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The impact of lifestyle on our health.


We don´t prioritize our health until something goes wrong, until someone close to us get diagnosed with a chronic disease or maybe us. Everything we do or don´t do, every choice we make has an impact on our body and health, that impact can be positive or negative, our routines, habits, our lifestyle can help us prevent diseases and maintain optimal health or it can cause diseases.

As we grow older we get use to society, our environment and people around us, we start following and doing everything they do, we get use to unhealthy routines and habits that are the cause of health problems nowadays, we´re bombarded with amazing marketing campaigns that make us buy unhealthy products, we´re told that we need to find a safe 9 to 5 job, we got through daily stress from traffic to our boss and coworkers or in school it may be teachers and classmates and we think this is how we´re supposed to live and this makes me so angry. This is not how we´re supposed to live, this type of lifestyle is killing us.

Lack of sleep or poor quality sleep, high levels of chronic stress, a diet based on unhealthy choices mostly highly refined and processed foods, lack of exercise and physical activity, too much negativity going on around us. All this 5 principles of fitness make an important part of our lifestyle and they are key to how well our body function and how much we are able to accomplish every day.

It´s amazing how we want to live a different life, how we get angry or annoyed when we get a bad news, when we go to the doctor and listen that we have some health problem or someone close to us got diagnosed with some chronic disease. We ask too much to our body and we don´t give it what it needs to work and function properly. We want optimal health without making some sacrifices we prefer short term and instant gratification than sacrificing short term gains and delaying gratification for a bigger and better reward in the long run. If we want to live the most amazing life we need to make sure that we´re treating our body right.

If we want to achieve amazing things in life and if we want to live to our full potential we need to be as productive as possible every single day, we need to be able to concentrate on the task at hand and keep energy high so developing healthy habits that lead to a healthy lifestyle is key. We need to make sure that we get enough high quality sleep every night, we need to find tools that help us keep stress low, we need to give our nutrients the energy and nutrients it needs to function properly, we need to exercise every day and increase physical activity and we also need to make sure that our mindset is right.

If we want to live as best as possible we need to be a little selfish and take some time for ourselves to make sure that we are at our best so that we can give our best to the people around us, there´s no way we can focus on our goal if we don´t have the energy, there´s no way we can be there for the people we love and care about if we feel tired or unmotivated. We need to put ourselves first if we want to be there for others and to live the way we want.

Even when it seems impossible to take some time each day to focus on ourselves we can do it, it is possible for all of us to schedule one hour of our day to exercise, we can all make healthier choices for each of our meals, we can use strategies like intermittent fasting that has amazing benefits for our health, we can all take 10 minutes before going to bed to meditate, visualize or practice gratitude, we can take 20 minutes right after waking up to practice gratitude and visualize our day and our ultimate goal.

When you got a huge goal or project you want to work on or when you know exactly how you want to live which I´m sure those plans include really big goals you need to make sure to develop the right habits and routines that help you go through the amount of hard and smart work required to attain that goal without burning out. This is where the 5 principles of fitness come in and the reason why they need to work together we need to find tools or strategies for each principle that we can apply and implement on our day and follow them over and over every single day until they become part of our life, this is how we develop new habits, once we develop new habits it becomes so easy for us to follow through and it only takes time to see how our life starts to improve.

We all have the opportunity to live the most amazing life but it depends of us, we are responsible of our daily choices, if there´s something we don´t like about our life or if we think we deserve better then we need to make the decision and commitment to change and realize that it won´t be easy but it will be worthy.

Small changes that can seem insignificant done daily lead to big improvements and a big impact in the course of a year or even a month, we only need to make small changes to our daily routines and habits to start improving our life, you can start by taking a 5 minute walk after lunch and dinner, you can skip that bag of cookies, or chips before going to bed take 5 minutes to breathe and think about one thing you are grateful for.

Our lifestyle and health.

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