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Harmonize Fitness

Small daily achievements lead to great results


What do you do every day? How do you spend your time? Who do you spend your time with? This are important questions that determine not only how you´re living right now, but also how you´ll live 3 or 5 years from now. If you don´t like your life now, you can change it.

We all follow certain habits and routines every single day, from the moment we get up until we go to sleep there are some activities we do over and over exactly in the same order, in the same way, our life is based on those habits and routines and they are the most important point we need to consider when we want to start changing our life. Those small activities that seem to not have a huge impact on our life are actually the ones creating it.

Your day creates your life, so if you think you deserve a better life and better results, if you think you are capable of more the best way to start is by changing those habits and routines. You need to start small, there´s no way you can make big changes at the beginning because you´ll fail, any change represent a challenge and your mind will fight to get you back to your old routines, it wants to be comfortable so you need to start with small changes. The way to do this is by identifying an activity you do daily that may be having a negative impact on your day and life and replace it with a positive one, it can be getting up when your alarm clock sounds the first time without pressing the snooze bottom, it may be setting a sleep schedule and waking up at the same time every day, it can be stop checking your cell phone, social media or email right when you wake up and instead take a couple of minutes, around 5 to 10 minutes to meditate and visualize your day. It may be going for a walk after lunch and dinner.

We all have unhealthy habits and routines that are having a negative impact on our day and life so the first step is to identify those negative habits and replace them with a positive one, it´s really hard to eliminate negative habits or routines so replacing them with a positive and good one is a better strategy.

If you think about all the progress and how your days and life can improve in one month just by making small changes on your routines and making sure that you accomplish that small goal you won´t waste another day. The moment you decide and commit to start making a change in your life you need to be really clear of what you want to achieve, it may be something as simple as making your bed right when you get up, you set this small activity as a goal and every day you accomplish it you´ll feel better with yourself, you get that sense of accomplishment, you start increasing confidence, you do this for a couple of weeks and then you add another activity and you make sure you´re accomplishing this 2 activities every single day until they become habits, then you add another one.

You can use this strategy of small achievements to anything you want to accomplish, if you want to lose weight you can start by eliminating all processed and junk food and replace it with some whole, fresh foods, you can eliminate snacks or replace them with healthy ones, you can eliminate soda and all unhealthy beverages and replace them with tea or sparkling water. You can start going for a walk after lunch and dinner, you can start doing bodyweight exercises like squats and pushups before going to school or work or when you get back home.

Just choose an activity you want to accomplish every day, think and ask what you can do to improve your day or to achieve your goal and you will get ideas, from those ideas take the one that is easier, the one you are sure you can do every day and start doing it, if you do it every single day for a couple of weeks you´ll see that it´s possible to accomplish bigger goals and projects, you start to realize that one single activity done every day leads to great results, even if it´s small. What you´re accomplishing with these small achievements is getting a sense of achievement, knowing that you can accomplish something and that will lead to bigger achievements and projects. You realize that consistency is the key so you build that consistency and discipline knowing for sure that if you do it every day you will get the results.

Don´t forget, your day creates your life. If you have a dream life, if you want to live a certain way, think about of how a day would look like in that dream life and start living that way.

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