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The conscious mind! Start living consciously

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Knowing how our brain works is key if we want to make the best use of it and if we want it to work for us and help us achieve our goals. We´ve all heard about the conscious and the subconscious mind. We need to train our mind the same way we train our muscles. Our conscious mind can change our life, by being present we are able to make better decisions and focus on what matters, focus on what we really want and that´s the key to start living the life we want.

Have you wonder why you don´t achieve your goals even when you do your meditations, affirmations and visualization exercises every day?

Our conscious mind is the one we are aware of, it´s our thinking mind, our creative mind, it has a limit capacity and it´s amazing at doing one thing at a time. You may have heard that some people are great at multi-tasking but, none of us actually is good at it when we concentrate all our attention on the task we have at hand we get way better results, our conscious mind is amazingly powerful at concentrating and working on one activity at a time so if you want to be more productive and also lower stress, stop multi-tasking.

Every day we are aware of what´s happening around us , at the office or school, at the neighborhood, may be in some country far from us thanks to the news and we are aware of ourselves, how we feel in that moment and everything we need to do. There´s so much going on, there are so many distractions and we´re not being able to concentrate on what matters to us.

Our conscious mind can only focus on one task at a time and it can only hold one thought at a time, this is important because most of our thoughts are negative and they are the same negative thoughts every day repeating over and over and since our conscious mind can only hold one thought at a time this is the key and secret to changing our life.

With this we have a more clear idea and can understand why it´s so hard to change habits, to change thoughts and create the life we want, we may do our visualizations and affirmations exercises in the morning or at night for a couple of minutes but after that we start our day and from that point on everything is a routine, habits and systems that we can do with our eyes closed so, when we´re driving to our job or school we need to be aware of what´s going on around but since we´ve been driving for some years now it is part of our subconscious so we can also be thinking of the meeting we´re having that day, the email list that keeps getting bigger, all the work left to do, how our we´re going to pay the bills, etc.

So as you can see we put some work and time by visualizing and thinking on what we want consciously a couple of minutes a day but, for the rest of the day other thoughts take control and those thoughts are completely the contrary of what we want to achieve and those contrary thoughts are the ones we´re thinking for the most part of the day this means that our conscious and subconscious mind are not working in harmony and this is the reason why we don´t achieve our goals.

If you want to change your life you need to start living being aware and present in the moment, being able to concentrate all your thought and energy on the one task at hand, this way you´ll be living consciously, thinking and creating the life you do want.

We need to make a constant effort to concentrate on our goal and positive thoughts and keep repeating them over and over and when life get´s in the way which happens to us every day we can´t let our subconscious mind get in the way and take us back to our old thoughts and habits.

We need to take charge of our conscious mind and one way to do it is by being aware, being present, being in the moment and concentrating all our attention on the task we´re doing, also make sure that when a thought comes to us it is positive and related to what we want to achieve, stop letting your mind wander on negative stuff every time a negative thought comes to mind just change it for the opposite and positive one.

Here is a simple exercise you can start doing right now to start taking control of your conscious mind:

1.- Take one activity that is going to give you the fastest results or the one that is more important to get done,

2.- Take all distractions away, if you´re working on a computer close all internet tabs, documents and programs you don´t need for the task you chose to work on, if you need to keep your phone close to you (just in case of emergency) keep it, otherwise turn it off or put it in silent mode,

3.- Work on that activity or task for 45 minutes straight, concentrate all your attention and energy on that activity, (set an alarm for 45 minutes)

4.- When you´re done take a look at how much you accomplish.

When you do this exercise make sure that those 45 minutes your mind is completely focused on the task you are working on, if you get distracted and your mind starts to wander just bring it back and concentrate on the activity.

If you do this exercise over and over and make it a habit you´ll see that with time it´s easier to stay focused and concentrated on the task at hand and you are more present on what you are doing at every moment, this makes it easier to stay focused on the right thoughts so that we are able to change our life.

Now you know that our brain can be very complex and if we don´t know at least the basics of how it works we won´t be able to create a plan that can help us achieve our goals.

The conscious mind

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