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Simple and effective tips to lose fat faster


Time and time again people ask me for advice, tips and ways they can lose fat faster and the first times I got asked this question I got angry because fat loss takes time but I realized that we all want to see results that motivates and keep us going. I´m not a fan of fast weight loss because if done the wrong way it has negative impacts on your health and it is harder to sustain your results but there are some tools and strategies you can use to lose weight a little faster.

The 5 principles of fitness play an important role here so lets start with stress, the more you can keep stress low the better, take some time every morning right after you wake up to breath, think about something you love or are grateful for and feel the emotions of love and gratitude deeply in your heart, then keep those emotions as high as possible and focus on your goal, create a mental image of you being lean. Think about the amazing day you will have.

Good quality sleep every night will make it easier for you to stay on track with your diet and workout program try to get at least  6 hours of good quality sleep every night, some ways you can improve sleep is by reducing blue light during the day and turn off all electric devices at least 30 minutes before you go to bed.

To get your mindset right you need to change your believes, remind yourself over and over that you deserve to be lean and to have and amazing physique, every time a negative thought or image come to your mind do not hold on to it, do not pay attention to it and let it go, believe in yourself, believe that you are worth it and that you will achieve your goal. You will also be using visualization tools, this are part of the small rituals you´ll be doing every morning when you wake up, breathing and visualizing help you lower stress and program your mind for the day and stay focus on your goal.

Now for the workout principle you need to focus on resistance training 4 days a week, we want to make sure that you maintain as much muscle mass as possible so working around the 6 to 8 rep ranges is the way to go and the 3 days left do some cardio to help you lose fat faster, you can do 20 to 30 minutes of steady state cardio or 10 minutes of HIIT. Make sure to make all your workouts as intense as possible.

The nutrition part is the one we´re going to make more strict to help you lose fat faster, you´ll be reducing calories, reducing carbohydrates and following an intermittent fasting schedule. Yes I know, this is extreme but it works. For intermittent fasting you´ll only have 2 meals a day they could be breakfast and lunch or lunch and dinner, most people prefer to skip breakfast and have lunch and dinner. The fasting window gives your body time to burn stored fat as energy instead of energy from food by lowering insulin. Your nutrition program will be based on healthy fats, protein and veggies. We can consider it like a ketogenic diet based on fresh foods like eggs and meats are all great options, fish like salmon are also great, olive oil, avocado, nuts, chia seeds. For vegetables go for the green ones and avoid starchy carbs like potatoes. Reducing carbohydrates help your body improve insulin sensitivity and lower inflammation. And by reducing calories just a little, no more than 500 calories per day you make sure that your body uses stored fat for energy. Don´t go too low in calories with reducing 300 calories per day may be all you need to lose fat.

If you follow this tools you´ll be able to lose fat faster, I don´t recommend you follow this nutrition program for too long, in case you want to stay with a low carbohydrate diet you  can read the post I made about ketogenic diets and follow the guidelines there.

Remember that is not only about losing fat as fast as possible, it´s about developing healthy habits to achieve the body you want and sustain it.

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