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Stay out of your comfort zone

02 Stay out of your comort zone

The famous comfort zone is the worst place to be, you are comfortable in some ways but you are struggling in others.

Going to a job you hate just to get enough money to pay bills but you feel comfortable because you don´t have to work that much, you don´t have to think. If you want more from live then stop complaining and blaming other people of your life and current circumstances, stop criticizing and take action now.

In your comfort zone you are comfortable because you are familiar with the process, in your work you know your routine and exactly what you need to do, you do not need to put any effort and things seem to be in control, you have a monthly income that is enough to pay bills, to buy food, there´s no fear and no need to get stressed out for things getting out of control. Getting out of that comfort zone increase stress and anxiety not knowing what´s going to happen, not seeing things clearly increases fear.

Getting out of your comfort zone, making the decision of taking risks and wanting to change your life is a big step to achieving your biggest rewards, getting out of your comfort zone challenge you and push you to achieve things you never thought were possible. Doing things that challenge us helps us grow and learn, if you want to get better and progress you need to challenge yourself.

All the risk and fear is worth it once you see what you are capable of, not all people like the feeling of anxiety, the fear of not having anything clear and secure which is why they prefer the comfort zone.

Getting out of your comfort zone means learning, part of the fear of getting out of that zone is knowing that you are aiming for something big, that you don´t have all the skills and knowledge you need and that you will fail. You´ll see that there are so many things that you need to learn and that time of boredom and stress while you are learning becomes the biggest obstacles. There you are stretching your mind, improving skills or techniques, learning abilities all this is what helps you grow.

The way to make the learning process more enjoyable is to do something you love otherwise you will give up. You can consider your hobbies and talents, what do you have more fun doing? Even when things get stressful and challenging the final results and the price for achieving your goal is  so amazing but the fulfillment, and joy comes from the journey.

This is what life is all about setting big goals that are always challenging you in some way that doesn´t give you the change to get comfortable so that you grow and be better every day.

I like to stay out of my comfort zone as much as possible, it makes me feel alive and it gives me something to work for. I have my purpose in life very clear and everything I do is based on what I love which is fitness and music, helping people live healthier and happier and I look for goals that get me out of my comfort zone. Sharing all I know with you in this website and videos get me out of my comfort zone but I love the challenge of writing and getting better.

If you want something different in your life or if you want your life to be better you need to make different choices, making different choices means getting out of your comfort zone, the reason why most people get stuck living the same all their lives if because they like the feeling of comfort and security even when most of them are always struggling with their finance or any other aspect of life, but if you want to achieve something better you need to change things, forget about playing it safe, challenge yourself and see how far you can get, enjoy the challenges and enjoy the feeling of being out of your comfort zone.

Set goals that scare you, that make you feel that fear but at the same that inspire you and motivate you, focus on doing things you love. You can start with small goals that are not as risky but that give you more confidence and belief to try bigger things.

When you set goals that get you out of your comfort zone you may need to change your beliefs and routine, it all depends of what you want to achieve and how your life looks like, there´ll be challenges along the way but the good thing here is that someone has already done or achieved what you want so you can learn from them.

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