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The power of food

13 What you eat and how much you eat

Through the past decades until now our relationship with food has change a lot and this is the root of many problems nowadays, our diets are based on unhealthy foods, we eat too much junk, processed and fast foods for convenience but all this foods are loaded with hidden sugars, chemicals, extra ingredients, flavors that are one of the causes of health problems physical and mental.

Our mood throughout, the day, our energy levels, our ability to stay focus they all depend highly on what we eat and most of us most of the time eat too much calories and not enough nutrients, we demand too much to our body, we want to be at peak and perform great but we treat our body so bad.

If we want our body to function properly, to be efficient, to be at peak all day long and perform great we need to give the nutrients it needs and this is the power of food. The same way that what we´re eating right now is getting us sick, if we change our eating habits and eat meals prepared with real, fresh ingredients food can heal.

Food is fuel for our body, how we feel and how we look depends of what we eat, everything shows from the inside out.

I know and understand that most of us choose processed and fast food over real fresh meals thanks to the convenience in money and time, it´s easier, faster and cheaper to buy boxes of cereal and milk for breakfast than to cook some eggs every morning, we can grab some cookies, or chips to eat in the car because we´re late for school or work. Even when this options give us a solution in the short term, if we think about our health in the long term they´re not the best option.

Our body needs nutrients to function efficiently not calories, with processed, junk and fast food we´re giving our body too much calories and not enough nutrients, with real fresh foods we´re giving our body nutrients and less calories.

When we eat processed foods our body doesn´t know what to do with all those ingredients and it´s hard to digest and when it´s done there´s nothing that can be used, when we eat real foods our body knows what to do with them, it digest all the food and absorb the nutrients.

All real, fresh foods are loaded with micronutrients and macronutrients and our body needs both. Fiber, vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats, everything our body needs can be found in nature, there´s no reason to eat processed unhealthy foods that are only making us sick.

When we eliminate or avoid as much as possible unhealthy foods (processed, junk, fast food) and we focus on real fresh foods, inflammation on our body starts to reduce, it clears our skin, it improves mental disorders, improve systems in our body like the immune system, autoimmune system.

Food is our DNA, what we eat at every meal will have an impact on our body inside, and outside. If you love food as much as I do you need to know that it is possible to eat so many different dishes cooked with real, fresh ingredients but the hardest part is making the commitment of living healthier, we need to change our relation with food, if we use it the right way it is fuel for our body and it has the power to heal.

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Are pre / post workout meals effective?

28 Prepost workout meals

I want to listen to your opinion and take about pre / post workout meals, do you think they are effective? or is it just an strategy to sell products?

I do believe that the most important meals of the day are the ones around your workout, specially post workouts meals, when we finish our workout our body starts to recover so we need to make sure that we´re giving it all the nutrients it needs, if your body do not have everything it needs it won´t be possible to recover and your next workout will suffer.

The faster your body starts to recover after the workouts the faster you can get to the gym and hit the same muscles.

During our workouts we lose water, electrolytes, glycogen so our body needs to replenish what our body lost. Being hydrate before, during and after is important but the amount of water will vary, our gender, weight, age and the intensity of our workout needs to be consider to get a more accurate number but around 3.5 liters for guys and 3 liters for girls per day can serve as a guide. Another important thing to consider is that we need to replenish electrolytes like sodium.

Glycogen is the preferred source of energy for our body and it´s the one it uses during intense workouts, to replenish glycogen simple sugars are more effective so the meal right after your workout is the one where you can have simple sugars this is why some guys and girls in the gym take sport drinks and others like gummy bears.

For protein our body does not use it during the workouts but we need to consume enough protein to drive protein synthesis and to keep this protein synthesis consistent some guys and girls take protein around every 2 or 3 hours with protein shakes, proteins bars or meals, whether you want to follow this or not depends of you, if you are following some type of intermittent fasting a protein bar or shake will break your fast, BCAAs can be a solution but just be sure that those BCAAs do not break your fast. What I consider more important is right after your workout, I prefer to take protein shakes right after my workouts and the best way to do it is with just water and protein powder this way our body can absorb it faster, milk and protein powder is also great.

Fat is also important for overall health, if you can cook your post workout meal make sure to add some extra virgin olive oil and you´re good to go.

The macronutrient ratios will vary depending of the type of diet you´re following, if you are on a more balanced diet between proteins, carbohydrates and fats or if you are following a ketogenic diet. If you are keto adapted then you need 50 grams or less per day to replenish glycogen, if you are carb adapted you need around 1 – 2 grams per pound of bodyweight per day.

If you are following some type of intermittent fasting try to schedule your workouts around your meals, if you have lunch and dinner it will be great if you workout before dinner or if you have breakfast and lunch you can workout before lunch or first think in the morning before breakfast but if this is the case consider that not everyone can workout in a fasted state.

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Vegan and vegetarian diets


As you may know by now I don´t like diets and I don´t even like to use the word diet. For me that makes it harder mentally and emotionally it gives our brain the idea that we will eliminate our favorite foods for a period of time and that it will be tough. We´re sending the wrong message only with words.

There are differences between vegan and vegetarians, vegetarians do not eat animals, meat, chicken, fish, etc; they´re diet is based on vegetables, fruits, grains, seeds, nuts and some of them consume eggs and dairy.

Vegan is a more strict vegetarian diet, they don´t consume any animal product and animal derived ingredients so all meats, poultry, fish, etc are out also eggs and dairy, honey and any other product that comes from animal.

In most cases the reason why people decide to go vegetarian or vegan is for environmental reasons, vegetarians go against killing animals and that why they can have dairy or eggs, vegans go deeper and not only go against killing animals they really consider the conditions in which all animals are treated and that´s why they also eliminate eggs and dairy.

When someone following any of this diets tell me that their reason why is based on the environment I accept their ideas, it´s great to have people that care for the animals and environments but when some of them tell me that it´s for health reasons I totally disagree because almost all of them consume a lot of junk and processed food which are unhealthy.

They don´t eat meat, chicken, fish, eggs, dairy, etc; but they eat chocolate chips, cake, potatoes chips (it´s funny how they say they´re vegans and watch them eat cake, chocolate chips which have eggs and dairy).

All the added sugars, chemicals, extra ingredients, flavors, etc; contained in processed food are so unhealthy and are the cause of some health problems so instead of going to extremes following any of this 2 diets they avoid unhealthy foods.

For people who follow this diets I do think they´ll need to use supplements for the nutrients they´re not getting from animal products, our bodies need proteins and the proteins or amino-acids that can be found on animal products are not the same to the ones find on vegetables.

If you have a really good reason why you want to follow one of this diets give them a try but don´t forget that your health most be a priority, if you follow it just because someone lost a lot of weight and that´s your goal it may not be the best option for you. There are so many ways to achieve the same results, there are different tools and strategies you can use to get to your goal so don´t stick with just one diet , give it a try and if you don´t like the way you feel then try another one.

If you are following any of this diets for environmental reasons then that´s great, continue with it just make sure that you are giving your body all the nutrients it needs through food or in case you need some supplements find the one that are best for you.

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What we need to know about ghrelin


In the past nutrition post with talked about leptin and how this hormone is one of the reasons why is hard for you to lose weight, stay lean because you are not satisfied and you feel hungry. In today’s post will talk about another important hormone that works together with leptin, this new hormone is called ghrelin.

Ghrelin is the hormone that increases appetite, it tells us when we´re hungry and we need to eat which is the contrary of what leptin does. This hormone can also be triggered by several factors and if we triggered it the wrong way it will cause so many problems and make it harder for us to lose weight and stay lean.

Some of our unhealthy habits are triggering this hormone the wrong way and one of them is lack of sleep or poor quality sleep which increases ghrelin and this increases your appetite throughout the day and make you feel hungry.

Studies show that when we follow a weight loss program and reduce calories, ghrelin increases as a response of our body to protect us from starvation, the lower we go in calories the high this hormone goes and the longer we stay with the diet the higher this hormone goes.

So if ghrelin increases and leptin decreases it´s the best way to gain weight and it´s so hard to lose weight and stay lean, we need to keep ghrelin low and leptin high so that our brain gets the right message. We don´t feel hungry all day long and we know when it´s enough at every meal. There are some steps we can take to make this happens which are:

1.- Get enough good quality sleep every night, at least 6 hours per night and make those 6 hours of good quality.

2.- Follow a high fat, moderate protein, low carbohydrate nutrition program at least for a period of time to improve insulin and which also helps to keep appetite more in control.

3.- Follow some type of intermittent fasting having 2 meals per day which also helps lower insulin which helps us lose fat and keep hormones more balanced.

As we´ve seen there are several things that come into play when we talk about getting in amazing shape and sustain it, it´s more about hormones, macronutrients and how everything works together. It´s not only about following a very extreme and restrictive diet low in calories, and just to lose weight fast which will cause more harm to our body, it´s about understanding how things work and doing the right things to be able to sustain our results.

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Fitness goals

Carbohydrate cycling for muscle growth


Some of us have more ambitious goals related to fitness and wanting to take our physiques to a new level. For some that means gaining more muscle but if we want to maintain a great physique which means gaining muscle mass with the least amount of fat this can get complicated.

Carbohydrate cycling is a tool that can help us gain muscle without too much fat so that we can stay lean and maintain a great physique. Carbohydrate cycling helps us cycle calories, we need to be in a calorie surplus to gain muscle which means that we need to eat more but if we eat too much we will gain fat.

When we want to build muscle, working each muscle group 2 times per week is more effective so we may be doing resistance training 6 days a week and 1 day for cardio or rest day, for nutrition we will have moderate carbohydrate days and high carbohydrate days. We need to schedule our nutrition program according to our workout program, on the more intense workout days we have high carbohydrate days, on moderate training days we have moderate carbohydrate days and you can have one low carbohydrate day if you have a rest day.

For high carbohydrate days you can increase calories around 400 to 500 calories per day, on moderate days you can increase calories around 200 to 300 calories, on low carbohydrate days you can keep calories at maintenance. This numbers are just a guide so we need to measure our progress and results every week to make the adjustments needed. If you want to calculate your macronutrient ratios you can check this post.

What we do with this tool is to give nutrients and energy to our body according to its needs, the day we train harder we give it more nutrients and energy so that it has everything it needs to recover and build muscle, on moderate days we lower it a little just to make sure that it still has everything it needs without being too much and we can use lower carbohydrates day to stay at maintenance on our rest days to make sure that most of the weight we gain is muscle and fat just a minimum.

Building muscle takes time, nutrition is key but if we eat too much and we don´t exercise the right way we will gain too much fat. Muscle growth is the result of the right stimulus to the muscle and enough nutrients. This is a combination of progressive overload, the right volume and frequency plus the right macronutrient ratios that can supply our body with energy for the workouts, our daily activities, recovery and growth.

This strategy is effective because muscle growth takes time and if we stick with the same macronutrient ratios every day for a long period of time our body adapts and we need to keep changing things to keep challenging our body, that´s what makes it change. But, this tool takes more time, effort and time, you need to have a clear idea of how portions look like  to eye ball what you eat, it´s hard in the beginning but with time we get use to it.

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Can we out-exercise a bad diet?

23 Can you out train a bad diet

I get asked this question a lot of times, specially from guys or girls who love to train and workout but hate to follow a strict diet. There´s not a correct answer for this, for some of you it may be possible for others won´t.

We are all unique, our genetics, metabolism and other factors play an important role on how strict and discipline we need to be with our nutrition and training program, for some guys it is easier to lose fat than for others, there are some guys that gain weight easier than others, you may know someone who´s diet is the same as other normal guys who eat mostly junk, processed and fast food and eats a lot but is able to maintain his weight or physique and stay lean or skinny if he doesn´t work out. You may have asked him how can he eat all those things and stay lean. There are other guys who with just a bite of pizza or a single bite of a piece of cake they gain weight, some of them say that even water makes them gain weight.

The only one who knows if you can out train a bad diet is you, you are the only who knows your body, if you are starting your fitness journey it may be harder for you to see if you can do it or not until you get more experienced and understand how your body works and how it respond to all 5 elements of fitness.

Some simple points you can consider are, is it hard for you to lose weight? if it´s hard for you to lose weight and you know you need to be more discipline and watch out what you eat in order to lose weight then you may not be able to out train a bad diet. If it is easier for you to lose weight and maintain your new weight without paying too much attention to what you eat or the amounts you have more chances.

Also you need to consider that nutrition is one piece of the fitness puzzle, if the other 4 pieces are on point you may be able to out train your diet. Your workout program plays and important part on whether you can do it or not, but also your sleep and stress can help you.

What´s the point of out training a bad diet? or why do you want to do it? The goal of fitness is to help you live a better life, to get you in shape and healthy prepared to whatever you might need to face and ready to live the most amazing times and enjoy them. If you do it the right way you don´t need to worry about out training a bad diet, your nutrition program must give you the freedom to try and eat almost all foods as long as they are real, fresh and natural or meals cooked with fresh ingredients you also have the freedom to have your favorite snack or unhealthy food every now and then, maybe once a week.

There´s no reason you need to be asking this question if your goal is to live a better life, I need to make something clear here, for some guys it´s possible to lose weight and maintain eating unhealthy foods but that doesn´t mean they´re healthy. You don´t need to follow strict low calorie diets or eliminate certain foods completely. For some guys if they´re not giving nutrients to their body it gets harder to get to the gym and workout, when you are exercising your body needs certain nutrients to recover and get stronger, faster, leaner and better. If your body is not recovering you may feel tired, sore and unfocused with can make your workout routine and can lead to injuries and over training.

As you can see with this and the other posts, there are so many different things that come into play, if you understand each of them, know their function and how your body responds with time you´ll see that if you keep things simple and stick with the basics you don´t need to worry or get stress with diets or the scale.

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What we need to know about leptin


Most traditional or commercial weight loss programs focus on calories, they make you follow diets too low in calories and the workouts are based on cardio or circuit training to lose as much weight as possible but when you stop following the program you start gaining all the weight back and the reason is simple, hormones and metabolism.

Our goal is to help you get an amazing physique and sustain it effortless and to do that we need to focus on what matters which is increasing metabolism and managing our hormones in a good way, leptin is one of those hormones.

Leptin is the satiety hormones and it´s job is to tell us when we´ve eaten enough and we need to stop. This hormone can be triggered by several factors and if we triggered it the wrong way by doing the wrong things then it won´t be doing its job effectively and some of our unhealthy habits are causing problems  like lack or poor quality sleep, which reduces leptin which is why we are hungry and have more cravings during the day and this is one of the short term effects of poor sleep.

When leptin is low it won´t send the message to our brain that we are full and we need to stop eating, on the contrary we will eat more in each meal and we´ll feel hungry throughout the day this is why weight gain is related to lack of sleep.

Our weight more specifically body composition. Fat cells increase leptin so the more fat we have the higher this hormone will be.

As with insulin there´s something called leptin resistance which is when our body produces too much leptin in this case the fat cells when we are obese or overweight and it gets to a point where the receptors block all that leptin so it can´t do its job and instead of getting signals that we are satisfied we feel hungry.

So as you can see, weight loss is not as simple as eat less and move more, there are other things that come into play, what you can do to improve leptin if it´s low is start by getting enough good quality sleep every night, this is a simple tool that gives a lot of benefits and makes everything easier.

If you are overweight the best thing you can do is reduce insulin, we´ve talked about insulin in other posts and by improving insulin is easier to burn fat, when you start losing weight and getting rid of that excess fat, leptin also start to lower, you can do this by trying some type of intermittent fasting like limiting your meals to 2 meals per day in an 8 hour window, another way is by reducing carbohydrates and follow a low carbohydrate, moderate and high fat diet like ketogenic for a period of time. Exercise also helps lower insulin specially HIIT.

What I recommend if your nutrition program is based on unhealthy foods, you´ll need to eliminate those unhealthy foods and focus on eating meals cooked with fresh ingredients and try intermittent fasting, go for 2 meals a day you can have breakfast and lunch or lunch and dinner. Do this for 4 to 6 weeks and see the results and how you feel.

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Fitness goals

How to use carbohydrate cycling for fat loss

22 Carb cycling for fat loss

I know so many people who want to lose fat and get in shape and they want to maintain the results and do it effortless. As I´ve said before, it´s possible for all of us to get in amazing shape and sustain it and there are some tools that can make it simple for us, one of those tools is carbohydrate cycling.

For fat loss our workout needs to be focused on resistance training to maintain as much muscle as possible, we need to be working with weight at least 3 days a week and the 4 left days are for cardio, for nutrition we already know that we need to be in a calorie deficit which means that we need to eat less.

If we go to low in calories for a long period of time our body thinks that we are starving so we plateau and stop losing weight, if we keep the same amount of calories every day for a couple of months our body adapts so it´s possible that it adapts to do the same activities with less energy and as we keep losing weight we need to keep reducing calories accordingly.

Carbohydrate cycling help us to keep changing calorie intake weekly by having low carbohydrate days, moderate carbohydrate days and high carbohydrate days. The reduction of calories come by lowering carbohydrates, but for this to function we need to structure the carbohydrates days according to our workout program, on days when we do resistance training we will have moderate carbohydrate, on cardio days we have low carbohydrates and we can choose one day for high carbohydrate.

If we have a workout program where we do resistance training 3 days per week, we have 3 days of cardio and 1 rest day, we will have high carbohydrate days on the 3 days of resistance training, moderate carbohydrate on the 3 days of cardio and low carbohydrate day on rest day.

For high carbohydrate day if you can keep your total calories, or set your macronutrient ratios at maintenance that´s great, from there you reduce carbohydrates on moderate days, around 400 calories less and on rest day 500 calories less. Does less calories come from carbohydrates. Keep your progress and look at your weekly results, if you need to lower calories more, do it, but don´t go to low.

If you have a busy life like most of us and your goal is just to get in amazing shape and sustain it then this tool may not be for you, here you need to set macronutrient ratios and focus on being them as accurate as possible which takes more work, effort and time specially at the beginning. Intermittent fasting may be best in this case making everything simple.

If your goal is more serious and you want to get lean, this tool works great, carbohydrate cycling is just about changing the total calorie intake every day by manipulating carbohydrates which our body use as the principle source of energy, and it keeps the body guessing.

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The relationship between food and mood

22 The relationship between food and mood

What we eat has a huge impact on how we feel and our mood, if we feel tired, lazy, sleepy, we lack energy the reason may be our food.

We may not have think about the huge relationship between food and our mood, it all starts with nutrition if our body doesn´t have the nutrients it needs it won´t function properly, this affects our mood and how we feel during the entire day. Our body needs certain amounts of nutrients from vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, amino acids each of them has a unique job and the lack of some of them can make us feel tired, stressed or unfocused.

Then we have blood sugar or glucose in the bloodstream which also affects our mood, if we eat a high carbohydrate meal or our meal was mostly unhealthy and our glucose goes up we may have brain fog, when it goes down we feel irritable, angry. If we are eating meals high in sugars or simple carbohydrates we spike blood sugar and then it goes down, this ups and downs are harmful, keeping our blood sugar stable improves our mood and emotions by making us feel better through the entire day and not having this constant change of emotions.

If we eat unhealthy foods high in sugars and trans fats that give us instant gratification we feel good the moment we eat them but slowly this feel good feeling starts to go down, with this ups and downs caused by glucose in the bloodstream your cravings get harder to control and here the problem is so big because we are not giving nutrients to our body, we get addicted to unhealthy foods that are so hard to give up and we are in a roller coaster of emotions feeling great after we ate those cookies and some minutes later we want more and we start feeling irritable, stressed and even frustrated.

Stress, tired and even depression and anxiety are related to the foods we eat, for the last two there are other things that come into play and that make the problems worst but the way food makes us feel has an impact on them making them better or worst.

After we´ve finished our meal sometimes we feel tired, lazy, sleepy; if we overeat or our meal was unhealthy it´s normal that we feel this way, our body can not handle all the excess food so all processes in the body stops to focus on digesting the food we ate, if it was unhealthy our body doesn´t know what to do with it and makes it inefficient.

If we want to feel great and have high levels of energy all day long we need to make some different choices, start by focusing on eating real, fresh foods we can eat meals prepared with real fresh ingredients, as we do this we´ll need to avoid sweets, junk, processed and fast food which are the ones that are causing all the negative emotions. The first days we´ll feel terrible and the cravings won´t seem to stop, this is normal we´ve been eating those unhealthy foods for a long time that we´ve become addicted to them and our mind will make us think that we need them, our body needs to get rid of all the toxins to start working efficiently, we need to be patient and give the time our body needs.

When we have cravings we can have some almonds, nuts and seeds which are going to keep us feel full longer, a piece of fruit is a great option if we want something sweet. Healthy foods high in fats have a lot of benefits not only to keep us full longer but they are great for our brain.

Why don´t you give healthy eating a try at least for 2 or 3 weeks, eliminate sweets, junk, processed and fast food from your diet and eat real fresh food, you can eat almost any dish you want as long as it is cooked with fresh ingredients and see how you feel, pay attention to your body. And don´t forget to give your body enough time, it´s been use to eating unhealthy foods so you may feel, tired, lazy and you will have cravings but don´t let all this thoughts and emotions control you, let your body get rid of the poison and you´ll start feeling the difference.

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If it fit your macros (IIFYM)

21 IIFYM if it fit your macros

If it fit your macros has been popularized as one of the easiest diet plans to follow but is it the best?

It all comes down to your goals, your priorities and how you set your diet, some people use this type of diet as a way to consume and fit in more junk food into their diets without feeling guilty, for others it´s a way to eat their favorite candy or chocolate every day.

I won´t argue that following this diet you´ll get results and you´ll achieve your goals, if you track your macronutrients intake and you make sure you hit them, despite if all those nutrients come from healthy sources or junk food.

The problem with this diet is that you need to understand how things work at a more advanced level, you can´t stay with just the basics. Knowing and understanding how each macronutrient work is key to making any diet work for you, if you do it the right way it can be the best diet for you giving you the best results, being more flexible and making it sustainable which is what we´re looking for.

If it fit your macros is a diet design to give you more freedom but it doesn´t mean that you can make space for candies and junk food, it´s still focused on what matters most which are macronutrients, if you decide to fit some candies and junk food to fit your macros all those foods are also called “empty calories” so yes, you may be hitting your macronutrients but you are not giving nutrients to your body.

Nowadays many people who say they follow this diet prefer to fit in some cookies instead of spinach. Consider candies and junk food as treats that you can eat but not everyday not even if they fit your macros.

Making your meals healthy, natural and nutritious most be your goal, IIFYM is designed to give you more freedom on the foods you eat and have social life. The quality of the foods you choose have a great impact on your mood, energy levels and focus, if you prefer candies and junk food over complex carbohydrates like oatmeal you´ll feel an spike in energy followed by a crash.

You need to know your calorie intake and set macro ratios, you need to have a clear idea of portion control to know what you are eating at every meal. Choose healthy food like eggs, beef, turkey, chicken, salmon, tuna, nuts and seeds, oatmeal, rice, veggies and fruit.

If you love fitness and love going to the gym you may have heard of this diet, it´s popular in bodybuilding and it can help you achieve your goals easier by making your diet more enjoyable but there are some points I don´t like about it. The original idea of why the diet was created is great, it focus on what matters which is macronutrients instead of just calories, you´ve heard me before talking about why it´s better to count macros but the problem I see is that most guys use this diet as a way to make space for junk, processed and fast food without feeling guilty and when you say them something they come with the same answer “it´s ok, it fits my macros”.

IIFYM is great tool you can use to make space for a snack, a piece of chocolate or cake, one meal at your favorite fast food restaurant or have more freedom when you are eating out with friends and family but it´s not a way to fit as much unhealthy food as you want.

It can help you have a cheat meal while sticking to your macros and being able to stay in track with your goal, if you use it this way then you´ll be hitting your macros and calories every day even on your cheat day which makes your journey a lot more enjoyable.

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