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Sleep and the brain


Have you ever thought about the impact of sleep on your brain?

We know that one night of poor sleep will impact negatively our day, we find it difficult to make the right choices, to stay concentrated, cravings increase, we don´t feel like exercising and we know that if this poor sleep becomes chronic it will impact negatively our health and this includes our brain.

Your brain goes through a lot every single day, from stress, to the food we eat, physical activity, everything we do and don´t do has an impact positive or negative, if you make the wrong choices and decisions then the impact will be negative the problem is that most of us do not think of our brain when we make a choice and most of the time we make the wrong unhealthy choices.

Eating unhealthy, highly processed foods high in sugars, unhealthy vegetable oils, trans fats and added chemicals increase inflammation, increase insulin and this impacts your brain. High levels of chronic stress and lack of physical activity also has a negative impact on your brain.

All this are toxins for your body and brain and all this are choices you can control for the most part. We know that sleep affects all systems, functions and hormones on our body, this includes the brain, this is why just one night of poor sleep has a negative impact on your day. We talk in other post about what happens during sleep, what is going on in our body and brain (click this link to learn about it).

During sleep your brain is getting rid of all the toxins from the day and getting ready for the next day. With just one night of poor sleep you find it difficult to concentrate on the task at hand, it´s harder to understand what you´re reading, you tend to forget information, everything seems to require a lot more energy to get done. If this poor sleep becomes chronic it leads to memory loss, brain fog, confusion, forget information and all the negative impact on overall health like increase stress, inflammation, weight gain.

The important thing to consider is what sleep does to your brain, you know that when the night comes your body and brain were exposed to so many toxins and this toxins can lead to health problems some worse than others, even Alzheimer´s and Parkinson for example. Your brain gets rid of these toxins during sleep through the glymphatic system jus as the lymphatic system gets rid of all the toxins ands waste from our body, the glymphatic system gets rid of all the waste and toxins on our brain.

As any system of your body the glymphatic system can be disrupted and can lead to health problems. Chronic sleep deprivation or poor-quality sleep increases inflammation, increases insulin resistance, slows metabolisms and all these conditions are linked to brain diseases like Alzheimer´s and Parkinson.

So it´s not only that when you are sleep deprived you make poor choices and you are slower at any activity, this includes thinking but it leads to severe diseases so you need to prioritize sleep and make sure that you get enough high-quality every night.

On future posts we´ll talk about the glymphatic and the lymphatic system but for now you need to know that if you want your brain to function as optimal as possible you need to prioritize sleep.

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