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Stress and mental health

14 Stress and mental health

For all of us stress has become part of our lives, we think that those high levels of stress are normal and that´s how we´re supposed to love. This is completely false, chronic stress has been increasing throughout the years and even when short periods of stress are healthy our body gets to a point where it can´t manage stress anymore and most of us are in that point.

Stress is a big problem in mental health, it is more than enough the fact that we spend most of our time worrying about finances and how are we going to make through the next paycheck and how are we going to pay the bills and all the work we still have whether it´s for school or our job and we´re going to arrive late to school, the office or back home because of the traffic.

We have a huge problem if we talk about minorities, those who for any reason are bullied get a tougher time, if your classmates or coworkers make fun of you, of the teachers instead of helping and listening to you blame you for not being “smart enough” according to them, if your boss criticize your work and is disrespectful all this have a negative impact on your emotional health.

There are some people that don´t matter what they here or what they´ve been told all those words and comments do not affect them, it´s so easy for them to ignore and not give importance to comments that can affects them in a negative way but not all of us are able to do this, it´s actually the contrary most of us are really interested and paying attention to what others think and say of us, any comment can affects us negatively and the ones from our boss, coworkers, teachers or classmates if they´re too often can make us feel like failure, like we´re not worthy, like we don´t deserve anything good and that no one cares and when this believes combine with other situations they lead to mental problems like depression and anxiety.

Social media also increases stress and can lead to depression and anxiety, we´re all looking for attention and some of us post pictures or videos on any social media and if we don´t see the likes coming we feel like we´re not good enough or something´s wrong with us. Do not try to please everyone, we are all unique so share your uniqueness with the world.

This is why we need to pay attention and be careful to what we say and what we say to everyone around us, even the smallest reaction or answer can have a positive or negative impact in someone, everyone of us is dealing with their own problems and it cost us nothing to be kind with everyone around us, one positive word can completely change the life or someone.

Some symptoms of depression are fatigue, sleep problems whether they sleep too much or not enough, their appetite change, feelings of worthlessness, they can´t concentrate and make decisions, they don´t finish projects, activities that they loved now seem to be uninteresting, feelings of self-hate, guilt, miserable.

Some symptoms of anxiety are biting their fingernails, tapping their feet, sweaty palms, lack of patience.

In some cases it is easy to identify some of this symptoms and even be able to recognize which event triggered them, we´ve all been through this and how we cope with it is key be able to control it but if the problem is huge we need to talk to someone, this is when having good meaningful relationships are essential, having someone in who we can count on and someone we trust is key.

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