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Signs of stress, be aware of these!


We all go through hard times in life, but how we respond to each situation can make it worse. Most of us live with high levels of stress and this leads to health problems, it can be something small but with time those problems get bigger and bigger.

We all get stressed for many different reasons, it may be some class at school we don´t like, it may be a teacher, classmates or our boss, maybe some coworkers, traffic to get to school or job and back again. The simple fact of not feeling comfortable with our team or the people we´re working with it doesn´t matter if it´s school or job that increases stress, if we don´t like what we do that increases stress too and if for some reasons we don´t feel safe it´s another way to keep stress high.

The worst part of this is that most of us live this way, we don´t like what we do, we don´t feel comfortable, we don´t feel safe which keeps our levels of stress high and we face certain situations that make life worse and spike that stress to the roof, it´s on this times when we feel and are more aware of certain symptoms or signs of stress.

Some sings of stress are:

1.- Hair loss

2.- Insomnia or poor sleep

3.- Digestive issues

4.- Weight loss or weight gain

5.- Increased heart rate

6.- Chronic pain

7.- Headaches

8.- Acne

9.- You get sick like cold or flu

10.- Low energy

11.- Depression

The first step of lowering stress is to know that you are stressed so this symptoms will help you with that, if you feel any of them and you´ve been through a difficult situation, maybe a lot of work, an exam, maybe you´ve received a bad news then know and realize that we all go through times like that and we need to find ways to control that stress.

We all react differently to stress and to stressful situations so you also need to be aware of how far those symptoms go and how able are you to control them, if it´s hard for you to remain calm and you get frustrated, easily agitated, you feel overwhelmed, you feel like you´re losing control and things do not get better whit meditation or breathing exercises you need to find help to help you go through those times.

Most of us take a pill to deal and cope with the symptoms, we all know what to take to get rid of the headaches or any other pain, we also know what to take for digestive issues or constipation. The problem is that most of us are not aware that some of those symptoms like digestion, constipation, bloating, acne, weight gain, hair loss are caused by stress. If we´re trying to lose weight but we´re not getting results we get so discouraged and go lower in calories or think the diet doesn´t work because for some reason we didn´t lose weight or even gain some, but we don´t realize that if we´re stressed that can be the reason for not losing weight, some people are aware that their acne and hair loss can be caused by an unhealthy diet or stress and they do something to improve their diet but they don´t do a lot to reduce stress when managing stress can have a better impact on your overall health.

Stress is a huge problem for most of us, we focus a lot on diet and exercise and we blame the situation of someone else when things don´t turn out the way we wanted, but we do not take stress seriously. If we take a couple of minutes a day to lower stress by doing breathing exercises we will get better results on our weight loss journey while being more enjoyable and our overall health mental and physical will improve.

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