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Advanced training techniques: Dropsets

26 drop sets

For the last training posts we´ve been talking about training techniques which are very useful to add variety to our workouts and to increase the intensity.

A technique that is highly used in the gyms is drop sets. In this technique you start with a weight you can lift for the amount of reps you want to hit and when you hit that number and get to failure you reduce the weight and do more reps and you don´t take rests in between, only the time it takes you to lower the weight if you´re working alone. You can reduce weight 2 or 3 times, the goal is to add more reps in that set so as you increase reps you are increasing the work and intensity of the workout.

This technique can be seen as the harder version of failure, you do your set and immediately you lower the weight to do more reps without rest, you hit failure and lower the weight and do more reps without rest.

If you´ve been looking for ways to shock the muscles this techniques is helpful, by placing more stress on the muscles for longer period of time you are increasing the intensity than with traditional sets, this technique is useful when your goal is hypertrophy.

I recommend you use this technique on your last set for each exercise, if you are doing 4 exercises per muscle group you only use this technique on the last set, if you use it on every set it will be so much stress for the muscles.

I consider this technique to be the most demanding so if you´re starting with resistance training I don´t recommend it, using straight sets is the way to go for a period of time until you get comfortable with the exercises and using weight.

This one is more effective for people who have been training with weights for a long period of time and want to take their workouts to a new level at least for a period of time. If you are one of them you also need to start slow with this technique and keep increasing with time, you can start by doing just one drop set in the last sets of one exercise only per muscle group, then you can do drop sets in 2 exercises and keep increasing until you are doing drop sets for each exercise.

If your goal is just to get the best physique possible and maintain it effortless you don´t need a lot of advanced techniques, this one may not be part of your workouts. Many of us have a 9 to 5 job but we want to get an amazing physique and sustain it effortless in our busy schedule. The goal is to look great and feel great.

If your goal is to get the best physique possible or you want to compete as a bodybuilder then you need to use some advance techniques that are going to level you up so that you can improve your physique, for this drop sets are one of those amazing tools you can use, you can start using it at the end of your workouts.

This technique delivers great results to get “the pump”, it helps you gain muscle faster, so you need to consider your goal and the type of hypertrophy you are looking for, compound and isolation exercises are both good options to use here.

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Supersets and giant sets

25 Supersets and giant sets

If you hate cardio but want to lose fat, resistance training with supersets and giant sets and circuit training can help you get to your goal.

More people prefer resistance training over cardio for many good reasons, resistance training can be more fun and the way it makes you feel is amazing compared to long and boring cardio.

Giant sets are when you do three to four exercises with no rest in between, for example you can do pushups, incline bench press and flat bench flyes one after another with no rest in between until you finished the three exercises. This type of training is better on a 10 – 15 rep range with 45 seconds in between. If your goal is fat loss I recommend doing giant sets within the same muscle group.

The way this type of training is a great option for fat loss is thanks to something called post-exercise oxygen consumption which means that once you´re done with your workout your body is still working to get you to where you were before exercising, this increases your metabolism, increases protein synthesis and depletes glycogen from the muscles.

Working with giant sets is more demanding, you are increasing the amount of work and reducing the amount of rest between sets, this can be a type of HIIT for resistance training where you´re lifting weights and working the cardiovascular system.

Supersets can be used with the same muscle or two different muscles and it can also be used for muscle gains, for this I recommend superset within two different muscle groups for example chest and back, choose one exercise for chest and one exercise for back and do one after another with minimum rest in between.

When you start with chest and then continue with back your chest is resting, while you´re working on chest your back is resting. This active recovery helps you go higher in weight. For this type of workout you can use both types of hypertrophy, working from 6 to 12 reps.

To use supersets I prefer to follow a 3 day training split, legs – abs, back – chest, shoulders – arms and I work both muscles per superset for example I do one exercise for back and one for chest for a superset and I do 4 or 5 supersets.

For giant sets I prefer to work the same muscle per giant set, if I´m working legs I choose 4 or 4 leg exercises for a giant set. My favorite giant sets are the ones that combine bodyweight, compound, isolation and explosive exercises.

Using supersets for fat loss is a great option, building and maintaining muscle mass is important and using resistance training is the way to make sure to maintain as much muscle as possible, combining this training technique with periodization by changing rep ranges from 8 to 12 gives amazing benefits, this is my strategy and go to for my latest fat loss program and it works great.

As in all other training techniques it´s not necessary to use them but they can add variety to your workouts, if there´s a technique that you don´t like just try another one, there´s not one single way to get to your goal, there are many tools you can use so find the ones that works best for you and the ones you like more.

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Advanced training techniques, when and how to use them

24 Advance techniques how and when to use them

For people starting out it´s not necessary to use advanced training techniques that can cause you an injury, all this techniques are there to help you get more results as you get more advanced.

Advanced techniques like  supersets, giant sets, drop sets, rest pause have become popular on gyms and personal trainers include them into their workouts even for beginners, and many guys who want to get in great shape but know nothing about fitness go to the internet and download some free programs or paid for some shredding programs that are not the best option for them, there´s nothing wrong with using this techniques if you use them properly.

Advance techniques increase muscle growth by recruiting more muscle fibers and emphasizing on sarcoplasmic hypertrophy which is one type of muscle growth, this will give you a bigger pump leading to faster results.

When you use advanced techniques for those last reps you´re not focusing on perfect form, your goal is to do more reps while still maintaining good posture and avoiding injuries.

Not all exercises are recommended for advanced techniques, for most of them you´ll need a workout partner to help you and they cannot be used in all rep ranges, the goal of this techniques is hypertrophy or muscle growth, if your goal is power or strength you most not used any of the technique just focused on the right rep range.

If you train with the right intensity and volume you may not need to use this techniques to achieve your goals for a long period of time, you can design your program and include some one week every two or three weeks to add variation and as a way to shock your body.

If you go to a gym you´ll see that almost all guys whether they´re training with a fitness trainer or they´re working out by themselves almost all of them use advance techniques. This techniques work and even when I´m not all towards them, they still have their space.

Use one technique at a time, some guys want results fast so they use all techniques with high volume and high frequency which leads to injury, don´t try the impossible, slow and steady always wins the race when it comes to building muscle, it is faster to lose fat than to gain muscle and it´s better to stay as lean as possible while gaining muscle mass.

Some of this advanced techniques can be use to gain muscle and also to burn fat, techniques like giant sets are amazing to raise your metabolism and burn fat, if you hate cardio you can follow a program based on giant sets or circuit training to help you get ripped without doing cardio.

I consider supersets, drop sets, rest pause and failure training as techniques you can use to shock your body and increase gains and giant sets and circuit training as techniques that help you burn fat.

My approach to fitness and everything in life is to keep things simple, the more variables and training techniques you want to use at the same time the more complicated your workout program gets. If you´ve been training for many years then yes you need to make your workouts more complex but you have a lot more knowledge of most of the things we´re talking. If you are new to all this stuff you don´t need to stress out, just stick with the training variables and get stronger on bodyweight and compound movements.

For the last months I´ve been using some of this advance technique to lean down, specially super sets, also they are a great option when your goal is to maintain your weight because you can have more fun and keep changing things without worrying about achieving any goal that needs a more structure plan.

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What is adaptation and how to avoid it?


Every time you workout you put your body and muscles into some stress, others call this stress “stimulus”. If this stimulus is enough your body will change, every time you train you give your body enough reasons to get bigger, stronger, faster or whatever your goal is. You can say that the results you get are your reward from your training program.

Adaptation can be consider a cycle which goes like this, every time you workout you put certain amount of stress on your body and muscles then if you train with the proper intensity to give your body and muscles the proper amount of stress or stimulus your body reacts and find ways to adapt to that stimulus, this way to adapt from your body is by change, every time you see some results, you see your body changing physically getting lean, gaining more muscle or losing fat is the result of your body adaptation to the stimulus you put.

Every time you do something different, you change something on your workout, you add variation or use some techniques you´ll get results, those results are from your body adapting to the new techniques or training methods.

When you train you need to make sure that the intensity is right, when you´re working out you are breaking down muscle fibers, once you´re done with your workout your muscles start to recover and grow, to get bigger and stronger, they need to prepare for the next workout this is why I consider meal timing after your workout so important, your body needs nutrients to start recovery.

If you stop making gains or you hit a plateau there may be two possible reasons, the first is if you do the same workout over and over again your body is already adapted so there´s not enough reason to change, the stress in your body is not enough to grow or to get stronger and the second is lack of recovery which can come from a bad nutrition program or you´re training so hard with high volume and high frequency and your body is not able to recover.

To keep making gains consistently you need to be in a constant state of adaptation, you do this by adding variation in your workout program, you can manipulate all training variables in many different ways like increasing volume and lowering frequency or increasing frequency lowering volume, changing exercises, changing rep ranges, using advanced training technique some weeks, using periodization are all ways to add variety to your workouts and keep the adaptation cycle going.

Following a proper nutrition program is key, meal timing is important, there´s an eating window that I consider to be highly important which is right after your workout, around 30 to 45 minutes after you finished training. During your training session you break down muscle so the faster you give nutrients to your body the faster it can begin to recover, high quality protein, carbohydrates and fats are important it´s not the same to fuel your body with healthy, natural foods than with junk. Your body needs nutrients too function properly and to recover.

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Do we need to exercise every day?

06 How to manage stress

If you hate doing exercise you may be waiting for a no to be the answer and the truth is you don´t need to go to the gym everyday. There are two cases in which I recommend going to the gym everyday, if you are one of this cases then you may consider scheduling one hour a day to workout.

First if you are beginning your fitness journey and you´re just starting training, the reason why is because to sustain your results and stay lean almost effortless you need to develop the habits necessary and exercising is one of those habits you need to develop. To develop a new habit you need to do that activity you want to develop as a habit over and over and over again, habits are develop through repetition and getting up to exercise is one of the most difficult so you need consistency, if you schedule one hour of your day and you get up and do some exercise every single day whether you feel like doing it or not, don´t think about it just get up and do it, it´ll be easier and faster to make this habit stick.

Second if you want to get results as fast as possible, the more consistent you are, the more effort and hard work you put to your goal the faster you´ll achieve it so if you want to achieve your goal as fast as possible you need to do exercise everyday, at least 6 days a week, if you are patient and you don´t mind going slower you can exercise 4 days a week.

The reason why most people hate exercise is the pain and struggle and that most of the time they hate the workouts and routines add to this that  it takes time to see results and those results are not what they were expecting, as they keep losing weight they see that they need to eat less and less and do a lot of exercise to maintain which gets to a point where it´s almost impossible to sustain it.

If your workouts and routines are based on some activities or exercise that you enjoy doing or are fun it´ll be easier for you to do them and the results you get are also important to motivate you and continue with your program.

My goal is that you make fitness part your life and making the training part more enjoyable and fun giving you the best results possible, that you love the way you feel and love the way you look, this is why my programs are different from most fitness programs.

If you exercise everyday you develop the habit faster and get results faster, your progress in your workouts will also be faster. You´ll be doing 3 to 4 days of resistance training to maintain and build muscle and the 3 or 4 days lefts you´ll be doing cardio to help you burn fat.

Since you´re working on developing the habit of working out daily there´ll be days when you don´t feel like doing it, get up and do it anyway by not listening to the negative thoughts on your mind and all the reasons why you don´t need to do it today and just shutting up all of them and doing your workout you tell your mind that you´re stronger, you´re conditioning your mind and body to do what you need to do when you need to do it.

Even when the workouts are hard they are more enjoyable, on resistance training you want to get stronger, getting stronger means more muscle and on your cardio workouts you´re burning some calories to lose fat, they´re simple and effective. You´ll be performing 3 to 4 exercises for each muscle and you´ll do some cardio that you love.

We´re keeping things simple sticking with the basics and taking out all the complicated things that don´t give you much results. The simplicity and effectiveness of the workouts will make it easier for you to stick to the program and to develop the habit o daily exercise.

Exercising everyday has so many benefits for your health which combined with the other 4 principles help you live a more healthier life and achieve so many things, it´s not only about looking good, the goal is to live the life you want to live.

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Can we out-exercise a bad diet?

23 Can you out train a bad diet

I get asked this question a lot of times, specially from guys or girls who love to train and workout but hate to follow a strict diet. There´s not a correct answer for this, for some of you it may be possible for others won´t.

We are all unique, our genetics, metabolism and other factors play an important role on how strict and discipline we need to be with our nutrition and training program, for some guys it is easier to lose fat than for others, there are some guys that gain weight easier than others, you may know someone who´s diet is the same as other normal guys who eat mostly junk, processed and fast food and eats a lot but is able to maintain his weight or physique and stay lean or skinny if he doesn´t work out. You may have asked him how can he eat all those things and stay lean. There are other guys who with just a bite of pizza or a single bite of a piece of cake they gain weight, some of them say that even water makes them gain weight.

The only one who knows if you can out train a bad diet is you, you are the only who knows your body, if you are starting your fitness journey it may be harder for you to see if you can do it or not until you get more experienced and understand how your body works and how it respond to all 5 elements of fitness.

Some simple points you can consider are, is it hard for you to lose weight? if it´s hard for you to lose weight and you know you need to be more discipline and watch out what you eat in order to lose weight then you may not be able to out train a bad diet. If it is easier for you to lose weight and maintain your new weight without paying too much attention to what you eat or the amounts you have more chances.

Also you need to consider that nutrition is one piece of the fitness puzzle, if the other 4 pieces are on point you may be able to out train your diet. Your workout program plays and important part on whether you can do it or not, but also your sleep and stress can help you.

What´s the point of out training a bad diet? or why do you want to do it? The goal of fitness is to help you live a better life, to get you in shape and healthy prepared to whatever you might need to face and ready to live the most amazing times and enjoy them. If you do it the right way you don´t need to worry about out training a bad diet, your nutrition program must give you the freedom to try and eat almost all foods as long as they are real, fresh and natural or meals cooked with fresh ingredients you also have the freedom to have your favorite snack or unhealthy food every now and then, maybe once a week.

There´s no reason you need to be asking this question if your goal is to live a better life, I need to make something clear here, for some guys it´s possible to lose weight and maintain eating unhealthy foods but that doesn´t mean they´re healthy. You don´t need to follow strict low calorie diets or eliminate certain foods completely. For some guys if they´re not giving nutrients to their body it gets harder to get to the gym and workout, when you are exercising your body needs certain nutrients to recover and get stronger, faster, leaner and better. If your body is not recovering you may feel tired, sore and unfocused with can make your workout routine and can lead to injuries and over training.

As you can see with this and the other posts, there are so many different things that come into play, if you understand each of them, know their function and how your body responds with time you´ll see that if you keep things simple and stick with the basics you don´t need to worry or get stress with diets or the scale.

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Make training as simple as possible

22 Make training as simple as possible (2)

There´s a tendency to overcomplicate things knowing that the more complicated the more sure we´re not going to follow it, we tend to think that if something is simple it won´t work but there´s a big gap between simple and easy, even when the concepts to lose fat and achieve any fitness goal are simple they´re not easy.

You don´t need to spend 2 hours in the gym everyday and you don´t need to do a lot of different exercises for each muscle group, this only make things more confusing and you waste a lot of time, you don´t need to do a lot of sets and reps unless you´re looking for an endurance workout.

Nowadays most guys like to train one muscle group per day the 5 day split that you see most guys in the gym following, if you´re not a bodybuilder you don´t need to do this, a lot of guys give more attention and prioritize isolation movements so they spend a lot of time in the gym getting that “pump”.

If you keep in mind our primary goal which is improve body composition, gaining muscle while keeping body fat low then resistance training is a priority it´s more important than cardio. You need to follow workout programs that focus on helping you gain lean muscle so you need to be training 3 to 4 days a week on this, the days left you can do some cardio.

We can divide resistance training exercises in three categories, bodyweight exercises, compound exercises and isolation exercises. Bodyweight and compound movements are the best option to gain muscle and get stronger, the way to gain dense muscle is by getting stronger on those exercises.

Workouts based on simple exercises like pushups, pull ups, squats, handstands, leg raises, bench press, over head press, bent over row, barbell squats and dead lifts are simple and effective, to this you can add some isolation exercises to target weaker muscles or work harder a muscle group you want to stand out. What you want with resistance training is to get stronger in the 5 to 8 rep range and 8 to 12 rep ranges to build dense muscle.

Once you have your resistance training in place you can add some cardio workouts just a tool to help you burn some extra calories that will help you get leaner faster or to maintain a low body fat, you´ll also get all the amazing benefits of endurance. You don´t want to do a lot of cardio or make it the base of your workouts because it´s not the way to gain muscle.

How you design your workouts depend of what you like to do, if you prefer bodyweight exercises you can make them the base of your workouts and add compound movements as a second option, if you prefer compound movements you can use them as your base and just use bodyweight exercises for some muscle groups, you can use them both for a more complete workout and to get stronger on both.

Once you have this on place you may want to add some isolation movements for muscle that need extra work like calves, shoulders, arms and abs, just one exercise for each is all you need, calf raises, lateral raises for shoulders, dips for triceps and chin ups or barbell curls for biceps is all you need.

This may seems so simple and basic but it´s the truth and it´s what works, I´m old school, I like to stick with the basics and simple tools which end being the more effective. If we want great results as fast as possible we need to focus and stick with what works, whit the tools that are going to give you the best results in the shortest period of time and that you can sustain for the rest of your life.

Traditional fitness programs are in most cases not the best option, they overcomplicate things, they make everything harder than it is, they don´t focus on health. The reality is simple, focus o getting stronger on bodyweight and compound movements, add some cardio to burn extra calories.

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Why daily physical activity doesn´t count as cardio

21 Why daily physical activity doesnt count as cardio

Some guys want me to consider walking the dog in the park or taking their Sunday walks as cardio which I´ve told them that doesn´t count and I´m not changing my mind.

When we refer to working out we want to give our body a message, it doesn´t matter what´s today workout you need to make that workout intense and challenging, that intense workout is the one who sends the signal to your body to change, to adapt to that stimulus, cardio and resistance training they both send a signal to your body.

With cardio you are telling your body to be more efficient at using calories and energy so every time you do the same activity your body is using less calories, it becomes efficient at that activity, with resistance training you´re telling your body to get stronger because it needs to lift heavy weight.

With daily physical activities like taking a walk in the park or getting your dog to a walk it feels tired and challenging the first days but with time your body adapts, even for guys who need to walk every morning to get to their job and walk back home, if you take a look at those guys you´ll see most of them are obese or overweight, unless you find a guy that looks lean and in good shape and if you ask him/her they workout and  have healthy habits.

Many people who do this type of daily activities and consider them as cardio or working out are most of the time overweight, this is because their body adapts to those activities, it´s efficient using energy so their bodies use less energy to do them.

The same goes for the recommendations most nutritionist or dietitian give you, take the stairs instead of the elevator, walk instead of using the car, park far from the entrance and walk more, this will seem so hard the first days or weeks but then your body gets used to it and it´s not challenging anymore, what´s worst your metabolism slows down because it´s  more efficient using calories, it use less energy every time you take those stairs at your company or school to get to the office or to the classroom.

Some guys like to play an sport on weekends, this is amazing but there are several point that come into play to know if you can consider them as cardio or not. If you go at the same pace and intensity every time you play then it´s not cardio, your body is used to that  activity, if you try to make it intense, may be those games where you ended so tired you can consider it as a cardio session.

To get  the fat loss effects from cardio you most need to be on a calorie deficit meaning burn more calories than you eat and you need to make those cardio sessions intense and challenging, you can´t be doing the same thing over and over again because you´ll stay the same.

Schedule 30 to 60 minutes every day to workout, I´ve said before and I´ll say it over and over again, working out at least 6 days a week is the best option, 3 to 4 days of resistance training and 2 or 3 days of cardio, if you can workout at the same time everyday do it, it´s better than having different daily schedules or routines at least for exercise, train your body and develop the habit of working out every day at the same time.

In that time you schedule to workout focus on your routine, focus on giving your all, it doesn´t matter if its cardio or resistance you want to make every workout count, for resistance you focus on getting stronger, for cardio you focus on keeping it challenging.

Your body needs the right stimulus in order to change, it needs the right frequency and intensity, for cardio changing things up may be the way to go also to keep it fun and interesting you can mix steady state and HIIT or stay with one for a period of time and then change to the other, you can also change the exercises.

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Benefits of Yoga

19 Yoga

There are those who love yoga and those who hate it. It´s amazing how though and challenging it can get and we cannot deny that it will give you an amazing workout.

Yoga is not my preferred type of exercise but I can´t deny that it has amazing benefits, I´ve practiced it for some months and I realized that the slow paced workouts and holding a pose for a number of seconds is not what I love to do in terms of exercise, it is though and challenging the part I liked about it was improving balance but I´m not thinking on doing it again, I love lifting weights and some cardio activities which is what I do almost every day and on my rest day I do stretching.

It´s true that yoga helps you improve flexibility, mobility and posture but the ones that make it an amazing exercise option is for improving balance and reducing mental health problems.

The mind-body connections when you are doing any pose needs to be at point, you need to be really focused and center on what you are doing otherwise you´ll lose your balance and fall off the pose you also need to get strong so that you can sustain your body weight in any pose and hold it.

Yoga workouts include meditation and breathing techniques that go hand in hand with the pose you are working on, all this combined encourage relaxation which is incredibly helpful to reduce stress it can also help to reduce depression, anxiety and improve mental health, the way yoga combines breathing, meditation and poses by creating harmony is what our bodies need to relax, calm down and stay in the present moment.

Yoga is not the same as stretching or calisthenics, even when we can use some of the exercises or poses from yoga as stretch exercises what gives yoga its plus is the breathing techniques, you can be stretching but if you don´t know how to breathe through the poses you´ll only be stretching, with yoga you learn to breathe and meditate, you are focused on your body, how your mind, body and soul connect is amazing you get in touch with yourself in a very deep level.

Yoga is a great way to get lean for people who doesn´t want to lift weight and do intense or long sessions of cardio and it´s also low impact, it is perfect for people how loves a physical activity that is more calming but that increases strength so that they can looked lean and toned without getting bulky. This is why it´s so popular among girls. and women.

I don´t know about any other type of exercise that combines physical activity with breathing techniques and meditation as a way to calm the mind and body, to relax you and lower stress while exercising. One way to improve anxiety and depression is to focus on yourself and to stay in the present moment not letting your mind wandering in the future or the past, yoga does this amazingly apart from breathing techniques and meditation during the workouts you need to be fully focus and present to maintain balance and hold the poses when you harmonize your body, mind, breathing, emotions is when you can start healing yourself.

With all this, your blood pressure lowers, it keep systems of your body like nervous system, immune system healthy, the hormones on your body are in balance, etc. so love it or hate it, it has amazing benefits not only to get in shape but for overall health. When our body is in synergy meaning when everything is connected and working in harmony at the same time is when amazing things happen.

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Benefits of stretching


Most of the guys I know that love to lift weight do not take time to stretch, they just warm up and cool down to avoid injuries and don´t consider stretching to be that important but it has some benefits that can improve their performance on the gym and increase their results.

Since we´re living very fast paced times and our daily lives keep us living with chronic stress we all need to find ways to reduce stress to have good quality sleep every night and to be able to deal with stressful situations the best way possible. Stretching is a great tool for this, we spend most of our day sitting and stressed out, if we take some time to stretch and breath through the exercises before going to bed it will help us reduce tensions from our body and muscles and this reduce stress, if we reduce stress before going to bed we also sleep better.

Stretching also helps us increase mobility and improve posture, even when we try to sit straight after long hours in the same position mobility is reduce this why some people recommend that you do some stretching exercises every hour even if you are in your office. If you don´t want to be stretching at the office for any reason you can do 10 to 15 minutes when you get home or right before going to bed.

Stretching also reduce pain in muscles and joints, pain in most cases is caused by bad posture and stress so when you relief the tension from your body by stretching you lower pain which gives you the freedom to move more and do more activities without pain.

For working out stretching also have amazing benefits, first avoiding injuries which is a most, stretching before hitting the weights and if you´re going to work out outside and it´s cold it help you prevent injuries by getting your body and muscles ready for the training session. This also helps to improve performance during your workout by increasing flexibility and mobility.

Another benefit that many people don´t consider is that it improves range of motion. When we are lifting weight, the more damage we do to the muscles the better and with full range of motion we are making more damage to muscle tissue which means more growth. I´ve seen people that don´t do full range of motion and the reason they don´t do it is because they can´t, their range of motion is limited but they don´t want to stretch they prefer 10 to 15 minutes of cardio as a warm up and cool down and even when cardio has a lot of benefits it won´t help you improve flexibility, mobility and range of motion.

What happens when we stretch is that we are lengthening our muscles and connective tissue and this reduces tension. You don´t need to spend 30 minutes stretching and you don´t need to work out to stretch, you can do it in the morning or every night before you go to bed, with 10 minutes you´ll start noticing the difference.

You can add one day to your workout program and focus only on stretching, you can take your rest day and see how your performance in and outside the gym improves. Training is a puzzle and every piece of the puzzle needs to be consider from resistance training, cardio training, recovery and stretching they all work together to help you get in shape, to get the type of physique you want and to help you perform as best as possible in any activity, from the gym, in your home, at work, vacations.

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