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fitness goals

Fitness goals

The truth about muscle growth


For someone who started their fitness journey because of insecurities but being skinny their goal is to gain muscle and get stronger so they know that they need to lift weights, this is more common on guys than girls. Most girls and some guys don´t want to lift weight and follow a resistance training program consistently because they think that they will get big as bodybuilders but this is not true.

The truth about muscle growth is that it takes time to build muscle and we need a really good program that gives us the results. Muscle growth is the result of consistent training, a workout program that consider all variables of training and some advanced training techniques, the nutrition program needs to be on point, enough recover, enough good quality sleep.

I want to be clear here, all those bodybuilders that are huge most of them use drugs and that´s the results of many , many years of consistent hard work and dedication in and outside the gym, they spend hours working out sometimes even twice a day, they are so strict with their nutrition, they prioritize sleep because they know it´s crucial for recovery and grow, their workout programs are designed to work each muscle group as hard as possible and then give it enough time to recover, they also use supplements and some of them use drugs.

For the rest of us, if we´re not into bodybuilding, we´re not competing and our goal is only to get the best physique possible we don´t need to put that dedication and focus on our fitness program and most of us won´t do it so we just need to use fitness as a tool to help us live our best life possible, a life that we are proud of and this means that we can get in amazing shape and have an amazing physique but we don´t need to spend so much time at the gym and we can have more freedom with our food choices.

We can gain muscle without spending too much time at the gym, without being too strict with our diet and without drugs but we still need to work hard and be consistent, it takes more time to gain lean muscle mass than to lose fat  so be patient.

The best part is that we will only gain as much muscle as we want, if we don´t want to get big we don´t get big we just improve body composition and maintain  a healthy weight with  a good balance between muscle mass and body fat to look lean and toned. If we want to gain more muscle and look as a superhero it´s also possible but it depends of us, of our goals, the type of physique we want.

What I recommend is that no matter how big or lean you want to be we make sure that we improve overall performance, the goal of being in amazing shape is also that we can perform every daily activity with ease. That we can go through our day with high energy  and that we also have some endurance, strength, agility, flexibility to go on vacations and be able to enjoy the trip.

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Fitness goals

What nobody says about fat loss

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So many of us want to lose weight, have you tried it? there are some points that nobody tells us and that we need to know before we make the commitment to do it.

I see so many people dealing with their weight and struggling with many different weight loss programs but there´s something that all this programs, fitness trainers and gurus don´t tell us.

Fat loss is not a quick fix, there are no easy solutions or shortcuts. Our actual weight is the result of years of unhealthy habits so it will take time and effort to achieve our goal. There´s not a perfect weight loss program and not one single program will give the same results to 2 people, there´s not just one way to get to our goal.

If you´ve been following us for some time you know that we work on the 5 principles of fitness which is something not everyone consider, for sleep we need 7 to 8 hours or at least 6 hours of good quality sleep every night, we need to get our mindset right to be able to get through the hard times and for diet and training there are many different diets, from high carbohydrate, to low carbohydrate, ketogenic, paleo, vegan. Even when I don´t consider some of them to be the best options they are all tools we can try and see how we feel and how our body responds and find out which one works best for us. The same with training, resistance training is key but there are different tools we can use like straight sets with heavy weight, moderate weight, supersets, circuit training, we can focus on gaining strength, hypetrophy, power, overall performance, training splits you also need to find what works best for us.

Fat loss is not a quick fix so what I mean by finding what works best for us is that it takes time to lose fat and get in shape so we´ll need to follow a nutrition and workout program for a long period of time and some diets and workout tools may not be sustainable for us, if we love meat there´s no way that we´ll stick to a vegetarian diet for 4 or 5 months, if some foods cause inflammation and we feel bloated we won´t get results and we won´t stick to the diet. If we can only go to the gym 4 days per week and we want to follow a program in which we need to go to the gym 6 days a week we won´t stick to it.

We need to find tools that we can follow according to our daily activities for each of the 5 principles of fitness, find the tools that best fit our day and that we can incorporate to our life so that we can stick to them day after day for as long as we need.

It´s not about what diet or workout is the best, it´s about finding the tools that work best for each of us and combine them to develop good habits that lead to a healthy lifestyle that make our fat loss achievable and sustainable.

Another point that no one tells us is that it´s hard to lose fat, we need to be in a calorie deficit and there´ll be times when we feel hungry, there´ll be meals when we want to eat a lot more which in most cases is our brain sending the wrong message, if we let go by this messages we can overeat, sometimes our brain will try to trick us telling us that we need that cookie or donut or any other unhealthy snacks, if we pay attention to those thoughts we´ll end up eating those unhealthy foods and we will feel ashamed, and like failure.

When we´re following a fat loss program is normal to feel hungry and here is when having the right mentality comes into play, with the right mindset we´ll be able to get pass those feelings, emotions and thoughts and we´ll be able to make the right choices over and over which will give you the results you want.

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Fitness goals

Nutrition tools for fat loss


If you´ve been trying to lose fat and get in shape you may know by now that nutrition is a crucial part but have you found the best nutrition tools that can help you achieve your goal?

When we want to get in amazing shape, especially if it´s our first time this means that we´ve been following unhealthy habits for last years so we need to change those unhealthy habits for healthy ones and this can be difficult so we need to find tools and strategies that make it easier for us.

We know that nutrition plays an important part when we talk about fat loss, in fact there are so many different diets and we all want to know which one is the best and which one delivers the fastest results. Instead of getting obsessed with finding the best diet lets take a look at the best nutrition tools we can use to lose fat in a more enjoyable way:

1. Intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting has so many benefits for overall health (you can learn more about it in this link) and it´s also an amazing tool for fat loss. Every time we it insulin increases even when our meal is healthy, by reducing our meals from 5 meals a day or 3 meals and 2 snacks throughout the day to just 2 or meals in an 8 hour window we´re left with 16 hours of fast and in this 16 hours of fasting we give time to our body to lower insulin and growth hormone increases, this helps our body to use stored body fat as energy instead of glucose.

2. Reduce carbohydrates

This one is considering that we´re following a more balanced diet between proteins, carbs and fats. In order to lose fat we need to be in a calorie deficit and the best way to do this is by reducing carbohydrates, our body only needs carbs for energy so when we reduce them our body will use stored body fat as energy. We can cycle carbohydrates and the days when we are more active we increase carbs and the days when we are more sedentary and we don´t need to much energy we reduce them.

If we´re following a ketogenic diet and we have a considerable amount of fat to lose we can reduce the amount of fat, especially from dairy and stick to natural healthy fats like olives, avocado, nuts and seeds, olive oil, coconut oil.

The goal here is to create a calorie deficit, whether it´s from carbohydrates or fats but we don´t need to go too low because we can hit a plateau if our body thinks we´re starving, we just need to make that calorie reduction low enough so that we lose fat consistently.

This 2 are the best nutrition tools we can use for fat loss, we can adjust them to fit our day and the type of diet we´re following, we want to make our fat loss journey as simple and enjoyable as possible otherwise it will be hard for us to stick with it for long periods of time. We may need at least 3 months up to 8 or 12 months, I know this may seem so long but if we want to maintain our results we need to think in long terms plus if we think about those 8 months from now yes it may seem a long time but we get results every week that keep us motivated and if we think how we will feel at the end of those 8 months when we´re in amazing shape we realize that it´s not actually that difficult and time will pass any way so let spend those 8 months working on improving our body physically and mentally.

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Fitness goals

How fitness goals can change our lives.

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If we can change our body physically, what else can we do? To achieve any fitness goal we need discipline, and consistent hard work. It´s not about doing one workout or having a healthy meal once a week, it´s following a healthy nutrition and workout program over and over and over until we reach our goal and if we don´t have the right habits that´s what makes the journey harder but the reward amazing.

Most of us don´t have a healthy lifestyle and many of us don´t want to make some changes to it until we feel or know that something´s wrong. For many of us setting a fitness goal which the most common is weight loss is life changing.

The reason why we set a weight loss goal may be health or insecurities, but if we just think about as weight loss the chances of maintaining our weight loss results are minimum, but if we think about it as improving body composition and a life change then the results will be amazing and we are able to maintain them and keep improving.

If we set any fitness goal the right way especially when we begin our journey it will change our life, mastering fitness is the most complicated goal because we need to develop new habits which are going to replace the bad ones and that takes effort and time, every time we want to change something in our lives we need to make different choices and every time we make that new choice our mind will try to pull us back to our old habits with excuses and reasons why we can´t or why is not a good idea so we need to make a conscious effort to take action upon that new choice until it becomes a habit.

If eating healthy and exercising are not part of our lifestyle it will be hard, we go through so much physically, emotionally and mentally but those new habits will last forever and that´s what make it effortless and easy for us to maintain our results and once we achieve our desired weight we may want to gain muscle, gain strength, improve performance, etc.

When we achieve our first fitness goal our confidence increases and it leads to more accomplishments and success. If want to achieve a goal or live a successful life we need to believe in ourselves and what we do, we need that confidence and when we achieve our desired weight and get in shape we love the way we look and the way we feel and that alone increase confidence plus we believe in ourselves, we know that if we could get in shape and go through all the roller coaster of emotions then we can accomplish a lot more.

We all have the potential of achieving amazing things in our lives but most of us lack self-confidence, we have fears and doubts that pull us back along with a wrong mindset and limiting beliefs; those are the reason why we stay in the same place.

When we set a fitness goal we need to develop healthy habits that lead to a much better life and develop the right mindset, one that keep us going when things get though. When we reach our goal we get the amazing physique we set as a goal and with that we gain confidence but also at that point we have develop good habits and the right mindset to achieve many other projects, from this point on we need to keep that momentum going.

Our fitness journey is meant to help us become a better person, through developing new good habits and the right mindset we´re becoming the person that we need to be to achieve our goal and once we get there, the habits and mindset that we need to be successful and maintain those results and successful life are now installed, and now we believe more in ourselves and what we do, we have more confidence then, we keep setting bigger goals. Goals that keep us improving, learning and growing and we share those experiences by helping someone else, the best reward in life is to see someone else succeeding, the more people we help the better we feel.

We changed our life and now it´s time for us to continue growing and helping someone change their lives.

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The problem with instant gratification

30 The problem with instant gratification

In a world where we can have too many things instantly, we have light instantly just by turning the switch on, we can watch movies just going to Netflix or turning on the Tv, we can watch our favorite tv shows in our computers, if we´re looking for a specific product we can go to Amazon and buy it and we can have it on our door tomorrow.

In this same way we´re looking for instant results or instant gratification in whatever we do, we want to lose weight fast and we want results in one week, we want everything fast and we don´t even think on the future, what matters to us is this right moment, we change or give up some reward in the future for smaller pleasure we can have right now.

The fitness industry takes advantage of this, they sell fitness programs to help you lose as much weight as possible in a short period of time even when it´s not healthy and when you stop following the program you gain all the weight back and more, you do more harm to your body. They also sell so many different magic pills and powders which aren´t healthy either and most of them don´t work.

What you can when you have a goal is stop for a couple of minutes and think if the choice you´re going to make is going to get you closer to your goal or if it´s only going to give you instant pleasure, once you realize that ask yourself if you are willing to take a step backwards from your goal for just a couple of minutes from that instant reward.

In many cases we don´t think about the future so we make most of our decisions based on short term so what matters is that moment, and the next week, next month or a year from now or out of our thoughts.

If you have a goal you need to consider that there will be many choices every day that can keep you closer to your goal or can take you backwards and those choices are made based on your goal, a bigger reward in the future that will give you a lot more pleasure and fulfillment or an instant pleasure.

Many of us are so impatient that are not willing to wait enough time for a bigger reward and are not able to think ahead of time. Realizing that the best things in life take more time is a way to keep us focused, if we really want to achieve something big then we need enough time, we need to work hard and at the end will feel accomplished. If we let our thoughts and emotions trick us and we choose instant rewards instead of bigger rewards this will affects our journey and our results, those instant rewards are the ones taking us away from achieving our goal.

When you set a goal, or if you are working in one right now, are you willing to do whatever it takes and give it enough time until you achieve it? or do you let your mind trick you and you choose the instant rewards? this makes a huge difference, this may be the reason why you´re not seeing progress.  If you get some fat food or junk food just for the instant pleasure this may be the reason why you´re not losing any more weight. Do you have a winning mindset that will help you eliminate all junk, processed and fast food for as long as you need so that you get that superhero physique you are looking for in 12 weeks, 4 or 6 months for now or you going to let it get you back time and time again for the instant pleasure of some junk food?

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Fitness goals

How to fit fitness into your life

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The first thing I want to make clear here is that if you are not making fitness a priority you won´t be able to fit fitness into your lifestyle. Your health must be your priority and health includes exercise and nutrition, you do not need to make your life revolve around fitness unless you are a professional athlete but you still need to make it a priority for health reasons.

Making fitness part of your life means changing habits and routines, if you think you do not have one hour everyday to workout you need to change your beliefs, if you really want to lose that weight once and for all, if  you want results and you want to maintain them you need to schedule one hour a day to work out, and focus on eating healthy, nutritious meals

The hardest part to make everything work together is the beginning, once you decide to change the way you look and start following a plan you´ll find it hard to stick with because you are use to a routine and a lifestyle of poor habits, the time it takes you to achieve your goal following the program is when you´ll be developing new good habits and routines that will make it easier for you to maintain your results, once you follow your plan for some months, you´ll get use to working out and eating healthy, you just got the momentum needed to make fitness a lifestyle.

There´s not a perfect program, there´s not a one size fit all program, the tools I share here are going to help you achieve your goals, fitting some of those tools and develop new habits and routines around those tools is what this is all about. Not all tools will work the same for two people so you need to find out which tools work for you and fit them into your life.

I don´t want to do to what everyone else is doing or what most people out there on the fitness industry are doing. I´m not going to create one weight loss program for millions of people out there and promise that all we´ll have the same results. There are already a lot of programs out there and obesity and overweight is increasing. I´m not going to sell you “as seen on TV” equipment and promises of 10 minutes workouts 3 times a week to get in amazing shape and sustain it, that´s not me.

I´m going to share with you what you need to know and understand and all the tools or strategies you can use in nutrition and training to get to your goals but you need to find out what works for you and make those tools habits and routines.

If you are following me on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube accounts and you read my posts you are looking for answers and you want results, I´m going to share with you the best tools that will give you results but you need to put in the effort and the time, you need to work hard in the gym and you need to watch your diet.

I don´t want excuses and I don´t want lazy people, if you want a better life and you´re willing to put in the time and effort follow me on social media and stay tune.

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Fitness goals

Social life and fitness


It´s not that hard to enjoy social life when you want to make fitness part of your life.

Don´t let your life revolve around training and nutrition, they are tools to help you live a better and healthier life not to make your life more stressful, we´re here to enjoy life and live to the fullest and the only way to blend fitness into your life is to follow a nutrition plan that is flexible, that gives you the freedom to eat whatever you want when you´re with friends and family without feeling guilty and develop good daily habits like working out every day.

We all love food and we must have the freedom to eat those favorite dishes, snacks or desserts without feeling guilty. Many people who follow strict diet plans to lose weight are afraid of going out to parties, meetings or family reunions because they can´t eat what they want, this makes them feel so bad and in a certain point they end eating that what they´ve been thinking about and they eat the whole box or bag.

If you´re starting it may be difficult but once you develop new habits and behaviors it will be so simple to achieve any goal and sustain it, if you are in good shape and your health is great you don´t need to make fitness so stressful you can just stay with the basics with time you´ll find it easier to make healthier decisions, you enjoy life a lot more and fitness will become second nature for you.

To make fitness work for you, you need to keep everything simple for nutrition, training, mindset, sleep and stress. You must develop the habit of working out one hour every day, if you want to do more exercise it´s up to you, the type of exercise or training program you follow will vary according to your goals. Once you develop the habit of working out half of the work is already done just keep changing your workouts to fit your goals and more importantly to keep it fun and challenging.

For nutrition the simplest way to make it enjoyable is to keep it simple, stop over thinking and over complicating things, avoid processed foods as much as possible and stay with real, natural, fresh foods. This is the most effective and simple way to achieve any goal and to sustain it, it may be hard if your diet right now is based on junk food but once you get used to it, you´ll start feeling better and you´ll make healthier choices.

Try to get more quality sleep every night at least 6 hour sometimes we´re sleeping 7 or 8 hours but when we wake up we don´t feel rested, it´s important to focus on quality and to really rest and recover. Take some time every morning to meditate which is a tool that will help you lower stress and keep a positive attitude.

Even when you´re going to develop the habit of eating real, natural foods you have the freedom to eat your favorite dishes, snacks, desserts and junk food every now and then. You can go to all those parties, meetings and reunions with friends and family and eat what you want, some eat have their favorite dish or snack every week and call it cheat meal, you don´t have to call it cheat meal. You can have your favorite dish or dessert once a week or maybe twice a week, or once a month, this depends of you and your body.

How your body handles carbohydrates, trans fats and all the chemicals in processed foods varies from one person to another, you may have your favorite candy bar every day and maintain an awesome physique, sadly this is not possible for all of us. You just need to realize that you can still have it maybe one time per week.

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Why fitness matters


I´m trying to remember the day I decided to lose weight and get in shape, I was really excited but a couple of days after I started a program I didn´t feel like working out and for some reason I couldn´t control my cravings for sweets, junk and all unhealthy food. After many years being lazy and eating all kind of junk it was hard mentally to make different choices and in many cases I ended up eating the whole bag of chips, cookies or chocolate and skipping workouts.

I think this is something everyone who wants to get in shape deals with and it´s normal, the way you get through that hard time is what makes all the difference. Being mentally strong to break the pattern of old unhealthy habits and develop new ones is what´s all about. Once I found out what the truth was and I created a program based on that true information I convinced myself that my mind was playing tricks with me, it wanted me to fail but I won´t let it, from that point on everything changed.

Getting in shape and sustain it is about lifestyle, you need to develop healthy habits that make it easy for you to achieve any fitness goal in an effortless way.

As in everything in life taking the first step and getting momentum is the hardest step, it is not just one step, in fitness you may take that first step by eating healthy and working out but in this first days you realize how physically, mentally and emotionally though this is so you give up.

You need to take that first step and continue, keep doing it until you get momentum, once you got that momentum going then don´t stop. Most of us begin our fitness journey to get in shape and lose weight but this is only the beginning and the reason to get involved in fitness but the goal must be to make it part of your life.

If you are following the right program you´ll get results every week and those results keep you motivated, once you get to your desired goal you have several options, you may want to sustain those results, staying in shape is not that hard once you develop the right habits, you may want to go one step further and get leaner or you may want to gain some muscle mass.

Depending on what you decide to do not next is how you´ll need to adjust your new healthy habits, specially your nutrition and training to fit that new goal and since it´s now part of your life it´s easier to follow through.

Most of us wait for New Year’s Resolution to beginning our fitness journey, I think there´s something about New Years that make us want to start the right way but you we can start this journey any day. Actually there´s no reason to wait until New Year, it´s February 2019 but it can be April, July or any other month and you can set your goal for Christmas, Instead of waiting for New Year start today and set your target for Christmas or Thanksgiving, your goal is to be in the best shape of your life for Thanksgiving.

Keep something in mind, the first weeks it´s going to be difficult, you´re going to be making different decisions and you´re mind will try to take you back by bringing all kind of negative thoughts and excuses, when this happen don´t contemplate those thoughts just get up and do what you need to do. The only way to develop new habits is by doing them over and over and over again so don´t think twice, if you need to get up earlier to work out don´t let your mind take control of you, instead take control of your mind by getting up and exercising.

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