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Make a decision and commit to it!


We all make decisions every day, some of those decisions won´t have a huge impact or at least that what we think but there are some decisions that do have a huge impact on our day and life and we don´t commit to them.

Making a decision means making a choice between different options, it´s the end result of a process you go through when you have different options and you need to choose. The act of choosing one option is a decision, what you choose will depend on so many different factors.

Making a commitment means that you completely focus, dedicate and work on an activity or a person, it´s a firm intention to do something.

Committing to your decisions means that you are completely focused and dedicated to that decision until it´s done. Some decisions require a lot more focus and dedication than others and it may be hard for you to commit to a huge decision if you have not stick to some of them lately.

Every time you make an important decision and you don´t commit to it you don´t work on it and you forget it but, every time you make a decision and you don´t commit to it your sense of worthiness lowers. You send signals to your brain that you don´t deserve it, you are not capable, you won´t achieve it, you are not worthy and with every decision these thoughts keep increasing and you´ll find it harder to commit to decisions.

What happens when someone you know a friend or family make a promise or commitment with you and they don´t keep their promises and their words? If you´re like me you probably don´t trust them again, the same happens with you every time you don´t stick to a commitment you make even when that decision and commitment is with yourself. You start creating a sense of unworthiness, and you stop believing in yourself.

If you don´t stick to commitments and small decisions, then it is so hard to stick with bigger ones. The bigger the decision and commitment the more there is on the line, the risk increases and so fear. Through life you´ll need to make some decisions and commit to them that will have a huge impact on your life, if you want to get a better job, if you want to lose weight, to improve your health this are great decisions you need to make and commit to them. This also goes hand in hand with taking responsibility of your life and everything that happen.

The moment you start taking decisions and committing to them until it´s done, that moment your life starts to change. You start with small decisions and commitments and you stick to them until they´re done and you start building that self-confidence, that self-worthy and you start making bigger decisions and commitments because you know you are capable and you can do it.

You can start by making the decision of improving your health and losing weight and committing to it, here are some steps you can follow:

1.- Take a 10 minute walk every day, if you can do it in the morning that´s great if not do it whenever you can

2.- Have a healthy breakfast that include healthy fats and protein like eggs cooked on coconut or olive oil

3.- Skip snack

If you don´t want to focus on fitness or health then here are some steps that can help you make better decisions and commit to them:

1.- Every time you need to make a decision think about your values and goals, ask yourself which of the options is the one that aligns with your values and that gets you closer to your goal?

2.- When you make a commitment ask yourself what activities you need to do to meet that commitment? Take the big picture and divide it into small pieces and small activities you can do. Simplify it as much as possible.

3.- Take action

It´s incredible how many of us lose trust on someone and even on ourselves just because we don´t stick to our commitments, we think that nothing bad could happen if we don´t stick to those small commitments but we´re making a lot of harm to our subconscious and that´s the reason why we can´t stick to big goals or projects.

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