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Play the long game


Nowadays we want instant results, we´re looking for instant gratification so we are used to playing the short game which gives us results in a short period of time but this can be the wrong approach for some of us.

Are you willing to work hard for a long period of time and get a bigger, more fulfilling reward that last longer and is sustainable? If you want success that last you need to focus on the long game and stop chasing short term results.

What comes fast doesn´t last, easy come – easy goes. There are some people willing to do whatever they need to do to get what they want as fast as possible, you can see this in weight loss, you may have tried to lose weight and get in shape this way. You want to lose weight as fast as possible and the fitness industry takes advantage od this and they sell programs, supplements, magic powders and pills and that help you lose as much weight as possible in the shortest period of time but this is not a good strategy, this is why you are not able to sustain the results and they don´t think about your health either so all those programs and supplements end causing more damage to your health and body.

This happens not only in fitness but all projects and goals we have. At the end, this short-term mindset only creates more problems.

Slow and steady always wins the race. But, there´s a huge challenge with this it is harder than it looks, it takes a lot more time, work and effort. While everybody around you is looking for the shortcuts to get what they want faster you are working on building the base, you do not make decisions based on quick results, you take more time to make decisions and they all lead to great results, you always have your big end result in mind and you take really careful steps.

The most successful person and the one that is able to maintain a high level of success is the one that always focus on the long term and play the long game. They´re not interested on instant results or instant gratification, they are willing to work as hard as they need to for a long period of time to taste that huge reward.

This applies to all areas of your life, from financial, school and career, business, relationships, health and fitness.

Some steps you can take to start playing the long game are:

1.- Realize that looking for fast and instant results only lead to unsustainable results and can cause more problems. Realize that easy and fast success doesn´t last.

2.- Set a big goal or project that really scares you and make all decisions with that end big goal in mind

3.- Realize that playing the long game leads to sustainable results and a bigger reward

4.- Do not think about fast and easy results, focus on making progress every day.

5.- Break down your big goal into small activities you can do every single day

One last advice I can give you is, most people are looking for short cuts, the fastest and easiest way to achieve what they want, but this type of success doesn´t last so while most people are looking for this type of success that doesn´t last you are working on improving every single day and taking action building the base of the pyramid, building and constructing every level that leads to greater success that is build to last. So, don´t waste too much time watching what others are doing, instead focus on your big goal, follow your mentors and the people you can model and take action.

Let me know by leaving a comment on Facebook and Twitter if you are willing to work as hard as you need for a long period of time to build each level of your success pyramid and you are willing to play the long game.

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Focus on progress


How many times have you started a project and you were obsessed with getting every detail perfect? I´ve done this too but, focusing on perfection only creates anxiety and slow our productivity and progress.

From what I´ve seen progress leads to happiness, perfection leads to anxiety. As tony Robbins says, “Progress equals happiness”. Just think about how you feel when you realize you are making progress in a project or whatever you are doing? You feel accomplished, your self-confidence increases, and you feel happy.

This may be true or false for you but in most cases, perfection get us stuck in some little detail and stop our results while progress let us keep going and improving along the way.

When we focus on progress our goal is to make the best, we can with what we got at that time, and this includes time, skills, knowledge, resources, equipment. And you are committed to improving every single day, being better every day, learning something knew or improving skills.

Our ultimate goal is to keep learning, keep growing and keep improving, the moment we stop making progress we start losing that feeling of achievement and if we let this feeling run our days and life for a long period of time it can lead to mental problems.

When you focus on perfection and if you get obsessed with it you can develop a negative mindset, wanting perfection on every single detail on everything you do is really hard to achieve, more often than you not you won´t be satisfied with the results, it will take you a long time, hard work and effort until you feel are satisfied and think the result is perfect. If you are not satisfied with the result you can get to a point where you don´t feel worthy or capable which leads to a negative and limiting mindset.

Progress on the other hand focuses on doing the best you can with what you know and what you have at that moment knowing that you can always improve, knowing that you can get better every single day by learning new skills or improving the ones you already know and also by getting more or better equipment or tools when you can. It´s about making sure you did your best and you give your all and feeling satisfied with your result. Realizing it was the best you could do but, tomorrow you can do better.

Some steps you can take today to start focusing on progress and stop chasing perfection are:

1.- Realize and accept that chasing perfection is almost impossible, you won´t feel satisfied and it will leave you feeling bad

2.- Think about doing the best you can with what you have

3.- Always keep in mind that you can improve every single day, learn new skills or improve the ones you already know

4.- Take does new or improved skills and apply them to help you get better results every day

5.- Focus on how you feel when you see you are making progress.

When you are aware of your feelings, your emotions is easier to make a change, most of us do not want to feel bad about ourselves, we want to feel uplifting emotions and happiness is one of them, the feeling of accomplishment is another one that makes us feel worthy and capable, when you focus on progress and see it make sure that you are aware of your feelings and enjoy them, this keeps you in the right track wanting more so you stay on that progress search.

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Why you need to create urgency


Does having a sense of urgency makes you feel anxious and increase stress or does it help you get things done?

For some of us the sense of urgency can lead to stress and we tend to avoid it as much as possible but if we create and maintain a sense of urgency it helps us get things done and in most cases the end result is great.

With so many distractions nowadays, we can all have great ideas but the one thing that separate successful people is their sense of action, getting things done quickly and with amazing results. In times where we can literally achieve any goal because we have access too so much information and technology what will set us apart is how able we are to take action on our ideas and goals. It´s all about high performance and high productivity.

Urgency helps us finish projects and achieve great results because it increases our ability to concentrate and what we´re doing, when we are able to concentrate on our project and we focus all our energy and attention on it we for a certain period of time we get to a state called “flow”, when we´re in this state is like being on a magical place where everything seems to work more easily, ideas come more easily to us, we feel more energetic and  positive and all this improves our productivity and performance which leads to great results in shorter periods of time.

The way to achieve this sense of urgency and be able to get into the “flow” state is by having an inner desire of getting a project or activity get done fast as best as possible. You may get obsessed with the result or the end goal that you want to get there as fast as possible so you take action and keep working for as long as you need until you get the job done. The more time you spend working on that activity or project the more you get into that “flow” state that makes it really hard to take your attention away from it and ideas keep flowing, productivity and performance keep increasing.

For some of us creating urgency and achieving this state is so hard because we need to go through a series of steps especially if we´re working on a goal or project in which we need to learn new skill s to get the job done. In these cases there are some steps we need to go through to learn those new skills that will make the journey boring, tedious and some times stressful, it´s in this steps that most people give up but it´s a crucial step that we need to go through if we want to get to that “flow” state. In the “flow” state we already have the knowledge and skills needed for the project or activity and it´s about applying those skills and knowledge in creative ways.

Creating a sense of urgency is wanting to finish an activity, a project or goal as fast as possible with the best results possible, for this we require some motivation this motivation may be wanting to see the end result, achieving a huge goal that really moves us and being able to see the activity, project or goal finished.

Developing the habit of taking action and consistency are key to get to the “flow” state and also develop insane concentration, if you get distracted easily you´ll never be able to get to this state and this is also why it is so hard for some of us to achieve it. Most of us are not able to maintain insane concentration for long periods of time and it gets worse if we need to learn new skills making it harder to maintain concentration because the process of learning is boring, tedious and stressful.

I need to mention that it´s easier to get into this “flow” state when you love the activity or project you´re working on, if you want to get to this state doing something you don´t like it can lead to stress.

The best step you can take to improve and develop insane concentration, consistency and being able to get to that “flow” state is to take action, turn off your cell phone or at least turn off all notifications and close all social media on your computer, laptop or the device you´re working on. Choose and activity or project you´ve been leaving for later and start working on it, do not let anything distract you from what you´re doing. If you need to learn new skills then focus on that one activity for 50 minutes straight, without distractions and then take 10 minutes rest.

Do this exercise consistently for one week and let us know by leaving a comment on our Facebook and Twitter account if you saw any improvements in your ability to work on one activity for longer without distraction and if your performance and productivity increased.

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Control your mind and you can control your life


How many times have you given up on your goals or dreams because of your thoughts?

We have a huge potential and we can achieve amazing things in life but the number one reason why we give up or don´t even take the first step is because of our thoughts.

Since we´re born we´re programmed a certain way, this programs go according to our environment and society, our family, friends, teachers, school, neighbors everyone around us will affect our mindset and the life we´re living today is the result of those programs that were installed in our brain so if we want to change something in our life we need to change our thoughts. The reason for this is because everything we experience in real life was first created in our mind.

Our mind is always busy, it´s always thinking repetitive thoughts which most of them are negative based on our old programs, it makes decisions and choices also based on those old programs and almost everything we do is based on that old programming so we keep living the same way year after year.

Our mind can send us all type of excuses and reasons why we can´t do something but all these excuses come from fear and if we let all those excuses control us, we´ll never achieve our goals. We need to be mentally strong and be able to control our mind, every time an excuse appears in our thoughts we need to know that those negative thoughts are not real they are created by our brain to keep us away from the pain and struggle but it´s that pain, that struggle, it´s facing that challenge what will help us learn, grow, improve and get better, we need to be strong enough to control our thoughts.

When we are able to control our thoughts we are able to control our life and we can achieve almost everything we want, controlling our thoughts not only help us attract what we really want but we make better choices which keep us on the right track and get us closer to our goals. When I talk about controlling our mind what I mean is to be aware of our thoughts and every time and excuse or a reason why we can´t do something comes to mind find a way to take action right away before those thoughts paralyze us, every time a negative thought comes to mind making any situation worse be aware of that thought and find a positive outcome for that situation.

Self-discipline is key when we want to control our mind, we need to do what we need to do even when we don´t want to, if we are self-disciplined we will take action and when we take action over and over and over we develop new habits, the habits we need to get to where we want or to live the life we want and when those habits are developed it´s so easy to follow through.

It´s not about fighting our thoughts because most of the time we´ll lose against our mind, it´s about being aware of our thoughts and not giving any importance to the negative ones while increasing our positive thoughts, find reasons why we are capable to achieve our goals and live the way we dream, it´s about having a clear goal, knowing our values and making the right choice every time based on those values and according to our goal.

It´s about taking action even when our mind tells us how tired we are, it´s about making the right choice for our ultimate goal always thinking on the long game even when our mind tells us how bad we “need” a cheat meal in this moment. It´s all about having a strong will power, it´s about being present and not letting our mind fools us.

We live most of our life being control by our mind, this is why we can´t achieve our goals, if you´ve tried to lose weight and for some reason you can´t stick to your diet or get up and exercise your mind may be controlling you, this happens with any goal.

Being able to control our mind is the hardest steps to take when we want to change our life but is the one that will give us the best results in a short period of time, since our brain and mind are the ones taking control of our life it won´t be easy to take that control and power back, one way to do it is by being present, living in the now and concentrating on the activity at hand, concentrate on working on just one activity at a time and really focus on it, with time you´ll see that your mind wanders a lot less. Just by taking action even when our mind is sending all excuses, we´re taking control so stop thinking about what you need to do and deciding whether you want to do it or not just get up and do it.

Have you stop for a while and think about where all those negative thoughts come from? or why is it so hard to act? Let us know by leaving a comment on our Twitter and Facebook account.

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Take massive action


It doesn´t matter how much we work on visualization, how focus we stay throughout the day to maintain high concentration on our goals, if we do not act. We won´t get anything without action.

Every success people you meet or your biggest influence or hero they´ve all worked as hard as possible and took massive action to be where they are now. There´s no other way to do it, if you want to achieve your goals and live your dreamed life you need to take massive action.

For any goal we set we can have an idea of how much work and effort it will take us to achieve our goal, once we got this, we just need to work 10 times harder. As we start working on our goal, we realize that it will take a lot more work and effort to get to where we want and if we give up just by realizing this then we´ll fail in every project.

Nothing will come just by sitting on the couch and visualizing ourselves achieving our goal, it just won´t fall on our lap. Even when tools like visualization help us stay focused on our goal, we need to act. What can we do every single day that will take us closer to our goal?

When we´re not used to taking massive action or we don´t have the time we need to start small, whether you believe it or not small daily actions lead to big results. I know it is not possible for all of us to concentrate completely on our goal and work as hard as possible on it every day, if we have a 9 to 5 job or we´re on school we need to find small activities we can do first thing in the morning or at night before going to bed and develop the discipline needed to do that activity every day. Once we have the discipline, we take that activity and do it for longer periods of time or do an activity that demands more.

We also need to make sure that we´re making that activity as best as possible, we need to be efficient, effective, focus on doing our best, when we are able to concentrate on what we´re doing we can deliver and amazing performance that leads to great productivity.

The problem nowadays with so many distractions is that we are busy, it´s not the same to be busy than to be productive, we want to be productive so that we can deliver our bests results. When insane concentration, great performance, productivity and massive action come together we can achieve incredible results in what can be considered a small period of time.

Taking massive action means working on something, doing some activity that will takes us closer to our goal, actually doing as many activities as possible and working on our goal as hard as we can, for this we need to stop being busy which is what many of us do most of the time and concentrate on being productive. For this we need to be able to develop insane concentration on the task at hand, we can´t let anything distract us which is difficult because we live in a world full of distractions. To learn how to develop insane concentration click here.

We need to consider that when we start taking action we won´t get the results in the first or second try, we need to keep working and be aware that it will take a lot of us, a lot of effort, a lot of time, a lot of work, a lot more than we first thought and if we really want to succeed we need to keep putting that hard work in.

If we are clear on what we want, if we develop insane concentration on our goal and we take massive action we can achieve whatever we want, but not all of us are willing to pay this high price. If we want to succeed, there´s a price we need to pay therefore not everyone is successful, and therefore some successful people do not maintain their success. Once we succeed, we need to maintain that level of clarity and ambition for our goals, we need to maintain that insane concentration and keep taking massive action but we also need to take some time to recover, otherwise we will burn out.

When we take massive action, and we are certain that we gave our all, we worked so hard on our project or goal for as long as we needed we deserve and need some rest to recover and get back stronger but if we take too much time we lose momentum.

You can start today by setting a clear goal you want to achieve, once you have it you need to work backwards and make a plan with all the activities you need to do that are going to take you to your goal, from those activities choose one or two you can do every single day and take action.

Let us know by leaving a comment in our Twitter and Facebook account how easy or hard it is for you to take action towards your goal.

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How to deal with criticism

9_leave a legacy

Have you ever been criticized? I bet you´ve been, we´ve all been criticized by how we look, the clothes we wear, what we do or don´t do, our job, how we spend our money and time, etc. We´ve always been criticized and people will continue doing it, so I rather work for living the life I dream and be criticized for being so ambitious and obsessive than for being mediocre.

We´re living in an era where if we do things differently we´re wrong, we need to follow rules if we want to fit in and even when we go with the flow we still get criticized by someone who wants to see us fail.

There are 2 types of criticism, constructive and destructive even when constructive criticism helps us grow and improve it hurts when someone tell us the truth, it´s hard to accept the opinion of someone else and take an honest look at ourselves or our work but there lies the seed of creativity and grow if we´re opened to new ideas our mind starts thinking and analyzing to find ways to improve.

Destructive criticism almost always come from people who want to see us fail, we all know when someone is criticizing everything we do and say just to leave a bad impression of us with others, to ruin our work whether it´s at school or job, to put someone against us, the intention is to create some harm and it can risk our job or reputation but the greatest impact is on self-esteem. A lot of people enjoy making fun of others and putting people down but in most cases when someone criticize us to make us feel bad it only reflects their insecurities, that says a lot of the other person.

When we´re being criticize what we can do is stay calm, if we start arguing we´re giving power to the other person, by remaining calm we lower that power, we also need to know and realize that they can´t make us feel bad, our mood and emotions depend of us, they are internal and nothing outside can affect that. We can also thank them, when they say something against us with the goal of hurting us, we can just say “thanks”, “thanks for your comment”, “thanks for bringing that on”.

When we´re working on our goal, if we are ambitious, obsessive and take massive action people will criticize, this is normal and we need to accept it, actually it´s a good signal that we´re on the right track if we´re not criticized it means that we´re not thinking big enough and probably we will stay in the same mediocre place we are right now so let those critiques count.

If we believe in ourselves and in our project there´s nothing that can stop us, we may fall ad get up, we will face many challenges but we got everything we need and when someone criticize what we´re doing we need to first think if it´s constructive or destructive, if they´re telling us something that can help us improve or if they´re doing it to harm our results and hurt us.

If there´s something we can learn then we take the lesson and continue, if it´s not then we just move on. We can´t take everything personal because if we do everything negative that people say about us will affect us, criticism help us gain strength by knowing that we will always face both types but how it affects us depends of us.

There´s an important action we can take today and it´s stop criticizing with the intention to hurt, we´ve all done it more than once so if we plan to do it with the intention to hurt someone´s reputation or someone´s feelings then avoid it. If we´re doing it with the intention to help our friend, we just need to be careful of how we say it. Words have an incredible power, they can hurt or they can help, we can lift someone just by what we say so instead of criticizing we will do much better if we try to understand the other person´s situation and point of view.

If you always receive criticism then what you can do is figure out if that criticism can help you improve and grow, if you can learn from it then take it and use it to improve your work or grow as a person if there´s nothing useful then ignore it. Do not take things too personal and remember that when someone is criticizing you or your work it´s more a reflect about that person than it is about you or what you´re doing.

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Develop insane concentration


Being able to remain focus and develop concentration on what we´re doing is one of the keys to success.

For how long can you stay concentrated on what you´re doing? how many times do you get distracted from what you are doing with a phone call, or social media notification?

Nowadays concentration is almost impossible, we are overloaded with information and distractions and this makes it harder for us to stay concentrated on one activity for long periods of time, we pay attention to more stuff for shorter periods of time.

Research says that our attention span has decreased in the past years, the average attention span is 8 seconds, you may have heard this. We get distracted so easily and this is a huge problem if we want to succeed in life.

Short attention span and not being able to achieve insane concentration on what we´re doing have some negative effects which are:

– poor performance,

– low productivity,

– not finishing things,

– missing important information

Being able to develop insane concentration is key if we want to be successful, it doesn´t matter if we have a 9 to 5 job or if we want to start our own business or do our own thing. We need to be able to concentrate and focus on what we´re doing so that we end activities and projects and to learn new skills that help us get to a higher level.

We spend a lot of our time on social media, e-mail, searching the internet, doing and thinking about stuff that is unrelated to the activity we´re supposed to be working on. All this time we waste doing and thinking other stuff is done automatically, we don´t really think about it we´ve become so use to checking our email every half an hour and social media every 5 minutes, we are so busy all day but we´re not productive.

Developing insane concentration has a lot to do with living in the present, being here now. Being fully present in the activity we´re doing right now, really thinking and focusing on what we´re doing and not letting our mind wander on past or future events. When we can get emerged on the activity or task at hand that´s when we perform at our best and productivity increases and by doing this every day the results in a couple of weeks are outstanding.

But how do we develop insane concentration with so many distractions? one way to do it is to avoid distractions, close all social media sessions and also e-mail, turn off your phone or at least turn off all notifications, close all tabs and documents that you don´t need on your computer and just keep open the ones you need and work on one task or one activity for 45 to 60 minutes. The goal is to remove temptation as much as possible.

The first couple of days it´s hard, we´re addicted to all this technology and we feel that if we´re not checking them every 5 minutes we lose something but once we start reducing the time we spend on them we realize that we´re not losing anything and we´re being more productive.

Take one activity that you need to do and set a goal time to finish, give yourself one hour to focus and concentrate on that activity with no interruptions and see how much you get done in that hour.

We need to be in total control of our mind because it´s the one that start wandering first on stuff unrelated so every time we realize that our mind has gone to other stuff bring it back to the activity at hand, every time you catch yourself checking your email or social media every couple of minutes close the session and continue with the project or activity you are working on.

It takes time and discipline to develop concentration but it´s one of those habits that will give you amazing results by increasing performance and productivity, when you realize how much you can accomplish just by being fully present and concentrated on the activity in front of you you´ll get motivated to start working on bigger projects.

Try the exercise we mentioned in the last paragraphs, choose an activity you need to get done and work on it for at least 45 minutes, let us know how easy or difficult it was to stay focused and concentrated on that activity and not letting any distraction in by leaving a comment on our Twitter and Facebook account.

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We all get rejected


How many times have you been rejected? Once, twice, more?

When we have an idea and we take our idea and share it with others hoping that they will gives us a chance to make that idea a reality we will get rejected, and it won´t only be one time, it can be 10 times or more, the bigger the idea the more we will be rejected.

Rejected can come when we got an amazing idea and we want to work on it but it also happen when we want to get higher, it may be a promotion in our job, wanting to be the leader of the team for the project, a raise, etc. When we ask for a raise or being promoted most of the times we will get rejected but we can see that rejection as a better opportunity for us, we create opportunities so if we´re looking for something better or to improve our life there are several ways to do it, it can be starting a side job like a blog.

We all have great ideas but many times things don´t work out the way we wanted, we work so hard on that idea and designing a plan but even with all that work and a plan that seems to be perfect most people won´t believe in us, they don´t think we got the talent and what´s needed to achieve a big project.

We can see rejection as a closed door taking us away from our goals, but in reality every rejection is taking us closer to our goal, it´s also an opportunity to find other ways, in some cases it´s not about wanting to open all doors, it´s about finding the right door, one that goes with our goals and dreams and that match our beliefs and values.

We can see every rejection as a step closer to our dreams or as a time to think about what we truly want, are we going to keep knocking on doors and getting rejected until we achieve our goal? is it really worthy? is the end results what we really want? if we´re not sure, if we have doubts then we may not be working on something we believe in.

If you have an idea and you know that´s it worthy it´s you responsibility to make that idea a reality, we have so many tools available to us that we can do almost everything we dream of so stop waiting for someone to accept your crazy idea and give you a chance, think about all the possibilities you got and start working on them, if one doesn´t work don´t give up just try another way, eventually you´ll make it.

If we´re sure of our idea and what we want to achieve, if we believe in it and believe in ourselves we need to find the right road, there are so many different ways to make our idea become a reality so if one way doesn´t work let’s try another one, we cannot get stuck in just one way and we cannot depend of others.

We need to start right now working on that idea, we have so many possibilities right now that waiting for someone to give us permission, to approve our idea we´re only wasting time, it all starts with ourselves so if we think we have a great idea we need to take action now. If we think something is important for us, we will act, if we don´t think it´s important we will leave it for later.

The most amazing people and minds that had lived get rejected several times, they built their success from rejection and failure and that´s what we need to do, fail over and over, get rejected several times and learn from that, keep adjusting our plan and keep moving forward.

We also need to realize that most people are more interested on themselves and they care a lot more about the numbers if they don´t see a benefit for them the answer we be no, there are so many closed-minded people that won´t like when we want to try something new even when our idea can increase the numbers. When we share our idea with someone who is more interested on the results, the numbers we will likely get rejected so we need to continue working on that idea specially if the end goal is to bring value to the world and help others.

It takes a strong mindset to keep getting up every time you get rejected and that is one of the benefits of losing weight and getting in shape. When you exercise every day you feel confident, when you eat healthy you feel great and when you get in shape self-confidence increases and all this develops a strong mindset because as in your weight loss journey you know that there will be failures and rejections but if you continue working hard, eventually you´ll get to that yes. So, don´t give up, keep working hard on that idea you have in mind and believe in yourself the same way I believe in you.

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Gain clarity to achieve your goals!

6_foto tree goals

Being really clear of what we want in life is the first and most important step to success.

Do you know exactly what you want in life? are you clear of what you want to achieve?

Clarity is the only way to get what we want; how can we get or achieve something if we´re not sure of exactly what we want?

Apart that most of us are looking for instant results thanks to instant gratification and that we´re lazy because our brain wants to stay comfortable we always make everything harder than it actually is but not having clarity of what we want is also the reason why we stay in the same place. How can we know what we need to do if we don´t know where we´re going?

Most of us just go with the flow, with what life puts in our way but we all have a purpose and we if don´t work to fulfill that purpose we will work for someone else’s purpose or dream and at the end we´ll regret.

It´s frustrating how many of us dream about living life a certain way but still we have a vague idea. What would you do if I tell you that you can live the life you dream if you are clear on what you want in all areas, from your relationships, finance, job?

Being clear means being able to create an image on your mind of how you want your life to be or how would you look and feel once you´ve achieved your goal, that image needs to include as much detail as possible, the more detail you are, the more clear you are the easier it is for your mind and brain to figure out ways to get you there and the easier it is to work and act on it.

The steps we can follow to gain clarity are:

1. Know yourself,

2. Define your values,

3. Know what you stand for, what moves you,

4. Know your purpose

This 4 steps seem so vague but we need to know and understand ourselves, we need to go deep inside us the more we understand our thoughts, feelings, emotions, what´s important for us, what moves us, what makes us emotional in such a way that we take action and keep momentum.

When we know who we are, what we believe, what we want to achieve and what we need to do the only step missing is taking action, when we know exactly what we want and is something that moves us then we´re motivated every single day to take action, sometimes for some of us it´s hard to stop working and take a rest when we´re so inspired and motivated.

Clarity erase all obstacles physically and mentally we know that there will be challenges but we also know that there´s always at least one way to overcome any challenge, clarity drives focus and concentration, when we know exactly what we want  it´s easier to stay focused on what we´re doing and we can go for long hours of continuous work.

When we lack clarity we don´t know where we´re going and we don´t know what to do, this leads to procrastination, one of the reasons why we don´t take action is because we don´t know exactly what to do, maybe we start working on something and a couple of days or weeks later we change what we´re doing or maybe we just stop working on it, this constant change comes from lack of clarity.

If we want to live our best life possible we need to be clear of what we want on all areas of life which include health, finance, job, family, relationships, etc; the reason why we need to define our values and what we stand for is that our goals in all areas of life can align to those values and this makes our lives a lot more easier, we know what we want, we know what we need to do so we act accordingly.

We need to make choices every single day so if we have a clear goal based on our values, our purpose and what we stand for it´s easier to make the right choices, we just need to choose the option that´s going to keep us moving forward to our goal.

You can start today be making a list of your values, what is important to you, it may be relationships, honesty, respect, write at least 5 values then think about what you stand for and think about a project or goal you would want to achieve based on what you stand for and that aligns to your values. Take as much time as possible to write your values and what you stand for, you need to spend time alone and go deep inside you so don´t get angry or upset if you don´t have this exercise in a couple of hours.

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The power of social media


Social media is so powerful, but we need to learn how to use to our advantage.

Do you know how much time you spend every day on social media? whether it´s to upload pictures or videos, to share ideas or just going through the feed the amount of time we spend there is huge, on average we spend around 3 hours per day and if we think about what we do in most cases we´re only wasting valuable time.

We´re growing up in a world where Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and all social media platforms are the way to engage with people all around the world. The problem is that many people don´t share their truths, they hide their reality with filters and they share what they want us to see so when we go through our feed we see all those amazing pictures of people sharing their amazing trips and how much they are loving life but are we really sure that they are enjoying and having an incredible life? this pictures can have a negative effects on us because we may not be working on what we love and in general our life is not that amazing.

Engagement with social media releases a chemical called dopamine which makes us feel good, when we upload a picture and 5 minutes later we check and see thousands of likes we feel good but when we don´t get as many likes as we want we feel bad, we feel like we don´t deserve it and we´re not good enough, we start comparing our pictures and stories with someone else´s who has a lot more followers and likes and we feel bad for ourselves but the problem is that we may not know the truth and stories about the people we´re comparing ourselves to, and we also have our own story.

We´ve become addicted to social media, we want the likes and follows we´ve become addicted to that feeling, it help us cope with stress of life but it can also lead to depression when we compare our content with others.

Some years ago our lives were more focused on what happened around us, our neighbor, our city or country, we use to be a lot more in contact with our closest friends, family, neighbors, classmates and coworkers, now is what happens all around the world and we are more in contact with people in other countries than with the ones close to us.

Even when social media can have a negative impact in our life it also has huge power and if we know how to use them, we can improve our life and help others which is what I love.

It all starts with who we follow, if we follow people who share content that can help us grow, inspire and motivates us then we will start acting and working towards a more successful life. What we share is also important, if we just share pictures or video to add value and to help people all around the world then we´re making a difference in someone else´s lives.

We care more about the numbers on our accounts than on other people, it´s not about getting millions and millions of followers, it´s not about getting millions of likes in our posts, it´s about sharing content that can be valuable for others, it´s about how many people we actually help, it can be just by telling our truth, our story or sharing our knowledge in any specific area.

Social media won´t go anywhere but if we make use of it the right way we can get a lot of benefits and advantages, we need to make sure that we don´t waste our time with it and follow people that are adding value to our life. Just imagine what would happen if from those 3 hours a day we reduce it to 1 hour and we make that 1 hour count and we use the other hour to exercise, we will get in better shape, we will get all the benefits of exercise and we´re learning something from the people we follow.

Remember that an image can say too much, one single image can have a positive impact or negative impact in other´s lives, one post can help someone to improve their life while other can make someone feel unworthy.

Social media is a great tool to help us learn from others and grow and it´s also a tool to help people. What we share, the pictures, images, content, video, etc; it all matters. They can have a positive impact on someone and we can inspire people to improve their lives or maybe just make them smile, but it can also have a negative impact by making someone feel bad so we need to be aware of what we share.

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