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Harmonize Fitness

Sleep is not only for rest.


There are so many things going on in our body while we sleep and it´s not only recovery and growth. All systems of our body and brain are working so hard doing different functions while we sleep.

From cleaning our body from toxins, to deleting unnecessary information and storing important information in other parts of our brain there are so many processes that need to work in harmony, our body and brain never rest, there´s always something going on.

One of the most important processes that go on while we sleep is that our body gets rid of toxins and our brain deletes unnecessary information. Have you ever stopped for a moment and think about all the toxins we consume in one day? from the food we eat, the high levels of chronic stress from our work or school, the products we use to clean, the air we breathe, etc; in that same day we also get a ton of information from what we see on all social media, to tv, the news, also information about our coworkers or classmates, what´s happening on our city or country and even in other countries, everything we see from the moment we wake up, there´s literally so much going on every single day so when we sleep our brain also has a system that helps it manage all that information, if the information is not important it will be deleted, if it´s something important for a project it will store it in a part of the brain until we´re done with it and we´re able to forget it while the most important and relevant information will get stored in the long-term memory.

All this cleaning part is so important to be able to free space on our brain to get more information in, to learn new skills and in our body to help us prevent diseases.

There are so many toxins that have a negative impact on our body and health so there are systems in our body that make all this cleaning possible every night but for this to happen we need to make sure that we net enough high quality sleep.

During sleep our hormones are also working, enough high quality sleep makes it easier to lose weight and stay lean because all our hormones like leptin and ghrelin are balanced and working properly so we don´t have cravings, we don´t feel hungry all day so it´s easier for us to make the right choices. Enough high-quality sleep improves metabolism and helps with insulin sensitivity. Lack or poor sleep is linked to weight and obesity, if we are obese or overweight can cause sleep problems which leads to a negative cycle.

Our physical and mental health are also impacted by the quality and quantity of our sleep, we can see the negative impact of a poor night sleep that day and if this sleep problem is chronic then the negative impact is huge, health problems physical or mental are highly linked to poor or lack of sleep. When we don´t get enough high quality sleep the immune system won´t be working efficiently and this makes it harder for our body to fight diseases, also lack or poor sleep increases stress as we mentioned before and stress and we know that this bad stress causes a lot of damage to our body.

Our body needs to heal, recover, repair, grow and clean from all the toxins, stress (good and bad) that we went through during the day and for this to be possible we need to be aware of the other 4 principles of fitness so that our body has the nutrients and everything it needs to make every process as optimal as possible.

Since sleep affects every system, hormone, etc; on our body and there are so many processed going on while we sleep we need to make sure that we get enough high quality sleep every night, this is not only necessary to maintain a good mood, energy and concentration throughout the day it´s necessary for optimal health and this includes physical and mental.

We cannot forget that sleep plays an important role for the proper recovery of our workouts, our muscles recover, grow and get stronger when we´re recovering and sleep is part of this recovery so, if we want to get the best results possible we need to make sure that we´re getting enough high quality sleep. For weight loss sleep is also important to keep cravings low and make sure that all hormones are working properly to make our weight loss journey a lot easier.

One simple step you can take today to improve the quality and quantity of sleep is turn off all electric devices and lights at least 30minutes before going to bed, try to make your bedroom as dark as possible those 30 minutes, this will send signals to your brain and body that it´s time to sleep.

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