make progress you need to adjust the plan as much as needed to keep making progress, along the way there´ll be times when you see that you are going the wrong path so you adjust the plan to keep straight to your goal. It doesn´t matter what your goal is you´ll always have to adjust the plan, success is never a straight line.

When you set a goal you need to take action and this is the hardest part if there´s something different we need to do it will take a tone of will power to get up and do what we need to do, making different choices get you out of your comfort zone so your mind will fight you back, those new choices feel uncomfortable so it will try everything possible to get you back to your old habits by sending all kind of reasons and excuses why you don´t need to take action.

If you have strong will power to get up and do what you need to do if in the first week you don´t see any progress your mind starts playing tricks with you again with thoughts like “I told you you won´t achieve it”, “I told you you weren´t good enough”, etc; so you give up.

This are the biggest reasons why most people don´t achieve their goal.

You need to take action every single day, work hard, work smart and do it for as long as you need to do it until you hit your target. Patience, discipline and perseverance are key and since we are living in a fast paced time where we can have almost everything instantly we want to see results instantly so having the patience and discipline to work hard every day over and over may get you frustrated.

Here is where having the right mindset comes into play, is not easy to work hard and smart for weeks or months, having the right mindset is what keeps you going when things get tough, that success mindset is what keeps you going so you need to train your mind the same way you train your body. The way to get your mind focus on your goal is by having a strong reason why you want to achieve that goal.

Those your why is strong enough to motivate and you get up? are you willing to put the time and effort needed for as long as you need to achieve your goal? The journey is long and though but it is worth it, not everyone is willing to pay the price but nothing gives you more reward than achieving your goal and knowing that you are capable of achieving great things as long as you are willing to work hard of them. Nothings beats action, the one who take action every single day are the successful ones. You can be one of them if you take action now.

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How our feelings and emotions keep us stuck


One of my favorite quotes of all time is from Nikola Tesla “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”. When I understood, realized and accepted that everything is energy I began to work on meditation, breathing and visualization techniques to be able to get my thoughts, feelings and emotions to work in harmony.

What you send and to the universe is what you get, people around are also affected and react according to your energy and vibration. The reason why visualization techniques don´t work is because even when you repeat those visualizations over and over your frequency and your vibration are not in harmony, if you are in a low frequency and vibration you need to increase them and make them match your visualization.

Since we were born we were programmed and thought the wrong way about life and how things work, our family, friends and society told us that there´s not enough of anything for anyone so we took those thoughts of lack and made them part of our subconscious, when we told someone about our craziest dreams most people told us it wasn´t possible and we won´t make it so we get used to doubting ourselves, if people made fun us we get used to hide our thoughts and feelings for the fear of what they´re going to say.

Your feelings and emotions need to match your thoughts in order for them to become reality what happen to us is that consciously we repeat our affirmations and visualizations but our conscious mind is stuck in our present circumstances which are negative, which are not what we want and our emotions are stuck in fear and doubt so we´re actually thinking of what we don´t want subconsciously and our emotions are of fear and lack. Yes their working in harmony but in a very low vibration, actually the opposite of what we want.

The reason why you need to train your mindset is to get it right, change the program that is on your subconscious to fit the life you want to live, but getting your mindset right is just part of the puzzle, you also need to raise your vibration by changing your emotions.

Emotions like fear, doubt, lack, anger, resentment are so dangerous not only those will keep you stuck, but they impact your health in a very negative way. Emotions like joy, love and gratitude will lift you up opening the door to possibility and making everything better for you, including your day, your life and also your health.

Now you may be thinking how can you change your emotions, a simple and effective way to do it is to think of someone you love, think about that person and feel your heart and all your body changing, you feel the love. Now that you are in the right feeling and emotion keep that emotion high and visualize your goal, keep the emotion for as long as you can. Other way is to think of something you are really grateful for, it may be your family, your friends, your work, something you achieved and feel the emotion of gratitude lifting you up, feel you heart getting warmer and brighter, once you feel deeply in gratitude keep the emotion high and visualize your goal.

When you visualize your goals in a state and emotion of love, gratitude and abundance you are in a high frequency and vibration that makes it easier for you to achieve your goals because your thoughts and in harmony with your emotions and you are sending the right energy and vibration. When you get this in place you then need a plan of action and do what you need to do, even if you have the right mindset with the right emotions you need to put the time and work.

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How our thoughts create our reality

02 The negative effects of stress

Most of us have a lot of dreams, some of them are really big while others are small and when someone ask me how they can make their dreams a reality my answer is this: you need to take that big dream and set it as your ultimate goal, divide it into small monthly and weekly goals, create a plan of action and follow it. This is the active part but your mind needs to be right, what you think of most of the time is what we attract.

Most of us spend most of our time thinking on what we don´t want, even when you take some time every day to read affirmations or visualize your goals this is not enough if the rest of the day you are thinking of the opposite. The problem is our subconscious mind as long as your subconscious mind is stock in a negative way of thinking and the wrong mindset you´ll stay where you are.

Everything you see in your real life was first a thought, everything is created first in our mind then we come with ideas to take that thought and bring into the real world. This is easier said than done, your mindset, your thoughts, feelings and emotions they all need to be in harmony and you need to act so that you achieve your goals.

Since we are born we are programmed by society, friends, family, school, media to live a certain way and this program full of negativity and lack thoughts are stored in our subconscious this is why we keep living the same way year after year. This is why if you are struggling financially even when your goal is to get a better job and earn more money you can be doing all the visualization and affirmation exercises you want but if you don´t change the program running in your subconscious you won´t make any progress.

What we need to do is reprogram the mind, change the thoughts that are running on our subconscious to go according to our goals and the life we want to live. The way to do this is by repetition, yes we need to use tools like visualization but to make that mental image work we need to first calm the mind. Our mind is always working, it never stops, it´s always thinking so if you don´t work on calming it first you won´t be able to focus on what you really want.

Our mind is always creating the worst scenarios possible for any situation, we´ve been programmed to think negatively the entire time so when you start making changes it gets though.

Repetition is key so yes you need to change your thoughts patterns and the programs that are playing on your mind right now, to change them you need to visualize your goals and affirmations but it is important that your mind is calm when you do this. To calm your mind you need to use breathing and meditation techniques, you can start with breathing and go into meditation once you are relaxed and your mind is calm, then you can start visualizing your goal and putting as much feelings and emotions. This is when great things start to happen.

Now that you are training your mind you know that is not only about thinking positive thoughts, the energy and vibration you are key, you can be thinking positive thoughts but deep inside you feel fear, anger or doubt so your energy and vibration are not in harmony with your thoughts.

When you breath and meditate to calm and relax your mind and body you are able to get your thoughts, feelings and emotions in harmony once you achieve harmony and you put the time and work needed that is when the magic happens.

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How habits create your life


Habits are small actions you do every day sometimes without thinking about them. Your habits create your life. Good habits lead to a life of success, bad habits lead to failure.

What you do every single day determine how you live, if you want to be successful create good habits that lead you to a life of success. Your day is built of habits, from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep most of your daily actions are habits, you are so used to doing them that they are now part of your subconscious and you can do them even with your eyes closed, this is a routine.

Most people have poor habits that lead them to average results, following the same routine every day that keeps you comfortable in a way that you don´t have to work that much but that keeps you struggling with money and that keeps you stuck in the same place is the result of poor habits.

Bad habits will keep from achieving your goals and dreams. Habits like complaining, criticizing and blaming someone else when something didn´t go out the way we wanted is one of the worst things you can do that keep you where you are. Waking up late, not exercising, eating unhealthy food, procrastinating are all examples of bad habits that not only are leading you to health problems and diseases, also to a life of struggle. Your life will not improve until you decide to change, until you take responsibility and commit to a better life.

With good habits you are able to grow personal and professional while living healthy and enjoy life as much as possible. When you want to achieve any goal you want to sustain the results, the best way is to make it effortless, good habits are the only way to get to your goals and sustain them, good daily habits make your goals seem effortless and give you the freedom to enjoy life.

Achieving any goal is simple if you have good habits, what´s difficult is building those good habits which take time, it´s not something you can do from one day to another, you need at least one month but it can take up to 3 months for a habit to become part of our life. It´s tough to build new habits because it requires our focus and attention and with so many things that need to get done we get right back to our old habits.

To develop new habits you need to start small, for eating healthy you can start by eliminating junk food from your house and the next time you go for the grocery buy healthy, natural foods, instead of candies and cookies buy some fruit, seeds and nuts, start by doing 10 or 20 minutes of exercise, start with 10 pushups and 10 squats and make it daily. Schedule 30 minutes of your day to exercise, it will be hard the first days but do it, do not complain or make excuses. If you want to get up earlier set the alarm and live it far from your bed, once you´re up start doing what you plan.

When you start building good habits you´ll get some kind of results, you feel better and things start to be better, this motivates you to continue with this new habits until they stick.

Developing new habits and will power go hand in hand, the first weeks you will need will power to get up and do what you need to do until it becomes a routine, exercising or waking up earlier are some of the hardest habits to develop, get up and do it anyway, focus on the rewards, focus on your goal and it´ll be easier to do it.

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The truth about balance in life


For the past months I´ve heard so many people talking about trying to have some balance in their lives but the problem I see is that their priorities are not right, they want to spend more time on parties and having fun and less time working and even when that is great we need to have some time for us and prioritize our health.

Nowadays is very hard to find balance in life, most people that say they live a balanced life is not true, in some areas of life we live in the excess side while on other areas just the minimum.

Many of us live a life of excess and this excesses are the most dangerous we could choose, excess parties, excess alcohol, excess food, excess amount of time sitting on the couch watching TV or Netflix and wasting time.

People give more importance and prioritize things that make them feel good, things and activities that give them instant pleasure, for me that´s not life balance that´s comfort, as long as you´re having fun, having a good time and enjoying yourself you´re fine but this is just momentarily so you live a life of excess to get as much of those good times as possible.

Most people nowadays live an average, normal or what I call mediocre life because they want to, they´re lazy, they want to stay in their comfort zone even when they hate their job and their income is just enough to pay bills. People do not want to work, they do not want to put the effort needed in all areas of life, if it gets them out of their comfort zone they get scared and paralyzed  and prefer to stay where they are, in a place that they do not need to work hard.

Life balance is about having fun and putting the effort when needed, enjoying time with family and friends when it´s time and working as hard as possible when you need to work, life is not going to be easy sometimes nor it is going to be fun, there are times when life hits you hard and you need to get through those moments.

Balance is not only about health and fitness, when talking about life balance there are many more things that come into play.  For me, balance is putting the same amount of effort, time and focus on everything you do, it´s knowing when you can have fun and when you need to work and be present in the moment, giving the best of me at everything I do always.

Balance is about choosing exercise over party, I´m not telling that you need to live in the gym and forget about social life but if you go to parties, family reunions or social meetings every week, if you watch 3 to 4 hours of TV a day, if you waste a lot of time watching news or on social media and you do not have time for 30 minutes of exercise you need to consider making some changes to your life.

Balance in life is knowing what you need to do and doing it when it needs to be done, putting the same amount of effort, time and focus on everything you do.

Life balance is making time to workout every day, focus on eating healthy meals with some meals out with friends and family, getting the job done when it needs to be done and reduce the amount of TV.

Having balance in life also means taking time to take care of yourself so that you can give the best in every other aspect of your life this include eating healthy most of the time and working out daily, if you feel great and you love the way you look this alone completely change your way of thinking and help you make better decisions.

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The roller coaster of life


I couldn´t find a better way to describe the amazing journey of life than to compare it with a roller coaster full of emotions.

Life is not easy, it´s not supposed to be easy you may have some times when everything is going the way you planned, you´re getting higher and it all is perfect until you reach a point where you get stuck, or you fail.

Life is full of ups, downs, turns, more downs, ups and some more turns, the ups are when you are climbing those big mountains of challenges and finally you make it to the top those small victories are necessary to give you confidence and keep you motivated, it´s a proof that all the hard work, effort and time are worth it. Be careful with the highs and the victories, celebrate them but don´t take too much time that you lose focus of your bigger goals.

You´ll get to some difficult times where you lose or you don´t get the results you were expecting, those times when you fail are your downs and you need to learn from them, how low you get depend of so many different factors, and it may be thanks to something out of your control, how you act or how you react to this moments will determine your success or failure, if you take it as a lesson and get up stronger finding ways to improve and get better you´ll eventually succeed but if you start blaming others and the circumstances chances are you won´t get up, this negative and failure mentality will lead you to failure, you´re not a failure you have everything you need to succeed so don´t let those downs keep you down, prove them you are stronger and that you´ll achieve your goal.

If you give up you´re thinking that there´s no way out, that thing will get as bad as they are, that you don´t have what you need to get up and continue fighting, this are all lies that your mind could tell you, get up, take charge of your thoughts and prove everyone specially yourself that you got what you need to get as high as you want.

Even when you have a plan of action you may get through certain points where you need to adjust your plan, it doesn´t matter what´s your goal you´ll always have to adjust your plan along the way, sometimes things won´t go as plan so instead of blaming someone else you act by adjusting everything that´s necessary to keep you moving closer to your goal. This are the turns you´ll never be on a straight line.

At the end when you achieve your goal you can turn back and see everything you´ve been through and feel nothing but proud of yourself, amazed of everything you are capable and ready to go through the next roller coaster that will get you higher, you become addicted, and every time you want bigger goals.

It may be hard to know how to keep your eyes on your goal, stay focused on that vision you want to achieve while keeping your feet on the ground and living in the present moment,  not letting anyone or anything distract you from your goal and working as hard as you need for as long as you need means making some sacrifices, what are you willing to give up to get what you want?

Don´t try to avoid any of this ups, downs or turns, most of the times you don´t know when they will come just be prepared by knowing that you´ll find a lot of them throughout your journey and those are the ones that will make you more confident, stronger and will make your life full of emotions and adventures.

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